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The life and secrets of Cassiopeia Dorea Lyra Potter

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Albus Dumbeledore was not amused, the usual twinkle in his eyes were missing. He was currently in the Headquarters, holding meeting with the Order. All because of Dolores Umbridge, after what could only be described as a dissasterus fifth year at Hogwarts this unpleasant lady was still creating many problems. A day ago he received an urgent call from the Ministry of Magic, they have somehow got a hold on five books, all about one and only -Cassiopeia Dorea Lyra Potter. At the end of the year when they have almost lost Sirius Black and he has almost lost the trust and respect of Cassi, Albus made a promise to her and he was intend to keep it. No more secrets, From now on they work together, from now on she won't be in the dark anymore. Dear Merlin, how much he had fought about those books.He didn't want it in the open and not because he himself made many mistakes, no. He was only human, he knew it. And well..people do terrible things and stupid mistakes when they love someone. Albus did love Cassiopeia. He got attached to her, Moody was right. The headmaster was trying to keep her out of the Order and that blasted prophecy because he saw her as his only family. Snape was right too, she truly was his favourite. No, the real reason was the girl herself. Cassiopeia was very private person. She needed time to open, to trust you and now all her life was going to be read to the entire bloody school and some Ministry workers including Cornelius, Umbridge and the new Minister himself. Yes, indeed Albus was not amused at all. He wasn't the only one.

-Albus, I must protest! The poor girl has enough pressure on her. Every year something happens. We cannot allow it!..-exclaimed an angry Minerva McGonagall.

Her statment was followed byMolly Weasley immediately.. -What are they thinking! Is it not enough that the entire year they were badmouthing her! Calling Cassi a crazy liar and brought her to the Wizengamot like a common criminal!..-Missis Weasley was read in the face with hands on her hips. Her husband was nodding in agreement and by the look of it wasn't pleased ether. Cassi was a family after all. Weasley protected family above all.

Dumbledore hold his hands up and sighed.. -I know and I do agree with you all. I spent all the day arguing about it,however Rufus believes that this is necessary. The Ministry is a mess. Dolores and Cornelius are not giving up.Right now the both of them decided to accuse myself and Cassiopeia in the lack of cooperation with the Ministry. According to Cornelius I did not give enough information and evidence in the matter of Voldemort return..

The room was silent for a moment and then as per usual the occupants started to shout and argue all over. Neither Sirius Black no Remus Lupin were thrilled with those events. Black wanted to storm the Ministry and Lupin's eyes were amber, he was growling. For the next twenty minutes the member of the Order were trying to find a way out of this mess.

-Enough!! All of you!--..Shouted an angry Mad-eye.. WE cannot do anything about it and Potter will understand. She won't like it, thats for sure, but think about it. Those books appeared to hold the truth. And the truth wee need, Merlin knows. It could help. It could prove the Ministry wrong, could even help you, Black! Your godchild needs you with her. You can't do much on the run. Your innocence was not proven yet. WE all could use it to our advantage and the girl won't be alone. Dolores wants an audience? Give it to her. WE all could come. We all would be there

-Wow, Mad-eye, you really do have a soft spot for Cassi, do you?..-joked Tonks.

Moody gave her a glare but said nothing. The silence was already an answer. Everyone in the Order new about his respect for the  Potter girl .Moody wanted to see her as a fellow auror.

Dumbledore looked thoughtful for a long while. Then he signed heavily and agreed with his old friend.

-I will be telling Cassiopeia, Mr Weasley and Miss Granger about those events myself. I would like them to be ready. After all their secrets will be announced in the Great Hall. He called his fellow companion and was gone from the room in the mere seconds.


The morning of October 13 was the day the Golden trio were dreading the most. It was the day of the first reading. The life and secrets of their friend and their own as well will be laid in the open .Ron and Hermione were doing they best in supporting Cass. The day Professor Dumbledore had informed them about this horrible plan was the day of the great argument. The trio did not believe it was possible to hate someone as much as they did Umbith. Cassiopeia was beside herself. Ron was torn between trying to make her smile and feeling angry himself. Mione was trying to find a legal way out of this situation while panicking.."Oh my, oh my!We will be kicked out of the school! We broke so many rules". Nothing helped of course. It was decided and The Ministry did not ask for their opinion. The only reason why Cass finally gave in was Sirius. She could finally have her godfather. He could finally be free. Then Ron surprised them both with another good reason..."Look, I am not happy about it myself. And I know you feel horrible, mate. But Mione, Nevill and I will be there. Just imagine If the truth come will be hell to pay. The Ministry, Umbridge detentions. Sirius, Deatheaters and corruptions. Not to mention they will learn the ugly truth about Lord Lunatic". 

Cassiopeia could not argue with Ron. It would be useful. It could safe people, could change the path of many and it would bring justice.With the heavy heart she nodded. What else could they do? At least Headmaster had informed them that by reading those books the Ministry Officials were entering in magical contract. They would be forced to act on any illegal matters, bring justice and they could not take points, give detentions or expelled students. From the very moment of the first word of the book Lady Magic herself will be the judge. Well, it did make them feel better. Those poor bastards have no idea what will hit them.
Collecting their famous Gryffindor courage the trio went to the Great Hall. It was full. The students didn't understand what was going on. There are so many newcomers! They were holding their breath.
Cassiopeia saw Moony with the black dog, Moody, the Weasley, Tonks with both of her parents, the entire Order. It made her feel batter. They all where here for them. They won't be alone. Those people came because they cared, with her head up she went to their usual seat at the table. Nev was already there waiting for them. He gave her a gentle smile. Ron took one of her hands while Mia took the other. They were in this together, just like always.

Dumbledore rose up from his place at the Staff table, the Hall was silent at ones.

-My dear students, today I have an important and unusual announcement. As you can see we have many Ministry workers here today,alongside some very dear guests. A few days ago I was informed that Madam Umbridge (here most of the students muttered and made faces) had requested that we read five books all about the life of our Miss Potter. I understand that many of you can find it strange and confusing. I would like to inform you all that this was not my decision and I do not support it in any way. However, the Ministry decided otherwise. Miss Potter was not inform until the very last moment of it. I would like to ask you all to do not make it more difficult for her. Please show respect and compassion.
Also during this readings no points or detentions would be given for the past actions. However, should we find out that some students were involved in any bulling activities than your Head of the House and myself will discuss it and come up with the way for you to answer for it. Also, The Ministry did not know this, but this very day I was given an interesting piece of information by our Unspeakable department, here Dumbledore looked like his usual self, with twinkle in his eyes, by reading those books Madam Umbridge, The Minister and their officials all entered in the Magical contract. Lady Magic will serve as a judge. Should any injustice or illegal and harmful activities appeared, we all will act on it. Otherwise Magic herself will punish the responsible ones. Good day, Hogwarts.

At the Staff table Minerva was smirking, she couldn't wait for it. Her lions would get their revenge. This horrible Umbridge finally will be getting some punishments.
The women in question looked like she swallowed a fly. She did not know about the contract. How dare! Those liars! Soon she will be back in her position of power and good grace. Soon everyone will know that the brat is a liar and the old man is crazy.
Next to her Fudge was pale, Rufus on the other hand thought that everything was in order. If some members of his Staff did something them Merlin. He was not another Fudge. He was not an idiot. Rufus understood that in this war he needed both Dumbledore and Cassiopeia Potter.
Amelia Bons, who was seating beside Professor Flitwick was happy.In fact she looked like all the holidays came earlier. Amelia couldn't wait, oh she was so going to arrest this pink toad (as Susan called her).

-Well, I thank you Albus, for informing all of us about the contract. If the Magic herself demand it I could not and would not argue. As a matter of fact I do agree with everything you have said...-Minister announced. He stood up and took the first book..-This book called "Cassiopeia Potter and the Philosopher's stone". I believe I should read the first chapter. Is it fine with you all?
-Please Rufus, do.-answered Dumbledore sternly. He was glad it was not Dolores. Albus had a pretty good idea that the Potters and their death would be mentioned,he did not want to see this horrible and cold satisfaction in her face. Rufus at least has honour and enough compassion.

And it all begin..