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Your eyes (They remind me of a serpent waiting for a mouse. Tasting the air with a flick of its tongue.)

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UPDATE (via phone so things be a bit wack cause I don’t know this phone like my bby)


okay after some thinking and I realised that War would actually be younger then Aziraphale.

So in the high school chapters Zira will be living at home.




A somewhat troubled man living on the couch at his best friend's house(war). Zira helped war out of a scrape, the younger yet intelligent kid knows how to handle a knife.

He is covered in scars, a result from his somewhat unstable mother and abusive siblings. He has a beautiful celestial serpent tattoo, wrapped in a series of fauna and starts. The eyes of the snake are crossed out.


Raphael. Fell

Zira's older brother. A kind heart Man who deals with a lot of verbal abuse from his mother. One of the only 'older' siblings that is left in the house. He takes care of the you get ones. 

He deals with undiagnosed ADHD. As well as depression. 

His mark, once full of vibrant colors, now a hollow black. Symbolising the death of his soulmate. 




A polite, blind man with an interest in plants. He enjoys more sensory flowers, enjoying the feeling and the touch of them. He has a series of books, following his spine, the originals starting out pristine and beautiful, began to burn and decay, pages ripped by shadowy hands. 


The markings shift and change as they grow, becoming more detailed and beautiful as the years pass. 


Beez. B.C


A chill fly with a love of food. Bee is one of the leading chefs of one of the restaurants that Zira sneaks into. 



Lucifer. C

A large yet friendly man, he is one of the few individuals that don't have a soulmark. He supports his kids, never really leaving his 'hippie phase'.

 He spends his time tending to his sensory garden, one he built for his kids.



This small series is more like a series of oneshots, snippets of their life.



Crowley recent move to Zira's school. Zira ends up helping him and basic is a guide.
They enjoy each others company, through Zira is a bit puffy and distant.

They grow closer as the time goes by. Finding little things they the other enjoys and having a good time. 

These tales are snippets of their life and their growth. Of the ups and downs that these poor boys go through. 

When they get older, Crowley ends up running a flower shop. Actually having the help of a clever rat called Francis and a red retriever called Ashtaroth. 

Zira ends up joining War's bike gang. But returns home to Crowley. The two pottering about. 



The research I've done. 


A fallen angel. Originally the angel of the stars. His name loosely translates to Star of god.

With 200 ,follows, he is the forth watcher. But according to wiki in some other texts he is considered holy whilst others consider him fallen.

He teaches astrology to his kin. 

I actually discovered him from an old fic I stumbled upon. A Titanic fic which I will link when I can. ATM I'm heading to school.



A diamond Sky above Titanic by SeaBlueEyes