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A, B, C Death Note: The Sequel.

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Light sighed as he plucked up the sopping wet towel L had dropped on the bathroom floor from last night's shower. What was so irritating about it was the fact the towel was not two feet away from the laundry hamper! He'd told L a thousand times to put his laundry in the hamper! 

'Honestly, L' Light shook his head and dumped it in the hamper. He'd already had to change the bed again since L had eaten a pack of cookies in it and if there was one thing Light couldn't abide it was crumbs in bed. Light had asked him nicely not to eat in bed but L had done it anyway. Of course he had... 

A close second in Light's 'things that drove him insane' was Hope's fur clinging to every surface in the house, but it seemed that was just an inevitable fact of life now. Hope was their baby and they both loved the dog intensely. Like with L, Light resigned himself to putting up with the dog's annoying habits out of love and affection (even if they did want to make him rip his hair out at times) but damn if he didn't feel underappreciated at times! 

He and L were soon to be celebrating their first wedding anniversary and despite the annoyance of picking up after L, life was otherwise blissful. He was happier than he ever thought he could be living with L in England. For the first time in his life he felt like he had a purpose (a true purpose, not cleansing the world like a megalomaniac kind of purpose) 

He was 23 and had the world at his feet. As K, he had solved nearly as many cases as L and L's pride in him warmed him like nothing else could. He was making a difference and took pride in his work as a Detective. It would never compensate for his crimes as Kira, but Light felt it was a start. He was finally making the positive changes to the world he'd always wanted before his ill-advised forray with the Death Note. 

Of course he still had his bad days when the weight of who he was and what he'd done threatened to crush him, but L was always there with endless reassurance. Light decided that more than compensated for tolerating L's slovenly ways. Without his husband Light doubted he would have been able to shoulder the burden of what he, what Kira, had done. He appreciated L enormously but sometimes he had to wonder if L actually appreciated him and all the little things he did for him. The repeated incidents of eating in bed and dropping clothes on the floor hinted at the answer being no. 

Light tried to lift his spirits by thinking about the first year of his married life. A lot had changed and yet it also felt as if nothing had changed at all. He and L were still pranking each other like they used to when they were dating and being married certainly hadn't impacted on their love life, If anything it had enhanced it... 

Light felt his face flush with heat as he had a rather vivid flashback of last night's activities and had to physically shake his head to clear his mind. He didn't have time to think about such distracting thoughts right now. He had to finish cleaning up their apartment and join L and the others in the office. L had been pulling several all nighters lately due to a particularly complex case, and Light was growing concerned. Even Watari nagging him hadn't stopped L from working himself to near exhaustion. When L had passed out at his desk it was decided an intervention was necessary for the stubborn detectives own good. Mello had suggested knocking L out and tying him to his bed to keep him from working. Light had dismissed the idea at the time but it was looking increasingly appealing. 

'There must be some way to get him to back off a little from the Argentinian Murder case' Light thought as he headed to the kitchen to fix himself a coffee. He'd considered asking L to come away with him for a few days but he knew L would refuse. They were close to a breakthrough in the case after days of painstacking survillance on rival gangs and Light knew L would have to be physically dragged from HQ before he left willingly.


'Bribery. L is always susceptible to bribery if I promise to coddle and pamper him'

Light grabbed some muffins he'd baked and a flask of coffee for L before walking into the lounge to check on Hope. It was a silly thing but both he and L always took the time to say goodbye to the dog before they left for work.The dog lifted her head from her bed and shot him a blank, brown eyed look that seemed to say 'Yes? What is it?'

"Near will be dropping in at one to take you for a walk and to feed you. Please don't try and chew his hand off again, okay? Be a good girl and L and I will be home soon, alright Baby?" 

Light sighed as Hope flopped over onto her side and went back to sleep. Clearly she didn't have the time to listen to her Daddy today. 

Light rolled his eyes at Hope's flippant behaviour and locked the door behind him. L and Hope Had a lot in common. Both were stubborn as mules and only listened when they wanted to. 

Light felt his phone buzz and scooped it out of his pocket. He walked across the orchard, admiring the spring growth budding on the trees. For some reason or other, Ryuk was brandishing a feather duster and swatting at his treehouse. 

Light barely blinked an eye at the odd behavior and answered his phone. He was used to such things by now.

"Hey Baby" Light chirped, inhaling the sweet spring air. Now that he was out of the apartment and away from L's mess he felt far more upbeat. Perhaps he would have another word with L later about pulling his weight a bit more.

"Hey, Light, It's me"

Light smirked. Obviously it was, L's name flashed up on the screen surrounded by a few (tasteful, in Light's opinion) love hearts, cake and lollipop emojis. 

"Hello, 'Me', how are you?"

"Haha you're hilarious." L drawled dryly in reply, "Light, did you remember to pick up those muffins I wanted? And my coffee? In my Panda flask? Oh, and did you feed the fish and-"

"Yes, Dear" Light strolled a little closer to Ryuk's treehouse and stopped in his tracks. Was that a bottle of bleach?! What was the Shinigami up to now? 

"Good. Oh, Ryuk text me to say he's starting his spring cleaning today, if you happen to see him on your way to HQ please tell him not to pour neat bleach all over the tree"

Light watched as Ryuk did just that. 

"Um. Too late actually, Babe" Light chuckled weakly as he watched Ryuk prance around his treehouse whilst singing some terribly off-key song. 

"Fuck sake" L sighed, "He's probably going to kill it"

"Probably" Light waved hello to Ryuk and darted across the orchard. He didn't fancy being roped in to help the Shinigami with his spring cleaning. He'd done quite enough cleaning for one day, thank you.

"Oh yeah, I have something to tell you. I'm telling you now so you can't yell at me when you arrive at HQ"

Light ran a hand through his hair and braced himself. L sounded hesitant so it obviously wasn't good news "Go on then"

"No, you have to promise not to yell at me" L persisted stubbornly. 

Light sighed (and mentally noted that was the sixth time that morning he had done so) before promising he wouldn't yell. 

"I passed out again this morning and Watari thinks I need to go back on the Glucose drip for a day, but I said-"

"L!" Light barked before he could stop himself, "That's it. You are having a day off. No excuses. You are going on that bloody drip!"


"No buts!" Light snapped tersely. "You are going to hand over all of your surveillance and notes on the case to myself and Watari and we will take over-"



Silence on the other end of the line. Light pinched the bridge of his nose and counted to ten before letting out a deep breath. "We are worried about you, Baby, and your health has to come first, okay? I promise Watari and I will close the case for you"

"... Fine!"

Light resisted the urge to roll his eyes at how huffy L sounded. 

"And then once I've finished work I will run you a bath and we can watch Game of Thrones" Light added temptingly. "I'll give you a foot rub and I'll even make more of my 'amazing' hot chocolate for you"

The silence on the end of the line somehow seemed more positive. "With extra cream, marshmallows, hundreds and thousands and those little panda cookies dotted on top?" L asked in a small voice.  

"Yes, Love" Light replied, wondering how the hell the World's Greatest Detective could be such a manchild at times. 

"Alright then. I suppose a day off wouldn't hurt" L finally admitted. "... I love you, Light"

Whenever L said that Light felt his heart give a funny little stutter. His stomach flipped in happiness and an easy smile found its way across his face. Those three simple words meant absolutely everything to him. L had once told him he wasn't a monster because monsters couldn't love like they did. Those words had engraved themselves in Light's memory and helped him get through the bad times. 

"I love you too, L. I'm nearly at HQ. No yelling and changing your mind! Bye!" Light added before he disconnected the call. "You did warn me married life to L wasn't going to be easy, Watari" Light chuckled to himself.

He'd spoken to Watari a few times over the last month when his frustration with L was at boiling point. Light didn't like arguing so his port of call was always Watari. Kind, patient Watari was always there with a cup of tea and an ear to listen when Light needed someone to vent to. 

Light scanned into the HQ and was greeted by L flopped dramatically over the sofa. Light was relieved to see he wasn't even attempting to work. Near, Matt and Mello all breathed an audible sigh of relief when he appeared which informed Light L had probably been a bit of a nightmare that morning. 

"Hey, Babe, you look like shit" Light greeted as he plopped the bag of muffins and flask of coffee down next to L. He pressed his hand against L's forehead and narrowed his eyes in annoyance. L was feverish and clammy. 

"Thanks, Light" L reached for the muffins and immediately stuffed one in his mouth. "Oo fay the sweeftesh thins to me"

Well versed in 'L talking with his mouthful' Light patted L's hair and glanced at Watari. The old man did not look amused. 

"Thank goodness you're here, Light, he's 'done my head in' as the kids these days say. Please look over the surveillance and notes I've sent to your computer and I will take L to the infirmary. We've caught this attack early so he should only need to be on the drip for a few hours. In the meantime, L and I will be having a little chat"

L gulped down his coffee. That didn't sound good... 

Light thanked the heavens for Watari once again and got straight down to work. L heaved a sigh and followed Watari out of the room to the infirmary.

Once they had arrived and the drip was hooked up, Watari got straight down to business:

"L, do you like being married?" Watari asked bluntly. 

L raised an eyebrow at the question. Of course he liked being married! He loved Light. He was about to open his mouth and ask why Watari was asking such a silly question when Watari made the words die in his mouth. 

"Because if you do I should probably tell you if you carry on behaving the way you are, you might not stay married very long"

L opened his mouth. Then closed it. Panic flashed across his features as Watari stared at him sternly. 

'Oh god. Does Light want to leave me? Is he not happy with me? Is he having an affair?!'

"For goodness sake" Watari sat down next to L's bed and resumed his stern staring. L continued to open and close his mouth like a goldfish before Watari continued,  "Light is feeling taken for granted and under appreciated by you, L, and frankly, I don't blame the Lad. He picks up after you, cooks for you, is always baking for you and has even taken over your case for you. When was the last time you did something nice for Light to show him how much you appreciate him?"

L flushed and hung his head as he tried to think of an answer. With a start he realised he couldn't think of one. He'd gotten so used to Light just doing everything… 

"I'm a shit husband, aren't I?" L mumbled sadly.  His shoulders slumped and Watari had to harden himself against the puppy dog eyes L was sporting. 

'He needs to be told his behavior is unacceptable for his own good. Hopefully one day he will thank me for this'

"I wouldn't say that, but I do think it's time you started to pull your weight a bit more, L. You are 24 years old, it wouldn't hurt for you do some laundry or make a meal for Light you know"

"I can't cook and I can't work the laundry machine. I did try once but everything went pink" L protested weakly.

"Did you separate the whites and colours?" Watari asked even though he already knew the answer. For someone with such a phenomenally high IQ L had virtually no life skills to speak off, let alone common sense. He had improved on these things since he'd met Light, but it was still an ongoing process. 

"I don't want Light to feel like I don't appreciate him, because I do" L was tempted to argue his case by informing Watari that he woke Light up with a blowjob most mornings and surely that was a show of his appreciation, but thought better of it. Watari probably didn't want to hear those sort of things and now that he thought about it, he really didn't want to divulge anything about his sex life to his father figure either. 

"L, I am telling you this for your own good. I want you and Light to be happy and I sincerely want someone to be there for you when I am no longer around-"


Watari smiled at the look of alarm on L's face. "I'm not getting any younger, L, and I know I only have another nine years left-"

"Light shouldn't have told you that" L seethed, "I hate having the eyes sometimes!"

Watari leaned forward and ruffled L's hair. As anticipated, the anger soon dissipated from his ward's face and L settled back on the bed.  Watari was reminded of all the temper tantrums L had as a boy and how ruffling his hair always seemed to be the quickest way to soothe him out of it. 

"He told me because I asked him too, L, and ten years is more than satisfactory for me. Getting back to my original point, I want to die knowing that you and Light are happily married and secure. That means things need to change, Dear"

As Watari spoke about marriage being a partnership L remained silent and listened to every word intently. He had been taking Light for granted and now that he had seen the error of his ways he would be doing something about it… even if that meant learning how to do laundry (he mentally shuddered at that thought) 

"Thank you, Watari" L whispered once Watari had finished speaking. "I didn't like hearing some of that but I think I needed to hear it"

"You most certainly did. Now, I need to return to HQ to assist Light. I will be back in a few hours, so try to get some rest"

L assured Watari he would, but he actually had no intention of sleeping. He needed to write Light a letter, tangible proof of just how much he appreciated him. L waited a few minutes before calling one of the nurses over to bring him a pen and some paper. 



Light was exuberant.

The gang affiliated killings had stepped up a gear in the hours L had been absent and a witness who had initally survived the attacks came forward. Light had him interviewed immediately from his hospital bed and the man spilled his secrets before death could silence him eternally. 

The powerhouse behind the killings was none other than Argentina's president himself. A man who had gone from rags to riches, he maintained an affiliation with his old gang and had used his time in office to further their agenda and funnel wealth to them. The killings had been government sanctioned and that was the reason L and the team were having so much difficulty in pinning down an individual killer. The records were being wiped clean, the police were corrupt and the president himself was knee-deep in corruption as well. 

"L is going to be so pleased!" Light laughed in excitement as he ordered the arrest and incarceration of Emmanuel Palvos on L's orders. He took particular relish in closing this case. The corruption sickened him but  the case's impact on L and his health was the main reason he was glad to have uncovered the truth. 

"Yeah" Matt looked up from his switch, "Nice going, K"

"Fair play" Mello nodded in agreement, "Maybe now L will actually chill out for a bit and not be so worked up"

"Until the next case" Near piped up. He was reading through case requests and one seemed to trouble him in particular. L always seemed deeply troubled by cases of pedophilia, and not just the expected level of distaste a normal person would display towards such things. Near had a feeling L would want to take the case on. Fourteen schoolgirls had washed up on a deserted Egyptian beach. All where foreign exchange students and their respective governments and families were desperate for answers. They had bypassed the police entirely and asked L, K and his team for his assistance…

Near closed the document and put it to one side. L would review it when he was better and it was nearly time to meet Sayu anyway. 

"I'm going to go see him" Light slipped on his coat and logged himself off his computer. He was feeling decidedly upbeat and couldn't wait to ring home later and tell his Father he'd cracked the case. 

But first, he had a poorly husband to go and see. Light waved goodbye to the others and hurried over to the infirmary. He poked his head in and was pleasantly surprised to see L was fast asleep. Intriguingly there was a letter lying on his chest. 

Light quietly entered the room and picked it up. It was to him. Light sat down on the chair next to L's bed and began to read the messy scrawl:

To my Knight. 

I am so sorry for being such an idiot. I have been taking you for granted and haven't been showing you how much I appreciate you. Watari pretty much spelt it out for me today and I don't want to lose you. I don't want to make you sad or (too) frustrated. So, 

I promise I will:

*Not eat biscuits and cake in bed ever again. 

*Put laundry in the laundry hamper.  

*Take Hope out for more walks. 

*Learn how to use the washing machine. 

*Continue to suck your dick like a god-damn champion (winky face)  

I love you, Baby, and you are absolutely everything to me. You are my entire world. I appreciate you very, very much!  I would say I would try and cook you something but to be realistic, it's probably a good idea I don't. 

L Yagami-Lawliet. 


Did I mention how strong and sexy you are? Sorry. I'm an idiot. Love you. 

Light didn't know whether to laugh or cry at the sweet note and re-read the entire scribbled mess again. 

"Oh, L…" Light was overcome with emotion and leaned over to place a kiss on his husband's forehead. 

"Light?" L blinked awake and smiled when he saw his husband leaning over him. 

"This letter is one of the sweetest things I've ever read" Light carefully folded the paper in two and tucked it in his pocket, "Thank you, L"

L sat himself up on his elbows and stared into those amber eyes. They were so warm and sparkling with sincerity. Never again would he see darkness in Light. 

"Thank you, Light, for putting up with me" L leaned forward and pressed a soft kiss to Light's lips. "It shouldn't be long before my drip is finished. How about we go home and order a takeaway? You shouldnt have to cook after working all day. Then you can teach me how to use the washing machine and I'll... " L caught the flesh of Light's lower lip in his teeth and nibbled on it gently. Light felt all the blood in his body rapidly descend south as L moved from his lip to whisper saucily in his ear

"... suck your dick"

Light grinned and leaned in for another kiss. It seemed he was appreciated after all…