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Life is Cruel

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Sean Ramirez was idling in the kitchen, trying to find snacks to bring to the party. He remembered Lyla's instructions vaguely. She asked to bring booze, soda, munchies, blankets, money, the works...

Sean already got most the stuff, 40 bucks from dad and some blankets, as well as a condom he begrudgingly slid to the bottom of his backpack. But there was no way a six pack of beer would fit in together with soda cans! Sean thought, there must be a keg at the party, so he took soda instead. He wasn't very eager to get drunk. He would much rather get high. Or stay sober for a change, in case the thing with Jessie went anywhere...

He tried to shake it off his mind, but the thought of something actually happening this night made him excited. He would've stayed in if a possibility that he might lose his virginity wasn't so apparent. But these thoughts distracted him.

Sean came up to the kitchen cabinet and opened it. His hand hovered over the bags of chips, but then his eyes shifted to the box of cookies. He suddenly thought of what Lyla told him outside when they were smoking together. She said Sean and Jess might cuddle together under the same blanket. So he thought, cookies are a perfect snack to have while snuggled under a blanket! He decided to take the cookies instead because everyone else would probably bring chips anyway. So he put the box at the top if his backpack making it full entirely.

There! He was done packing so now it was time to call Lyla. Before doing that he practiced doing a sexy face at the mirror in the bathroom and reminded himself not to look too thirsty. He stared at some stuff in his room like he liked to and sketched. It was a habit of his, to sketch as a form of diary. Then he finally called her. They were talking about how Sean should score Jess tonight when suddenly Daniel ran in.

He was boaasting about his dumb ass zombie costume which angered Sean. Lyle looked friendly at Daniel but Sean sprung up to grab him and throw him out of room. "Get out of my room Daniel!" Sean said and rolled his eyes. Daniel was trying to excuse himself but Sean kicked him out.

"Sean you're an asshole," said Lyla to him over the Skype.

"You would know what it's like if you lived with him," replied Sean, rolling his eyes.

"And you wouldn't be so uptight if you got laid!" retorted Lyla which kind of upset Sean but he didn't show it. Lyla always liked to nudge him and do all this stuff to make him seem lower and less like a man in her presence. That's why Sean figured, he would never be attracted to Lyla, only as friends. He drew Lyla on his sticky note and she looked like an ogre on it, which Sean didn't show her. He smiled to himself because the drawing was funny.

They continued chatting but then Sean saw Daniel outside and the asshole neighbor was harassing him! Sean jumped up and excused himself and ran outside.

"You ruined my shirt!" screamed Chad at Daniel. Sean ran up and shoved him. "Don't touch my brother!" he yelled.

"I was just playing I swear," cried Daniel.

The red fake blood stuff was all over their neighbor. Sean knew it was Daniel's fault but he wouldn't blame him now for it, because Chad was an asshole and deserved to be punched.

They argued and Chad called Daniel names and said something about Sean being a pussy and his daddy's bitch. Sean saw red just then, and it wasn't the stuff on his neighbor's shirt either. Sean was enraged and knocked Chad out, but the guy fell wrong and landed on a rock with his spine. He started squirming like a bug there. Sean backed away in fear and Daniel yelled. Just then, out of nowhere, a cop showed up.

"Step away now!" the man demanded at them.

"Calm down officer," pleaded Sean. "It was an accident!"

The policeman looked at Chad and mistook the blood on his stomach for a real one. He pulled out a gun. "On the ground!"

Sean freaked out and laid prone immediately, pulling Daniel along with him. "What's going on Sean?" whimpered Daniel.

The officer checked asshole neighbor's pulse on his neck. It was clear that he was alive and that the blood was totally fake! But the gun was still pointed at the two brothers. "This is a misunderstanding!" cried Sean.

Sean's dad ran out of their house. "What happened?"

The cop jerked and pointed his gun at dad. "Stop right there or I'll shoot!"


"Daddy I wanna go home!" cried out Daniel.

"We didn't do anything!" explained Sean.

The scene became a ruckus and everyone were talking over each other. Dad tried to reason with the officer, he took a step toward him and then—

There was a terrible sound, a gun shooting, and then Daniel's screaming, and then a big boom and everything flew all over the place like an explosion. Sean's ears were ringing. He saw that cop, there on the road, and his car was turned over somehow. But Sean didn't care. He crawled towards his father. In his torso there was a hole, blood oozing out painting dad's body crimson. His eyes were devoid of life. All air went out of Sean's lungs. He didn't think of the party anymore, or of getting laid, or of their neighbor or the dead cop or even his brother. Their father was right there, dead, less than an hour ago they were talking and they shared a hug and Sean gave him the choco crisp and now dad was dad.

He heard sirens from afar. The sound made him snap out of his shock and he searched for Daniel. The kid was knocked unconscious and for a second Sean thought he might be dead too. He grabbed Daniel but his brother was still warm and breathing. "Daniel! Come on! Get up!"

But Daniel was unconscious. So he picked him up and ran. Everything happened so fast that he didn't know what is the right thing to do. He took his little brother and then his backpack filled with stuff he intended to bring to the party and he ran.


It's been three days since then. Sean and his brother Daniel were on the run. Sean didn't tell him of what happened, because he thought it would scar the boy. He knew he'd have to reveal it eventually though. But for now they were on the run and Daniel treated it like a road trip. The first day they ate in a diner and slept at a motel, but their cash was dwindling, so the next day they camped out in the woods and are some of what Sean had in his backpack and some berries.

Unfortunately, some berries made Daniel sick, and he was not in the best mood the following day. They walked for what seemed like forever until they stumbled upon a gas station. They washed up in a toilet room.

There was a family in the parking lot. On their table there was a lot of nice food. Sean was hungry. That morning they ate their last cookies, which weren't enough sustenance. Sean didn't want to look like a beggar though. He recounted the cash they had left and walked into the shop with Daniel.

The lady behind the counter eyed them suspectedly, even though they didn't even do anything and were just a couple of kids. Sean realized that she had a problem with their race. He scoffed and walked along the aisles, trying to figure out what's the best to buy, while Daniel ran around the shop excitedly, looking at things and stuff.

Sean came up to the counter and saw a map. His eyes lit up. "Go on, take it, it's actually free," the lady said. She assumed Sean was a shoplifter. He resisted an urge to glare at her. He put the foods he picked onto the counter and paid for them fair and square. He picked up the map since it was free and his phone was out of charge due to Daniel playing on it yesterday. He bought all he needed and looked around, looking for Daniel. The kid was talking to some big guy on his laptop. Sean came up and saw a naked woman on the laptop screen. His eyes goggled and he grabbed Daniel's shoulders, beckoning him away.

"Hey, hi, uh, sorry about my brother," Sean said.

"No problem," the man replied. He explained that he was writing an article on nudism. He didn't look like a creep and he had a nice voice, so Sean calmed. "Name's Brody. I'm a traveling online journalist."

Sean wondered what that even meant, and Brody explained that it's some guy who writes on his blog about what he encounters on his travels.

"Me and my brother are on the road too."

"Good for you! The best way to learn is on the road." Brody said. He seemed like a cool guy.
Sean noticed that Daniel was somewhere else again. He excused himself and came up to his brother. Daniel was looking at a puppy which sat in a box near the counter.

"Can we take her Sean? Please?"

Sean thought about it. But the lady didn't want to give it away to kids, because that would be irresponsible. Sean said he agrees even though deep down he really liked the puppy.

Brothers went outside to have brunch and read the map Sean picked up. Just as they were doing so, somebody came up to them from behind.

"Hey kids. Looks like you're out camping."
It was an old man who drove up just now. Even though he was just as big and bearded as Brody, the vibes he gave off weren't the friendliest. "It's dangerous to be out here on your own. But maybe you're the ones who need to be watched."

Sean glared up at him. "Huh?"

"Looks like a lot of food. Did you pay for all that? We don't tolerate shoplifters out here."

"Sir, we didn't steal anything."

"Let's go inside and you can show us what you bought."

Sean clambered out of his seat and Daniel followed. "No," he said, "we have to go now..."

The man suddenly grabbed Sean's shoulder. "No. You're going inside." Daniell ran away, and Sean tried to pry the man off. This guy was so much bigger and stronger.

"Leave us alone!" Sean attempted to throw a punch, but was punched back and knocked onto the ground. He hit his head against the asphalt and everything went black.


When Sean came to, he was in a dark room, on the floor, with cuffs on his hands. He was stapled to a pipe of sorts. Panic immediately settled and he teared up. He was worried sick about Daniel.
The guy from before walked in.

"Where is my brother?! What did you do?!" Sean yelled at him.

"He ran off. You think I'd hurt a little boy?"

The man was also making racist remarks. Sean didn't give a shit. All he cared about was his brother. He called the guy a hillbilly, which angered the man and he smashed his foot into Sean. It hurt. But Sean wasn't giving up.

"I'll tell the police you kidnapped me!"

"I'm sure they'll take my side on this. I know what you did in Seattle."

"It wasn't me."

"I'm sure it wasn't. For killing a policeman I'm sure you'll get a life sentence. Good riddance in my opinion."

Sean's heart sank. Life sentence? What about Daniel? What would happen to Daniel? Their good for nothing mother left them... They have grandparents, but they are from the mother's side, and are pretty old. What if they want nothing to do with Daniel, since they didn't approve his mother's and father's union? Sean couldn't allow Daniel to be left alone.

"Please sir. I just want to find my brother. Take whatever you want, but let me go! We'll leave and you'll never hear of us!" Sean resorted to begging. There was little to no choice.

"Are you kidding me. There's nothing you can offer me. All you have is the stuff that rightfully belongs to me, as an owner of this establishment and an American citizen. However... There might be one thing..." the man leered at Sean in a creepy way.

Sean's pupils retracted. He didn't mean... No...

"Let's see, beaner boy. How much are you willing to give for freedom, eh? The sheriff I called is a friend of mine, I can call him off technically."

Sean was too scared to respond. He didn't like the notes in that man's voice. He walked out of the room. Sean looked around panickedly. He attempted to figure a way out, but the man returned shortly.

"Let's see now..."

Suddenly, the guy's hands began palming Sean's groin!

"Get away from me!" shrieked Sean.

"If you yell too much, I'll just tape yer mouth."

Sean shook his head vigorously and gritted his teeth. "Forget it! I don't want this!"

"Too late boy."

The man began taking off Sean's pants.


"I don't want my fucking wife to hear us, so shut up!" the hillbilly slapped Sean across the face.
The teen whimpered. There was nothing he could do.

The man took off his pants and underwear, which wasn't the freshest since the boys were on the run for a few days.

"Yuck! Figures a spic like you would smell nasty. Luckily I have this to make it less disgusting and safe..." and he pulled out a blue wrapper. One of the condoms from Sean's bag.

"What? You!..."

The guy put on the condom on his dick. Sean didn't look. He began to cry. He so not wanted any of this to happen.

The man started poking Sean's bottom with his penis. Sean shut his eyes and grit his teeth. How did he get here? How did all of this went so wrong in just a couple of days? He had this condom because he wanted to lose his virginity with the girl he liked. He was about to go to go to the party. His dad was alive and well. Where did it all go so wrong? Just because that cop showed up and decided to take it from him with one bullet?

The hillbilly spit on Sean's asshole and his own dick. The condom was also moisturized. Sean's own penis was completely limp. He didn't like any second of this humiliation.

With a mighty push something went in right into Sean's ass. It hurt like a fucking pus oozing bitch. It felt just like taking a huge load of dump, except it went right up Sean's asshole instead of out. Which was the opposite of relief.

The man began pounding. Sean tried to hold his voice as much as he could, but broken cries couldn't help but slip out of his mouth. Sean has never taken dick in his life, so even though this certain guy was in fact below average in size and girth, it didn't matter to Shawn, because it was the biggest dick in the world to him. Tearing his asshole open.

It didn't take long for the guy to cum. Sean didn't feel it, but the guy's grunt and the way he slumped over the boy told as much. Sesn was hiccuping from tears. His breathing was labored. The offense hurt so much that Sean wanted to black out, pretend it wasn't happening to him, anything just to stop the ass pain.

The guy pulled out eventually. Sean didn't see, but on the condom there were shit stains and pieces. The guy was disgusted and left to throw it out. Sean laid there, naked from bottom and completely fucking spaced out.

He couldn't exactly pull on his pants and underwear, so when the guy returned, he did it instead.

"I'll tell them... You raped me..."

The guy had the audacity to laugh. "Shouldn't you be grateful? You're an outlaw on the road. This kind of thing is the only one you can offer to anyone so that you're worth helping. You better learn that lesson." he came up to Sean with a key. He unlocked his cuffs. "Now get out of my property." He grabbed Sean by the collar and pulled him up. Sean staggered, it was painful to move because his ass was killing him.

The hillbilly pulled him across the entire shop and threw him out the front door. His backpack followed suit. It was raining outside and Sean fell right into wet dirt. His front and face was stained. So was his back, but in a different way.

Sean laid there a little, then attempted to hoist himself up on all fours. Then he heard a tiny voice calling him out.


It was Daniel. Sean turned to where his brother's voice was, he was hiding behind the corner of this building. Daniel ran up to his big bro teary eyed.

"Sean? What happened? What did he do to you? Did he hurt you?"

"It's okay, enano..." Sean mustered, but his broken voice indicated that it was not okay.

Daniel began hyperventilating. Then that weird thing started happening again. Like a gust of wind formed around Daniel. Sean noticed that the raindrops stopped falling around his brother, instead they circled him.

"D-Daniel, calm down..." but Daniel did not. Sean's little brother sprung up and ran straight back into the shop. Sean followed him with his eyes and through the glass door witnessed how stuff inside the shop flew all over the place. All the wooden bears were knocked over.

Sean gathered his energy and got up, limping after his little brother. He walked in and Daniel looked at him. "I don't know what happened!" Seam laid a hand on his shoulder.

"We should leave..." he began, then he noticed that someone was laying on the ground. It was the guy that raped Sean. He was seemingly knocked unconscious. All around him laid camp gear, which could be useful to the brothers. Sean didn't want to, but the actions of that man were unforgivable and he truly deserved worse than just having his equipment stolen.

Sean grabbed what he could and made a run for it, but the guy suddenly woke up and grasped Sean's ankle. He mumbled something incoherent and Sean didn't really have to hear what. His feet moved by themselves as he slammed them into that guy's face, and his chest and his stomach and finally his groin. He cursed at the man and kicked him as his brother watched.

He finally grabbed what he wanted and ran.

"Come on, Daniel!"

Both brothers ran out of the shop and straight into the woods, Sean limping a bit. "Where are we going?" inquired Daniel.

Sean had no idea, all he wanted was to escape that cruel place. He saw something lighting up in the woods. It was someone's car. He ran up to it and saw Brody inside. Brody saw them too and hurried to open the door for the brothers.

"What's going on? Are you guys okay?"

Sean's words were staggering, "that asshole at the gas station, he tied me up, and he, and then I—"

"Say no more, I believe you" Brody was like. "Shit is crazy out here, get in you two!"

He left the backseat where Daniel who was carrying something in a blanked crawled in and Sean took the front seat next to Brody's driver's seat. Sean didn't give it a second thought. He simply grasped at whatever hope he had to get out of this place.

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The car drove somewhere to hopefully safe. Sean was externally thankful to the Brody for saving them. The boys dried up but so did the dirt all over Sean's front. He really needed a shower now, and not just because of a dirt. His asshole was also stinging. Sean told Brody about whatever that happened to them. But he didn't mention the rape. 

"Damn, that us crazy," said Brody. "And I thought I was having a bad day."

Sean nodded. He didn't have much else to say. He looked back at Daniel who seemed calm. Sean wondered what that stuff was all about, when stuff flew around Daniel. 

"I knew that guy was sketchy!" exclaimed Brody. 

"Yeah he was a total fucking dickhead." Sean cringed. The rape felt long while ot lasted but now that it was behind him it felt like it happened so fast and he was eager to forget it. Yet it still hurt. Both physically and mentally. "It felt good to beat his ass," Sean commented. 

Brody wasn't too happy with that statement. "Woah kid! Maybe be deserved it, but don't do that, and most importantly don't talk about that."

Brody was right. Sean shouldn't bring this up ever again, he should throw it out of his head. "Sorry," he said. 

Brody and Sean talked some more but then Sean heard some strange sound from the backseat. Daniel tried to pretend that he was coughing or hiccuping, but Sean's eyes were trained on the suspicious blanket that Daniel brought along. 

"What is under that blanket?" 

Daniel tried to cover it, but Sean said "come on, I'm not stupid."

Daniel stripped the cloth away revealing a puppy from before. "Daniel... Damn..."

Brody saw it too and laughed. 

"What? We saved her, we're heroes!" Even I though it was kind of annoying that Daniel snatched the puppy, deep down Sean was glad the took her from that horrible place. Daniel asked what should her name be. 

Sean wasn't really that into dogkeeping so he didn't have any ideas and let Daniel choose. 

"Mushroom!" Daniel said astonishingly. 

Sean shrugged. "Yeah, that's pretty cool." And Brody laughed. Sean liked that sound, it made him feel a little more on ease. "Okay you can call her Mushroom."

"Yay! You have the best name ever!" 

"Nice!" said Brody. "I feel like I've just witnessed history."

They drove on in the car. Daniel played with mushroom and giggled. Sean decided it's best fit to strike up a conversation with Brody now, instead of awkward silence. 

"So what do you do exactly?" Sean asked. 

Brody was vague. "To cut a long boring story short, I come from family with money, but no soul. I graduated and left and never looked back. Now I write for zines, do podcasts, this type of thing. I try to make some positive change, you know?" 

Sean wondered about that. He always thought that people like Brody don't actually do anything, as opposed to for example his father who actually worked his ass every day. But Sean liked Brody and he was willing to change his mind about him and this whole thing. 

"So you're like, all political..."

"Everything is political, Sean."

Sean never thought about it that way. Maybe Brody was right. "That sounds cool. But don't you ever get kind of... Lonely?" 

Brody glanced at Sean. "There's a big difference between alone and lonely..."

"Yeah, you probably meet a lot of people out here," Sean mused. 

"That's right. But no matter what, I try to not get cynical. So i don't become like my family."

That was really nice. Sean was glad to have met someone very nice. Especially after what happened at that gas station. Sean shivered. He was forgetting nearly but the memories came back just like that, vivid as ever. But Brody wasn't like that creep. He was compassionate. 

"Thank you for watching out for us," Sean said. Brody chuckled then chuckled some more and said "don't mention it."

But Sean thought, he really wanted to thank Brody but he had nothing. The guy was wasting his gas driving them off and Sean couldn't even repay it because he spent all his money on food which the rednecks took anyway because they thought he stole it. Sean felt guilty. While he didn't feel he owed anything to that asshole back there, Brody was different. He was nothing but nice to Sean and his brother. Sean didn't want to leech off of Brody. 

"Looks like your brother crashed hard," said Brody, pulling Sean out of his train of thought. Sean looked back and Daniel really was sound asleep. "Feel free to follow, I won't take it personally."

"Oh. But... Are you okay, driving?" Brody said yes but Sean still felt tremendous guilt. If Daniel was asleep, then maybe... He could... 

"Hey Sean, if you're not asleep, there's something I'd like to ask you if you don't mind."

He got nervous. "W-what is it?" 

Brody looked concerned and serious. "You're very... How should I say? You look very shaken. Much less calm than your brother. Is something bothering you? Did... Something else happen?" 

Sean gulped. Brody could see right through him. Sean felt a surge of slight panic, like there was a choice presented in front of him. To tell Brody or not. Even though he trusted him, talking about getting raped was... 

"N-no, no, I'm fine. Just worried about Daniel and what we do now. We're um... We're all out of money." Sean hid the truth. It was too embarrassing. 

"I see." said Brody. He was thinking about something. 

Sean didn't want Brody to inquire about anything, so he pretended to fall asleep and soon actually did slip into slumber. 


He woke up when it was dark. Sean jolted in fear that he might be shackled again and that nightmare will repeat. But he was in the car, which was stopped, and Brody was outside it. Daniel was sleeping in the back with his dog. Everything was fine and Sean sighed in relief. He walked out the car. Brody was staring off into the distance. "Oh, you woke up."

It was cold so Sean put on his hood. "Yeah. I gotta take a piss." He went aside to do it and then he noticed where they were. They were on a cliff and below there was a demolished town. Sean noticed a sign which was put up in memory of it. Sean heard about it on the news. A big storm hit a town in Oregon, no survivors, it was erased from existence. The sign said "For All Souls Lost In Arcadia Bay Storm" and some condolences words. So they must be in Oregon then. Sean finished peeing and went back to stand there with Brody. 

"Look at that. Oregon is like the edge of the world."

Sean thought, more like the edge of America, but said nothing. Then Brody said something else. 

"I know what happened to you guys in Seattle." Sean was shocked to hear that but Brody didn't look angry and wasn't accusing Sean of anything "You can talk to me. I'm a good listener. No pressure, though."

And Sean told him. He cried and he told him how it was the cop's fault, how his dad got killed in front of him for nothing and how his life feels just like the town below them: empty, destroyed, wiped out. But Brody told him that's all in the past. That now the brothers had to move forward, together. He asked Sean's plan but Sean didn't really have one. But he thought, they could go down to Mexico. They could go to Puerto Lobos which dad told Sean about, and live there. It sounded like a plan and Brody supported it, saying he should move forward if it feels like the right thing to do.

Sean was excessively grateful for what Brody did for them. "Man, I don't know how to thank you for everything."

"Please, I didn't do anything."

"No man. If there's anything I can do... I'll do it." Sean said looking down at Brody, who was shorter. That guy back at the gas station, a piece of shit he was, still had one good point. That guy back there said "this kind of thing is the only one you can offer to anyone so that you're worth helping", referring to sex. But Sean wasn't ready for butt sex. And he didn't exactly think Brody would even like Sean the way he was. Torn and smelly. But there was something else. 

"No, Sean, really, I don't need anything from you, just this experience is something I can cherish..."

"But what if I want to? I want to repay you, Brody. You told me to always do what I feel is right. This is the right thing to do."

"Jeez" Brody said, "okay then Sean. How are you going to repay me?" 

Sean exhaled shakily and got on his knees in front of Brody. He began thumbling with his belt buckle and didn't look up at his face out of shame. Brody didn't back away nor say anything, so he continued. He undid the button of his jeans and unzipped them. He pulled on the hem of his underwear and got a penis out. It was half chubbed surprisingly. 

Sean never gave head and wasn't sure how to do it, but he decided to copy the actions he saw in many porns. He jerked the base of Brody's penis and sucked on the head.

Brody was cut (duh) so it wasn't like Sean's penis which was uncut. Sean didn't look at his rapist's penis so he doesn't know what it looked like, but he didn't care, he wanted to forget that old geezer and focus on Brody. 

He began taking it in deeper. It was surprisingly not that hard, unlike the penis though which was full on hard. Brody's penis had a normal smell. It wasn't revolting. Brody made no sound and no movements, so it became like sucking on like a fleshy popsicle. Sean forgot about everything only thinking about how he shouldn't graze it with his teeth and make sure to work with his tongue. Sean got hard also.

Sean felt the dick in his mouth pulsing and he knew it would cum soon. He remembered his favorite thing from porn — when the actress takes the penis as deep as she can before the semen release. He always wondered how they timed it but now he knew how. He did just that, luckily Brody's size wasn't hard to take in, and Sean pressed his nose into his pubes. Brody was cumming down Sean's throat but Sean almost had a gag reflex and started pulling back. Some cum was in his mouth then, so he didn't remove dick until it was all over so that the semen wound stain his face or clothes. Cum didn't taste too nice. It had a tint of something meaty in it... Sean read somewhere that the taste changes depending on what you eat, he even tried tasting his own once but he didn't get it. 

Sean finally pulled it out of his mouth. He was about to spit it, but then thought, that's not nice and Brody was very nice to them, so he swallowed. He stood up and wouldn't look in Brody's face. He wiped his mouth with his sleeve bashfully and said "I hope that's enough..."

Brody hid his penis and did his pants. Then suddenly he leaned on Sean. "Oh Sean..." he said, all out of breath. He embraced Sean just like the time when he tried to comfort Sean when Sean cried when he was telling about dad but this time Sean didn't pull away even though he felt awkward. 

Sean decided to not let the thoughts of his actions settle. They went back to the car, leaving the ruins of that town behind and drove again. Sean checked and Daniel was out cold. Brody was all smiley. Sean pretended to sleep again even though he didn't wanna and guilt thoughts kept pestering him. He occupied his mind with Puerto Lobos, where him and his brother would surely get. 


Two hours later Brody's car stopped by a motel. Sean woke Daniel up, who was cranky at first, but then he realized Mushroom was there and he got excited and went to play with her. Brody said he'd check the brothers into a motel and told Sean to wait. Sean sat there watching Daniel play with his dog. He rocked his leg anxiously. Something was nagging him, too many things at once, but he put them off instead choosing to think about nothing as he stared at one spot. Brody returned and said that he got them a room. 

"Oh!" said Sean. "Thank you so much!" 

"No. Thank you," Brody said. "You know, I had tough times when I started out. And some strangers saved my life. Now is my turn" He handed Sean the key. "Room ten, right there on the second floor." He pointed there. 

Sean stood up. "Really, really thank you..."

"Sean," Brody said quietly, "you thanked me plentifully."

Sean looked away ashamed. 

"On a serious note. I don't want to freak you out, but it's only gonna get harder from here." (Sean hoped the pun was not intended.) "You should get rid of that phone."

Sean nodded. He knew right away, but the phone had so memories with it that he was putting it off just like other things. "Also, talk to Daniel. He deserves to—" 

Daniel ran up to them. "Brody, you aren't leaving, are you?" he asked in a sad voice. 

"Yes I am, but not until Santa Brody gives you a goodbye gift!" he said and Daniel got excited. Sean looked that way to also observe the "gift". It was a big travel backpack. Sean tried to deny it, but to no avail. 

Sean put it on and gave his own backpack to Daniel. Daniel wasn't pleased. But then Brody gave him a red bandana which he claimed he had with him since his first road trip. "Cool," said Daniel. He put it on Mushroom. 

"Time for me to hit the road," Brody said. He looked over at Sean. "Hey don't look so sad. You can contact me at my blog, so keep me posted when you can!" Sean wasn't sad, he was just tired probably. Him and Brody shared a last hug. Brody's bearded cheek poked Sean's. He smelled nice and Sean lingered a little, hugging him tighter. This guy was really just a nice guy, and Sean... 

When they separated Daniel jumped Brody in a bear hug, Brody laughed. For some reason Sean felt bad over what he did with Brody. But he couldn't figure out why. 

"I wish you could stay with us..." said Daniel. 

"Me too, kid," replied Brody. 

Then Brody drove off and waved at them. 

"I'm gonna miss him," sighed Daniel.

Sean didn't say anything. But his eyes watered. He blinked it off. 

The brothers walked to their motel room. It had a bath and a TV! There were two beds and Sean lended Daniel the one in front of the TV. Before filling the bath for Daniel he checked his stuff.

In the bag Sean found a letter from Brody. He said there that he was actually heading back to his home state to be there for his sick mother. He also gave tips on how to act, such as to lay low after the brothers get to Mexico and he enclosed the name of his blug. "Hit me up once you're safe. P.S. I'm looking forward to hearing from you Sean. It meant something for me." Sean also checked and found... 400 dollars in the bag?! So much... Did Brody leave it because... Because of the "favor" Sean did for him?...

Sean felt dazed. He walked into the bathroom when something churned in his stomach. He closed the door and opened the tap so that Daniel wouldn't hear as he heaved above the toilet bowl. He wanted to puke but it wouldn't come out. Then he thought of how only a few hours ago some random dude just put his dick into him and... 

Sean puked out the remains of what he ate today, which wasn't much. Hunger wasn't bothering him as much as it was in the first few days. He just wanted to be clean again... He was sure in his vomit there were remains of Brody's cum. The thought made him belch all over. 

There was a knock at the door. "Sean? Is everything okay in there?" 

"Y-yeah, Daniel. Hey, do you mind if I take the shower first real quick?" 

"Oh... Okay, I'll watch the TV! But you better hurry! I feel dirty."

Dirty. Sean was dirty. Two separate men had been inside of his body today. Just yesterday he was just a virgin. Three days ago he had a place he could call home... 

And now he was homeless, on the run and tainted

He got in the shower and scrubbed himself with soap uselessly. Nothing could cleanse him after what happened. 

Still, the water turned muddy as it pooled in the bottom of the tub. Sean washed his hair and his body and then his hands creeped to his ass. He didn't have a hand mirror to look and he couldn't bend over to see. His asshole was loose and hurt. He thought it would bleed, but it seemed to heal in the few hours that passed. It still stinged like a bitch. He wanted to apply cream or something but of course there was nothing in this shitty motel bathroom. He whined out, frustrated that this had to happen to him. 

Sean stood a little just letting the hot water pour down his body. He had a premonition that this moment was important because it's not likely they'd find a place with hot showers anymore because their faces are all over the newspapers which motel managers tend to check. 

He thought about Brody. Back then in front of Arcadia Bay he actually enjoyed sucking him off. There was some carnal primal pleasure in that. But it is thinking about it later that made him question it. Was it really the right thing to do? Brody liked it and all, but would Sean really do it for him as something more than just gratitude? Not to mention that Brody technically paid for the "service". Sean got revolted again. Overall he was very conflicted about the whole ordeal. He wasn't even gay not really. Maybe he was bisexual but he still wasn't sure. 

He finally got out of the shower and wiped himself with a towel. He rinsed the tub and then started filling it for Daniel. He put on his clothes even though they were smelly and gross. There was no choice. 

He poured a bubble soap into the tub to make foam for Daniel. He then left the bathroom with a towel on his head. 

"Your bath is ready," he told Daniel. 

Daniel walked toward the room, holding Mushroom. "Wow, so manny bubbles."

He went in with the dog. Sean decided he should throw his phone out now, while Daniel can't see him. He went to the balcony with his phone which got charged a little and turned it on. He saw all these messages from Lyla who must've gotten a message that he was reachable again. 

Sean thought about it. If he were to call her the police could probably track him somehow... Even though he and Daniel would leave this place, what if they left clues behind and the brothers would get followed? So anyway as much as it pained Sean he couldn't call back Lyla. But he decided to sit there and watch a video from last Christmas. It made him cry, seeing his dad and their careless days of passed past. 

He gathered the courage and threw the phone all the way to the field across the road. The deed was done. Sean wiped his eyes and decided that he should tell Daniel about their dad. 

He heard loud music. Daniel must've turned on MTV. He was dancing on the bed, his wet hair. 

Daniel walked into the room and his little brother beckoned him to join the dance. He meant to tell him about their dad but... He wanted to relax if even for a minute. 

He sighed and jumped on the bed with his brother. They danced together and Daniel laughed happily. Sean smiled too. Brody was right. He only has Daniel now and Daniel only has him. They are together against this world and they should stick together. Sean jumped on the bed like a dumbass but it was okay for a moment and even his ass pain didn't bother him. It's like he turned into a kid again. A kid without a care in the world, without all of this baggage and dirt....

Sean realized that if anyone could cleanse him, it was his brother Daniel. 


Sean got off the bed, out of breath. He grabbed the remote and turned the TV with loud music off. 

"Daniel... Come here. We need to talk."

Daniel sat down and cut Sean off. "Can we get a drink first? I'm thirsty!" 

"Fine, but after I return, we need to have a serious talk."

Sean walked out the motel room to find a vending machine. Truth to be told he was eager to put off this conversation as much as he could. Revealing that dad's dead is a big deal, it's much like facing that truth himself as well. The finality of that scared Sean. 

He went to buy a drink but then saw lights flashing in the corridor. Then he heard Daniel screaming "DAD!" and Sean ran right back to the room. Inside things were floating around Daniel, and it was like a vortex of stuff orbiting the boy. Apparently he turned on the news which showed news about their dad's death which was a ridiculous coincidence. 

Sean tried to calm Daniel but felt that force or whatever pushing him back. Still Sean managed to hug his brother and that's when it stopped. Daniel cried into Sean's shirt. Seem comforted him. It was a terrible blow to Sean himself, but he couldn't imagine how 9 year old Daniel felt knowing that his father is dead. Well he could see how he felt in the form of these weird powers that Daniel seemed to gain. 

One thing thar Sean knew for sure is that nothing would ever be like before again.

Chapter Text

It's been a whole month since the previous events. Long story short Sean and his brother found someone's summerhouse and started living there. 

Or more like surviving. It was getting shit ass cold with each passing day and even their sleeping bags stolen by Sean from his rapist didn't help. They were practically cut off from civilization like that, no phones or news from the outside world no nothing. 

They bought a lot of food at first with the money Broady gave them as a thanks for Sean sucking him off (which Daniel didn't know by the way) but they ate 400 dollars worth of feed in just a month. Now they were fending off the last of ravioli cans they had and also they tried catching wildlife to no actual success (Sean wasn't sure he could gut a rabbit anyway). 

Worse yet, with the colds hitting, Daniel was getting sick. He coughed badly. 

But there were good parts about this too. For one Sean trained Daniel's telekinesis skill and now Daniel could actually control it. He picked up stuff and made it float in the air easily, but only the small stuffs. But big boulders he also could lift but only a little. Sean was very impressed. 

Another good part was that their puppy Mushroom was still with them. Sean wanted to train her to become a hunt dog when she grew up. 

One good part about their current situation used to be that they spent a lot of time together and became closer as a result. But it backfired because after a while both brothers got kind of tired of each other. Daniel became sassy and cocky with Sean and Sean was just so done with being stuck with his small brother. He missed having friends, he missed even Brody and of course he missed dad. But after a month the heartache dulled. Now the brothers treated their citation with a grain of salt. 

Back to the sucky parts, recently Daniel like an idiot broke the fucking bathroom window. Because of that cold wind kept seeping into the bath room and when you're there with a bare ass you can tall something's wrong (by the way Sean's ass healed and no longer hurt like a bitch). 

Another bad part about the water closet fiasco was the fact that it was the only place where Sean could jack off in piece. But now whenever it got too cold Sean's penis reacted drastically and it was impossible to enjoy himself. 

Yes Sean became kind of a maturbator in the month that's passed. He used to be pretty chill about it back when he lived normally, because all of the pornography in the world (except pedo stuff of course) was right at his fingertips, but now he could only rely on his imagination and drawings he made himself. It was frankly pathetic but that was the reality. Wanking it at the end of a hard day full of chores such as cutting wood and training Daniel and searching for some useful crap in the woods and the likes, was Sean's only remedy. 

Other than that there was nothing fun left about the place they lived in. Even if they played games (which Daniel cheated in), even if Sean played with the dog, even if it was calm and peaceful every day and they didn't go to school it was absolutely BORING. 

So because Daniel was getting sick (and because Sean couldn't live here anymore too) he decided to leave as soon as possible. 

Because Daniel could control his powers Sean came up with rules for him, so they don't get busted. But Daniel couldn't remember the rules at first, he became so comfortable with his powers that he messed with Sean all the time. It didn't help that Daniel would rebel more and more. It's like, there wasn't exactly anyone to scold him, because their dad was dead, and so Daniel felt like he could do anything he wanted. But he was still just a kid. And Sean was responsible for keeping him safe.


Sean was looking at the map thinking about where they should go. They needed to get somewhere concrete where there's medicine for Daniel's sickness. Sean couldn't think of any place except their grandparents's house. It was pretty far from them but still it was their best shot. Sean had fogged memories of them. He remembered that grandma Claire hated his dad and that she was strict. And that grandpa Stephen was very fun and nice to him. They probably wouldn't hand them to the police... But there was no way to be sure. Sean decided to sleep on it and figure something out the next day. 

Daniel was in the big room, asleep on the mattress with Mushroom while Sean looked over the map in the smaller room where they put their tent. Sean blew on the candle that lit up the map for him. He also went and brushed his teeth, and washed his face and hands with soap, they had a bowl of water intended for that since there was no water supply in the taps. He went back and laid down next to his brother, facing away. He tried to fall asleep, but as always couldn't. He thought about many idle things like tomorrow's chores as a distractions, but of course his thoughts drifted to unbidden places again. Sean felt an itch. He was holding back for a while already. He turned his head to check if his brothers sleeping without making a sound. Well, he could try doing it really fast...

He tried to think about Jenna or something in such situations, or imaginary people, but sometimes his mind returned back to Brody. No rather it returned to the act of sucking a penis. Today was the case too. He decided to let it happen because he knew that memory would get him off fast. Sean pumped his dick trying to not make a sound. Even though his little brother was right there behind him, he didn't think about that. He imagined himself in a void instead. Yes, he's in a void, sucking a dick. No person attached. Okay well something was missing. Something needed to spice it up. Fine, he's in a void, surrounded by dicks. Floating dicks. And he's sucking one. No, he's taking turns sucking all those dicks. That worked a little better, Sean's precum leaked. He slowed a little so to coat himself with it without making a sound. He needs to be completely quiet. He's sucking infinite dicks. Okay, maybe some of those dicks want to gain entrance to his other hole...

Suddenly Sean stopped as memory of that brutal anal rape teared into his fantasy like a vicious dick intruding into his tight virgin anal ring. Sean shut his eyes trying to escape the memory of that day, he wasn't thinking about it for so long, but now it was back and just as haunting.

But Sean's dick didn't become less hard. He felt he could finish with a few more pumps, but he didn't want to cum at the thought of that old piece of shit using him. He had to make it about something else quick! He was so close!

Then he heard a sound which was fron the real word. Sean stilled completely, not daring to breathe even. Daniel was mumbling something. He couldn't understand what it was. Then Daniel did it again. Sean convinced himself his brother was just sleep talking. He decided to wait until it was over. He still wanted to cum though. His balls were aching for it. Sean gritted his teeth and tried zoning out. To not hear stupid Daniel. Okay, what was he thinking of? Floating dicks? Now that must be a ridiculous sight. Why is he thinking about dicks, he's not fucking gay. Oh no he's losing the fantasy...

Stubbornly Sean began jacking it again, despite everything, intending to cum whether he liked it or not. Whatever, doesn't matter. Gay or not gay, he wanted to suck on a juicy big cock while taking an another moderate cock into his butthole gently, and while he's at it he'd want to stick his own into someone's pussy, or maybe even a butt, it would have to be a cute and tiny hole which would be so tight that it would milk Sean's wanker...

Yes! He's right there! That's it! Penis, penis, penis! He was cumming! And just as he was hitting that sweet spot, he heard something coherently: "Sean..."

Sean's semen shot out like it never did before, which weren't like they show in those porns with fake sperm being all thick, but was still impressive regardless. Sean wanted to pant but he knew his brother might actually wake up. He also freaked out on the inside, because that tiny voice saying his name was like a cherry on top of one of the greatest faps Sean had done, yet it was his own fucking nine year old brother saying it! Which was absolutely disgusting and yet Sean came to it. What the fuck! Sean wiped the semen and was ready to fall asleep and so he decided to forget this ever happened because it was clearly an accident.


The next day went on as usual. Initially Sean even forgot about the thing that happened previous night, but when he did remember he felt awkward as fuck. He hoped Daniel was actually asleep.

Sean decided that going to their grandparents is the best course of actions. He informed Daniel of it that same evening and said that he wanted to leave the very next day. They played a game they came up with and Daniel cheated like always and drew a poop on Sean's backpack for winning unfairly. Sean didn't care much. All he wanted was to move on from this place. That night he went straight to sleep. The next morning he helped Daniel pack his bag. The three of them would finally abandon this shitty house. Daniel went to look for Mushroom while Sean finished up. He was so eager to leave. But he didn't show it. He got used to hiding his emotions. Maybe going to their grandparents would be a mistake, but it was still better than staying here, where Sean was going insane like that guy from The Shining except Sean was fantasizing about floating dicks and such.

Daniel was taking way too long. Sean went out and followed his trail. He called out a couple of times but there was no response. Then he saw some blood stains on the snow. Sean gawked at the sight. He now ran after the trail, calling out Daniel more eagerly. He saw another red spot, yet it wasn't just blood now. It was Mushroom's bandana. Sean's heart sank. Not the pup...

Just ahead there was Daniel standing there and in front of him was Mushroom's corpse. Growling at Daniel was a mountain lion. Sean approached carefully, his heart hammering in his chest.

"Don't move..." he said calmly, but Daniel screamed like a special needs child.

"It killed her! She was my friend!!!"

Sean tried to reach out but Daniel screamed "LEAVE ME ALONE!" and used his powers.

He raises the cougar up in the air! Sean stood there watching petrified. Only yesterday Daniel could hardly lift a giant rock. And now he was balancing a living animal in the air? Were his powers connected to his anger somehow? In Tha case kid needed anger management asap.

While Sean was thinking Daniel did some trickery and crushed the puma in the air and dropped it and it was dead!

"Daniel!" Sean snapped. Killing animals was not okay. 

"It just... Happened... What's happening to me..." Daniel was crying. Seal hugged him. He said shh shh to calm him. Now there were two animal corpses in front of them now. More meat than when they were trying to catch wildlife! But they wouldn't eat them now of course.

They buried Mushroom (I wonder how because isn't ground frozen to dig and why would you bury it in. The snow) but left Cougar there to rot. It didn't deserve it but it was too heavy and big and Daniel couldn't for some reason lift it again possibly because corpses become heavier when dead.

They said their final words to the puppy and Daniel asked if she was in Heaven with dad. And Sean said no because he was an edgy atheist and that's what their dad believed also, that religion is a load of crap.

And so the brothers walked and walked through the woods until they found a road and then some more. They walked for two days straight and in the evening of the second day came across the town where their grandparents lived. Sean remembered where the house is, away from the town center and closer to the woods. They walked there and were finally there.

Sean said, "I've not been in here for so long." Although the house didn't change not a bit. Daniel was never here because he wasn't even born when Sean and his white part of family were friends.

They walked towards the door and Sean groomed Daniel to make him look presentable. He remembered that grandma was a clean freak. Daniel looked nervous.

Sean rang the doorbell and they waited.

An old lady with white hair opened the door. She stared at Sean speechless.

"Hello Claire," said Sean.

"Oh my God, Sean?" Claire was like. "And that must be Daniel?" She looked at the younger brother and he smiled because that's what Americans do even if they don't feel like it.

"What's going on in there?" someone from inside the house asked and into sight walked out an old balding guy. It was grandpa Stephen.

"Look who's here! After all this time!" Claire said. It wasn't sure if she was excited or disappointed.

"What the hell are you doing here?" asked Stephen and Claire slapped him. "Watch your mount!"

"It's a long story..." Sean said and then conveniently Daniel had a coughing fit. Claire was all worried then and invited the brothers in. Inside the house looked exactly like it was when Sean was last here, which was like ten years ago or so. Claire told Sean to sit down behind the dining table and grandpa Stephen sat across him. Claire left with Daniel and Daniel looked back at Sean for reassurance. But they left and Sean was there alone with Stephen. It was refreshing but also weird speaking to anyone but Daniel. For three weeks at least it was only them in that forsaken cabin (before then they at least went to shops) and Sean was sick of it. But now that they came here he also felt sort of protective of Daniel. It was only them against the world and now someone was taking Daniel. Sean stared at the spot where Daniel just was longingly. Then Stephen tried to talk to him.

"Hi Sean. Long time no see."

"Oh. Hi."

It was very awkward. Sean remembered only the good stuff about grandpa but now it was not relevant.

"Oh I know! Do you want some tea? You must be cold." Stephen stood up.

"Oh no I'm good..." said Sean, but Stephen said he'll make it anyway. Scratch that, grandpa is still the best. He returned soon with a mug and gave it to Sean. He drank it and was so glad to drink and taste something other than ravioli or water. His belly started to hurt and he realized he was hungry. It didn't seem so apparent out there, but now in the warmth and comfort and civilization he thought of all the foods he'd like to consume.

"Hey, is it warm enough for you?" asked Stephen.

"Oh, yeah," replied Sean. "Feels nice and toasty." He didn't know the right words to ask for food. Then Claire walked in. She said she gave Daniel cough medicine and scolded Sean for being so careless. She then took Stephen so they could talk privately. They were probably discussing whether or not they should call the cops? Sean waited patiently.

They returned and sat across Sean again. He felt like he would be interrogated now.

Claire was polite but direct. She asked if he did it or not. He said that of course he didn't. She also mentioned that he was wanted for assault and robbery at a gas station. Sean scoffed and was scandalized. If anyone should be charged with assault it's the guy that raped him! Claire asked why would he run away if he was innocent and he said that he freaked out and tried to protect Daniel and had no choice. But Claire told him he only made things worse for himself... Sean said that he has a plan which is to go to Puerto Lobos in Mexico, where they won't be separated and no one has to go to jail. But Claire said that they can't just run from the law like fugitives and that he can't take care of Daniel when they're running from the police. And then Stephen said:

"You two are going to stay with us."

Claire seemed to be reluctant but still agreed.

"And you aren't scared? The police already called you..."

"But we're more scared about what's going to happen to you!" said Claire.

"You will have to be careful. Beaver Creek is a small nosey town," said Stephen.

Then suddenly Daniel ran in. "We can stay? Awesome! Sean guess what, there's a huge train model upstairs!" the kid looked happy and excited, the happiest he'd been since Mushroom's death. He was wearing a long sleeved shirt with a princess on it which Claire probably gave him because it was left from when their mother was a child.

"Hey you're supposed to be resting!" said Stephen.

"Yeah you are! But you look better already. You two are going to stay with us, at least until Daniel gets better, then we'll see what happens next." Sean got suspicious. He was afraid Claire would give them away to police. But Stephen seemed nice. He said that they're family and family stays together which Sean wholeheartedly agrees with.


They had a warm place to sleep, they were fed, given clothes, and everything was going great! Sean thought his grandparents would be way less friendly for some reason. But he was wrong. Even Claire was nice to them. Although she tried to push that Christian bullshit on Daniel... Sean just told him to ignore it. There were also many rules and chores, they were much more menial than back in the cabin, and were somehow more annoying. Claire was ever present and always had passive aggressive remarks to make. Stephen was less so visible because he was quiet and liked to spend time with his train models. When Sean was little he thought they were so cool, much like Daniel does now. But now he thought they were lame. He thought this entire house was lame. He was glad to have it but in the cabin at least he got to be in charge... And here Clair was the commander. Also because the old people didn't allow them on the internet Sean couldn't do anything like contact his friends or check Brody's blog or watch some porn at last. At least now he could hide in a toilet safely. He still had weird fantasies which got weirder every time. Also he slept in the same room with Daniel, which was the guest room, not Karen's room.

So one night which was about their fifth night there Sean just finished busting a nut and returned to his room with Daniel. He laid there and was about to fall asleep when he heard someone. Someone was in the room. And they approached the bed. He thought it was Claire checking on them, although what the hell? Why would she do such a thing? Was it one of her control freak quirks?

Sean laid there but the person didn't leave. It's like... The person was just standing there. He got creeped out. What if it wasn't any of their grandparents. What if it was some fucking home invader? Was he going to kill them?

Sean was sweating and feared turning around. What if it was a rapist??? It was his worst fear. Other than something happening to Daniel. So Sean braced himself ready to turn over and interrogate the intruder. He was hoping he was imagining things.

He decided to do it abruptly so he sat up and looked straight at the place where the person was supposed to be standing.

Indeed there was a figure. It backed away the second it saw Sean's movement. Sean noticed the person's hand was up their pants.

"What the fuck?" he said angrily.

The person then did the opposite and came up to Sean hurriedly. "Shh, quiet please!"

Sean saw that it was... Stephen!

"What the fuck grandpa? Is this a joke???" he asked, still angry but quieter.

"Shhh, don't wake Daniel, I can explain!" whispered Stephen.

"Explain what? That you were..."

"No, please let me explain. Come follow me. You don't want to wake Daniel up, do you?"

Sean looked back at his brother who was asleep. He certainly didn't want Daniel to see this shameful display. He was also in shock and denial about any of this happening. 

He followed Stephen back to his office. Stephen closed the door behind him and sat on his chair.

"Look, Sean..."

Sean snapped, he was on edge. "Look what?! What on Earth were you thinking?!"

"Please don't yell Sean. I know I have sinned. But I swear I didn't touch him. I didn't touch anyone! But I couldn't hold back anymore..."

"What??" Sean was appalled. So Stephen was looking at Daniel? 

"Please don't hate me Sean. I didn't do anything. But you see, Claire and I hasn't been intimate for a very long time, and I..."

"Why should I care? This is disgusting!" Sean was about to turn and leave but Stephen stopped him.

"Where are you going?"

"I'm taking Daniel and we're out of here!"

"But where would you go? What would you do?"

Sean didn't care. "Whatever!"

"No, Sean. You're safe here. I swear I won't touch little Daniel, I swear," Stephen said, but Sean didn't believe it. "You're here only because of me you know. Claire wanted to contact the police right away. But I talked her out of it."

"Why? So that you could take advantage of my brother???" And to think the two of them were getting along so well... 

"Don't say that, Sean. We're family."

"If we're family, then why would you do such a perverted act!" Sean could almost cry. 

"It's not a big deal Sean. I just looked. Family is people who are closest to each other... There's nothing wrong if it doesn't go too far..."

"You're wrong! Does Claire know about this?"

"No. And she won't. She wouldn't believe you even if you told her."

Sean was at a loss of words. He knew he needed to get Daniel and get out of here as soon as possible. But the event didn't even register in his mind completely. He couldn't believe it. That his own grandpa...

"Listen Sean. We don't have to fight about it. I didn't do anything and you know it. Let's just forget this ever happened."

"As if I'd let Daniel anywhere near you!"

"I'm a good man Sean. I just have these... Urges, sometimes. But I never act on them! I'm a good Christian soul! I would never hurt you or your brother."

Sean felt his skin crawl. "Did... Did you do this... When I was a kid, too?"

Stephen said nothing, only looked away.

Sean felt like he could puke.

"Listen up Sean. I have your silence, and you have your safety in this house. That's a deal. Okay?"

It was not okay but Sean didn't know what to reply. He was so lost right now. He always thought only good things about Stephen. And now when that image of him was shattered he was at loss of words.

"As for my urges, well," continued Stephen, "I'll try to hold back. And I'll pray. Please don't judge me Sean."

Sean left the room and went back to Daniel. He saw the boy lying there sleeping peacefully. This pure child, was just observed by an old pervert who used him as an image to get off. Sean shivered like he had a fever. He laid next to Daniel but the shiver didn't stop. He felt so disgusted and shocked that he wanted to puke and cry. He had no idea what to do next. Daniel was clearly happy here... He had many meals and he could sleep in warmth and safety. Well, almost safety... Daniel needed to gather strength before they could head out. Calling the police was out of the question of course. And telling Claire... Something told Sean that she really wouldn't believe him. Claire and Stephen had been husband and wife for years, and they were old, so Claire would likely rather believe he has erectile dysfunction. Sean didn't know what to do and all of it felt like a dream. No, not a dream, it was a horrible nightmare.

Chapter Text

A few more days passed and nothing bad happened. Sean looked after his brother and observed Stephen and there were no changes in Daniel's demeanor, chipper as always and Stephen played the role of a nice bubbly grandpa. But Sean knew how it really was. Stephen was an old perverted pedo cunt who lusted after little boys. Sean was wracked with tremors every time he thought about it. But he couldn't do anything, so he waited for the best opportunity to leave. Daniel needed Claire's good meals. To be honest, Sean needed them too. He started treating Claire better even though she used to be racist towards their father. He could tell that Claire did a lot for them. Maybe she wanted to be a better person. While Stephen pretended to be a better person, all the while being predator.

Sean stopped leaving Daniel alone at night. He didn't jack off at all but it wasn't the priority because protecting Daniel was more important. He would become anxious every time Daniel left his sight, worrying Stephen was out there having his way with Sean's innocent little bro.

One day Claire asked Sean to get keys for the toolshed from Stephen. He walked to his office but Stephen needed a favor. "I think I need a handy assistant. Can you hand me the glue in the cupboard behind me?" Sean rolled his eyes. He did not like the way that was worded much like an innuendo. But since he was supposed to help around the house, he did just as told. The cupboard had an unstable foot and it almost fell on Sean!

"Careful!" said Stephen as he jumped out of the chair to help Sean hold it. "Sorry, I forgot, that thing isn't too stable."

"Oh," said Sean looking away with a blank face. He gave him the glue and was about to leave when Stephen said to close the door because they needed to talk.

Sean clenched his fists. "Sure," he said with a cold voice and closed the door. He stood there right next to it as if he was ready to leave any moment.

"You're so distant, Sean. That's not the right way to treat your grandpa."

Sean wanted to hold back a snarky remark but couldn't: "Why don't you tell me the _right_ way to treat your grandson, then?"

Stephen laughed in that old person way. "Don't be mad. I actually meant to talk about something else..."

"Then get to it!" snapped Sean

"And don't be rude. You don't know how hard it is for me. I've been nothing but nice to you two."

Sean held his own head in his hands. He was so tired of this bullshit. "Shut up."

"I love you and Daniel..."

"I don't want to hear that!" Sean held back his voice because Claire and Daniel were right in the next room.

"Please, give me a chance. I know you must be so snappy because you've been holding back as well, so please understand..."

"What?!" Sean grumbled. This was beyond delusional.

"You used to go out every night to the bathroom. You spend at least half an hour or more there."


"I know what you were doing..."

"It's none of your fucking business. I was taking a shit for all you care. And how did you know about it anyway?"

Stephen sighed.

"You... You were in the room weren't you? Doing the dirty while I was in the toilet weren't you???" Sean asked angrily. That's why he didn't hear anyone enter! Sean must've interrupted Stephen back then. So... Was it Sean's own fault, for leaving Daniel alone just to get his rocks off?, it's Stephen's fault for being a pedophile, Sean concluded.

"I didn't lie to you. I did not lay my hands on the boy. I was just doing the same as you were doing in our bathroom. Alright? You must understand."

"No. I won't understand. How you'd ever think of a child sexually. How you'd ever think of your own grandson sexually. It's sick."

Stephen sighed again. "Yes. I am sick. I'm a sick man, Sean. Cut me some slack, I beg of you."

This was useless and frustrating. He would continue coming up with excuses. Sean was done with this conversation. "Is that all you wanted to say?"

"Actually. I meant to talk about something completely unrelated. I noticed things about Daniel. Some kind of a holy gift! You know what I'm talking about, don't you?"

"No. No idea."

"I'm not sure how to put it... It's some kind of invisible force... He can do strange things which I cannot explain."

"Daniel likes to pretend to have superpowers. That's all there is to it," said Sean blankly.

Stephen frowned. "That's it? Well, okay. Be careful Sean. He's still so young."

"Wouldn't you know."

"Let's— let's not. Don't tell anything to Claire. She has strong beliefs. She wouldn't understand."

"She's not the only one."

"Sean. You should stay here with us. This Mexico plan... You and I both know it won't work out. Please just... Stay with us, with me Sean, and we'll figure it all out. We can keep you a secret. We can keep many secrets."

Sean leaned forward a little to look Stephen in the eye. "You don't have a say in this, old man." He turned around and left through the door. Though his face didn't show it, he was seething.


Later in the day Sean and his brother did some chores and went out to the yard for the first time, but Daniel saw this neighbor boy falling off a tree in the neighbours's yard so he used his powers to catch him like a dumbass. Sean and Daniel pretended to not see anything but the kid obviously witnessed them since he literally floated above the ground for a few seconds.

The kid's name was Chris. He was Daniel's age and Daniel seemed to enjoy talking to him. But then Chris's dad came up and Sean could smell him reaking of booze. He didn't like thar but the dad brought the kid back to their house on his back. Sean noticed the kid was outside without his shoes (or even outerwear clothes but he didn't think much of it at first). Those neighbors clearly have some problems since Claire also mentioned before that it's only dad and son living there without their mom because she died. Although their own family is no better to be completely fair. Not only did their mom leave them, their dad died, but also their grandparent turned out to be a creep. Life sure is cruel. Sean's mind was occupied with nagging thoughts at the back of his head all day. He needed to make an escape plan because the situation with Stephen could go out of hand any moment.

Well, just as that thought crossed his mind something had to happen. That same night when Sean was guarding Daniel's sleep, he heard a knock on the door. He jumped out of bed, like a guard dog (or guard wolf) on alert. He put on his pants and opened the door. His heart was beating in fear - fear for Daniel's safety, not his. It was Stephen of course.

"Come down to my office," Stephen simply said. Sean could've refused, but he didn't want to make a ruckus. So he followed the old fuck, scowling.

They walked in and Sean stood by the door.

"Please take a sit," said Stephen.

Sean glared at his grandpa whom he used to love. Just his sight was revolting. He sat on the chair Stephen offered. Then Stephen came up to the door and locked it with a key.

"What are you doing?!" Sean grunted.

"Do not worry. Let's not fight, I won't hurt you and you know you can overpower me any moment because I'm an week old man. This is just a precaution."

"For what?!"

Stephen came up to the laptop. He opened Internet Explorer and typed something else. He spoke as he did all this. "Look Sean I know you don't trust me and everything. But I want to make it up for you."

Was he going to let him contact his friends or something? That wouldn't make up for shit! Sean stared at the laptop screen and saw... A porn site! Stephen opened some porn site!

"What do you like? Uhm, there's everything here so you can search yourself..."

"What the hell is this shit?! Why are you doing this, let me go!" Sean started upwards and knocked the chair over.

"No Sean. This is for the best, for you and I. See, I can't hold on much longer, but. If you let me... Just let me watch you, it can last me weeks! No, even more. You may stop worrying about your brother."

"This is..." Sean backed away and his back collided with the wall. He couldn't believe this. He didn't want to believe that this was reality.

"I won't do anything to you! Unless you let me... But you don't have to. Just do your thing and imagine I'm not here."

"I don't... I don't want this..." Sean was defeated. This was absurd and he couldn't even scream anymore. This was way too fucking weird.

Stephen was unrelenting. "Don't you want to feel calm? We'll do it this once and then you won't have to worry about your brother or yourself for a long long time. It's going to be our secret. Don't even think about it and do it..."

Sean shivered. If he knocked Stephen out and ran away and woke Claire up, maybe she'd believe that this was happening. But what if Daniel woke up and also saw it? Sean couldn't let that happen. Besides, knocking out his own grandpa... As much as he hated him now, it wasn't like with that redneck at the gas station. He wasn't a nobody even after these terrible things he'd been doing.

"Come on, Sean. Sit down and touch yourself." Stephen picked up the chair.

Sean sat on it. Even though he looked at the screen, his gaze was empty. If he did it just this once... The old creep would fuck off. He did much worse things before... But this he would do to secure Daniel. So it's for a noble reason. So Sean convinced himself to keep his sanity.

He opened a random video, some that was most popular this day. He didn't look at the title or tags, he didn't care. He wasn't even there at the moment.

He put his hand down his pants where his limp dick was and tried to fondle it so it would spring to life. Stephen was somewhere behind him presumably, but he chose to forget that he was in here at all. He watched the porn and stroked his penis. It felt good but only because of the friction. Every other aspect was very very bad. He felt like he could cry but he blocked out every emotion for the time being. He just needed to cum. But he couldn't. He switched to another video. He didn't find the actress attractive. He kind of wanted to type the name of the one he was fond of, but he didn't want Stephen to see. He didn't want Stephen there, period.

This was the first time he was seeing porn in a while, but he couldn't enjoy any of it at all. "I can't..." he said in a strained voice.

The voice behind him responded out of breath, "do you want my help?"

Sean was ready to say no, but he felt something coming up his throat, he almost puked but swallowed it, and the lack of an answer Stephen interpreted as yes.

In a moment he was somewhere between Sean's legs, Sean wouldn't dare to look down, he wanted to withdraw but everything happened so fast, the hem of his pants and briefs was pulled back, setting his cock free, and then it entered a wet hot cavern. Sean's toes clenched and his hands clawed at the fabric of his pants. He hated it yet he couldn't deny how good it felt. Slithering tongue was all over his penis, and something else... Something strange and otherworldly was clenching around his shaft. He thought they were lips at first, but they were too firm and wet... Then it fucking dawned him. 

In the bathroom. There's always a cup. And every night teeth float in that cup of water. Stephen was using his bare gums on Sean's penis.

Sean was disgusted yet aroused. He couldn't define the emotion. The video he forgotten completely, he stared at the ceiling instead, tears gathering in his eyes as he received his first blowjob ever.

He didn't know how blowjobs were supposed to feel, but this one felt so good that his feet went numb when he came.

Because recently he was holding back, he was cumming for a while. He bit his bottom lip because of pleasure and because he didn't want to cry. Then his penis went limp and the mouth removed itself from his penis.

Stephen crawled from beneath the table, stood up and started stretching his back. "Oof, thank you, Sean..." he said in a strange, gravelly voice, apparently satisfied.

Sean still sat there, head dipped up, tears now slipping down his cheeks. He would puke, he would surely puke. He clenched his stomach, ready to lose his lunch. He hid his shame and then bolted up and ran upstairs to vomit.


Sean woke up next morning, hoping everything had been a nightmare. He woke up every day like that, hoping every event from dad's death day and forward, was not real. But it always was. Daniel was not there with him and Sean panicked. Then he saw a message Daniel left on a writing tablet. He was at the neighbors!? Goddamn Daniel. Can't help but break rules. Sean got up and got dressed real quick. He walked around the house looking for anyone, but it was empty. That's right, it was Sunday, so Claire and Stephen left to church. Sean couldn't believe Stephen sexually assaulted him the night before church. He would rather not think about it. He thought, while no one is there, he could use the laptop. Even though he dreaded looking at it or going to that room, like other hurtful memories he wanted to repress it. Still it wouldn't stop him from using it. He missed the internet.

He used Chrome instead of Internet Explorer because he was gen Z and not some fucking boomer. He checked Brody's blog first because he anticipated doing so for a long time. He found an article which clearly referenced Sean and Daniel! Brody was eloquent with words if not a little pretentious and he made everything sound better than it was. To Sean it was a five hour drive, a blow job and a new backpack. Brody made everything seem so whimsical and romantic that Sean even felt nostalgic for it. He also checked out that nudism article. He decided not to write Brody because Brody said to contact him when they were safe, and neither Sean nor Daniel were safe in this fucking place. Sean regretted ever coming here. But he did it for Daniel, and as long as Daniel didn't know what was really going on it was bearable. But they'd need to get out. For now though he had to go get Daniel from the neighbors.

He walked to the neighboring house which looked way cheaper than their grandparents's. He walked up and on the front porch was a basket with trash. A lot of beer cans. Great, Daniel was over at the drunk's place. He hoped nothing bad would happen like it tended to happen to Sean all the time ever since his dad died. He opened the shabby door and immediately witnessed stuff floating around in the air. What in the cum guzzling hell, Daniel!

"What's going on here?" he said instead as he ran in and the toys that floated dropped.

"Don't freak out!" pleaded Daniel. He was sitting right there on the floor, doing it in front of the other kid (floating objects!).

But then the kid whose name was Chris intersected.

"Let me explain," he said in an overly deepened voice, like he was mimicking superhero, which he actually was because he was dressed in a costume like the day before. "I... Have a superpower."

Yeah right. Sean quirked his eyebrow at Daniel who looked down in shame.

Chris explained the powers he had and Sean crossed his arms. "Superpowers? Great. And you don't realize what that implies? Everyone can see you from the outside!" he glanced at Daniel even though he was supposedly telling this to Captain Spirit. "You could get in real trouble. This is dangerous. You understand?"

Chris replied that he understood but Daniel just looked annoyed once again. Sean was pissed. What would it take for Daniel to understand that his powers aren't a toy? He killed a goddamn cougar!

Chris came up with some nonsense about them being a squad and said Sean can be a part of it since he knows "his" secret. Everyone in the Spirit Squad needed a name. Daniel said he'd be Super Wolf. Sean said he doesn't need a name and Daniel said they'd call him Super Lame. These were the unnecessary exposition details before Chris's dad walked in. He looked more collected than yesterday and no longer reeked like beer.

"Excuse me, who are you?" he asked Sean.

"Daniel's brother," Sean replied as they shook hands.

"Oh right. Well I was about to drive the kids to Christmas Tree sale."

He also said some bullshit trying to play along with Chris's superhero charade. He was clearly used to this. Sean wasn't in the mood as you could tell.

"Sean you should come with us!" said Daniel.

"And who said you were coming anyway?" retorted Sean. "We're supposed to look after the house."

"But! I'm so sick of that house!"

"Oh I'm sure it'll be fine," said Chris's dad (whose name was Charles Eriksen by the way) irresponsibly. "We don't even lock the doors, it's quiet out here." Clearly, since nothing stopped Sean from walking straight inside this house, and he was a wanted criminal for a second.

"I don't know..." said Sean. He too was sick of that house and of the smell of that house. "They'll be worried."

"They won't even notice. AND we'll buy them Christmas presents!"

Sean sighed. He felt like like he had no say in this. "Fine..."

"Yay!" both boys jumped simultaneously.

Charles went to "clean the backseat" of his car and Daniel wanted to pee so Sean ended up with Captain Spirit alone.

"I'll show you my toys!" said Chris. "These are Captain Spirit's friends and enemies. You have to guess which are which!"

As if Sean cared about the toys of this kid he just met. He was much more worried that his grandparents would return when they were a few miles away from the house. And what if someone recognized them out there? And Daniel kept breaking the rules. Sean was worrying too much but that's what happens when you emotionally scar a person several times in a row.

He separated them randomly without thinking about it too much.

"Huh! Not bad! You didn't guess some, but that's okay. I'll introduce them to you."

He showed which toys are nice and which aren't. Sean relaxed a little. Maybe it would be good for him to spend time with kids. And for Daniel. He remembered how pure he feels when around Daniel, like those gross things never happened to him. The same he felt with Chris. Their childlike worldview was calming. Like maybe the world isn't so bad or something.

Chris told him all about his imaginary villain and all that and Sean played along. Then he cautiously asked if Chris's father have seen his "powers" and Chris said that he didn't. Thankfully.

"But don't tell him, or he might freak out," said Sean.

"I'm definitely not telling him. He's too occupied with other stuff."

Sean didn't want to be a dick so he decided not to bring up Chris's dad's obvious alcohol problems.

"Your dad is cool, he hooked you up with that tree house."

"Oh yeah, he let Stephen build it for me! It's my flying fortress."

Sean's face darkened to a darker color. "You... You didn't play there with Stephen though, did you?"

"Nah. Why would I play there with him? He's cool and everything, I even made a drawing of him! But he's uuum... No offence to Stephen but he's senior."

"Yeah. Ok. Don't, um, don't bother him even if he tells you he doesn't mind playing with you. He has... back pains, which he doesn't tell anyone about."

"Okay," said Chris.

Sean was relieved. Daniel was relieved too because he walked out the toilet room just then. "Okay squad, let's roll," says Sean and the three of them leave the place.