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New Legacy

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Ever since her pod landed on earth Kara has been searching for a place where she truly fits in. The Danvers were nice and treated her well but she never really felt like she fit in with them. After becoming Supergirl she still didn't feel like she fit in especially since no matter what she did people would hate her and generally be ungrateful. After only a year of being Supergirl Kara fell into a depression and stopped being a hero much to the dismay of Alex who kept insisting she not stop. Kara felt like something was missing in her life but she could never exactly place what it was. She needed to figure herself out and she knew she couldn't do that in National City or even in this universe so she decided to go to earth One. Needing to find herself wasn't the only reason she wanted to leave though. Kara was in love but her love was unrequited no matter what she said or did. She couldn't stand being around the person she was in love with as it just hurt to do so especially since there was no avoiding her.

So without a word to anyone Kara left and went to Earth one where she stayed at Star Labs. Even being away from her earth Kara still didn't feel any better and was still yearning to fill the hole inside her. After a few weeks Kara lost her powers, as it turns out the sun radiation of this earth doesn't work like it does on earth thirty eight. Barry and the others tried to help restore her powers but it was no use. Their was one thing however that she was able to retain under this earth's sun which was the ability that keeps her from aging. Oddly enough the lose of her powers didn't really bother her. She became cold and distant causing the others to be concerned and wanting to help. The problem was they didn't know how to help Kara and it didn't help that she wouldn't let them help. They offered her a place to stay outside of Star Labs but she always refused as she liked the dull coldness of the labs.

One night Kara found herself alone at a bar drinking trying to fill that void in her heart. As she sat there drinking she had caught the eye of a short haired brunette who approached her and bought her a drink. Kara recognized the brunette since the woman was the doppelgänger of the woman that she had fallen in love with on her earth. After a short time of talking the brunette asked if she wanted to get out there so they did. Star Labs was closer than a motel or the other woman's place so that's where they went. They made out the entire way to the room that Kara had been using and they fell on the bed discarding clothing before they did. After several hours they laid there smelling of sweat and sex. For a brief moment Kara felt content and without thinking said something she shouldn't have.

"I love you Alex." Kara softy blurted out before realizing what she said.

"Okay whoa hold on! We just met so that's just really creepy. And I don't remember telling you my name." The brunette said sitting up.

"You uh.......told me at the bar!" Kara said just making something up.

"Yea no! Look the sex was great......well more like amazing but I'm just going to go." The woman spoke as she got out of the bed

"Wait! Please don't go! I'm sorry." Kara said grabbing the woman's wrist.

"Hey let go!" She said trying to pull away from Kara.

"Please stay."

"NO! Now let go of me you weirdo!" The woman shouted smacking Kara in the face as she was still trying to pull away.

"FUCKING BITCH!" Kara yelled as she yanked the woman back onto the bed wrapping her hands around the woman's neck and squeezing. "Why won't you love me! Am I not pretty enough! Am I not smart enough! I've done everything for you!" Kara gripped tighter on the woman's throat getting silent gasps from her. "I was the one who was always there for you, I was the one who always saved you, not that badge wearing 'BITCH'! I should have killed that whore of a detective when I had the chance! Hell maybe I should have let that plane crash that way you wouldn't be alive to rip my heart out!"

Kara was strangling the woman squeezing tighter and tighter as she kept getting angrier. The woman thrashed around in panic trying to escape Kara's grip. Her eye's looked over seeing a glass container labeled Sulfuric acid, she picked it up and smashed it into Kara's face. Kara yelled out in pain as the side of her face started burning causing her to let go of the woman. Taking her chance the woman tried to run out of the room but was stopped when the door slammed shut locking her in. Because of multiple attacks on Star Labs a panic button that locked the room down was installed in this room since it was normally used as a medical room. The woman tried to open the door but to no avail. She was grabbed from behind and tossed across the room slamming into a wall. Kara tossed her around a few more times breaking things and cracking the window in the process since the woman kept struggling and fighting. Finally Kara got her hands around the woman's neck again this time making sure there was no getting free.

"I LOVED YOU!" Kara yelled.

The woman stopped moving, her body going limp and her eye's glazing over. Kara finally let go and stepped back from the bed sitting down in a chair. She realized what she had just done and knew she should feel bad horrified even but she didn't. Instead Kara found herself feeling exhilarated as if she had taken some kind of drug. That void she felt in her heart seemed to shrink in size. Hours later the rooms lockdown had already lifted and Kara was still just sitting their in the chair as she hadn't moved at all. It was early morning and like her usual routine Caitlin Snow showed up much earlier than everyone else. Upon entering the lab Caitlin sat her purse down but when she glanced up she saw the cracked window of the medical room and went to check on Kara. When she entered the room though she looked around horrified before her eye's fell to Kara and her half burned face.

"Oh my god!" Caitlin blurted out.