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Just Between You and I

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Everything felt numb and fuzzy, the only thing Hizashi was aware of was dull echoing beeps around him. His eyes fluttered open and he was met with the blinding fluorescent lights that he was fairly familiar with though he often was able to avoid having to stay under them for very long. The blonde lulled his head to the side to see Shouta sleeping on a sterile looking couch, asleep and curled up under Hizashi’s leather coat.

The taller man forced himself to sit up. Why was he here? He knew it was something but the reason foggy. He didn't feel any pain, though his chest did feel a little numb. He got up from the bed and tiptoed his way to the dark-haired gentlemen.

“Sho.” he said in a whisper “Shouta time to wake up. Let's get back home.”

He reached out to stroke his cheek but stopped when the other man stirred and peered his eyes open into to violently bright hospital room.

Hizashi gave a warm smile “Well good morning.” he said in a sing-song tone. “You ready to get going.”

Shouta said nothing, he blankly looked forward before sitting up.

Hizashi blinked a few times “Sho… Hey Sho-” he went into a pout “What is this the cold shoulder? Shouta come-on.” he went to reach out again before there was a knock on the door.

“Come in.” They both said together, inviting a nurse into the room.

“Mr. Aizawa, Visiting hours will be over in five minutes.”

Aizawa nodded “right, thank you.” to which the nurse nodded and left the room.

The tall blonde crossed his arms “You know we wouldn’t have to worry about visiting hours if we just went ahead and-” he stopped hearing a shakey sigh leave the other man and he suddenly felt a twinge of guilt. “Right, not the time.” he said a bit meekly.

It was quite for a long moment after that before the eraser hero spoke in a near whisper “I’ll see you tomorrow Zashi.”

Hizashi took a step back as his partner stood up from the seat still holding the coat. He watched him, waiting for him to turn on his heel and head for the door. What a surprise when instead he took a full step in his direction and then physically through him.

Hizashi’s eyes were wide with shock. He whipped his entire body around to investigate this oddity and suddenly the numb feeling in his chest went cold.

Aizawa was standing by the hospital bed now, Hizashi’s body laying there hooked up to a number of machines unconscious, unmoving. But this couldn’t be, he was standing right here… wasn't he?

The dark-haired man reached over and rubbed the cheek of the nearly corpse-like blonde. “I love you.” he leaned in and kissed his forehead, avoiding the tubes and wires strewn about. After that, he put the leather coat on and went to the door.

Hizashi desperately dove for his hand “Shouta wait!” his fingers slipped through like air. “No… no no no no” Aizawa opened the door and stepped on through and Hizashi ran at him. “Sho!” his body was stopped, an unseen force at the door’s threshold kept him from going forward. He stumbled back confused as he watched the door close. His heart sank, he felt suddenly sick.

The beeping became faster.