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Wei Ying ✓ @wei_wuxian

how mad do you think Lan Zhan is going to be when he finds out that i’ve broken all the mugs we own


yinandyang @istanwuxian

@wei_wuxian i don’t even want to ask but…

stanwhome @desperate_enuf

buy new mugs to replace the old ones he would never know.

yinandyang @istanwuxian

@deperate_enuf lmao whats the point lan wangji must have already read his tweet by now

Jiang Cheng ✓  @jiangcheng

@wei_wuxian Who let you inside the kitchen alone? You’re a walking disaster.

Wei Ying ✓ @wei_wuxian

rude jiang cheng,,, i still have those pictures yknw thought you needed a reminder

yilinglaozushair @fan123grl

@wei_wuxian i dnt think posting about it on social media will help you at all but i need context behind that tweet plzz

iSTANtheJIANGS @living_fangirling

okay @wei_wuxian has been threatening @jiangcheng with those pictures for a WEEK now. Is noone atleast wondering what exactly is there in those pictures??? #imacurioushoe

Jiang Cheng ✓  @jiangcheng

I’m just stating the facts. How many did you break btw #illbreakyourlegs #dontyoudarepostthem

Wei Ying ✓  @wei_wuxian

12,,,,maybe. And 4 teacups too, i have like 5 min to avert the crisis

weiwuxianluv @kiss_my_axe

@wei_wuxian u can,t avert a crisis that has alrdy occurred……

Jiang Yanli @yanli

@wei_wuxian A-Xian, what were you doing?

Wei Ying ✓ @wei_wuxian

@yanli  i was trying to make a pyramid. uh….in my defence I was realy bored

Wei Ying ✓ @wei_wuxian

Moments before the disaster


(image description: A selfie of a grinning Wei Wuxian posing with a victory sign in front of a pyramid made of 12 mugs and 4 teacups.)


yilinglaozushair @fan123grl

*wheezes* i cant even

yinandyang @istanwuxian


Jiang Cheng✓  @jiangcheng

@wei_wuxian You. Are. An. Idiot.

Jiang Yanli @yanli

@jiangcheng Don’t be mean A-Cheng.  @wei_wuxian A-Xian what is Lan Wangji doing right now?

Wei Ying✓  @wei_wuxian

@jiangcheng @yanli yes A-Cheng don’t bully me. A-Jie lan zhan is sleeping he has been very tired lately cuz he is recording his new album

Jiang Yanli @yanli

Hmm, maybe you should make him that tea I gave you. It will help to reduce his stress and tiredness and then you should apologize properly for breaking all the mugs. You should be more careful, A-Xian.

iSTANtheJIANGS @living_fangirling

I wish I had a sis like jiang yanli. Someone gimme a sister like Jiang Yanli

Wei Ying✓  @wei_wuxian

@yanli I will be careful next time promise!!!! ill go make that tea now. Thanks A-jie

Jiang Cheng✓  @jiangcheng

@wei_wuxian well u will need a mug to serve that tea which btw u broke



[image] [image]

(image description: The first image is a  fanart of the selfie Wei Wuxian posing with the ‘mug pyramid’ posted on Twitter. The second image consists of a drawing of a panicked Wei Wuxian looking back at the mugs that have crashed on the floor and shattered.)


Picture taken for reference from this tweet.

#wei wuxian #myart #god I strive to have this level of chaotic energy

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5 facts about Wei Wuxian every fan should know

posted on Aug 8, 2019, 10:58:56 PM GMT

Delia Cai

Buzzfeed staff

Wei Wuxian is a major force to be reckoned with, as he is one of the most famous actors of 2019. The young star that made his debut at the age of seventeen where he secured a role in one of Lan Qiren’s most famous series and his fame has never looked back since. Despite being absent from the entertainment industry for two whole years, the young and talented actor made his full comeback and starred in this year’s mega-hit drama “Love, destiny.” Fans can’t get enough of Wei Wuxian and his captivating smile and honestly neither can we!


[image: Wei Wuxian looking at the camera with a wide smile]

We thought it will be fun to share some facts about this wonderful person with you all!  

1.Wei Wuxian is an orphan

Yes, you read that correctly. Wei Wuxian’s parents died when he was only two years old and he also lived in an orphanage for a year! He was adopted by Jiang Fengmian at the tender age of three and thus begins the wholesome relationship between the three siblings; Jiang Yanli, Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian!

[image: A smiling, young Jiang Yanli holding two little boys in her arms. Wei Wuxian is looking at the camera with a broad smile while Jiang Cheng looks at his sister meekly with a blush on his face]

If you have not been living under a wrong, you’ll definitely know what we are talking about! Those two brother are overly protective of their older sister and Jiang Yanli herself is ready to have a talk with anyone who lash out on her brothers. Honestly this special bond these three share is something really precious and fans can never get enough of their interactions.

2. Wuxian is called wifi

His name Wuxian means “no envy”, but Wei Wuxian is lovingly called Wifi by his fans, due to the homonym between the Chinese word for Wi-Fi and his name Wuxian.

[image: Wei Wuxian with his hair in a messy bun wearing a t-shirt with a wifi symbol on it. Jiang Cheng can be seen wearing the same t-shirt sitting behind but he has a look of utter disgust on his face]

3. Wei Wuxian is not single

Yes. So any new fangirls planning to make on a move on him, you all are already too late. Wei Wuixan has been dating his highschool crush who is none other than Lan Wangji, the famous singer for three years now. The couple are called “Wangxian” by their fans and shippers and they also have been seen using the ship name many times  They are living embodiment of Childhood Friend to Lovers.

[GIF: Wei Wuxian greeting Lan Wangj with a kiss on the cheek and lips. This was taken when Lan Wangji made a visit on the set of “Love, Destiny” to surprise Wei Wuxian]

4. He suffers from a severe case of cynophobia

Cynophobia is the fear of dogs and our wifi has never missed a chance to express his loathing and fear of them.  

Remember the time when Wei Wuxian had to shoot with a dog on set and he almost had a full blown panic attack? The directors had to cut that scene out from the script and Wei Wuxian had later apologized profusely for the inconvenience.

[GIF: Wei Wuxian looking straight into the camera and declaring his hate for dogs. The subtitles read: “Those awful beasts shouldn’t exist”]

5.He is also a really good artist and singer.

Wei Wuxian is multi-talented, there is no doubt about this fact. Before enrolling himself in an acting school, he was actually pursuing to become a graphic designer! If you follow him on his various social media accounts you’ll find him posting his various doodles and sketches. His recent ones mostly include of his boyfriend Lan Wangji and rabbits.

Do you remember the famous duet by Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian that broke the internet and the fans? It was in a live stream and a fan requested him to sing a song with Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian, bless this man, forced Lan Wangji to sing the song which in his words “You  had written for me, Lan Zhan.”  Unfortunately we never got to here this song dubbed as “Wangxian duet” by the fans again but Wei Wuxian’s singing voice clearly enraptured us all.

[GIF: Lan Wangji and Wei Wuixan sitting in front of the camera in a live stream. Wei Wuxian cheerfully suggests something to the other. The subtitles read: Let’s sing the song you wrote for me!”]


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Jin ZiXuan spotted hanging out with his son Jin Ling. Watch this adorable video of the father-son duo that will melt your heart




(image description: Lan Wangji sitting at the dining table drinking tea in a rice bowl. He seems engrossed in reading the newspaper. Wei Wuxian is probably sitting across him. A finger heart formed by him can be seen in the picture)

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wei_wuxian_  He is drinking his tea.  #wegotnomugs #iluvhim

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myconfusion7 Honestly how tf Lan Wangji looks so ethereal without even trying

that_one_friend  BUt what was his reaction when he saw that you broke all the mugs???



Lan Wangji✓  @_lanwangji

@yanli thanks for the tea.


Wei Ying✓  @wei_wuxian

tbh bowls do the pretty perfect job of acting like mugs why do we even need mugs???

Falling in mud @iamalive

Is no one going to ask why they gotta have 12 mugs between the two of them in the first place?