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Hop Back To Home

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The heroes have surrounded the place, not letting a single villain to sneak past their formation. Police sirens are blaring, echoing in the night of the city. This rescue operation is personal to Eraserhead, but he keeps himself in check so no mistakes can be made.

Bunch of human traffickers decided to target and kidnap his boyfriend Hizashi Yamada, otherwise known as Present Mic. The witness saw a group of villains attack him after his radio show, this has caused the erasure hero many sleepless nights for almost three weeks now.

Until they finally found their base.

Eraser dashes from shadow to shadow, keeping his head low. Soon as he hears footsteps, the hero swings himself to the human sized gap on the ceiling, supporting himself with his hands as few villains passes by below him. The pro releases himself and deals with these unsuspecting crooks, leaving the neatly tied package for his allies to collect.

Objective is to locate where the stairs to the basement are, to count the guards and possibly defeat them alongside with Edgeshot who's following somewhere behind him, not coming in his way if he needs to use his quirk.

Sounds of fighting in the distance makes him nervous, the man he loves is reported to be the only victim right now. They might use him as a shield, threaten to kill him, or he might not be here at all anymore which is his biggest worry. He has no idea about his boyfriend's condition, the thought of him being in life threatening danger fuels and motivates him.

'Hang in there Zashi!! I'm coming to get you!!' He wraps his capture weapon around the villain who just showed up around the corner, smashing the guy to the nearby wall so he can immediately cuff him and carrying on.

"Psst, Eraser." Edgeshot whispers. A hand appears out of nowhere to point at what they were looking for. The raven sends out a message to the other rescuers, not wasting precious time as he finds a way to knock the villains out quietly.

The people here are no match for him without their quirks. Eraser hopes that he can get Hizashi out of this place soon as possible tho, his beloved sunshine doesn't belong here, no one is allowed to stand between them.

He jumps down the stairs and dodges right away behind a concrete pillar as the bullets start to rain on him.

"Well, well, well. Someone made it this far.~" Four of them have mutation quirks, two of them unknown. Eraser signals to the ninja hero, it's his moment to take them by surprise. "You came for that loudmouth right? What if you just leave him here and go be a pain in the ass somewhere else?" Like he would ever agree to that.

"Demanding something that's never going to happen won't help your situation. Release Mic and surrender when you still have a chance to do this peacefully." The pro warns. 'One villain down.' He doesn't have to see that the other has gone around them to silently deal with them.

"Ya sure about that pal? You're alone right now so it's easy to do the same that we did to him.~" Eraser bites his lower lip, not letting the villains get to him.

Second down, he needs to keep the distraction up. "Present Mic is one of the strongest heroes i have ever met, he won't fall from the hands of villains like you." This seems to amuse them. The raven hopes that none of them notices their missing mates.

"What if he's already ruined?" A painful sting on his heart hammers on the erasure hero's chest. He inhales deeply to compose himself, now it's not the right moment to become rash. They might also be lying.

Chuckling as the third and fourth villain goes unnoticed. "That's a really terrible joke." He leaves his hiding spot, activating 'Erasure.' Spurting towards the two left, he hops to the wall as the spring mutation villain attempts to grab him. As he gets momentum, Eraser leaps through the air with his capture weapon unravels around his neck, sending the cloths to bound his cocky enemies together with no mercy.

"Oi!! Where the hell rest of us went!?" Edgeshot shows up, the villains flinch of the presence of another hero.

"Locked up in empty cells, just like you will be." The man dips down to their level. "You should have listened to Eraserhead when he gave you a choice to surrender."

The other villain spits at the ninja hero's face, Edgeshot frowns and wipes it casually off.

"New option." Eraser tightens the bounds. "Maybe don't disrespect the authorities and tell where you're hiding Mic." He says in grave tone, patience is running low.

"Cell number thirtyseven. That bastard won't stand loud noises possibly ever again so i don't get why you want him back." The hero's blood runs cold.

The other pro knocks them out and lets him to hurry at the place where they are keeping his lover. Door after door he finds the right one, lock picking it carefully he swings it open.

His darling Hizashi is laying on the floor, shackled from his every limb. That isn't the thing which horrifies him the most.

The blondes arms and legs are closer to paws than anything that resembles a human, big drooping ear like things are bit over his waist, almost completely white patches are plastered on his back, a strange fur ball where tailbone lies, nose just slightly pinker that he almost missed that tiny detail.

All these features reminds him of a rabbit.

He runs to his beloved to inspect him closer, injection marks hide underneath the neglected hair. 'Drugged.' Eraser grits his teeths as he searches for pulse, relieved when he finds it. Hizashi looks sick in top of all this, body misshapen and hardly moving.

"I'm going to get you out of here babe, then we go to the hospital to get you treated." He pets the blonde as he speaks to him softly, removing the chains from his wrist and legs, bloodied from struggle. There's so many bruises and cuts, beaten up by the barbarians who took him away.

The pro hero hears that someone is coming this way, he takes a defense position between the door and his boyfriend. "We cleared all of them Eraser!! Did you find…" The R-rated hero, Midnight comes around the corner, he manages to relax a little when it wasn't the enemy. "Oh my gosh, what did they do to him?" She covers her mouth as she enters, staring at the blondes broken figure.

"I don't know yet…" The raven turns back to work, back to freeing his sunshine. "Call the medical team here, the sooner they get to him, the better." The woman makes a noise of agreement, grabbing her phone so they can finish this rescue mission.

"Uuumm, Eraser?" He grunts and turns to see her, and then what she's pointing at.

There's a piles of newspapers at the corner of the room which he didn't pay attention to, and a bed made of hay. A water bottle is hanging from the wall next to a half full trough of plain salad.

"What the actual fuck!!" The rage boils inside his veins. "Did they really dared to treat him like some animal!!" Eraser growls, he's going to make sure that those villains will get a long sentence, especially the one who used their quirk on him.

"Interrogating them won't be a simple task, none of them want to cooperate with us."

"Don't worry Midnight, i'm use to play the bad cop so they better give us answers." She snorts as he gets the last limb free.

"Remind to never mess with you when you get this furious." He huffs. 'Not like you can ever get me this mad.'

Eraser needs to ignore his wrath for a while to observe his precious Hizashi, still sleeping deeply in a drug filled slumber. Dirty for living in such unsanitary place with carelessly treated wounds, bandaged loosely from here and there.

"Sorry that i didn't find you earlier Zashi, please wake up soon." He mutters, Midnight comes to pat on his shoulder.

The erasure hero takes off his goggles when the medical team finally arrives, personally escorting them to the ambulance where he's advised to follow them with a different ride. Hero can't complain, even if he wants to be selfish. He lets them to take care of his lover, when he still has duty to report everything he did and saw in there. Police officers offers to drive him to the hospital after he's done, not keeping the lovebirds apart any longer as Midnight says.

The whole trip there is full of anxiety, worry, fear, uneasiness, dread. The erasure hero needs to know how this alteration was necessary to the villains, he can't forget what one of them said to him, about what if he's already ruined.

The raven hopes that he's allowed to stay at Hizashi's bedside so he won't be alone when he awakens, only wanting to say how much he missed him.