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30 Day Songfic Challenge 2019 (Bughead)

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“Please, go home.” Jughead whimpered. He didn’t want it to be this way, he never meant for it to end like this but he had to protect her. He pulled her hands from his face, his heart breaking in two at the tears shimmering in her eyes, and walked back into the Wyrm.

How could he let this happen? How could he have messed up so back that he ruined everyone’s lives this way? He dragged himself up to the top floor of the bar, watching the celebration below while his heart slowly bled into his chest.

“Here, you could probably use this.” Toni nudged him with one of the beer bottles in her hands.

“Thanks.” He sighed, the memory of a broken Betty etched into his mind.

“You know, I was the one who told Betty about the dance.” Toni lowered her eyes to the floor below before she continued, “She really loves you Jug, you know that right? She just wants to make you happy, that’s why she wanted to join the Serpents in the first place.” 

“Well, it’s over now so it doesn’t matter anymore.” Jughead scoffed, taking a swig of his beer and fighting the tears storming behind his crystal blue eyes.

“Jones, if you think it’s over, you’re not as smart as you think you are.” Toni said as she squeezed his shoulder and walked away, leaving the Prince to overlook his future kingdom through unshed tears.