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Hit Or Miss (Text AU)

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hit or miss


richie: i guess they never miss, huh?

beverly: you got a boyfriend, i bet he doesn't kiss ya!

stan: stop it

richie: MWaH

beverly: he gon find another and he won't miss ya!

richie: he gon skirt up on that dab like wiz kahlifa

stan: i hate you both

eddie: the fuck was that??

bill: o...kay?

richie: y'all are so mean

beverly: rooooood

stan: how are we being rude?

-richie changed stan's name to stan the man-

-richie changed eddie's name to spagett-

-richie changed bill's name to big boi bill-

-richie changed beverly's name to bestieee-

mike: nice

-richie changed mike's name to mike n ike-

ben: do i get a nickname?

-richie changed ben's name to bennie boy-

spagett: why is bev your bestie?? im hurt rich :((

richie: aww :(( don't worry, i still fuck your mom so we can be friends too

spagett: nevermind, i take it back

-spagett changed spagett's name to eddie-

-richie changed eddie's name to eds-

eds: you're a dumb whore

richie: ouch.

richie: i gotta go, see yall later.