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“Tae, for fucks sake,” Guk whined, writhing under Taehyung’s grasp around his waist. The acryllic paint the elder insisted on smearing all over his skin was goupy and smelled really fucking shitty.

Taehyung dug the pad of his thumb into the soft spot beneath Jeongguk’s rib cage, hard enough to get him to stop with a dry cough, gentle enough to cause Guk’s mind to swirl with an unidentifiable emotion. “Shh,” Tae whispered softly. “You’re my boyfriend.” 

Another cough. “So?”

So , I can do whatever I want to you,” he said slowly, a devil-ish smirk playing on his lips, “with your consent, of course.” 

“But I didn’t give my-”

With an irritated groan, the elder laid a stroke on Guk’s mouth, painting the thin lips an annoyingly bright yellow. “Shut up and be quiet. You’re annoying.”

Not only does it smell like shit, Guk realized, it tastes like shit.

Rolling his eyes, he wiped the paint off with the back of his hand and sat back against the headboard of Tae’s king bed, feeling the expensive mattress shift under his weight. The mahogany felt cold pressed against his burning skin. He won’t admit it, but the variation of quick and careful strokes, hundreds of little bristels kissing his skin, felt so fucking fantastic. 

Releasing a heavy breath he didn’t know he was holding in, Jeongguk rolled his head to the paned window wall. It was dark and raining outside, the drops fat as they splattered against the glass. He watched as the more rain coated the window, the more warbled the cityscape below became, he watched headlights zoom up and down, tail lights growing brighter then dimmer.

Moments like this make him appreciate the city, when the rain pours down and washes away all the sin that has coated the streets and that has absorbed into the clothes of all that live in it. These moments though, they never last long enough to make an impact. 

Jeongguk wonders what it’d be like if they were thrown in the mountains or in the forest, how the rain looks as they drop onto evergreen leaves, the smell the ground makes when wet.

Sometimes, to contrary belief, the city feels like a cage. 

He’s a blackbird stuck in it’s little cage, looking through a window, only able to look at what’s his. 

Sighing, Jeongguk let the thoughts filter out of his mind and brought his attention back to something a little bit better; Taehyung. Taehyung with his bottom lip trapped between his teeth, eyes dark and hard as he focused on whatever he’s painting on the plane of Guk’s chest. Taehyung with his thighs pressing against the sides of Guk’s own. The fringe of his dried out, blonde hair was falling into his eyes. Jeongguk brushed it away only for the strands to flop right back into place. 

Tae sent him a tired look. “That’s the third time you’ve tried, Ggukie.” He attempted to sound annoyed, but the smile is giving it away. 

Jeongguk shrugged. He didn’t even try to hide the goofy smile on his face, just looked at his boyfriend with all the love in his eyes. He ran a hand up the elder’s bare thigh, squeezing lightly at the tanned skin. “I love you, Taehyung-ah.” 

He followed the red creeping up the elder’s skin with his eyes, watching it envelope his neck and his cheeks, then his entire face. Taehyung resituated himself, thighs squeezing against Guk’s more tightly. “You’re being weird,” he mumbled, busying himself with finishing his little painting. 

“Is that so?” Jeongguk was fingering the hem of Taehyung’s Gucci briefs, the silk nice beneath his fingers. “I can’t believe you still have these.”

“Why is that?” Taehyung snapped, suddenly defensive. 

“I dunno,” Jeongguk hummed, still playing with the material. “You’re spoiled and never keep a pair of underwear longer than six months.” 

Taehyung squirmed again. Looking up, Jeongguk found he was blushing again. “They’re special.”

The comment, almost said in shame, doused Guk in cockiness. Before they were even together, before Taehyung found out about Guk’s hopeless girl crush on him, their group of friends decided to play dirty santa at the last Christmas party. Jeongguk decided that is the perfect opportunity to make his move. 

Which, he’ll admit, was one bad fucking move as it really wasn’t even one

Nevertheless, since he was always stalking the poor, unsuspecting elder, he eavesdropped on Taehyung while he was on a call with one of his old sugar daddies, begging for a pair of underwear. The daddy said no, of course. And Jeongguk, being the hopeless pervert he is, tracked this pair of briefs down and spent more money on this piece of clothing then he would in two weeks. 

He felt no regrets, not even one. Especially the face Taehyung made as he unsheathed the gift, eyes bright like a child. Jeongguk loved bringing that side of him out, he made it his mission always. He isn’t goofy and weird by default, but the way Taehyung would laugh everytime he did something hilariously stupid, he didn’t mind changing, not for Taehyung. 

He’d do anything for him, even the things he’d swore he’d never do. 

He’d kill for Taehyung.

Once again, Jeongguk had to shake himself from his thoughts. “You okay, baby?” Taehyung breathed, heavy eyes zeroing in on Guk’s zoned out expression. He pressed a large hand against his heated cheek, and without a single thought, Jeongguk pressed into it and nodded. 

I’m always okay when I’m with you

Tae let out a hum of approval and went back to his painting. Jeongguk’s gaze fell back onto his thighs, watching the muscles relax again. His gaze travelled up the toned skin to his belly. Jeongguk watched Tae’s soft tummy swell and concave lazily with each breath, stretching the waistband of the black pair of briefs. 

Guk then moved onto his hands, fingers long and nimble as they flicked and manipulated the brush to do what he wanted. The thick paint was cold as it stuck to his skin, yellow and bright against the inky black tattoos beneath it. 

Taehyung’s free hand was ghosting against along Guk’s skin, leaving a rail of gooseflesh as the digits danced on his ink stained flesh, clipped nails following the lines like rivers. 

Seeing the man above him just being himself and doing the things that are simply him , it was leaving Jeongguk so much in love it was making him seasick. 

Not able to withstand the temptation any longer, Jeongguk let his hand run up and down the elder’s side. Goosebumps started to rise out of his skin as shivers erupted from Jeongguk’s touch. 

Taehyung’s eyes fluttered closed with a soft breath blowing out from between his lips, and Guk knew exactly what he was doing. He scraped gently at Taehyung’s ribs with his manicured (Taehyung likes his man looking nice) nails. Taehyung’s eyes snapped open a little only to droop, irises darkening by the nanosecond. 

Fuck, he’s so pretty and he’s all mine .

Jeongguk used to pride himself on his self-control. He never pushed, even if he was burning to. He always knew when he needed to take a step back. But then he met Tae and now he just can’t help himself. 

“Tae,” Guk started, running a trembling hand through the other’s blonde locks, which were growing out again. As he twirled a strand around his pointer finger, he silently prayed Taehyung would let it grow out again. 

“Hm,” Tae hummed, dark, uneven eyes narrowed as he ran the brush in bright strokes over the right of Jeongguk’s chest. 

“Tae,” he said again. He always adored the way his name sounded on his lips, how it tasted in his mouth. “You’re so pretty,” Jeongguk finished, sounding out of breath as he let the long strand unravel from around his finger. “Especially like this.” His hand fell onto Taehyung’s thigh with a pitched, resonating sound. He gripped at the soft flesh like a wolf locking it’s jaw. 

A red painted Taehyung’s cheeks. Rolling his eyes, he laid a light slap on the plane of Jeongguk’s chest. “Aren’t I supposed to be the dom?”

Guk felt something horrid swirl in his chest. With a quirk of an eyebrow, he sent a dark look up to the elder. “Is that a challenge?” 

“I-” was all Taehyung was able to get out before Jeongguk began to roll his hips, grinding his already half-hard cock against the elder’s own, which was spent from only a few hours ago. Guk watched, feeling a sick surge of pride as Taehyung bucked on top of him. His eyes squeezed shut and his mouth dropped open, broken sounds spilling from between his lips. 

“What was that?” Joengguk grunted out as he grinded harder. One of his hands were gripped at Taehyung’s waist, keeping him still against this hips as they rocked into him at a steady pace. The elder was moaning loudly and freely, completely shameless. Guk’s other hand was wrapped around the back of Tae’s head, bringing him down and down until his forehead rested on Jeongguk’s shoulder.  Jeongguk could feel his long lashes fluttering against his skin. 

“You’re gonna have to repeat that for me, baby,” Guk bit out in Taehyung’s ear. A ripple could be seen moving down Taehyung’s spine and Jeongguk couldn’t help the groan from leaving his chest at the sight. “I want you to fuck yourself of my cock, Hyung,” he said slowly, deeply, just the way he knew that’d always leave Taehyung in ruins. 

“Fuh-fuck, what got into you?” Taehyung breathed out against Jeongguk’s shoulder. His hips were still bucking as Guk continued his assault on Tae’s sensitive and spent dick. “Fuh- okay, please, goddammit.” 

Tae’s voice, despite being defiant as all hell, went suddenly soft. 

Jeongguk smiled a wolf’s smile.

He still his movements and leaned across to grab what he needed from the drawer of the night stand. When he went back to his sitting position, he saw that he must have brushed himself against Taehyung for there was a smear of green and yellow on the extra-large white shirt he stole from Jeongguk months ago, even before they started going out. 

A pout overtook Tae’s features as he looked down at the ruined painting and clothing. “Ah, no . My sunflower is ruined.” 

Jeongguk rolled his eyes and poured a decent amount of lube into his hands and warmed it up. “I thought you were the dom.”

The elder sent him an irritated look. “Whatever.” 

When his fingers were slicked enough, Jeongguk tugged at the hem of Tae’s briefs, eyes tracing the outline of Taehyung’s already fully hardened cock. Overcome, he crashed his mouth against Taehyung’s with a low growl, smiling at the dom’s squeak of surprise. He tugged at the expensive material of the underwear harder, the seams screaming. “These need to come off now .” 

Taehyung didn’t waste a single breath before scrambling to get the clothing off of his skin, He was back on top of Jeongguk before ten seconds passed, his hips mindlessly grinding down. “Little daddy,” Taehyung purred. His eyes were dark and glassy as they peered down at  him. He buried his long and elegant fingers in the black strands of Jeongguk’s hair, pulling ever-so pleasurable. “I need you.”

Taehyung is exactly where Jeongguk wanted him. 

Tapping at his waist, Jeongguk said, “Up, up.” Taehyung was soon standing on his knees, allowing Jeongguk to readjust himself against the headboard. He grabbed Taheyung’s waist and pulled him forward. 

“Turn around,” he demanded and Taehyung did so without a shred of complaint or hesitancy. He ran a hand up the elder’s back, pushing him down until his broad chest was flush with Jeongguk’s legs. 

Oh, fucking hell. 

So pretty and perfect , Jeongguk thought to himself as he ran a hand over the globe of Tae’s ass cheeks, squeezing at the creamy flesh. 

He could tell the elder was growing impatient by the way he was writhing on top of Guk’s legs. Taehyung’s thighs were squeezing the sides of his own, little irritated groans were leaving the elder’s chest. 

The moment where Jeongguk dommed, he always loved how impatient Taehyung would become when being forced to wait. “Guk, god’s sake, y’know-” he was cut off as Jeongguk pressed his mouth against him, tongue flickering around the rim. Jeongguk felt him shudder, then his body growing completely relaxed. “ Ah, shit ,” he moaned and pressed his face into the blankets, low sounds of pleasure muffled in the thick fabric.

Jeongguk backed up just enough to say, “what were you saying before, Hyung?” 

Taehyung shook his head and mumbled a quiet, “fuck you.” 

Jeongguk chuckled a “ cutie ” and laid a quick peck on Tae’s left cheek, earning a muffled giggle. 

Deciding that waiting any longer is torture, he took himself out of his boxers, hissing as he stroked himself to full hardness with a loose fist. Taehyung, knowing what he was doing, shook his ass above him, the sound of the globes smacking together was orgasmic to Jeongguk’s ears. But, albeit, the action just screamed “hurry up”. 

Ignoring the bratty ways of the elder, Jeongguk poured another gratuitous amount of lube along his shaft. When he was fully slicked up, Jeongguk wrapped his hand around the elder’s throat and pulled him up, relinquishing in the feeling of Taehyung’s groans vibrating his hand. 

As soon as Taehyung was lined up properly, Jeongguk didn’t waste time before gripping harshly at the male’s waist and slamming him down. 

He let out a loud groan at the sudden flash of Taehyung’s heat and Jeongguk’s own pleasure. He lost himself in Taehyung’s strangled scream of pain and in the way he clenched around him like a snake constricting its prey. The sound and reaction should have worried him, it would have if it weren’t for the purrs resonating deep from within Tae’s chest. “O- oh, fuck, Jeonggukie ,” Taehyung moaned, arching to a point in which it should be painful. 

Jeongguk added a little more pressure around Taehyung’s throat as he began to shallowly thrust in and out of Taehyung’s ass, barely moving a couple millimeters. He was working the man up, he could tell by the way he’s clenching his jaw and fisting the bedsheets, releasing strangled groans. 

“So, Tae,” Jeongguk grunted out between his thrusts, slamming into Taehyung a bit harder with each word, losing himself in the sounds his hips make as they collide with the perfect globes of Kim Taehyung’s ass. “Tell me, baby, what was that about roles again?” 

Taehyung opened his mouth to speak, but Jeongguk squeezed his throat, ultimately making any sort of sound the elder made into a choked squeak. 

Taehyung’s hand flew up to wrap around Jeongguk’s wrist in a vice-like grip, clipped fingernails biting into Guk’s tanned skin. “Fu-uh-uck, G-g-uh-k,” he choked out, “fah-ster.”

“Hmm?” Jeongguk continued to tease, enjoying spreading Taehyung’s sanity far too thin, his thrusts still painfully shallow. 

Please ,” Taehyung all but screamed in a loud moan, hips shuddering. 

Jeongguk will admit he has probably stretched this a little too far. Taehyung isn’t usually too affected when Jeongguk tops, it feels nice, but it was never Taehyung’s thing . So that’s why as Taehyung breaks into ruins, something in Jeongguk snaps. “Fuck, baby,” he chokes, immediately releasing Taehyung’s throat to fully lean back. 

His hands slid down the intoxicating dip of Taehyung’s waist and gripped, gripped hard enough to bruise the skin purple and green. Jeongguk didn’t feel the need to ask or warn after one glance at his boyfriend shaking with need. He guided the elder up and slammed him back down almost brutally. 

At this point, Jeongguk was desperately trying to keep the fog clouding his mind at bay. Jeongguk kept Taehyung in place and slammed up into him, brutally moving in and out of him, the slaps of his hips against Taehyung’s skin ringing in his ears. 

His body felt like it was on fire. It’s as if the heat of Taehyung’s walls were spreading to absorb Jeongguk entire being. He was going mad from it, turning animalistic. “Fuck,” he gritted out, his hold on Tae growing tighter and tigher.

Tae was like a ragdoll above him, limp in Jeongguk’s strong grasp, as he fucked up into him ruthlessly. “You’re my fucking doll tonight, huh?” Jeongguk grunted out. He was never one for dirty talk, still isn’t, but the words rolled out. Judging by the way Taehyung whined at his words, body growing even more pliant in his hands, he figured Taehyung is. 

“‘M close,” Taehyung breathed, his voice marred in pain. Jeongguk was finally aware of Taehyung’s neglected cock, most likely bouncing with each thrust Jeongguk slammed into him, but not yet, it’s too soon. 

“Be patient, toy,” Jeongguk said back. Taehyung let out a choked sound, fisting Jeongguk’s thighs to keep from touching himself. 

Jeongguk’s pace was soon falling out of rhythm, moving with complete madness. He can feel something painful and hot coil in his abdomen, like a branding iron pressing into his guts. 

Vision white, he was blindly chasing after the painful heat spreading throughout his body. Just when he can taste it, when it was sitting in the back of his throat hot and sweet, he reached forward and gripped at Taehyung’s thick, outrageously hot cock and stroked him fast. Taehyung went stiff above him, screams tearing his throat. 

Jeongguk felt the ball of heat explode in his belly and he growled, “now,” in Taehyung’s ear. It was all the elder needed before completely locking up and erupting in Jeongguk’s fist. He wasn’t long after Taehyung, spilling probably more cum since he was thirteen. 

When they were both spent, Taehyung collapsed against him, chest heaving and skin coated in a sheer layer of sweat. “Hey, Ggukie?” He rasped out. 


“I get why you like bottoming now.” 


“Yeah, because you finally learned how to use your dick right-” 

With an angry sound, Jeongguk pushed the laughing elder off of him so he landed on the floor with a loud thud, still laughing his ass off. “I fucking hate you.” 

“You love me, liar.” 

“More so than you’ll ever know.” 

There were a few beats of silence, Taehyung still sprawled on the floor and Jeongguk still sitting in the ruined blankets and sheets. Then finally, Taehyung said through poorly-contained giggles, “Hope you know that I’m never domming again.” 


“Yeah, probably.”