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The ribbon

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On a particular sunny day, the YunMeng Jiang Sect Leader, Jiang FengMian, was visiting GuSu Lan for important sect matters. He had brought his barely-old-enough-to-walk son along with him at the insistence of Madame Yu, who was very displeased with him for not providing his son with enough attention.

The one who became responsible for looking after the toddler and keeping him entertained, as the adults discussed business?

Lan Huan.

Although Lan Huan was a kind-hearted boy and would gladly look after any children, this particular Jiang child was much more feisty than his own toddler brother, A-Zhan. Lan Huan truly had his hands full looking after this child.

“Ah, ah, ah… don't pull on Huan-gēge's hair,” he gently admonished the pouting boy.

But the boy continued to reach with his grabby little hands, and as soon as Lan Huan managed to free his hair, something else was already caught between those chubby fingers.

The child pulled.

The ribbon floated free from Lan Huan's forehead.

Oh no… thought Lan Huan, his eyes widening in horror.

Even as Lan Huan assigned to himself a punishment of two shíchen writing rules while doing the handstand, he swore to himself that his Uncle QiRen would never find out about this.

I'm so lucky Uncle isn't here…

The child, Jiang Cheng, happy to have gotten his way, put the ribbon in his mouth and began to nibble on it, unaware that he had just promised himself to the sect heir of GuSu Lan.