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Car Problems

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Yoongi: I’m pissed.


Namjoon: Here we go


Yoongi: No I’m really pissed right now


Namjoon: Did your car break down again?


Yoongi: Yes

Yoongi: I’m going to scream

Yoongi: Why did you even sell me this piece of shit?!

Yoongi: I can’t go a week without it breaking down anymore

Yoongi: This is EMBARRASSING 


Namjoon: You’re embarrassing hyung 

Namjoon: That car was perfectly fine when I sold it to you


Yoongi: Yeah and ever since Jungkook and Taehyung took it for that “test drive” something has been wrong with it. 


Namjoon: Okay maybe that was my fault for letting them drive it

Namjoon: But I’m sure whatever problems the car is giving you, they’ve always been there


Yoongi: Not helping Joon.

Yoongi: You owe me. 




Yoongi: Who knows a mechanic

Yoongi: A good one

Yoongi: Joon is paying for my car to get fixed and detailed 


Namjoon: WHAT

Namjoon: Hyung I never said that!!

Namjoon: And detailed?!


Jungkook: Yoongi hyung be ballin owo


Taehyung: Shut up Jungkook he’s gonna figure it out!!


Seokjin: They broke your car Yoongi

Seokjin: Just thought you should know~


Yoongi: Oh, I know.




Taehyung: (Jungkook play dumb!!) 

Taehyung: Wow hyung that’s so sad!! I wonder whoever could have done such a thing !


Jungkook: How unfortunate!! 

Jungkook: I’m sure whoever has done such a thing could have never meant to on purpose! 


Yoongi: Shut up you two or I’ll make you pay for my car to get colored too.


Taehyung: Lips are sealed! 


Jungkook: You wouldn’t hyung

Jungkook: You love us 


Namjoon: Yeah but apparently he doesn’t love ME 


Seokjin: I’m laughing the tea is hot today

Seokjin: My family owns a string of car shops Yoongi. Just go to a Kim’s Kars, say you know me and it’ll be taken care of. 


Namjoon: Is there anything that your family doesn’t own Jin hyung? 


Jungkook: I just want more Jin Diners to open up :p 


Seokjin: Well, we haven’t opened an amusement park yet? 

Seokjin: But fret not, there’ll be one soon OWO




Yoongi: Jin hyung you’re the only one willing to help me in my crisis 


Jimin: I’m here guys!! 

Jimin: Sorry I was hanging out with my best friend


Taehyung: You wound me Jimin 


Jimin: What did you miss?!


Jungkook: Yoongi hyung is just crying bc he broke his car 


Yoongi: YOU BROKE MY- 

Yoongi: You know what

Yoongi: It doesn’t matter 

Yoongi: I just need it fixed. 


Jimin: So you need a mechanic?


Yoongi: Essentially 

Yoongi: Yeah


Jimin: My best friend is the BEST MECHANIC THERE IS 


Jungkook: Best friend he says 


Taehyung: New best friend applications: Open! 


Jimin: Don’t worry boys there’s enough of me to go around ^3^


Yoongi: Who is this mechanic?


Jimin: His name is Jung Hoseok! 

Jimin: He works for Jin hyungs company 


Seokjin: I know Jung Hoseok

Seokjin: The only one I trust my cars with 


Jimin: See! 

Jimin: And you’d be his hyung so make sure you tell him that!!

Jimin: He doesn’t have many hyungs in his life, he might like it. If you know what I mean~


Yoongi: I’m going to ignore that last message. 

Yoongi: But alright. I’ll go to this Hoseok guy


Namjoon: Let us know how it goes hyung 


Jimin: And be nice to him hyung!! Hobi hyung is my best friend TT


Seokjin: Yes let us know!


Jungkook: Sorry for breaking ur car hyung TT


Taehyung: JUNGKOOK-




Yoongi was praying to any and all heavenly beings that his car would make it to the auto shop. The closest Kim’s Kars from his apartment was only about a mile down the road but the way his old 2004 Hyundai Sedan had been acting, getting just a quarter of a mile without a jump start was a miracle in and of itself.

Now don’t get him wrong. Yoongi was a handy man at heart, loved fixing things and building them up. Knew himself a thing or two about cars too but this, this was something he couldn’t figure out.

Yoongi was sending up thank you prayers when he pulled into the auto shops parking lot, it was later in the day, just about closing time when Yoongi was pulling in which meant no lines.

Which also meant that the worker there, a woman in an oil stained black jumpsuit gave him a look as she motioned for Yoongi to pull his car into the garage.

Yoongi didn’t care though, he just needed his car to work

Quickly the man parked the car inside the garage, turned it off and stepped out.

“What can we do for you today sir.” The woman asked, not unkind but not meeting his gaze either. Her eyes trained instead on Yoongi's old red car. “Wow, you really got a dinosaur here.”

Yoongi nodded quietly. “Thanks. I don’t know what’s wrong with it, but I just got it and it keeps breaking down on me.”

“Huh, check engine break lights on?” The girl asked, looking through the car window towards the dashboard.

“Yeah, but I checked the engine already. So that’s clearly not the problem.” Yoongi explained, the frustration of the whole situation getting to him slightly.

The woman nodded, “Alright, listen I’m guessing this won’t be just a quick oil change and I’m off the clock in like five minutes. I’m going to go get-“

“Do you know if a Jung Hoseok works here? A friend recommended him to me.” Yoongi interrupted.

The woman turned to meet Yoongi's eyes for the first time that night, a small smirk but careful eyes. “Oh? So you know our Hobi-ah?”

“Of him. Just that a friend recommended him.” Yoongi clarified.

“I see.” The girl nodded once more. “Well, before you interrupted me I was going to say this seems like a job for my dongsaeng, Hoseok.” The girl started to leave in the direction of the office attached to the garage. “And you be nice to him, you hear me? He’s good at what he does, but no funny business.” She turned to tell him before disappearing behind the office doors.

Yoongi huffed, crossing his arms. “Wow. Great customer service. Like I even care about this Jung Hoseok guy. I just want my car fixed-

“Hello~” A bright voice called towards Yoongi from the doors.

Yoongi found a bright man, slightly taller than him yet smaller in frame, a large white shirt dusted with car oils loosely tucked into jean shorts that hardly left anything to the imagination. Yoongi’s heart rate began to pick up against this will.

“H-hey. Um...the lady I was talking to said she was going to get Jung Hoseok…?”

The man smiled kindly, his light brown locks dusting his brows as he extended a hand. “Jung Hoseok, nice to meet you.”

Needless to say, Yoongi was surprised. This man looked nothing like a mechanic let alone one that his friends held to such high remarks. Regardless he met the other’s hand in a shake, noticing how delicate the boys long fingers were, dainty. “Min Yoongi. I was uh...told you should call me hyung. I know Jimin.”

Hoseok’s expression lit up with something different then when he pulled his hand back. “Jimin?! You know my Jiminie?”

Yoongi huffed, trying to keep his eyes from wandering down too low. “Yeah I know the little brat.”

Hoseok giggled at that, “He is a little brat sometimes, isn’t he? But what can I do for you today? I may not look it, but I know a thing or two about old cars.” He gestured towards Yoongi’s old sedan.

Yoongi crossed his arms again, thankful that he was able to distract his eyes with the car from Hoseok’s bright smile, the mole on his lip...placed just above his cupids bow-

“Yoongi hyung?” Hoseok asked, snapping the elder out of his trance. “I asked what’s wrong with your car, is everything alright?”

“Huh- oh. Yeah. Yeah um, well it just keeps breaking down. I let two of Jimin’s friends drive it not too long ago and ever since I can’t get more than ten miles without having problems.”

Hoseok nodded, moving to the front of the car to pop the hood.

Yoongi coughed, choking immediately at the sight of this stranger who was practically glowing . Hoseok had his arms up, crossed as he leaned his forearms against the raised hood of the car. His back arched out slightly, allowing his shorts to rid up his backside just a little more. Just a little too much for Yoongi’s-

“Hyung?” Hoseok giggled again, “I asked if you’d gotten an engine change recently.”

Yoongi blushed fiercely, feeling caught as he forced his gaze towards the popped hood. “N-no. Just bought this car. Haven’t thought of you riding me- shit I mean- haven't thought of a new engine. Getting a new engine, I mean.”

Hoseok gave him a curious glance which Yoongi willfully ignored, before humming. “Well, Mina, the girl you talked to earlier, said you don’t think you need a new engine, but I’m not really sure what the problem is yet, so why don’t we start with that, yeah? Drive it,” Hoseok smirked a little, a quick wink, “Or ride it, for a few days. See how it goes and then come back and we’ll take another look. Sound good?”

“Sounds hot- fuck sorry no- it sounds good. Good, good. It sounds so good. I mean- not so good. Just good. Good. Very good.” Yoongi mumbled, to which Hoseok just giggled at again, walking away back towards the office, allowing Yoongi the full view of how those tiny shorts fit his as-

“Let me get that engine replacement ready for you then, it should only take a few minutes. And then come back at the same time next week for a check-up?” Hoseok asked, smiling brightly, innocently, as if he had no idea what he was doing to Yoongi.

Yoongi nodded. “Yeah. Okay.” As he watched Hoseok walk into the office again, leaving Yoongi alone beside his red car, trying to calm his rapidly beating heart. While at the same time trying to calm something else down as well.



Yoongi: Fuck. 

Yoongi: Jimin.

Yoongi: Fuck you.

Yoongi: Why didn’t you warn me that your friend was this HOT.


Jimin: Oh OuO 

Jimin: Seems you’ve met my Hobi hyung~


Yoongi: Oh I’ve met him alright. 

Yoongi: He’s…

Yoongi: shit. 

Yoongi: You know a warning would have been nice!


Jimin: He has that effect on people

Jimin: Taught him everything I know~

Jimin: Were you nice to him hyung?


Yoongi: Why is everyone asking me to be nice to him?!

Yoongi: He’s the one effecting ME


Jimin: Because hyung! Some people are real dicks when they see Hobi hyung

Jimin: They don’t think he knows his stuff because he’s so pretty and they’re condescending


Yoongi: Well you tell Hoseok-ah that if anyone tries anything or makes him so much as frown. He calls me. 

Yoongi: Fuck he’s just…

Yoongi: Really pretty. 

Yoongi: So pretty. 

Yoongi: I just don’t understand how he’s real 

Yoongi: I’ll fight anyone who tries to hurt him. Anyone. 

Yoongi: How could someone hurt such a pretty boy. 

Yoongi: Damn Jimin why didn’t you WARN ME 


Jimin: Woah...hyung…

Jimin: I’ve never seen you like this before…

Jimin: You wouldn’t happen to have a…


Yoongi: A what?



Jimin: GUYS 








Jungkook: Wow didn’t know it did that



Yoongi: All of you shut up right now.

Yoongi: I don’t have a crush.

Yoongi: I’m not in love. 


Seokjin: Who is it?


Yoongi: Hoseok-ah is just...pretty. He’s a pretty boy is all. 


Seokjin: I knew it. Namjoon pay up


Namjoon: Wow...who would have guessed TT

Namjoon: I was so sure I would take at least a week 


Yoongi: What are you talking about?! 


Jimin: Yoongi hyung calls Hobi hyung a pretty boy 

Jimin: But Yoongi hyung wants Hobi hyung as His pretty boy ^3^


Jungkook: When’s the wedding hyung TT


Taehyung: Have you done the frick frack yet ?


Yoongi: I hate all of you and I’m muting this chat for eternity. 


Namjoon: Wait, hyung are you really in love?


Yoongi: I’m not in love!

Yoongi: I just...he’s so pretty. 

Yoongi: I have to go back next week for a check up with the car 

Yoongi: But all I can think about is how last time he wore this incredibly short shorts

Yoongi Too short

Yoongi: And he was leaning over the hood of that stupid red car

Yoongi: Back arched…

Yoongi: Ass out…


Jungkook: OH MY GO-


Yoongi: And I just can’t help but want him to do that again




Yoongi: Maybe next time…




Yoongi: What.


Namjoon: Hyung. You wanna fuck this guy on the hood of your car next time you see him. Holy shit. 


Yoongi: That’s not what I said. 


Seokjin: That’s what you implied


Yoongi: I wouldn’t mind it. But that’s not what I said. 


Jungkook: Oh my god Yoongi hyung is really whipped


Taehyung: And after one meeting, this is a revelation


Jimin: Tbh I’m not even surprised 

Jimin: Hobi hyung takes after me

Jimin: Did he do the wink Yoongi hyung? Did he wink at you? 


Yoongi: As a matter of fact…

Yoongi: Yes…

Yoongi: Nearly choked to death because of it


Jimin: Proud. 

Jimin: I taught him that


Jungkook: So he does that with everyone? 


Seokjin: He’s never winked at me before…?


Jimin: I told him to do it to everyone he likes, but knowing hyung, he’s a loyal hyung

Jimin: He’d only use the wink if he really liked the guy, and only that guy.


Taehyung: Are you trying to set hyung up with your best friend? 


Jimin: I’d set Hobi hyung up with whoever catches his eye

Jimin: He’s not a very…

Jimin: How do I say this.

Jimin: Hobi hyung is soft, even though he looks the way he does he doesn’t get action very much

Jimin: It’s been years since he’s had a boyfriend

Jimin: And he’s not the type for one night stands

Jimin: He just gets so attached. Once your in his heart, you’re there for good it’s a one way street

Jimin: So hyung, as much as I want to set you two up

Jimin: I won’t let you break his heart.

Jimin: You might see it as a one night stand, but Hobi hyung won’t


Jungkook: This Hobi hyung guy seems really cool uwu


Jimin: He’s the COOLEST 


Taehyung: I’m not sure if Yoongi hyung wants a one night stand though…

Taehyung: This seems very…

Taehyung: Real, to me


Yoongi: Whatever he’s willing to give, I’ll take happily. 

Yoongi: I won’t lie, if what he wants is just a good fuck then I would be more then happy

Yoongi: But if what he wants is more… 

Yoongi: I won’t lie 

Yoongi: I’ve entertained the thought quite a bit ever since I left the car shop 


Namjoon: Shit Yoongi hyung is going to get a boyfriend 


Seokjin: I need to grab my camera this is too CUTE 


Jimin: Yoongi hyung, I know Hobi hyung 

Jimin: And if what you’re saying is true, then he DEFINITELY wants whatever you’re thinking 

Jimin: But you have to tell him!!


Taehyung: Yeah neither of you have been in a relationship for awhile now, if something happens you should tell him how you feel 


Jungkook: But make sure you get that frick frack 


Seokjin: Jungkook!!


Yoongi: Alright, I’ll talk to him. 

Yoongi: In a few days when I go in for my next car appointment...I’ll ask him on a date. And I’ll tell him how I feel then




Namjoon: Keep us updated hyung and good luck!


Taehyung: You better not withhold any tea when you tell us how it goes!!!!!


Jungkook: Have fun hyung! Get that ass!!


Seokjin: Jeon Jungkook!


Jimin: My two hyungs falling in love TT This is better than those K-pop fan fictions I used to read TT


Taehyung: You used to read them too?!


Yoongi: Why am I even friends with you guys. 

Yoongi: Bye.

Yoongi: …

Yoongi: wish me luck 



Exactly one week later, Yoongi was rolling up to Kim’s Kars again. If the slight tremble I’m Yoongi's hands had anything to do with the situation, it definitely didn’t have anything to do with a certain Jung Hoseok.


Yoongi told himself, as he pulled into the garage, the girl from last time guiding him in with a drastically friendlier smile then last time.

Yoongi parked the car with ease, eager to step out.

“Well look who came back.” The girl smiled. “Heard you got a new engine after all. How’s she ridin?”

“Hoseok's riding good.” Yoongi nodded, leaning against the car until his mind finally caught up to what he’d just- “I meant the car! The car is riding good! Hoseok-ah here? I’d like for him to take a look...if he has time…”

The woman smiled towards him, amused. As if she was just getting such a kick out of this. “Yeah, he’s here. Told me he’s been looking forward to seeing you again.”

Something in Yoongi lit up at that. “He...he has?”

A nod, “Sure has. Practically won't shut up about you.”

Yoongi couldn’t stop his smile from growing as the woman continued, “I’ll go get him and then I’m heading out,” She spoke as she started to leave towards the office, hand on the door before turning back around. “Oh, and just so you know. It’ll just be you two here. But if I find out-“

“I would never hurt him. If that’s what you’re saying.” Yoongi spoke with more conviction than ever. Sure. So sure. Because it was true, he could never dream of hurting someone was kind and pretty as Hoseok.

The woman smiled gently at that, as if Yoongi had passed the test. “Good. Have fun then.” She winked before exiting.

Yoongi stood there, fixing his shirt when the door opened again, and the boy who had been invading his dreams for the past week stepped out, a heart-snapped smile on his steam bun cheeks.

“Yoongi hyung!” Hoseok called, jogging over to where he stood next to the red car, “You came back!” 

“Of course I did.” Yoongi smiled fondly, gently, as he took in Hoseok's appearance. A similar white shirt to last time, but shorts that were exactly too short. Little navy blue things that covered nothing of Hoseok’s honey colored thighs.

“How have you been?” Hoseok asked with a smirk, his eyes slightly amused as if they knew exactly where Yoongi’s gaze had just wandered off to.

Yoongi cleared his throat, still squeaking slightly at the beginning, “G-good. I’ve been good. Never slept better. I mean, never better. Uh...the car seems the way…”

Hoseok’s eyes seemed to light up at that, moving towards the front of the car in a mirror of the previous visit, popping the hood. “It’s been riding okay for you?”

“Yeah, you have.” Yoongi nodded, before his cheeks turned red again. “Shit. It . The car . That’s what I meant. The stupid car has been riding good.”

“You’re really cute.” Hoseok commented, his innocent voice and eyes betraying the way he was leaning down under the raised hood of the car, his ass raised higher with his back arched. “Well it looks like everything is in check here. Maybe it was just the new battery that this old little thing needed. But if you ever need to jump start this brand of battery, it’s a little tricky, come over here and I’ll show you.” Hosseok spoke as his arms disappeared inside the mess of the car.

Yoongi nodded, afraid of being too close to Hoseok’s face, so instead, he awkwardly stood behind him, looking over the younger boy’s shoulder down towards the engine. Actively fighting his gaze from fluttering to the raised ass just inches from his waist.

“Can you see okay?” Hoseok asked over his shoulder. 

Yoongi swallowed, nodded, as Hoseok turned back to showing Yoongi how the engine worked. 

But of course, as it turns out Min Yoongi is an incredibly weak man for a certain Jung Hoseok. His attention only held for a moment before he subconsciously took a step forward, his own jeans just lightly dusting the back of Hoseok’s shorts. 

Hoseok stumbled over a word, slightly, as the atmosphere seemed to change between them, and Yoongi could swear he saw Hoseok smile as he continued on explaining.

Yoongi didn’t realize how hard he was until Hoseok leaned back slightly, making full contact with Yoongi’s dick through his jeans.

Hoseok made a small gasp, turning his head with a more then amused expression, “You weren’t listening to a single thing I said, were you.”

Yoongi took this small advance as a sign to continue, as he pressed into the small space where Hoseok’s shorts creased, Yoongi having to hold himself back from how good the contact felt. “It’s a bit hard when you’re standing there, looking that . Hoseok-ah.”

“Looking like what, hyung?” Hoseok asked innocently as he wiggled his ass slightly against Yoongi’s hips. 

Yoongi all but groaned, enthralled by Hoseok’s beauty completely as their eyes met from over the younger boy’s shoulder, his dark brown eyes shining, long lashes fluttering and his light brown locks falling around his face. Hoseok was a whole dream, a whole vision in and of itself.

“Pretty.” Yoongi breathed finally. “You’re so pretty Hoseok-ah. You drive hyung crazy.”

Hoseok seemed to be taken aback by that answer, his eyes filling with confusion. “You think I’m...pretty?”

“So damn pretty.” Yoongi whispered again as he leaned into Hoseok’s small movements, hands ghosting over the youngers hips, but not touching. “Tell me if this is too much Hoseok-ah. Tell me and I’ll stop. But I need you to use your words, okay? Can you do that for hyung?”

“For hyung?” Something change in Hoseok then, something slight, but there all the same. Hoseok nodded, “It’s okay hyung. Touch me, wanna be hyungs pretty boy. Wanna be good for hyung.”

Something like fireworks set off in Yoongi’s chest at that, at hyungs pretty boy and good for hyung . Something primal and demanding awakening in the elder. Yoongi let his hands fall to Hoseok’s hips, his touch still feather light. “Hyung wants to make you happy too Hoseok-ah. So, so happy.”

“Yeah..? Hyung means it…?” Hoseok asked with vulnerable eyes.

Yoongi rolled his hips, the friction relieving and the slight whimper from the younger only causing Yoongi to want

But the way Hoseok was looking over his shoulder, wide brown eyes, so fucking delicate as if Yoongi could break him at any second, Yoongi paused his movements, looking into Hoseok's eyes, unwavering. “Yes. I mean it Hoseok-ah. Pretty boy.” Yoongi guided Hoseok back with a gentle hand on his shoulder, always gentle, the other reaching up to being the cars hood down again.

“You know,” Hoseok's breath hitched when Yoongi leaned over him from behind, guiding Hoseok back down so that chest was practically lying on top of the hood of the car, with Yoongi's arms caging him in. “I know you want me.”

“You do?” Yoongi rolled into Hoseok again, this time deeper than before with his new leverage.

“Yeah-“ Hoseok's breathing started to pick up as each one of Yoongi's thrusts brought his own length to relief against the cars bumper. “I could tell by the way you...the way you looked at me.”

Yoongi had his elbows pressed to the red steel but he carefully, again, feather light, placed his hands atop Hoseok's own, “Was I that obvious?”

“Extremely.” Hoseok chuckled before gasping when Yoongi went a little deeper with his movements. Hoseok wasted no time in slotting their fingers together, a little awkward since Yoongi's larger hands rested on top of Hoseok's, but the younger didn’t seem to mind.

Yoongi felt himself grow dizzy, it was hot. Very hot. In all meanings of the word, Hoseok underneath him, a withering and undoing mess that Yoongi created.

Yoongi surprised himself by thinking that he could come from just the sight alone.

But maybe that was for another time, this time, he was going to give his pretty boy everything he wanted.

“Hoseok-ah, you already know I want you. I want you so damn much . Ever since you stepped out with the smile of yours, those...those shorts, it’s been too much. I haven’t been able to go a day without thinking of you.” He slowed his pace, wanting Hoseok to listen fully. “ you want me too? I need to know that you want this just as much.”

“Yes!” Hoseok cried, moving back slightly to find the previous rhythm and heat again. “I want you hyung, I want you so much !’s been so long since I’ve wanted something. Since I’ve wanted something and you came in here...all blushy with a gummy smile, dark eyes and shoulders .” Hoseok was panting now. “And your hands hyung…” Hoseok's grip tightened slightly in Yoongi's hold. “My heart started to race thinking that you might like me too and I saw the way you looked at my thighs and-“

“Not just your thighs,” Yoongi spoke, almost too soft and gentle considering he had the younger pinned down to the hood of his car. “All of you.”

Hoseok whined, “I want you hyung. I want you, I want you, I want you-“

Yoongi could barely contain his gum filled smile enough to lean down and press a chaste Kiss to the back of Hoseok's neck, the younger quieting immediately as his shoulders bunched up at the sudden gesture.

“Then you have me. All of me.” Yoongi spoke sweetly into the nap of Hoseok's neck. “I know we hardly know each other...but I just…I feel you Hoseok-ah. I know you’re good, and I just want to make you the happiest.”

“Hyung…” Hoseok sighed, leaning back again in search of Yoongi's warmth. In need of it.

“Tell me what you want Hoseok-ah, how do you want this, pretty boy?” Yoongi asked, tugging on Hoseok's oversized shirt collar and pressing another soft kiss to the younger boys golden shoulder.

“You.” Hoseok huffed. “Yo- you. Need you. Want hyung inside of me.”

Yoongi felt himself getting worked up just from the declaration alone. Just from Hoseok .

“Okay.” Yoongi started, breathey. “Okay. Hyung will take care of everything. Hyung will take care of you, sweetheart.” Another soft kiss to Hoseok's other shoulder, noticing how Hoseok became more and more pliant beneath him with each innocent kiss.


“Do you have any lube pretty boy? Or condoms?” Yoongi asked gently.

“N-no.” Yoongi watched as the tips of Hoseok's ears burned red. “I haven’t done this in years I- I should have thought ahead though...I just didn’t think that you liked me enough or-“

Yoongi hushed Hoseok gently, hands sliding up his arms and down to cup the boys lithe waist. “I have some in my car. Jungkook and Taehyung put it in there as a joke when they took my car for a ride. And also broke it.”

Hoseok giggled at that, watching as Yoongi hesitantly left to walk the few steps over towards the drivers side door, opening it and leaning in to quickly shuffle through the mess in his cup holder for the ‘gifts’ that the younger two had given him.

“Hyung…” Hoseok started as Yoongi was closing the door, slipping the materials into his pocket and back with his hands on Hoseok's hips in seconds. “Do you want to do this in the car? I mean...we’re the only ones in here but it’s okay if you don’t want this to be exposed .”

Yoongi was already leaning over Hoseok again until the younger was back with his chest resting on the red hood, his head turned to gaze behind him from the side as Yoongi spoke. “No. I want you just like this sweetheart, you look so pretty against my car like this.”

“Hyung’s pretty boy?” Hoseok asked, his voice filling with need as Yoongi’s hands slipped towards the front of Hoseok’s shorts, unbuttoning them, agonizingly slow. Enjoying the way Hoseok bucked up against his hand.

“Yes, sweetheart. Hyung’s pretty boy. My pretty boy. So pretty, you’re so pretty.” Yoongi cooed, slipping Hoseok’s shorts off slowly, carefully. “This okay?” He asked before he could get too far, his heartbeat already drumming in his ears.

Hoseok nodded, “Take them off hyung, want hyung to see- wa- wait- wait-” Hoseok changed his demeanor completely, quickly,

But it was already too late. Yoongi had slipped Hoseok’s shorts down enough to see the cause of his demise staring right back at him.

Tiny, light pink panties with green lace at the top cupping Hoseok's ass in the softest, purest of ways.

Yoongi felt himself growing light headed. If the shorts weren’t too much already then this-

“Hyung…?” Hoseok tried again, worry coating his voice now as he refused to meet Yoongi’s gaze. “Hyung, are you okay? Does it make you uncomfortable?” Hoseok’s hand left the cars red steel in favor of grabbing his shorts and starting to pull them up. “I’m sorry I- I can take them off or something- I wear them because the shorts are so short that if I wore boxers you’d see them but also I guess I just like the way these feel they’re just really comfy and you probably think I'm weird let me just- I’m sorry- I’ll-”

But Yoongi’s hand stopped him before he could get far. The elder’s voice caught up in his throat. “Ho-Hoseok-ah.” Yoongi couldn’t tear his eyes away. “Is it weird…” Yoongi gulped, tracing the lace with his free hand, “Is it weird to say that I think I could fall in love with you.”

Hoseok leaned back then, not quite standing fully yet, but almost there, eye level with Yoongi as he turned slightly in the elders hold to face him. Yoongi noticed the slight, barely there tremble on his lips, the glassy vulnerableness his eyes swam in. It was beautiful . Hoseok was so beautiful.

Yoongi felt something tug at his heart.

“Kiss me hyung.” Hoseok spoke simply, softly. A statement that made the silence around them sound so much louder, and yet, so meaningless in comparison.

Yoongi had already promised himself to never deny the younger of anything. “Are you sure? My pretty boy is okay if hyung kisses him?”

Hoseok nodded quickly, “Does hyung want to kiss his pretty boy?”

Yoongi smirked confidently at that, or, at least he tried, the absolue fondness in his gaze may have betrayed him more than he originally thought. Yoongi leaned forward, wasting not another second before catching Hoseok’s thin, pink lips in his own, tasting the honey, vanilla. Tasting the soft sweetness of Hoseok’s smile.

Hoseok sighed into the kiss and Yoongi’s heart gave out, wrapping his arms around Hoseok’s shoulders and pulling him in, pulling him close . Before leaning back from the kiss slightly, hesitantly, before he could get too carried away. Now that Hoseok was turned fully towards him, Yoongi could feel the youngers length fighting against the thin panties, pressing against his own.

Yoongi could laugh at the way this man, this stranger was reducing him to this, to someone willing to give up everything, the whole world, just for a single boy. A single smile.

“Yeah,” Yoongi smiled sweetly, a hand coming up to run through Hoseok's bangs before resting softly on his cheek. “Hyung wants to kiss his pretty boy.”

Hoseok smiled softly, leaning into Yoongi’s touch as the elder took the arm wrapped around Hoseok to fish in his pocket for the lube. “Will you let hyung prep you sweetheart?”

The younger nodded, leaning forward to lean against Yoongi completely, his cheek nestled up into the crook of the elders neck. From this angle, with Hoseok slightly sticking his ass out, as if the heat from the youngster boys body radiating from him wasn’t enough, Yoongi had a straight line of sight for Hoseok plump, little ass in the soft fabric.

Yoongi’s breath stuttered as he unclasped the lube, spreading it across his fingers and warming it up, but first…

Hoseok’s breath hitched as Yoongi kneaded his ass cheeks with his clean hand, not softly but not unkind either. “Hyung...hyung…” Hoseok, panting, leaned back into Yoongi’s large hand that fit almost all of Hoseok's cheek in his palm.

The sight was dizzying to Yoongi, more than anything, he wanted to know what Hoseok would taste like. Would he be just as sweet? What sounds would come out of those pretty little lips?

But that was an idea for another time.

This time, Yoongi kept squeezing, gently slapping, and kneading Hoseok with his clean hand, the other slipping past the panties lace, the soft fabric tickling the back of Yoongi’s hand as he massaged in Hoseok’s crease.

Hoseok’s breath hitched again, this time followed by a whine, “Hyung...hyung you’re drawing this out...aren’t you…”

Yoongi smiled, pressing soft kissing to Hoseok’s exposed neck, to his shoulder, to anything of Hoseok’s that Yoongi’s lips could reach. “It’s not every day I have a pretty little boy like you, begging for me to take him.”

Hoseok scuffed, a small smile, “I’m not begging-

Yoongi slipped one finger in Hoseok’s tight, warm, hole, causing the younger’s shoulders to bunch up as he leaned more into Yoongi. “ Cold - ah- Okay, maybe I am begging…” Hoseok's hand that was wrapped around Yoongi’s waist was now traveling down towards the elders jeans, cupping the growing bulge in front. 

Yoongi let out a gasp in surprise, rutting up against Hoseok’s hand unconsciously. “Hoseok-ah…”

“Can you blame me for begging when you...when you .” Hoseok started, panting more against Yoongi’s neck, hot and wet. “A man like you comes into my shop all...damn...Yoongi you have no idea how crazy this is for me-”

“I think I have an idea.” Yoongi nuzzled his nose into Hoseok’s cheek, soft, comforting, as he slipped another finger in, Hoseok groaning in response as Yoongi continued. “Jimin told me about how you haven’t been in a relationship for awhile, or done... things like this in awhile.” Yoongi moved to nip and tug at Hoseok’s ear, scissoring Hoseok open until the younger was nothing but a withering and thrashing mess in his arms.

“You probably think I’m a loser then, huh…” Hoseok hid his face further into Yoongi’s shoulder, his grip at the front of Yoongi’s jeans tightening as Yoongi continued to make a mess out of him.

“Actually…” Yoongi, started to move his fingers in and out, distracting himself from the heat and friction Hoseok’s hand was supplying him with, his other arm coming around to hold Hoseok close, safe, hold him steady through it all. “I think you’re pretty cool.”

“Wha...what?” Hoseok sputtered as Yoongi fucked him with his fingers, effectively reducing Hoseok to a whining and blubbering mess.

“All this time, you were just waiting for the right person to come into your life, right? You were just waiting for me, right?” Yoongi whispered into Hoseok's ear, and that was it. Hoseok's started whimpering and whining softly in his arms.

“Hy-hyung- hyung I need it- I’m ready- I need it- I need you- take care of me- please take care of me-“ Hoseok was shaking in pleasure when Yoongi guided him down onto the hood of the car.

Hoseok was laid there on his back, his light brown curls pillowing his features, the oversized, offending shirt ridden up to showcase is toned stomach. The panties that were hardly doing their job at covering Hoseok anymore, the younger boys erect length peeking out through the lace.

Yoongi wished he had a camera with him. Because Hoseok was a dream, an absolute dream . But there would be more chances, if Yoongi had anything to do about it, there would be many more chances for that to happen.

“Hyung…” Hoseok called softly, his hands reaching up towards the elder.

Yoongi looked into Hoseok's eyes, watching as the younger boys chest rise and fall rapidly, cheeks flushed and bangs slightly matted to his forehead.

“You’re going to be the end of me, pretty boy.” Yoongi spoke fondly as he reached out to hold Hoseok's hand, gently.

“You’’re still dressed?” Hoseok asked, “Do you...are you sure you want me?”

Yoongi had come to the realization that he was still fully clothed, suddenly and shockingly. Watching as Hoseok’s knees glued themselves together, as if the younger was started to feel just how exposed and alone he was.

“What? N-no- no Hoseok look,” Yoongi started, taking his hand back quickly only to slip off his jeans in one swift motion, tossing them to the side as he stood in front of the car in his shirt and boxers. “See? Do you see how much I want you?”

Hoseok lifted himself slightly, leaning on his elbows to gain a better view. Yoongi watched as the younger licked his lips. Eyes glued to the wet streak in Yoongi’s boxers. “ hyung...can- can I see? Will you let your pretty boy see you?” Hoseok asked with big, innocent, wanting eyes.

Yoongi smiled softly, leaning forward to cup the youngers cheek. “I told you, you have all of me. I meant that when I said it.” Before returning back to his original height and slipping off his boxers in much of the same quick motion as before. Moaning slightly at the friction that the moment granted him.

Hoseok stared with wide eyes as Yoongi’s newly freed length sprung up practically to his bellybutton. “Hyung…” Hoseok breathed out, seemingly getting himself worked up again as he leaned back down fully onto the car, hips making small, unconscious little jerks upwards. Hoseok still maintained eye contact. “Hyung...Hyung I like you. I like you a lot. Please. Please. Please-

Yoongi was leaning over him in seconds, endeared, absolutely, endeared by the way Hoseok had let his guard down so much around Yoongi, had trusted him with his body, with the sight that Yoongi will never forget, will always see in his dreams. “Hey, hey don’t beg.” Yoongi soothed softly as he began to slip the painties down Hoseok’s legs. “I don’t ever want to make you beg, I’ll give you whatever you want Hoseok-ah, I’ll give you the world if you so much as wish for it.” 

Yoongi’s gaze fell from Hoseok’s eyes, down towards his spread legs, honey dipped, toned thighs framing Hoseok’s own length. A little smaller than Yoongi’s own, a little thinner, but so- “...Beautiful.” Yoongi looked back up into Hoseok’s eyes then, “You’re so beautiful Hoseok-ah.”

“Yoongi...please…” Hoseok wiggled his hips again, hand coming up to cup Yoongi’s cheek softly. Gentle. Asking, rather than demanding.

Yoongi quickly leaned back to pull the condom out of his discarded jean pocket, ripping it open with his teeth, making sure Hoseok could watch as he did so. And rolling it onto his own length before reaching for the lube again, pouring a generous amount, moaning when he began smearing it onto his throbbing length.

“Hyung…” Hoseok hummed as Yoongi moved then to hook both his arms around the back of Hoseok’s knees, bringing them up as he leaned over the younger, lining up his own length with Hoseok’s throbbing hole. “Hoseok-ah, look at me. Tell me this is okay. That you want this. I’ll stop everything right now if you’re uncomfortable, I could do something else for you to make you feel good, but you just have to tell me, yeah? This is okay?”

Hoseok nodded fervorously. “Yes. Yes. Yes . Min Yoongi I swear if you don’t-”

Yoongi pushed inside of Hoseok then, bottoming out completely and feeling nothing but the tight, wet, warmth of Hoseok. Everything was hoseok. And Yoongi was overcome with the urge to move . “Hoseok-ah, pretty boy, my pretty boy, you feel so nice. You feel so nice Hoseok-ah.” Yoongi paused to give time for Hoseok to adjust, watching the youngers expression morph into one of pain and pleasure. “Hoseok-ah? Seok-ah? Say something...are you-”

“Big.” Hoseok grunted. “You’re- really big.”

“Is it too much?” Yoongi panicked, starting to pull out when Hoseok’s hands found his shoulders, nails digging into the skin there.

Don’t . No...I...I like it.” Hoseok breathed heavily. “You can move. Move hyung. Wanna feel you.”

And Yoongi did just that, thrusting into Hoseok slowly, wanting to savor the way Hoseok took him in, the way Hoseok’s breathing quickened and the youngers chest arched a little more with each thrust. “Seok-ah can I- Please let me kiss you again. Can I kiss you again?”

Hoseok nodded, yet his breath still hitched when yoongi brought his lips crashing down to Hoseok’s own, lapping his tongue until Hoseok eagerly allowed the elder entrance. The soft, needy hum that sounded at the back of Hoseok’s throat went straight to Yoongi’s dick. His hips moving involuntarily at this point as he licked into Hoseok’s mouth, drinking in every moan and hum that the younger sang.

Eventually Hoseok’s hands found their way into Yoongi’s hair, fisting, pulling and tugging as Yoongi leaned back from the kiss, losing his mind as he watched the Hoseok’s spit kissed lips quivered slightly, a small bead of drool dripping down his lips. Yoongi felt winded, Hoseok being the way he was, being so damn intoxicating , “Hoseok-ah you have no idea do you?” Yoongi asked, picking up the pace slightly to aim deeper, within Hoseok, causing the younger to yelp as Yoongi trailed kisses down Hoseok’s neck. Whispering into the skin there, “You have no idea what you do to me. How hot you are.”

Yoongi bit down at a place proved to be the most sensitive in the crook of Hoseok’s neck, if the younger boys squirming and quickening pace in breath was anything to go by. “You’re a dream Hoseok-ah. I don’t know how you’re real but dammit. I really think...I really think I could love you.” Yoongi lapped his tongue over the abused skin he’d just ram his teeth into. “You’re so fucking- so fucking sexy with that oversized shirt, with those shorts too short, and fucking- fucking panties !” Yoongi’s breath stuttered at the thought.

Hoseok whined, and Yoongi felt Hoseok’s length leaking pre-cum against the elders stomach. Yoongi trailed his kisses up Hoseok’s jaw, spending time to tug and nip at the boys ear. “But you know what the sexiest thing about you is? The one thing that will always have me wanting for you.”

The younger moaned in response, humming in pleasure as Yoongi continued, warmth breath against Hoseok’s ear. “You’re smile.”

Yoongi thrusted deeper and harder then he had before, and Hoseok’s eyes shot open wide, fingers tightening in Yoongi’s hair. “Th-there! Yoon- Yoongi- ah-” Hoseok stuttered, but his blissed out expression quickly turned into slight hysteria as Yoongi pulled out with a smirk on his cheeks. “M-Min Yoongi I swear to- ” Hoseok tugged in the elders hair. “If you don’t get back inside of me right now -”

“Do you trust me?” Yoongi asked instead, cutting Hoseok off with a powerful voice.

Hoseok was taken aback. “Y-yes...I do but…”

Yoongi smiled then, big and gum filled, the fondness in his features betraying the forceful tone. “Turn over.”

Hoseok knew immediately what was happening, wasting no time in allowing Yoongi to turn him over again, chest pressed to the car’s steel as his legs spread out on the front bumper, ready, wanting for Yoongi to have his way with him.

Yoongi had to stop himself, pause for a moment to just drink in again just how beautiful Hoseok was. But his adoration fell short as Hoseok started to wiggle his hips, whining against the car. “Hyung- Yoon- Yoongi you said you wouldn’t make me beg ah-” Hoseok was cut off by Yoongi taking hold of his hips, fingers digging lightly into the soft skin there and forcefully ramming into Hoseok again.

Yoongi’s own knees had begun to buckle under him as he felt his climax nearing, but a new wave of instincts overcame him when he found the spot that had Hoseok shaking in pleasure, unresponsive save for the hums and moans that decorated his lips. Yoongi angled his movements to keep hitting that spot, to keep driving Hoseok under, to take care of his… ”My pretty boy.” Yoongi whispered, panting, moving even faster, messily as he grew closer and closer to the edge. “My pretty boy. My prettiest Seok-ah. My Seok-ah. Mine. Mine.

“Yo- Yoongi-” Hoseok started, his trembles controlling his whole body now, back arched as the knuckles in his hands began to turn white against the red steel.

Yoongi leaned down as much as he could while keeping the intensity of his movements, pressing a kiss to Hoseok’s back, where this shirt had ridden up to reveal his honey skin. “Come for hyung. Come for hyung pretty boy. Hyung’s pretty boy.”

Not a second later, Hoseok was coming with a yell that sounded a lot like Yoongi’s name and a force that shook his whole being, white painting his stomach and the red steel. Yoongi rode him through his orgasim, wanting Hoseok to drink up every second of pleasure that he could before Yoongi was close- too close- way too close-

“S’okay hyung…” Hoseok muttered softly with his eyes closed, catching his breath from his own orgasim. “In me hyung…”

And that was all Yoongi needed before he was filling the condom with his seed. Moaning in pleasure at the feeling of Hoseok around him, everywhere, “ boy my pretty Seok-ah…”

When Yoongi had started to come down from the highest high he’d ever experienced, he noticed how Hoseok had taken one of Yoongi’s hands that were latched onto the younger boys hips, and held it in both of his own, clutching it to his chest as his breathing began to calm.

The sight made something scream protect within a deep, unwavering part of Yoongi as he wanted nothing more than to wrap the boy up in his arms and keep him there forever. 

Carefully, Yoongi pulled himself out of Hoseok, the younger winced with oversensitivity before Yoongi rolled the filled condom off his length, using his free hand to pull his boxers back on before leaning forward to kiss Hoseok’s neck, his jaw, cheek, ear. “You okay pretty baby?”

Hoseok hummed, rolling slightly to his side to allow Yoongi a better view as the younger fluttered his eyes open. “Yeah. More than okay, hyung.”

And another thing Yoongi learned in that moment, was how beautiful, just how breataking a post-fucked out Hoseok was. With his lose, fuck-out smile, gentle glow and endearing eyes. Yoongi wanted to keep this in jar somewhere, save this image in his mind for a rainy day.

Yoongi wanted to be the only one to see Hoseok this way.

“What are you thinking about hyung? Did you like it?” Hoseok asked, the insecurity coming back to flutter around the edges of his voice.

Yoongi shook his head, pressing a kiss to Hoseok’s nose. “That was the best I’ve ever had Hoseok-ah. You’re a dream, you really are.”

Hoseok smiled at that, gentle, soft, so so soft. “How about I get you all cleaned up, yeah? I’ll drive you home?” Yoongi whispered, a hand coming up to brush through Hoseok’s bangs.

The younger nodded, leaning into Yoongi’s warmth. “Yeah I’d...I’d like that.” But then something changed, because hoseok was sitting up quickly, pulling his shirt down to cover his softening length.

“Seok-ah…?” Yoongi asked, carefully worried at the sudden movement. “What’s wrong Hoseok-ah?”

“You…” Hoseok’s voice trembled. “You…”

Now Yoongi felt like he was going to cry, just seeing Hoseok in such a state was already too much to bear, “Seok-ah, sweetheart did I hurt you? Did hyung hurt you?”

Hoseok shook his head, and while that was a relief to the elder, it still wasn’t enough. “What’s wrong Hoseok-ah?”

“You’’re going to leave...aren’t you.” Hoseok’s eyes were trembling with an emotion that Yoongi never wanted to see in the youngers gaze again. Hurt. “You’re going to drop me off at my apartment and then we’ll never see each other again...will we. All those things you was all just the heat of the moment, right?” Hoseok chuckled sadly at himself, ignoring the way Yoongi was furiously shaking his head. “It’s’s not your fault I...I should just go hyung. Thank you for everything but I just can’t do this-”

“Hoseok.” Yoongi stepped forward, wanting Hoseok’s consent to touch him but also not being able to handle it, not being able to handle how wrong hoseok was. “Hoseok I told you I think I could love you, I think I could- no. I know that I could fall in love with you. Falling in love with you would be the easiest thing in the world, if you so much as allowed it, because I’ve already started falling a week ago. A week ago when you smiled at me.”

Hoseok sniffed, still unable to meet Yoongi’s gaze, “But all you know is my body don’t know anything about me. How could you say something like that and be so sure?”

Yoongi gently cupped Hoseok’s cheek, bringing the youngers gaze up to meet his own, “Hoseok-ah, everything I said, I meant it. You know...Seok-ah, did you you know I came here again with the intention of asking you to go on a date with me?”

“You did…?” Hoseok looked up towards him, disbelieving. 

Yoongi just tilted his head and smiled, “ Yes . I could care less about the car, I just knew I had to see you again. And I haven’t been with anyone in years Hoseok, this doesn't...this doesn’t just happen to me. But’re something I want. You’re everything I want.”

“Really…?” Hoseok breathed, hands coming up to fist in Yoongi’s shirt, as if Yoongi would float away if he didn’t.

But Yoongi just nodded. “Really, Seok-ah. And I don’t just mean you’re body. Which, yes, is the most beautiful work of art I have ever seen and if you give me a chance, I’d hope to worship it every waking moment that I could.”

Hoseok blushed at that, giggling lightly. “ Hyung !”

Yoongi shrugged. “It’s true. But what I want is more than that. I want your everything. Your good days and your bad, your triumphs and your falls, I want to know about your childhood, your friends, your dreams and your fears. I want all of it hoseok-ah, I want all of you. If you’ll have me, that is.” Yoongi looked into Hoseok’s eyes, hopeful. “So, what do you say?”

Hoseok shook his head as bubbling giggles painted his lips, practically jumping into Yoongi’s arms who caught him readily. Who will always catch him. “Of course I’ll go on a date with you. If you’re anything like you’re smile,” Another giggle, and Yoongi held him even closer. “Then you’re going to have to catch me from falling too fast.”

Yoongi giggled with him, pressing kisses to Hoseok’s hair, “No promises.” I’ll always catch you .

When hoseok’s bubbling laughter died down, and his body relaxed against yoongi’s once more, the younger whispered, “Hyung, let’s go to my apartment and cuddle. We can talk about date ideas, and order in maybe?”

Yoongi leaned back, pressing a kiss to Hoseok’s forehead. “Sounds perfect Seok-ah.” Yoongi smiled before leaning down to gather up Hoseok’s shorts and- and for his own sanity Yoongi didn’t look directly at the painties before handing them to Hoseok who dressed himself as Yoongi slipping on his own jeans that were discarded on the floor.

“Um...hyung?” Hoseok started, biting his lip to keep his smile at bay as he buttoned his shorts.

“Yes, pretty boy?” Yoongi asked as he fixed up his jeans, turning back around to rest a comforting hand on Hoseok’s hip, pulling him closer to his side. Perhaps the act was a bit possessive, but Hoseok made no move to argue and Yoongi didn’t mind.

Hoseok pointed with rose tinted cheeks towards the white streak that was painting the hood of Yoongi’s car. “Sorry hyung…”

Yoongi giggled, pulling Hoseok in close, just because he could before pressing a kiss to the younger boy, savoring the honey and content sigh that came with Hoseok’s thin, pretty lips. Leaning back slightly, Yoongi rested his forehead against Hoseok’s own, drinking in the youngers delicate features, his soft smile, imagining a life with this pretty boy in it, Yoongi found it was more than exciting. It was enticing.

“I think we’re going to need a car wash then, huh?”