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I've Been Waiting For You

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Pausing for a moment in her cleaning, Morales looks around the spacious
apartment admiringly-when Doc's parents first took occupancy of the place
years ago, apartments of this size were the norm-NOT NOW! The last listing
they'd visited, before deciding to move into this place together-was nearly
twice and a half more expensive, and a third of the size!

"Thank you for asking me to move into your place, Baby...I was losing my
mind, racing around town to all of those viewings."

"Our place-this is OUR PLACE-from the moment you agreed to move in."

Morales is filled with a multitude of emotion: ELATION, being chief among
them. She clears her throat, and invites him into an embrace, kissing his lips
both tenderly and lovingly.

"Donde has estado todo mi vida?" (Where've you been all of my life?)

"Los dos esperando uno al otro (We've been waiting for each other.)

"Shall we leave the cleaning for later?," she asks, her tone sultry and inviting.

"Ahhhh...Affirmative," smiles Doc.

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Relaxing with his Lover, Sara Morales, in the huge bed his Parents
shared for 45 years, Doc is at peace, really content for the first time
in a long while.

"My delivery was a difficult one, and once she was advised to not attempt
another pregnancy, that was that...her dream of filling this place with
children went un-realized...we were happy though."

"We can do that, can't we? I adore children, and I've been waiting for the right
Man...and now you're see, my plan was: get the bachelors, then the
medical degree, find the Man, start the Family...I'm three for four. "Mira," she says
softly, leaning back so that she can look into his eyes. "Si tu quieres tener cuatro
hijos, t los doy...six, ocho...dime cuantos, y te los doy. Tanto te quiero, Tanto te

Their kiss is lengthy, and very passionate, with plenty of nipping teeth and darting
tongue. "Tu me completas, y te completo.": These are Monte's last words on the subject-
at least for tonight.