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Bowers Gang Headcanons

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  • Henry loves getting his back scratched up during sex. As soon as he feels your nails leaving marks on him, he loses whatever self-control he has and turns into an animal. It’s useful for you when you’re in the mood.


  • He’s got a degrading kink. He’ll tell you that your a slut, and that you’ll never get anyone as good as him, and say all kinds of horrible, mean things to you. But with every word, he fucks you harder, and you can barely focus on the hurtful words.


  • He goes really hard in general. He’s never really gentle with you, he’s always slamming into you with all of his energy. Because the harder he goes, the louder you scream, and he thrives on hearing you scream. He loves that validation, knowing that no one else will ever make you scream the way he makes you.



  • Patrick is the kinkiest out of his friends. He’s up for anything and everything. But his most favorite thing to do is cause you pain. Sometimes he even borrows Henry’s knife so that he can make you bleed.


  • He’s really into choking and hair pulling. He doesn’t care which of you is doing it, as long as someone either can’t breathe, or their scalp is burning from the abuse. He will sometimes encourage you to pull at his hair when he’s in the mood, and if your hand finds his ways around his throat while he’s fucking you, it’s only a matter of time before he’s done.


  • He also likes tying you up. But he ties you up loosely enough that you can squirm around in agony and in pleasure. He also likes to put a gag on you, so half of the things he does he doesn’t really have your permission to do. But he doesn’t care about that, because he knows you’ll still be his.



  • Vic isn’t very kinky. However, you did discover once that he very much likes getting kissed on his neck. The two of you were making out once, and as soon as your lips touched his neck he went absolutely insane, moaning out and letting his head fall back. You’ve used this against him ever since, leaving hickeys on his neck when you want something really badly. He really just loves to be kissed all over his body. If you kiss his stomach or his hips, his hand will be in your hair to direct your mouth where he wants it.


  • When it comes to kissing him on the lips, he really likes it when you bite down on his lower lip gently. He gets a little more into it when you do that. You’ve also found that he gets excited when you nip at his ear lobe or along his jaw. The quick little pain from your teeth is enough for him to get excited.


  • During sex, he loves it when he can get you to beg for him. If you start begging him to go harder and faster or anything else, he’ll do whatever you say quickly and with pleasure.


  • It took you a while to figure out what Belch liked, since he prefers to show rather than tell. But the first thing that you figured out was that he loves getting a blowjob from the driver’s seat of his car. You thought it was so dangerous, but if the two of you were driving together alone, and you leaned over and undid his jeans and started giving him head, he would have to pull over after a few minutes.


  • Really, he’s the most excited when you’re having sex in his car. He’s had you bent over the hood, laying in the backseat, riding him in the driver’s seat. You name it, he’s probably done it in his car.


  • He’s also got a little thing for food play. It’s not a huge thing, but it’s definitely something he likes. Sometimes when you’re eating dinner or dessert, you’ll take a little food onto your finger and feed it to him, and he loves it. Also, the two of you were drinking hot chocolate once, and he took the whipped cream and sprayed some on your chest and neck, just so he could lick it off. You were really shocked by this, but he seemed so happy that you let him keep doing it.