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A night in Paris

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   The world war two just ended a few years ago , and here he was now in a simple pub drinking his glass of vodka , in Paris. A waitress comes to him and of course it was France , she was so beautiful with her cute face , and her round ass. USSR wonder how soft were her ass and her boobs too. But he had to stop this kind of thought , France just sit in front of him . USSR noticed that she seems worried or sad about something .
"Is there something bothering you , France ?" He looked at her .France hesitated about telling him or not .
A few minutes later , she finally said :
"Yes , something is bothering me so much and I' m afraid I can't find a solution ."
" And it's? "
"It's about my past and how I was divides , me , my people , like ... I didn't recognize myself when I look in a mirror ...And there also other problems . But I am in the end a pretty useless doll , don't you think so ?" Tears begins to come from her eyes.
" No. " Respond calmly USRR , it hurts him to see her like this.