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Bowers Gang Kissing Headcanons

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You follow Victor quickly into the park, laughing with him as the two of you run away from your latest victim. The kid had put up a bit of a fight, it would have been easier with the rest of the gang to help you, but the two of you took him down easily enough.


The two of you stop to catch your breath on the Kissing Bridge, and he leans back against the railing, pulling out his cigarettes with shaking hands as he pants happily.


“Fuck, Vic, your hands,” you point out, taking his hand in yours once he's lit his cigarette between his lips. He doesn't smoke often, but enough that the smell always lingers in his clothes.


Vic looks down at you as you examine his hands, the Band-Aids covering old wounds dirty with new blood and starting to peel off from fighting the kid. “'s not too bad,” he says calmly. She looks up at him. “Doesn't even hurt, really.”




He nods and takes one of his hands back so that he can take the cigarette out of his mouth, flicking it down into the river below. Then he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a peppermint candy, unwrapping it and popping it into his mouth. He knows that you hate it when he smells and tastes like cigarettes…


“You know something?” he says, smirking lightly. You tilt your head a bit and he grabs your waist, turning you both around so that you're now pressed against the railing of the bridge. “We're on the Kissing Bridge.”


You feel a flutter in your chest. “Yes,” you agree, reaching up and touching his blond hair gently. He leans forward and captures your lips with his. Normally he wouldn't do such a thing in broad daylight, in a place where anyone could see, but with the adrenaline of fighting still in his veins, the thought of stopping at the Kissing Bridge like a sign from Heaven, he couldn't resist scoring another win today.


His hand finds your waist and he pulls you closer to him. The taste of his peppermint is almost overwhelming, making your eyes water and your breath feel cold. But the way he's kissing you is so sweet, so gentle, that all you can focus on is how soft and warm he is. Your other hand finds the nape of his neck as he deepens the kiss, his tongue finding its way into your mouth as he pressed himself impossibly closer to you.


“V-Vic…” you gasp against his lips, and he moves to start kissing at your neck, his hands caressing your torso gently.


“Will you let me have you today?” he asks gently against your neck. You shiver. “Will you let me take you to my house and kiss you everywhere I can kiss you?”


“Your parents--”


“Don't have to know you're there. We'll sneak in,” he says. “I want you…”


“I want you too…” you agree. You reach down and touch his hands, noticing his wincing. “But we should clean you up first…”


“Then I can have you?” he questions eagerly.


You smile softly. “All to yourself.”