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Virgil was feeling pretty low today. Not only has he been sleeping less lately due to constant nightmares, but his friends had pretty much ignored his wishes.

At the beginning of the day, Virgil already could tell that it was an off day for him. So, having Patton force him into some famILY bonding time wasn't really the best course of action. He had been grouchy -though it wasn't really on purpose- and gotten pretty snippy with everyone. Of course, when Virgil accidentally snapped back at Patton, Roman decided to yell back at him. The two got into the biggest argument that they've had in a long while.

When him and Roman are separated by Logan and Patton, the logical side gives him a disappointed look that makes his stomach cave in. When he finally looks at Patton, he can see the tears held back in the fatherly strait's eyes. A look of horror flashes across Virgil's face as his actions dawn on him. Without a second thought, Virgil runs off; blindly letting his feet carry him far away.

One moment he's in the living room, and the next he's all the way in the Dark Sides' part of the mindscape. Virgil collapses to the ground and sniffles, helplessly wiping tears away. 

" Poor Little Anxiety, " a voice in the darkness cooed at him. " All alone and afraid. "

Virgil stiffens, instantly recognizing the voice. His hackles rise as he hisses, though he wasn't very intimidating with the small hiccups and tears.

Laughter dances through the air. " Aww, what's the matter Anxiety? Cat got your tongue? " The Duke steps out of the shadows with an unnaturally wide grin. " Wait! You are the cat! " Remus giggles as he steps closer to Virgil.

"What do you want?" Virgil growls, baring his fanged teeth in hopes of scaring off the other. It doesn't work.

" Don't you want to play with me? We used to play all the time! "

Virgil's eyes shrink into cat-like slits as he jumps away from Remus's outstretched arm. In his panic to escape, Virgil attempts to sink out to his room, but Remus catches his arm and sinks with him. Once they were in Virgil's room, Remus wasted no time in tackling the anxious side to the floor. "N-no! I don't want to play!" Virgil cries out as he feels something wrap around his throat.

" Too bad! " Remus giggles happily. " I've always wanted to know how long it takes for someone to die from suffocation! And you're the perfect subject! "

Horror floods Virgil's entire being as he comes to the realization that there was a rope tied around his throat. He feels the knot get pulled tightly around his neck, but then Virgil feels himself leave the ground. He thrashes about in the air as Remus tries the other end of the rope to something to keep Virgil from falling. The anxious side claws at the rope around his throat but it was no use. It's not long before Black spots invade his vision and then Virgil falls limp.

It has to be minutes before Virgil comes back to life, his crushed windpipe healed due to his status as a Side, but he was still dangling up high and choking. Virgil looked down at Remus who was still grinning. Tears roll down his cheeks as he continually struggles to breathe. Once again, he dies to asphyxiation, and again he comes back to life up in the air.

After the first few times, Remus must've gotten bored because he disappears in between Virgil dying and coming back to life; he left the poor Side to continually suffocate. With all this stress and panicking, Virgil wasn't able to focus enough to get free; his only hope was that someone would find him.




A few hours had passed since Virgil had run off, and the other three light sides were starting to feel guilty over their actions. Patton regretted forcing Virgil to interact, Logan was disappointed that he didn't see the warning signs sooner, and Roman hated that he picked a fight with Virgil. They had sat in a rather uncomfortable silence for hours, mulling over the events that transpired in the morning.

Finally, Patton stands up, having had enough of this. He says: "I'm going to apologize to Virgil, it wasn't very fair of us to push him when he wasn't feeling very well."

Roman stands up after him, guilt prevalent in his eyes. Logan joins the two of them, agreeing that they should all apologize. So, the trio make their way to Virgil's room and stop outside the door. Patton knocks, apologizing through the door; "Virg, we're sorry for this morning. Can you come out so we can talk it through?"

Nothing. No response.

Patton and Logan exchange worried glances. Roman tries next: "Alright, My Chemically Imbalanced Romance, I'm swallowing my pride just for you! I'm sorry that I picked a fight with you. You clearly weren't feeling well and instead of helping out, I fell back into old habits. I'm sorry."

Still nothing. Roman felt frustration bubble up, but he pushes it back down. It wouldn't be fair to Virgil to blow up again.

Then Logan shoves them away and pushes an ear up to the door. His eyes widen in panic as he tries to open the door: it was locked. In his attempt to get inside the room, Logan rams into the door with all his might. Not knowing what was going on, but trusting Logan, Roman kicks the door down.

In the split second it takes to spot what was wrong, Patton screams in horror. Hanging from the ceiling was a limp body: Virgil's body. All three of them were frozen from shock, then all of a sudden, Virgil jolts up and thrashes about, clawing at his throat. That jolts Roman to follow the rope; it went from Virgil, through a metal loop hanging from the ceiling, to being tied around the stairway railing. Roman runs over to the stairway and begins to untie the rope before gently lowering Virgil to the floor.

Logan hovers over Virgil's unconscious form on the floor and cuts the rope away from his neck. He tried to untie it first, but the knot was too tight. Roman stumbles over to Virgil, his face goes pale when he sees the bright red ring that dug into Virgil's throat.

"Did he try to…" Patton whimpers, unable to finish the sentence.

Logan looks Patton in the eyes; "No, there was no way that Virgil tried to kill himself. Anxiety may be irrational, but Virgil isn't. He knows he can't actually die…"

"So, what you're saying is, someone tried to kill him!?" Roman feels anger consume him. How dare someone touch him!

Suddenly, Virgil jolts awake again with a gasp, clutching his throat. And with that, Roman's anger diminishes just as fast as it had begun, now replaced with worry. Tears stream down Virgil's face as his breath bitches on a sob.

Wordlessly, Roman helps Virgil up and guides him out of the room and into the living room. The whole time, Virgil clutches onto the Prince and curls up into his side when they sit down. Patton puts on Black Cauldron, hoping that it'll help them all heal from this scaring experience.