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Solby drabbles/one-shots

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Pizza night literally did have everyone’s attention everywhere but each other. Currently while the loud music played, Colby had Sam pinned to the bed grinding into him like their lives depended on it. Sam was desperately trying to meet his grinds with a low groan.

“Fuck,” Colby said in the crook of Sam’s neck. “You look so good like this.” His newly dyed red hair fell into his face as he continued to move his hips. This was starting to get annoying, he wanted no needed to feel all of Sam without clothes.

Sam took the lead reading the brunet’s mind as he often did and began undressing them to Colby’s relief. Few minutes later they had clothes strewn all over the room with Colby buried deep inside of Sam. Both were out of breath and clinging to each other as Colby relentlessly drove into his best friend, earning a moan that resounded the room loudly. Despite the booming music outside the door all they could hear was the heavy panting and skin hitting with skin slick with a layer of sweat.

Coming out of the room no one seemed to notice their absence so they simply took a slice of pizza and sat together smiling over their Pizza Night secret.