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Emerald stripes

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Author's note: Hey people, post this here as some people don't read the notes. This is a side fic of mine and will only update when I want it too. It has no schedule so please don't go asking for updates. It will just make me wait longer to update.



A van rumbled down the road, inside were a load of kids all bundled together. All of them saddened, afraid, hungry. The one thing they all had in common where the animal traits they had due to their quirks. The children had been kidnapped, forced from their families with no idea where they were being taken.


A little boy with a chipmunk tail was holding his stomach, the villains that took them would only feed certain kids on a day, the more important they were considered, the more they ate. And there was only one child who was given food every day.


“Hello.” A quiet voice said, the chipmunk boy looked up. To see a full mutation quirked boy, a tiger cub, fur mostly black with a little white, with green stripes. He held out half of his bread. “This is for you.” He said


“But… it’s your food…” The boy whispered. The tiger boy smiled softly, his tail twitching.


“It’s okay! You need it more.” He answered. The chipmunk accepted it, smiling softly.


“Thank you…” He blushed, the tiger smiled.


“You’re welcome.” He beamed, the tiger moved along, handing the other half of his bread to someone else.


“That’s Izuku.” A girl with the legs of a kangaroo smiled. The chipmunk looked at her. “He always gives his food to others… he’s our hero…”


“Izuku…” The boy muttered, watching Izuku return to his corner, and sat to watch over the other children.




Midoriya Izuku was 7-years-old, unlike all the other children who were kidnapped by the villains, he had been sold by the one he believed would protect him, his own mother. His quirk… made him highly sought for, but Izuku had no idea who they were going to sell him for, but he knew he was planned to be a circus piece. He was not looking forward to it… but… he looked over the other children, he had to protect everyone else here… he had too…




Van heading your way…. 42 children insideOne in critical condition… be ready to move in as soon as….


The children cried out as the van appeared to go over a large bump, Izuku was up and calming the younger children. They could hear the villains shouting. Izuku got over to the doors,  ready to pounce at whoever opened the door. The doors were ripped off, the children scrambled back, Izuku instead leapt at the person with a tiny roar, he was caught in a pair of big hands, Izuku snarled, but stopped when he recognised who was holding him, his ears picked up.


“The Pussycats!” He gasped, the hero holding him was Tiger of the pussy cats. Izuku escaped his grasp and darted into van again. “Everyone, we need to get out of the van now.” He said, staying back as Mandalay and Ragdoll helped Tiger get the kids out. Pixie bob and her earth creatures were holding down the villains. Izuku made sure all the kids were up and out before he went to head to the back doors, pain ripped through him. Izuku collapsed, whimpering in pain.


“It’s the critical kid… Tiger…” Ragdoll gasped, Tiger climbed into the back and picked Izuku up. Mandalay was handing out small sandwiches to the kids, food prepared by the police force as they set out, as soon as Tiger brought Izuku out, a few kids ran over.


“He gave us his food, he can have these…” Chipmunk boy said. Tiger smiled sadly.


“That isn’t going to be much help kids, he needs a hospital. I am not sure he will be able to eat that for a bit.” Tiger said, ambulances and police were stopping nearby.


“Take him Tiger, we’ll finish up here.” Ragdoll nodded. Tiger gave her a sad smile and carried Izuku to the closest ambulance. It wasn’t long until it was racing off again. Izuku was curled up on the bed, an IV drip in his arm. Tiger rubbed his head as the paramedics got to work making sure he was going to be okay.


“Hang in there cub, we’ll get you up on your feet again soon…” He promised




Izuku woke up on a soft bed, he opened his eyes and yawned, stretching out his back legs. He heard a soft aweing noise. His ears twitched as he looked up.  He saw the Pro hero Tiger smiling at him softly.


“Hey there cub, how you doing?” He asked.


“…Um…” Izuku thought about it. “Hungry…” He answered


“Expected that as your answer cub.” He heard a chuckled, he looked to see the other members of the pussy cats there, Ragdoll sat next to him with a small tub of yogurt. “Think you can stomach this?”


“I can try…” Izuku said, she smiled, she helped him sit up and began to spoon feed him, the doctor standing back watching, ready to step up if Izuku couldn’t keep it down. Izuku happily finished the yogurt, his tail was wagging happily. That is when Izuku noticed the doctor and the police outside his room.


“You remember what happened Cub?” Tiger asked


“Yes… my mother sold me cause my quirk.” Izuku answered. “I had to protect the other children they took. I promised to protect them.”


“And you did a great job! All the other kids are safe and are with their families now. They are very thankful.” Pixie bob smiled


“And we know about you’re mother. That Bakugo friend of yours let it all out after your mother was informed.” The police chuckled, taking off his hat. “I am Detective Tsukauchi. I am in charge of the case and your singular case.” Izuku cocked his head to the side.


“My singular case?” He repeated.


“The fact your mother is facing charges for selling you. And even better, you won’t have to go to a foster home, as the Pussy cats will be taking care of you from now on… namely Tiger.” Tsukauchi smiled. Izuku looked at the bulking member of the pussycats.


“Only right we Tigers stick together right?” He grinned, Izuku giggled. “But… what about Kacchan?” Izuku asked


“Well… I was going to say.. you have your own little visitor waiting for you.” Tsukauchi headed outside, and a few minutes later, Bakugo Katsuki came running in and jumped on to the bed, hugging his friend close.


“Hey Kacchan!” Izuku said happily.


“I thought you were going to die on me Izuku… You were asleep for five days!” Katsuki sniffed. Izuku’s eyes widened.


“Five days?” He repeated