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knowing things.

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Jyn knows things.

She’s not sure how she knows them, not that she ever has been.  But it’s been happening since she was little, this “knowing things.”

And always, always when something bad is about to happen.

Jyn knows the day she breaks her ankle is going to be a bad one, and she realizes she should’ve picked a different path down the hill during their evacuation drill only seconds before it happens but still too late to do anything about it.

Jyn knows when Mama shocks herself on the wiring behind the old light, and she’s opening her mouth to say something when Mama draws back with a yelp.

It’s called the Force, she’s told, when Mama finds her crying one night with haunted eyes about how she knew the tooka wasn’t going to come back after it ran away even though she had been its bestest friend in the whole wide world.

She’s also told not to tell anyone about this Force, no matter what they do or threaten to do to her.  Why? she asks; Mama only smiles sadly and pulls her into a hug.

Jyn knows when good things happen, too, like the day Papa finds another nest of tooka kittens out in the machinery and takes her out to show them to her.  Jyn knows when Papa and Mama will start to dance, and she can clap along, and everything will be just like it was back on Coruscant with Uncle Krennic.

Mostly, though, she knows the bad things.

Jyn knows when Uncle Krennic finds them, when Mama dies, when he takes her and Papa far, far away from her tookas and her doll.

(As it turns out, real-life-breathing stormtroopers are much scarier than her doll.)