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The Dark of You

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Memories are a fickle thing. They only exist for as long as you can hold onto them. Sometimes you’re able to recall them at a moment's notice. Other times, they’re set aside, long forgotten, until some kind of recognition sparks your recollection and it all comes back to you like puzzle pieces fitting together.

Trying to hold onto the memories of your life while you slept was like trying to catch smoke. The more you tried to keep them close, the more they seemed to escape you. They were quickly replaced by animalistic urges that you couldn’t quite understand, and yet, somehow it felt right. 

What you once referenced as emotions were now something else entirely. Similar to feelings, but now it was deeper - consuming your very soul… if you even had one. Fear, anger, longing, grief, and so much more were circulating through your internal system, triggering a carnal need to act on your urges; to satiate them in any way possible, consequences be damned. 

Something was prodding at you - a thorn in your side so to speak. It was gnawing at your subconscious telling you to collect yourself and to become alert. Flashes of foreign images crept into your mind that were drawing you in, making you want to investigate. Violence, blood, fear, distress - a perfect concoction for your ideal situation, one that you desired to immerse yourself in. 

A tingling sensation crawled across your skin, distracting you from your beautiful dream. It wouldn’t cease, causing you to stir, pushing the images further and further away in your subconscious. You wanted to chase them - to relish in them like snuggling under a warm blanket, but as soon as you felt you had a grasp on them, they faded, and you began to regain consciousness. 

Your eyes flickered open, focusing on your dark surroundings. The air around you was thick and humid with a staleness you found yourself enjoying. The sounds of droplets of water verberating off of the stone walls around you mixed with the whistle of wind making its way through the cracks in the foundation of your underground den were like a haunting symphony, calling you back to life. 

“You’re awake.” 

A voice like silk beckoning you back to life cut through the air, making your entire body shiver with desire as you turned to address the alluring sound. 

Staring back at you were two beautiful blue eyes shining brightly in the darkness, the edges crinkled from the grin adorning his face. There was a certain sinister gleam in his eyes, but also a longing that you could feel in the very depth of your body, calling out to you with a desperate need. 

This was familiar to you. The absurdity of it all was alarming, and yet comfortable. The creature that stood before you brought back feelings that you had not only recognized, but also delighted in. However, the word escaped you. There was a name for him - a category that he had fit into that you couldn’t put your finger on. 

As you continued to struggle to place him, odd feelings crept into your mind that didn’t feel like they belonged given your current situation. Wickedness, lust, hunger, and just a genuine giddiness that consumed you to the point that you couldn’t help but feel calm and placated as you strained to remember how you knew this being. 

You noticed by his expression that he was determining the reason for your hesitation. That’s when a word started ringing through your mind repeatedly. 


Realization washed over you like a tidal wave, forcing the air out of your lungs as you released a breath that you didn’t realize you were holding. You lifted yourself from the bed, your bones cracking with stiffness as you stretched out your limbs, aching from being still for such a lengthy period of time. 

In an instant, you were in front of him, trembling slightly as you lifted your hand to run the soft pads of your fingers along the red line etched in his skin, running from above his brow line down to his lips. Your fingertips lingered on his pillowed lips as your eyes searched his. They were blazing back at you, changing from blue to golden and back to blue in the blink of an eye. 

“Pennywise.” The name fell from your lips like a song, so fitting and so right. 

Before you could stop yourself, you lifted your heels to enable yourself to reach his face as you pressed your mouth against his in an urgent, needy kiss. His tall stature made it difficult for you to reach him, so you wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him closer, to which he obliged happily. 

Your tongues toyed with each other as you relished in the flavor of him - sweet and bitter all at the same time, and so deliciously familiar. You couldn’t recall how you met or how you came to be, but one thing was for sure… you ached for him, and clearly he felt the same. 

Bright red suddenly fogged your vision, enveloping you in a need to follow it and harness whatever harm followed it. You broke the kiss ,somehow immediately sensing that Pennywise had the same inkling to chase after the high that was calling you elsewhere.

He smirked at you, extending his gloved hand out to you, which you took without hesitation. Allowing your mind to lead you, your body morphed to travel through the air on another plane of existence, placing you directly where you had sensed the overwhelming brutality occurring. 

The stench of fear and hatred was overwhelming, mixing together like a cocktail that you wanted to gulp down and savor. Taking in your surroundings, you had emerged on a riverbank. Looking up, you had noticed a bridge adorning the river, which also revealed a gathering of a small group of humans - the source of what you were craving. The smell of blood was heavy in the air, hitting your senses like a freight train. Your initial reaction was to investigate further, but your mate gripped your wrist tightly, spinning you around to face him. 

A low growl rumbled deep in your chest at his audacity to stop you when you were preparing yourself for a hunt, but he didn’t seem fazed as he crept low to the ground, mentally requesting that you do the same. 

Internally debating with yourself, you decided that he seemed to know what he was doing, and you should follow his lead. Lowering yourself into the brush alongside the riverbank, you stood still, looking to your mate for your next move. “Stay,” was all he uttered before slithering away like a snake further up the bank closer towards the bridge. 

Moments later, a large splash echoed under the bridge, followed by shouting and jeers from the humans. You looked closer to see that the majority of the group had scattered, leaving behind one man who was very visibly upset and calling after whatever had landed in the water. 

Focusing your attention, you saw a man struggling in the current, feeble and weak from his interaction with the others. His partner continued to cry out to him from the bridge, screaming, “Adrian” at the top of his lungs. You could smell the blood from the wounds of the man called Adrian. who was now floating down the river, headed in your direction. 

Movement in your peripheral vision had distracted you, drawing your attention to a lanky figure approaching the river. It took you a moment to realize that it was Pennywise. He was skulking around the brush, climbing on top of a rock above the water right where the suffering human was being swept towards. 

Pennywise extended his arm towards Adrian, who was struggling to stay afloat due to his injuries. Your mate’s eyes were beaming a yellow glow that glimmered under the night sky. He bared his teeth as Adrian got closer and grinned with malevolence when he finally made contact and gripped the helpless man tightly before the current could take him away. 

You watched with fascination as Pennywise hauled his unsuspecting victim out of the river, draping Adrian’s arm over his shoulders for support. Adrian’s  partner was shouting at them from the other side of the river, a mix of relief and concern on his face as he watched helplessly from the opposite bank. 

Pennywise smiled at his prey’s worried partner from across the way, his lips splitting his face into a malignant expression before his eyes rolled into the back of his head and his jaw unhinged wide enough for his multiple rows of teeth to jut out and rip into the chest of the battered victim hanging from his shoulder.

The scent of blood, fear, and despair was overwhelming as you ached to join your mate, trying to keep yourself planted as Pennywise swallowed down the flesh, winking at his victim’s partner as he shouted for help, not yet coming to terms with his lover’s fate.

In a fraction of a second, Pennywise was standing before you, still holding the bloody corpse in his arms. Saliva started to spill down your lips and over your chin at the sight of his organs, now shredded to ribbons beneath his ribcage, still warm with life. 

Your mate dropped the remains in front of you, wiping the back of his hand over his mouth in an attempt to clean up the blood, only to have it smeared more dramatically across his painted face. “Feed,” he instructed. 

Not having to be told twice, your teeth jutted forward, elongating from your gums in multiple rows of sharp, jagged fangs. You tore into the flesh easily, fighting the urge to moan as the flavor of his fear and agony lingered over your taste buds. 

By the time you had finished, all that remained were a few fragments of bone and clothes. Licking the blood from your lips, you glanced up at Pennywise, whose pride and adoration could be sensed inside your mind. You stood up, coiling your fingers around the fluff of his collar, pulling him closer to you. “Thank you,” you murmured, nuzzling into his chest. You had noticed that your voice was raspy and hoarse from not speaking for such a prolonged period of time, but you were quickly distracted by the way his silky apparel caressed your check. It felt soothingly familiar, igniting more images that sped through your mind in uninterpretable fragments. 

The sound of his voice brought you back to the present, interrupting the thread of memories that flicked in and out of your mind. “Come with me,” he urged, taking you by the hand and leading you up the river towards the bridge. 

Unsure of why you weren’t leaving the scene of your slaughter and going back into hiding, you followed your mate, confident that he knew what he was doing. Though your mind was scattered, there was one thing you felt in the depths of your spirit… and that was how much you loved this creature. You would follow him anywhere, regardless of where he was leading you. 

The thought comforted you as you approached the underside of the bridge next to one of the large pillars constructed for support. Pennywise turned to you and said, “You might feel this,” before revealing his elongated claw on his pointer finger. He dragged the sharp end along his wrist, cutting his flesh open until blood started to seep through and raise into the air. 

Moments later, you hissed in pain, staring down at your wrist to see that it had been cut into. The wound was identical to the one that Pennywise had inflicted onto his own skin. He then gripped your arm gently, inspecting the gash in your flesh as your own blood dissipated into the air. He grinned at the sight before his eyes flickered to yours and remarked, “We’re connected.” 

You swallowed thickly, not entirely sure what that entailed, but you were sure that it wasn’t entirely a good thing. It was already obvious that the two of you were mentally connected by the way you could so easily read him and interpret his thoughts and feelings without having to speak, but to know that your very life-source was linked together was something else entirely. 

Sensing your distress, he leaned into you, kissing your forehead gently before dipping his face into the crook of your neck, nibbling softly and littering your skin with love bites. “You’re not in any danger,” he promised, whispering against your chilled flesh. “We are eternal. We are the Eater of Worlds. Nothing can harm me, and in turn, nothing can harm you. You are safe with me.” 

Something about his words rubbed you the wrong way. Part of you knew that he wouldn’t ever hurt you, and you could feel the power that lay dormant within the both of you. Yet, another side of you was bothered - as if you knew how ruthless he really was and that his tenderness wasn’t a common occurrence. You couldn’t determine the reasoning behind your uneasy feelings, but you tried to push those thoughts to the back of your mind, knowing that Pennywise would be able to sense your troubled thoughts. 

Leaning away from you, he placed a gloved hand over your bleeding wrist and with a swipe of his hand, you were healed. He smirked at your bewilderment before taking his other hand and doing the same action over his own wrist. 

Still confused as to what his purpose was for all of this, you remained silent as he brought both of his bloodied hands to his lips, one hand containing your blood, and the other containing his. With a wink in your direction, he aimed at the large brick pillar and blew into the palm of his hands, causing the blood to lift from his gloves and glide through the air and onto the pillar. 

“W-what are you doing?” you asked, hesitantly. The sound of your own voice startled you. Something about it was off - more light and also more sinister than you could remember. Though, to be fair, you couldn’t remember much of your life at all before your rest, so you could have been imagining things. 

As the blood started to gather and take shape on the stones, Pennywise’s expression changed to one of resentment and bitterness as he stared at the blood, willing it to form into what it was that he wanted. 

His lip curled as he answered you, spitting out the words with a venomous bite. “Sending a message.” 

Bemused by his response, you were startled by the overwhelming sense of hatred circulating through his mind. Wondering who could have been the cause of his animosity, you noticed that the blood had finally finished taking shape. Glaring back at you were two subtly profound words that repeated three times down the length of the pillar, beckoning Pennywise’s foes.