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Mistakes Were Made

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Tadano sat down in his limo feeling he had lost half of himself. Everything happened so quickly. He walked into the karaoke bar not expecting to walk out single.

“Eni-O, take me home.” The command felt empty, he felt empty.

The car rolled out of the parking lot and he was gone.

Retsuko was slumped over on her seat in her karaoke room. She cried into her hands as Washimi and Gori comforted her.

“It’s okay Retsuko, you did what you thought was right.” Gori said as she rubbed Retsuko’s back.

Retsuko just couldn’t help and feel as though she had made a grave mistake. There was a sinking feeling of dread in the pit of her stomach and a deep feeling of sadness in her heart. She still loved him, but Retsuko knew that their goals and dreams in life weren’t compatible with each other.

1 month later

Retsuko had been feeling scared and panicky all week. She had a hunch about something, and today she would find out if she was right. She didn’t want to find out at work so she waited until she got home. Her hands and legs were shaking. Retsuko walked into the restroom where she had left the pink box in the morning. All she would have to do was pee on the stick and wait a couple minutes. There was a chance her worst fears would be confirmed today.

Tadano sat alone in his limo, having done nothing that day except sulk. Instead of getting on his computer and starting on some work, he pulled up Instagram and began scrolling through Retsuko’s instagram. Desperate for some kind of update. Nothing. When he had first broken up with Retsuko he busied himself to keep his mind off the break up. He finished his work at the company she worked at as quickly as possible so he didn't have to face her anymore. It had worked at first, but as time went on he only seemed to feel more and more depressed. Recently, he found himself to always be tired. He didn’t feel the same level of passion for what he did as he had felt before.

What became apparent to him was that he still loved Retsuko. He could never stop thinking about her, and found himself practically stalking her through social media. He wanted to be with her forever, but he never wanted to get married. Yet something has dawned on him recently. What difference would it make if they were married? Tadano wanted Retsuko, but he knew there was one thing he could never see himself being able to provide for her. Retsuko’s want for children. Tadano just couldn’t see himself as a father.

Retsuko was frozen in disbelief. All three pregnancy tests came back with the same result. Positive.