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Child Deku

  • So Izuku is a child. He’s around 4-6 when Bakugou is a 1st year at UA. 
  • He’s quirkless because plot! Maybe a quirk later on but not OFA because he’s just a kid and he’d explode like a balloon. 
  • Bakugou grew up looking after him so he’s used to being around excitable, baby izuku. He doesn’t hate him because he’s only a kid and Izuku is like his number 1 fan, he’s just so adorable.
    • He would babysit for his Auntie Inko. Bakugou would play with baby Izuku and lots of fluff.
  • Of course there has to be angst so like something happens and he gets targeted by villains to be used as a lab rat
    • Maybe AFO wanting to test to see if a quirkless person could receive quirks without the nomu effect. Or could just be other villains wanting to test some drugs on him. 
  • He gets rescued by several heroes! Not sure who, definitely All Might, maybe Eraserhead and other teachers?
  • Bakugou really worried in class while Izuku is missing and him trying to hide it but also be apart of the search cuz that’s his little brother that’s missing!
    • He gets more angry and very loner-y 
  • Izuku is rescued but needs protection because of villains searching for him
    • Positive result from tests perhaps? He gains a quirk or two nothing too op because he is just a kid and this is more for fluff than canon plot. 
  • UA takes him on as a ward, Eraserhead has him in his class because Izuku refuses to leave Bakugou so the dorms are made early.
  • One word: DADZAWA
  • Okay lots of parental teachers because who could refuse that cute face of his. 
  • FLUFF GALORE!!! Soft Baku and older siblings 1-a
  • Anyone who makes Izuku cry is going to be beat by 19 protective older siblings. 
    • Only 19 cuz shinsou is older bro definitely and mineta and random 20th student are definitely expelled
  • No other plans really just fluff for this. I needed some happy stuff after reading some sad angsty stuff