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Your daughter is a very special case, Mrs. Uraraka. She's one of the very few who was born with an amplified Quirk.

What's that supposed to mean, Doctor Tsubasa?

It means, Mrs. Uraraka, that your little girl over here... Could grow to become one of the strongest people in this generation.

That conversation kept rewinding inside Uraraka's head as she walked back home, making sure to only focus on the road ahead. At first, she was happy at the fact that one day, she would be one of the strongest heroes she could be, for being a hero is what she wanted to be.

Then her first temper tantrum happened.

Nothing was the same after that.

Sure, her parents still loved her, she still went to school, but very few people would interact with her by fear of upsetting her. Few people want to be her friends after the demonstration of her monstrous powers.

And what's worse, is how she hated who cliche all of this was.

After all, a person with overwhelming power among other, normal powered people? That was such an isekai or light novel plot.

At least she didnt have to die and reincarnate into another world. Maybe that boy about to jump off that school's rooftop would do it inste-

Wait, what?!

Upon getting closer to the row of people surrounding the building, her fears were confirmed: a young boy, probably not much older than herself, was about to jump off the rooftop, even while some pro-heroes were encouraging him not to jump.

Evidently, their encouragement fell on deaf ears, as the boy jumped.

That moment, everybody gasped.

That moment, everybody stood in place, watching in horror yet not even lifting a finger to help the boy.

That moment... She ran.

Uraraka ran past the people, ignored the pro-heroes warnings, and as she was surrounded in a pink aura, she leaped and tackled the boy into some bushes, breaking off their fall softly until they hit the ground.

"Phew, that..." she said as she stood up and dusted herself. "That was close..."


Uraraka looked down at the surprised boy, whom she helped stand up soon after. "Why did you save me?"

"Why wouldn't I? You were going to jump to your death even when the pro-heroes were telling you not to!" Uraraka replied, frowning. "If I hadn't jumped when I did-"

"The world would've had one less waste," the boy somberly interjected. "Nothing of value would've been lost."

Uraraka's eyes widened at the boy's nihilidtic statement, but before she could ask what he meant, he continued:

"I'm Quirkless. In a world where everybody has some kind of special ability, I don't-"

"And how's that a reason to kill yourself!?" Uraraka snapped, startling the boy. "Let me be blunt with you: having a Quirk, especially a potent one, isn't all that it's cracked out to be!"

The boy raised an eyebrow. "Do you have a Quirk?"

Uraraka winced. "I do, but..." she sighed. "But again, having a Quirk isn't what it's all that's cracked up to be. Nearly everybody who sees what my Quirk does begins to fear me and-"

"Deku, you piece of shit!"

Uraraka and the boy flinched, then turned around to see a boy with sandy blonde hair appear, along with some kids and the pro-heroes.

"Kacchan..." the boy, apparently called Deku, nervously said.

"One thing! You only had to do one fucking thing and you still fucked it up!" the boy yelled.

"I see," Uraraka narrowed her eyes. "So you're the one who gave this boy the idea to kill himself, Kacchan?"

"Don't call me that!" the sandy blonde yelled. "It angers me that a worthless kid like Deku calls me that, I don't need a round-face like yours to call me that too!"

Uraraka's eyes narrowed further as Deku was quickly taken out of the scene by the pro-heroes, leaving Uraraka, the blonde boy and his cronies alone.

"You better listen carefully, you little brat! I'm Katsuki Bakugou, and my name will eventually become well-known as the name of a hero!"

Uraraka almost let a chuckle escape. This guy convinced another boy to jump to his death, and he wanted to be a hero? With guys like him on the hero industry, maybe she had a better chance than she thought.

"And what you just did was a disservice to the world! If you hadn't chosen to play hero, the world would've gotten rid of another useless, Quirkless waste of space!"

A vein nearly popped in Uraraka's head, and small bits of rocks began levitsting around her as she spat, in a tone implying a challenge:

"How about you say that again? I don't think I got you the first time."

At this point, Uraraka would've tried to calm down. This was the first step before she let loose: first, rocks and other small bits would levitate around her, then she herself would levitate as she gained a pink aura, and finally, her eyes and one of her bangs would glow pink.

Fortunately, Uraraka only ever reached both of the latter steps during extreme anger.

Unfortunately, Bakugou was just that good at ticking her off.

"Useless. Quirkless. Waste of space!"

Uraraka began floating, and as her aura formed, Bakugou's cronies began showing hesitation, fear even.

"B-Bakugou," the winged henchboy stuttered. "M-Maybe we should call it qukts-"

"Shut up, Tsubasa!" Bakugou shouted before he opened his hands. "You and the rest can butt off if you want!"

The henchboys did just that as Bakugou said, with a wicked grin as he unleashed a couple explosions on his palms:

"I'm not leaving until I teach this bitch a lesson!"

Uraraka snickered. "Oh really? You're going to teach me a lesson?" she closed her eyes. "Well then..."

One of Uraraka's bangs glew pink as she opened her eyes, revealing their glowing pink color.

"I'd like to see you try!"

It happened again.

She threw a temper tantrum again.

Well, it wasn't so much a temper tantrum as it was her going on a rampage on that disrespectful boy after what he said. And hey, it wasn't like anybody was going to do anything about him.

At least the newspaper headline brought a smile to her face: it was an article talking about how Bakugou had been attacked by a Sludge Villain of sorts, and how Deku, of all people, had saved him.

While the article quickly forgot about Deku's existence, Uraraka smiled and snickered, whishing she could've been there to see Bakugou's look as the boy he had told to kill himself had actually saved him from near death.

The other headline, however, brought a frown to her face once more: it was an article talking about her little scuffle with Bakugou after she saved Deku, and how she disappeared from the scene soon after.

Well, "scuffle" wasn't quite the right word. It was more like a beating, with Uraraka on the giving end. Still, she had to give Bakugou some credit, most people wouldn't keep fighting her after having a tree thrown at them.

Enough newspaper for today, Uraraka thought. It was time for her to begin training her body and mind.

After all, the U.A. entrance exam would be in ten months, and she needed to be prepared.