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Daylight Savings

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He hated himself, absolutely hated himself after leaving the hotel that day. Hoseok stared at the window absentmindedly across from his desk as he, probably for the twelfth time that day, thought about the two boys from he'd met over in Busan just a couple months ago. Taehyung and Jungkook, just their names gave him shivers. They roll perfectly off the tongue. Speaking of tongues, gosh, Taehyung's was just so ugh! Perfect. Oh what he wouldn't do to see him again and kiss that silly little smirk right off his face. Oh how he would love to just see Jungkook again, his enticing piercings on display just for him. And his rings? He would love to have them right where they belong, tightly wrapped around his d-!

"Hobi-hyung, geez! It's like talking to a brick wall these days with you." Hoseok blinked his eyes, the fantasy fading away and Jimin's face coming into focus. He lifted his face from his hands and smiled sheepishly at the other male. He'd been hired about 2 months ago and he'd quickly befriended the younger man. His coworker, Park Jimin. Young, smart, spirited, and most times a happy fellow. Except right now. Right now he looked very, very concerned.

"Did anything I just said get through to you?" Jimin said as he stared at him.

"Uhm. Yes?" He quickly said to appease the other who only frowned more.

"Seriously? Hyung, you're starting to worry me with this zoning out stuff you've been doing lately since you came back from Busan. Anyway, here's what's up. You know how you got that big break scoring that conference during the Summer right before I showed up? Well, boss just scored a follow-up conference with them." At that, Hoseok instantly perked up, intently listening now.

"I-in Busan?" He mumbled. smiling when Jimin nodded his head yes. Hoseok jumped up out of his seat, fist in the air and ready to scream happily at this sudden possible chance to go back but the excitement was short lived as soon as Jimin held up his finger and said "But-" Hoseok's face immediately fell, raised arm slowly lowering.

"I'm coming with you." It's like a record broke in the background as he stared at Jimin in disbelief, a shit-eating grin on his face.

"Look, the boss said, and I quote, 'I want a picture this time, Jimin, I know you got a photographer friend of yours so make it happen. Tell Hoseok he can go as well. Maybe then he'll stop fantasizing about whatever woman he met and get back to his good work.' Again, just quoting Hobi-hyung, his words not mine." He breathed when Jimin finished talking a smile starting to take over his face. Hoseok smiled a wide smile, watching as Jimin's eyes scanned him up and down growing increasingly worried.

"Uhm, hyung…? Are you okay? You're kinda creeping me out- ack!" Jimin yelped as Hoseok engulfed him in a huge hug, squeezing him so hard that he didn't let go until Jimin started hitting his back in protest. He pulled away quickly, still grinning ear to ear even though his friend was coughing as he gained his breath back.

"Geez, hyung, if I knew you were gonna try to kill me-"

"You have no idea what you've done, thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" He said flopping back in his seat, fantasies kicking right back up with the thought of possibly seeing the two again. Jimin simply shook his head in the background and walked back to his desk, muttering things to himself. Hoseok smiled as he had one thing on his mind. Winter is gonna be great.


-- sometime later --


Jimin sat in his room staring at the ceiling. It was sometime close to midnight. Their trip was tomorrow morning. How was he supposed to survive seeing Hoseok tomorrow after knowing what he knew? He sighed and rolled over, grabbing his phone seeing a new message.

Ggukie: So ur leavin in the morn? V-hyung is so excited ya know?

He smiled and shook his head. Aish that kid. He thought, quickly typing back.

Chimchim: just make sure youve got you guys have your cameras.

Ggukie: can do!

He waited a second, chewing on his lip before deciding to just go ahead and tell the younger.

Chimchim: also

Chimchim: hyung is bringing a friend. You guys better behave and don't make me look like an idiot.

Ggukie: why? U like em?

He snorted, chuckling a bit at the others question. Of course not. Hoseok was just his friend. Nothing else.

Chimchim: ew no. He's just someone really important.

Ggukie: mmmmmmhm. Sure. Ill tell tae

Ggukie: get some sleep hyung, I'll see ya tomorrow night!

Chimchim: night gguk.

He smiled, setting his phone down and rolling back on his back. He wondered how tomorrow would go. He did know one thing, he sure as hell missed that kid.


-- in Busan --


A deep sigh was heard from the bed when Jungkook set his phone down, scratching his head for a second and then peeking up at Taehyung who was lounging in his desk chair.

"So is he coming?"

"Yeah. He's bringing someone."




"Well what?" Jungkook looked at him confused.

"..... is he hot Gguk?"

"Who?" Taehyung rolled his eyes and turned around on the chair, his hood on his hoodie sliding down a bit.

"Is the friend hot?"

"Oh…. Uhm i dont know he didn't say who it was. Just that he was important." Jungkook said, shrugging and rolling over, pulling the covers up over himself.

"I'm gonna sleep hyung, wake me when you're done with your game."

He mumbled, yawning. Taehyung smiled softly and reached over to pat his head mumbling a soft goodnight. He turned back to his screen and sighed. He really hoped this friend was who he thought it was.


-- The next day --


Hoseok stared out of the window of the car, excitement and fear killing him as they grew closer to the hotel he stayed at last time. He wondered if he would see the two young boys again. Most likely not, they were only there for a festival after all. It didn't matter though, he just wanted to get there in one piece. He yelped as the driver once again slammed on the breaks. Hoseok wanted to reach over and hit him with how many times he could've given him whiplash. He glanced over at Jimin who was also holding onto the seat as though they were on a racetrack and he would be thrown out of the car any second. Another half hour passed and finally they pulled up in front of the hotel. He practically threw himself out of the car in an attempt to escape, grabbing his bag and leaving Jimin to deal with the driver as he arrived inside the lobby. He immediately recognized the same lady at the desk, giving her a quick smile.

"I'm here to check in, should be the names Jung Hoseok or Park Jimin?" He said, frowning as she looked up and shook her head.

"No, sir. Neither of those names are listed." He was about to deny it when Jimin strolled up next to him, huffing and discreetly giving him the finger as he smiled at the desk lady.

"Hello, yes. It should be under the name Chim and Hobi, I believe?" He heard him say, raising an eyebrow as she handed him two room keys. He didn't question it until they were safely alone in the elevator.

"Chim and Hobi?"


"Why'd you put it under those names."

"I was a little drunk when I made the reservations okay? Please don't ask." Hoseok watched him shift uncomfortably, looking like he would just faint if they didn't get off the elevator soon.

"Well, thank god we've got separate rooms, because that is one thing I plan to do a lot of after tonight." He joked, laughing wholeheartedly only to see Jimin shake his head slightly.

"Uh, actually no. My friends are going to be photographing this whole ordeal with the conference so the boss gave me extra pay to book them a room as well." Hoseok blinked and then chuckled again lightly.

"That's a great joke, chim."

"It's not a joke, hyung."

"Are you serious?"

"Yeah, they'll be coming by later tonight to get the key."

"For fuck's sake." This was going to be a long day, he decided as soon as they stepped off the elevator and onto their floor.


The room was bigger than last time. Jimin picked it out this time and, despite the little lack of information earlier, he was kinda glad he'd be sharing a room with him after all. A giant room like this would get quite scary at night, he thought. He was drug out of his thoughts when Jimin dropped his luggage on the floor and sighed as though he forgot something.

"Well, now that we're here, I'm going to be right back. I've got to go make sure everything settled well with the other gentlemen. I'll be right back." He said, giving Hoseok no room to argue as he left the room to go do his official job. He was what Hoseok liked to call the 'meet and greet' guy. Where Hoseok would go and present the companies ideas to other companies and sign off on million dollar deals with them, Jimin's job was to greet them and make sure that they had any paperwork needed and that their accomodations and needs were met to the highest standard. He also set up complementary details such as snacks in the conference room, coffee, etc. Basically, he was Hoseok's new assistant.

He shook his head and grabbed his suitcase, bringing it to his room and then grabbing Jimin's suitcase and trudging it over to one of the other bedrooms in the room. Finally, he had the chance to relax. He shrugged off his coat and slipped off his shoes, pulling off his sweater he was wearing as well. Since Christmas was only a few weeks away, the weather was quite cold. Even poor Jimin had to layer up with his clothes. He finally pulled off his winter hat and flopped on the bed. He was finally comfy in just his sweats and a tee as he sat up and turned on the tv, lowering the volume so as to take a nap. He laid there for a moment, thoughts wandering and the more he sat there the more he thought about Taehyung and Jungkook. He really couldn't get them out of his mind.

The way Taehyung's silky voice resonated in his ears, Jungkook's shy eyes meeting his that first time. He bit his lip as he remembered just how fiery they became after the mood changed. He remembered just how in control Taehyung had seemed while they both took Jungkook apart little by little, small whimpers leaving his lips while Hoseok sucked him off. He lowered his hand to start palming at himself, figuring Jimin wouldn't be back for a while. He usually took a good hour when doing his job. He rubbed over his bulge in his pants, thinking back on that night. If he saw them again, he would just absolutely lose it. He thought about how being alone with the two of them would be. If it were Taehyung, he would make him get on his knees and beg for him. He acted like such a top, Hoseok bet under all that facade was a sub just waiting to burst out. Especially with how he had reacted to being slutshamed. Hoseok moaned at the thought, reaching his hand into his underwear finally and sighing softly as he lightly touched himself. He would make Taehyung suck him off like he did Jungkook, all wet and sloppy like he was now. He wouldn't let taehyung touch himself. He would make him keep going until he came and then he would take him against the wall, going until they both came. But if it were Jungkook, god if it was Jungkook. Hoseok felt himself leaking so much precum at the thought of the younger male. Those piercings of his just made Hoseok harder than he'd ever been. He wanted to take that one on his lip and bite at it until his lips were swollen and swore from how hard he'd kiss him. He make jungkook keep his clothes on, lifting up his shirt to kiss at his toned chest. He started to stroke himself harder as he thought of those nipple piercings of his. He would love to just take them in his mouth and suck on them all day until Jungkook was so hard he would tear up and begged him to touch him and he knew he would just keep teasing the younger until he came crying untouched. He jerked himself off with fervor now as he thought about how Jungkook would want to repay the favor and started to stroke him as well. He thought about those rings on his fingers and how he did it last time, all slow with a mix of the metals on his fingers. He bit his lip as he came, the thought of Jungkook holding his hand up with all his cum on his fingers and licking it up did it for him, he jerked in his hand as he came all over his shirt and stomach, breathing hard and heavy.

He laid there, numb for a second as he realized what he'd just done. But wow did that feel good. He got up carefully and wiped his hand off on his shirt, pulling it off carefully so he wouldn't make a mess and tossing it in the corner for laundry. He tucked himself back in his pants and walked into the bathroom, washing his hands. He nearly had a heart attack when Jimin popped his head in the room, bumping his head on the wall with how hard he flew backwards.

"Hey hyung-"

"Jesus! Jimin, what the fuck- knock or something next time?!" He said, eyes wide as he came away from the wall, turning of the water and drying his hands.

"Well…. Anyway. Um, my friends are gonna be here any minute, I just got back and I'm gonna hop in the shower. If they show up before I'm out, just tell them to wait on the couch okay?" He stared as Jimin walked out of the room, tossing his coat on the table and making his way to his room. Hoseok sighed in relief, still shaken from Jimin startling him. He walked out and sat on the couch, turning the tv on in the living room and switching it to some Kdrama. He heard the shower start and he wondered what these friends of Jimin looked like.

He wondered if they acted like Jimin. Quiet, sweet, cute- wait. Cute?! Did he really just think Jimin was cute? He chewed his cheek as he thought more about it. Jimin really wasn't unattractive. Actually, the more he thought about it, Jimin was actually kinda cute, he had the cutest little hands and not to mention he had the daintiest little nose and his lips? He would never say it to him aloud but Jimin had the best dick sucking lips he'd ever seen. Now that he thought about it, he wondered if Jimin was even gay, hell, or even single. He never saw him call anybody outside of work, never saw anyone bring him lunch. Heck, he never even heard the guy talk about anyone he found hot. And, to be honest, he never saw the man with any love bites or anything. He was brought out of his thoughts by a knock on the door. Sighing, he hopped up and walked over to the door, figuring it was Jimin's so-called friends. However, nothing could have prepared him for whose face he met as soon as he opened that door.

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After much thought, ive decided im going to take this piece and leave it as is. I feel bad for not asking before posting first and id rather give the author the right to choose if there's a continuation or not. Therefore ill still be making this into a story, ill jist be making some slight changes. Thank you still for giving me the inspiration! Thank you and pls be understanding.