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Call You Mine

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“What are you doing for the rest of your life?” Sirius asked, more dreamily than intended, leaning against the bar beside a tall, lanky brunette man. He looked over and tipped a sideways smile across his scarred face.

“I don’t even know what I’m doing tonight.” Fear crawled across his face for a second at his surprising honesty. But the frankly gorgeous young man leaning beside him just laughed.

“In that case, want to hang out with me and my friends?” Sirius jerked a thumb over his shoulder at a table along the wall. Two men, one short and pale and the other tall and dark, sat with a redhead who looked like a modern Celtic warrior goddess, if she wasn’t one of the mean girls at school, that is. She was pretty enough for it, Remus could admit.

“I don’t even know your name,” Remus said, somewhat dumbly.

The man beside him grinned. “I’m Sirius, like the star,” he said, sticking his hand out to shake.

“No surname? Like Madonna?” Remus asked, shaking the proffered hand.

Sirius laughed. “I have one, but I don’t want to scare you off by associating myself with my birth-givers.”

Remus nodded, no less confused. “Remus Lupin.”

“Sweet Merlin, your parents doomed you to the wolf jokes, didn’t they?”

Remus paled slightly, though it was hard to tell in the dim lights. “Uh,” he cleared his throat. “Yeah.”

Sirius frowned slightly. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you. It’s just, I get the name jokes all the time, or make them. I like your name. It’s as daft as mine, in a great way.”

Remus set his hand on Sirius’s forearm where it rested on the bar. “You didn’t offend me, Sirius. Really. Just, I’ve not really had people to make those jokes before.”

Sirius’s brow furrowed. “But, you’re around our age, you must be. Eighteen or nineteen, yeah?”

“Eighteen, just a few months ago.”

“Yeah, you’re our year, but I don’t remember you from Hogwarts. And you don’t sound like you went to Beauxbatons or Durmstrang. I’ve met British people who went there, but you sound nothing like that.”

“I was homeschooled.”

“Oh, but you would’ve gone to Hogwarts then?” Remus nodded. “Well, then, would you like to meet the friends you would have had if you’d gone to Hogwarts?”

“Pretty sure of yourself,” Remus said, but he was smiling.

“Pretty sure I would’ve pulled you into our group.”

“Sure, I guess. As we’ve established, I’ve got nothing better to do.”

“Great! We’re celebrating moving to London now that we’re graduated.”

“Oh, I am too, sort of.”

“You can definitely celebrate with us then!”

Remus chuckled, but it petered out as he remembered his financial situation. “I, um, I can’t really afford to go hard tonight.”

“Like, personally or financially?”

“The second one,” Remus muttered.

“Don’t worry, Peter and Lily can’t either. Jamie and I are covering drinks tonight. It’s really not a problem, and you won’t owe us anything. Not even your company if you want to go home or whatever. I promise. I just think you’re cute and you seem funny and I’d love if you wanted to come hang out with us.”

“Well, how can I turn down that offer?” Remus said, smiling wider. He let Sirius tow him by the hand over to the table he shared with his friends.

Sirius grinned, sliding into the booth first. “This is Remus Lupin, he was homeschooled, but he would’ve been our year at Hogwarts. So I’m adopting him as an honorary Marauder, at least for the night.” James grinned widely. “Remus, this is James Potter, who I also call Prongs. That’s his fiancee Lily Evans. She’s the literal best.” Lily smiled and Remus was suddenly sure he’d love her. “And this is Peter Pettigrew, or Wormtail.”

“And you’ve already met Padfoot, the giant drama queen,” James said. Sirius grinned, unrepentant.

Remus took a sip of his beer. “So, what do you all do? Now you’re in London, of course.”

“I’m starting university in September,” Lily said. “Potions and Healing. And I’m working part-time at St. Mungo’s.”

“Lily was best in the school at potions,” Sirius explained to Remus.

“Ah, I’m shite at potions. Couldn’t go past OWL, though my dad taught me some NEWT-level stuff,” Remus said. “Do you want to be a healer?”

“Yeah, or a potioneer would be good too. I’m trying to get an internship with Damocles Belby. He’s working on a lot of therapeutic potions, for werewolves and vampires and other magical conditions. He’s a few years older than us, but I met him through our potions master at school.”

Remus nodded. “That sounds amazing.” Something in his chest loosened a little at hearing her speak so highly of a therapeutic potion for werewolves. Maybe these would be friends for more than the night.

“Lily’s gonna help everyone she meets,” James said, staring proudly, and extremely soppily, down at her.

“Says the future Auror,” Lily said. James kissed her cheek.

“James and I are entering Auror training in a few months,” Sirius said. He shrugged. “I think I would’ve liked to go to university instead, but I’d just end up studying transfiguration and maybe advanced charms and defense. Not all that helpful in the current climate, you know?”

“You can’t take courses or learn more on your own?” Remus asked.

“Maybe. I hope so, but not while I’m in Auror training. I know I’ll learn a lot there, but it’s a very heavy three-year program. At least we don’t have to go away for it, mostly.”

Remus nodded. “I admit, I don’t know much about it, even though my dad works for the Ministry.”

“What department? If you don’t mind me asking,” James said.

“Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. He’s not really well-liked there, or outside the Ministry for being in the department in the first place,” Remus said with a shrug. “I think he’s realizing that he’d like to change things, but can’t.”

“I’d like to change things there too,” Lily said. She gave a decisive nod.

“What about you, Peter?” Remus asked, hoping to delay discussions of what he was doing.

“Oh, I’m not really sure yet. I’m working in an apothecary right now, just until I can figure it out. Maybe university, but I don’t know.”

“No shame in not knowing yet, Wormy,” James said. “What about you, Remus? What are you doing now you’ve finished?”

“Um, looking for a job, actually. I didn’t want to stay in the little town I grew up in, but I don’t think I can go to university, even though I’d like to.”

“If you can’t afford it, you probably wouldn’t have to pay,” Lily said. “I’m not paying for anything beyond books and a place to live. And honestly, just books because I live with James.”

Remus shrugged. “That’s still a lot,” he said. “But I don’t think they’d let me in anyway.”

“The same reason you were homeschooled?” Sirius asked quietly. Remus stilled, but nodded. “Okay.” He smiled gently. “Where were you hoping to get a job? Diagon?”

“Maybe. At one of the bookstores would be ideal, or even at the Leaky or Fortescue’s.”

“Think of all the free ice cream,” Sirius said. They laughed and conversation turned to other topics.

James bought another round and a round of shots, and Sirius bought the one after that as they got progressively tipsier. Remus slotted into their group like he’d always been there, teaming up with Lily to tease James or Sirius, joking with Peter, and teaming up with Sirius against the others without a second thought. When he laughed particularly hard, Sirius dropped a hand onto Remus’s thigh, giving it a quick squeeze before he let go. Remus both wanted Sirius to take his hand back, for his sanity’s sake, and to never let go because his hand was warm and wonderful through the worn twill of his trousers. He pressed his leg more firmly against Sirius’s, earning a bright grin and a smouldering gaze.

He’d never had this before, this instant connection. Sure, it wasn’t the first time he’d gone to a bar to hook up. He hadn’t been opposed to it tonight either. Still wasn't, if it was with Sirius. The water was off in his tiny flat tonight due to long overdue maintenance and it had been damp and cold for a week earlier in the month, during which he’d tried to find a warm partner to spend the night with. He felt a little bad about it, but it wasn’t every night, and he was pretty upfront with his hook-ups. He’d explain briefly that his place was crap and he’d really rather not take them there because they deserved better. It wasn’t even a line. Everyone deserved better. Even his self-esteem wouldn’t let him believe he deserved such a shithole.

But he’d never had something like what was bubbling up between him and Sirius.

“Wanna get outta here and head to the Drake?” James asked.

“Where?” Remus asked, tuning in.

“Oh, the Potted Mandrake. It’s in Camden.”

Sirius turned to Remus. “It’s a chill place, we usually head there and then to the Lion’s Den. It’s run by an old Gryffindor couple in the West End, close to my flat in Soho. It’s stumbling distance home,” he said with a laugh.

“Yeah, alright,” Remus said. “Sounds fun, but I’m a little too drunk to apparate.”

“Same,” Peter said.

“Tube then?” Lily asked. The others nodded. “Do you have an oyster card, Remus?”

“Uh, yeah. My mum insisted. She’s a muggle, so she wanted me to have a way to get around that she could trust.”

Lily grinned. “That’s why I got these numpties to start taking the Tube when they’re drinking. Landing in the dumpster one too many times on the way to the Lion’s Den.” They laughed, but James conceded magnanimously to her wisdom.

They spilled out onto the pavement and headed toward the Tube station, guided by Lily’s impeccable sense of direction. Which was necessary, because James seemed to not know his right from his left. Remus wondered if this was a normal occurrence or if he should really just stop drinking. Sirius bumped his shoulder.

“So, what’d’you think?”

“I think I like your friends.”

Sirius grinned. “They like you too, I can tell. Was I right that you’d have been friends with us at school?”

“If you’d worked this hard to pull me in, yeah, definitely.” Sirius crowed with delight, thrusting a fist into the air. Remus laughed.

“C’mon, we don’t wanna lose them. No idea how Lils walks so fast for a short person,” Sirius said, grabbing Remus’s hand. A minute later he dropped it. “Oh, sorry, do you mind me touching you? I forgot to ask. This lot are just used to me now, but I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.”

Remus smiled. “That’s sweet of you, but I don’t mind you touching me. Some rando, yes, but not you.” He pulled Sirius’s hand toward his with the tips of his fingers, watching a grin bloom across his face. Sirius gripped his hand more fully.

“Just remember, you said it was fine. But shove me off when I’m too much, yeah?”

“Not gonna happen,” Remus said, surprising himself at how easy it was to tease and flirt with this man. Sirius pulled him along and they followed the others down into the station.

Although it wasn’t very busy, Sirius sat pressed against his side, James and Lily opposite them, and Peter beside James. Remus leaned into the heat Sirius gave off.

“We gotta get you a nickname,” James said. “If you’re sticking around as much as Padfoot obviously wants you to.” Sirius hid against Remus’s shoulder, which shook with chuckles.

“Well, how’d you get your nicknames?” Remus asked.

Sirius leaned up to whisper in his ear in light of the muggles nearby. “James and I are animagi. Stag and dog, get it? And Peter’s patronus is a rat, but he didn’t want to do the animagi thing with us.” Remus nodded. “I think we should do something about your ridiculous name, if you don’t mind, Remus.”

“Is it gonna be ‘Wolfy’? Because that’s a hard no.”

Sirius laughed. “I was thinking Moony. Cause Remus was the first werewolf, basically, in the myth.”

“Not the muggle myth,” Lily said. Sirius shrugged.

“That’s the only one I’ve heard,” Remus said.

“Oh!” Sirius said. “I can tell you the other one when we get to the pub, if you want.” Remus nodded. “D’you like Moony? We can think of something else.”

“No, I like it Sirius.” He smiled down at Sirius, realizing in the bright lights of the underground car that he was wearing eyeliner and it looked really good. He’d never been this gone for someone so quickly. “Thank you.”

“You’re stuck with us now,” James said.

“Oh, we should add you to our group chat,” Lily said. “You’ve got a mobile, yeah?” Remus nodded. “Great, we’ll all add you when we’re aboveground.”

On the walk to the pub, they all added Remus on SpellNet, exchanged numbers, and added him to their group chat. At least, the chat that was just the four of them. There were apparently others, with more people from their year, but they didn’t want to overwhelm him with new people he hadn’t met yet. Especially someone called Marls. Although they were sure he would get on great with someone called Dorcas. He couldn’t wait to meet them, actually, to have proper friends. He’d missed that most of all when he found out he couldn’t go to Hogwarts.

The Potted Mandrake was tucked into an alley with a ton of muggle-repellant and notice-me-not charms. But the sign had a mandrake being pulled from its pot in more detail than necessary, and the inside looked warm and comfortable through the window. Sirius ordered a round as soon as they got in, he and Peter carrying it to the table James had grabbed in the back. It seemed like their usual.

“You know,” Lily began, “Sirius really likes you. I thought he was just gonna try to pull you and bail on us, but he’s never been like this with anyone. I mean, maybe James. But James latched onto that sad little eleven-year-old and tried to give him something resembling a functional way of interacting with people. He might’ve overdone it on the physical affection, but I won’t complain.” She smiled. “He braids my hair and cuddles with us when we’ve had a bad day.” Remus smiled at that. He could imagine Sirius that way easily. “What I mean is, you should stick around, regardless of whether you want to date him. You’re great and he could use another properly close friend. Especially now James and I are getting married.”

“I could use one of those, too,” Remus said. “And I’d like to stick around, I think. If you’ll have me.”

Sirius slid the glasses onto the table and dropped into the seat beside Remus. He slung an arm around Remus’s shoulders and grinned at him.

“We’ll have you,” he said. Lily rolled her eyes fondly. “What’re we talking about?”

“You, obviously,” Lily said.

Sirius grinned and he and James launched into a story about a prank they’d pulled in fifth year. Remus laughed at their outlandish scheme, and Lily, who hadn’t heard some of the details, laughingly scolded them for being such idiots.

A few drinks later, Sirius pulled Remus up from the booth and they all headed out into the night to finish at the Lion’s Den. They walked along, hand in hand, and Remus stared at the beautiful man beside him. At first glance, Sirius seemed like a stereotypical pretty boy, but he wasn’t at all. He was gorgeous, of course, but deep and funny and intelligent. Magic rolled off him in waves so strong Remus wondered how the muggles on the street didn’t notice. He was soft and kind and a bit of a bastard, and from what the others had said, had a well-earned reputation as a bit of a fuckboy. But he looked at Remus like he was made of moonlight. It made him feel powerful and beautiful and he wasn’t quite sure what to do with that. He smiled at Sirius instead, which only made Sirius smile back.

The Gryffindor couple who owned the Lion’s Den still carried their House pride, but it was clear that anyone was welcome in the pub. Well, anyone who wouldn’t cause the bad sort of trouble. Well-meaning mischief seemed encouraged.

“D’you ever wonder what house you would’ve been in, Moony?” James asked once they’d sat down with a fresh round.

Remus nodded. “I thought maybe Ravenclaw. But Hufflepuff wouldn’t be bad either.”

“You’re smart, I bet Ravenclaw would’ve been lucky to have you,” Peter said.

“Not Gryffindor?” Sirius pouted.

“I don’t think I’m very brave.”

“Sure you are!” James said.

“You moved to London on your own,” Lily added.

“And you came out with us even though you didn’t know us,” Peter said.

“And we’ve been talking all night, I know you like a bit of mischief. You woulda been a good prankster, Moons,” Sirius said.

“I don’t think pranks are inherent to Gryffindors, are they?” Remus asked. He was familiar with the house qualities, but not of the applied results of them.

Lily shrugged. “No, but most of them don’t care all that much for rules. Not like, that rules are terrible, but rules for no reason. Like, Gryffindors would be the civil disobedience types, you know what I mean?”

Remus nodded. “They care more about what’s right than what’s lawful. Chaotic Good.”

She nodded. “Exactly! And sometimes, if they’re not hurting anyone, normal rules get broken without them caring much.”

“Pranks aren’t bad, just some of them are disorderly,” Sirius said.

“Maybe I would be a Gryffindor. There are a lot of rules I think deserve to be broken for good reasons.”

A wide grin spread across Sirius’s face. “I think you would be. You’d have dormed with us and we would’ve been best friends already.”

It was well past midnight when they stumbled out of the Lion’s Den. Remus was drunk enough to know he couldn’t apparate home, and he probably shouldn’t be hungover in a flat without running water. He hoped there would be an offer to stay with one of his new friends, platonic or otherwise.

“Let’s just crash at mine,” Sirius said. “Remus, d’you wanna stay over? Or we can get you a cab if you want. We’ll make sure you’re safe.”

Remus smiled. “I can stay if you don’t mind.”

Sirius flashed him a grin. “Please stay with us.”

He grabbed Remus’s hand again and they all began the uncoordinated shuffle toward Sirius’s Soho flat. They clambered up the stairs to the second floor, only stopping to get Peter started again once, between the first and second floors. Peter did a header onto the sofa, barely toeing off his trainers before he was snoring. James and Lily called their goodnights from where they were nodding off on each other’s shoulders and closed the second bedroom’s door behind them.

“Sorry, there’s just my room left.”

“That’s fine.” Remus followed Sirius in and shut the door. As soon as the latch caught, his arms were full of Sirius, who was kissing him like he couldn’t get enough.

“Sorry, m’sorry,” Sirius said, pulling back. “You don’t have to. Godric, I’m sorry. We can just share and I promise I’ll keep my hands to myself.”

“I won’t,” Remus replied. He saw the happy glimmer of hope in Sirius’s grey eyes before he gripped Sirius’s slim hips and drew him closer into another kiss. “I really like you,” Remus breathed against his lips. “Even if this is just a one time thing, I would really like to take you to bed.”

Sirius groaned, his hips grinding against Remus’s thigh. “Fuck, Remus, I really like you too.”

“Good.” He pecked him on the lips. “What do you want?”

“I want you to fuck me, but we’re not gonna last that long.” Remus hummed in agreement as he kissed down Sirius’s neck. “Can I suck you off?”

Remus stroked Sirius’s through his tight jeans. “God, like I’d ever say no to that. Have you fucking seen your mouth?” He tugged at Sirius’s bottom lip with his thumb. “Fucking perfect.” Sirius felt his cheeks flush and his hips jerk forward of their own accord. “Like that, do you?” Sirius groaned and tried not to nod too enthusiastically. “Don’t worry, babe, I’ll tell you how good you are. I know you will be.”

“Fuck, Rem, I’m gonna come just from this.”

Remus smiled and kissed him again, sucking the pouty lower lip into his mouth and nibbling on it. Sirius groaned and ground his erection into Remus’s thigh with more intent. He pulled back, gasping.

“Please, wanna suck you.”

“Yeah, yes. Here or on the bed?”

“Here, I need you now.” He dropped to his knees with an unfair amount of grace and unbuttoned Remus’s trousers. He slid them down Remus’s thighs, mouthing at the damp spot on the front of his pants and kissing along his hip bones as he moved to pull the tight boxer-briefs down as well. “Fuck you’re big. Gonna feel so good when you fuck me.” Remus felt his dick twitch at the thought. Sirius would look so fucking hot riding him, or under him squiriming in pleasure as Remus fucked him. Sirius gave the head a playful lick and trailed wet kisses down the shaft. He planted one hand on Remus’s hip to keep him still and sucked down half of Remus’s length.

“Holy fuck,” Remus ground out, trying to keep quiet even though everyone in the flat was as drunk as they were and probably passed out. His hand came up without him thinking and brushed Sirius’s hair back so he could see his face, see the way his lips were slick and spread wide around Remus’s dick.

Sirius pulled off with a pop. “You can pull my hair, or grab it or whatever. I like it,” he said with a smirk and went back to business. Remus took this instruction very much to heart and gripped a handful of Sirius’s gorgeous, ridiculous hair. He didn’t try to steer, as Sirius was doing an impressive job without direction, but he held on tightly. Sirius moaned around him whenever he gave a sharp tug.

“You’re so fucking beautiful like this, Sirius.” He moaned. “Fuck, you can take so much of me, can’t you. So good, baby, you’re so, so good.” He kept his hand tight in Sirius’s hair, but let his tone be gentle and praising. Sirius flushed happily under it. Remus watched him unbutton his own jeans and start to stroke himself in time with the bobbing of his head. “Oh fuck, Sirius, you’re getting off on just blowing me? You’re amazing, so fucking perfect. You feel so good. God, you have no idea how fucking beautiful you look like this, do you? You’re perfect and you’re gonna look so good when I fuck you.” Sirius’s moan vibrated up his cock and Remus felt his orgasm begin low in his belly. Then he saw Sirius shudder as he came across his fist and kept sucking. “Sirius,” Remus moaned, tightening his fingers in Sirius’s hair as a warning just before he came down his throat. Sirius hummed happily as he swallowed.

He let Remus’s spent cock go with gentle, wet sound and kissed the tip lightly. “Your cock is fucking perfect,” he said, looking up at Remus.

“You’re fucking perfect.” Remus tugged him up and set about trying to get him properly naked. “I’m drunk and knackered and fucked out. Let’s go to sleep.” Sirius nodded and they parted slightly to get undressed. Both naked, they slipped into Sirius’s big, comfy bed. Sirius slid into Remus’s arms.

“I like to cuddle.”

“Fuck, you really are perfect.” Sirius laughed against his shoulder, but Remus could feel the warmth in his cheeks. “You really like people telling you how good you are, don’t you?”

“Just, just people I already really like. It’s not like Minnie gave me a stiffy every time she told me I’d done well in Transfiguration.”

Remus laughed. “Well, I’d understand if you had a crush on McGonagall. She’s a badass. She came to administer some of my OWLs.”

“Yeah, she’s brill. But you’re better.” Remus kissed his neck. “You sure this isn’t too much?” Sirius asked as he made himself very comfortable in Remus’s arms.

“It’s just right, Goldilocks.”


“I’ll tell you the story in the morning. Now, go to sleep.” Sirius nodded and pressed his nose into Remus’s shoulder.

Remus woke the next morning to Sirius tracing gentle fingers across his chest. “I didn’t notice these last night.” Remus stilled. “You don’t have to tell me about them if you don’t want. But, is it okay if I touch them?” His voice was so gentle and kind that Remus nodded. It felt nice and he was pretty sure being covered in scars wasn’t going to get him kicked out of bed. “I’m gonna guess they’re probably not something you like, but I don’t think they look ugly and they don’t make you any less perfect, just so you know.”

“Thanks,” Remus whispered.

“D’you want tea? I was gonna make some, but I didn’t want you to wake up to an empty bed.”

Remus held him tight. “You’re lovely, d’you know that?”

“I’m not.”

"You are."

"I am not."

“We’re not having a childish argument about the fact that you are. But yes, I’d love tea. A little milk and one sugar, please, and as little magic as possible.”

Sirius grinned. “Of course you’d want your tea the muggle way. Adorable.” He pecked Remus on the cheek and hopped out of bed, completely unashamed of his nakedness. He slipped on a pair of faded sweats before leaving the bedroom, purely for Peter’s benefit. Remus dozed lightly until Sirius came back in. He set both mugs on the nearest nightstand and crawled up the bed until he was sitting astride Remus’s thighs. “Everyone else is still asleep.” Remus smiled and opened his eyes.

“Are they now?”

“Well, Pete’s still passed out and I’m letting James and Lils have a lie in. Which is to say, they can sleep or shag or whatever and I won’t bug them for a few hours. They know the drill.”

Remus sat up and rearranged Sirius in his lap. “Are you always like this?”

“Kind and accommodating to all guests?”


“Oh,” Sirius said, colour rising on the high points of his cheekbones. “Not to everyone, but yeah, kind of.” He glanced away. “I heard Lily tell you a little last night, but my home life wasn’t great. And James basically taught me how to interact with people I actually like and his family is super affectionate and caring and they took me in and touch-starved little Sirius took to it like a duck to water.”

Remus ran his hands up and down Sirius’s bare back, resting them on the low-slung waist of his sweats. “Not touch-starved anymore?” Sirius shook his head. “But you still like this.”

“I think maybe I always did, but I’d never had it. Maybe it hit me harder because I needed it more than the other people in my family did. Not that they’re not fucked up anyway.” Remus leaned up and tipped Sirius down to kiss him soundly. Sirius sighed against his mouth. “I’ve never felt like this with anyone before,” Sirius whispered. “I want to be your best friend, but I also really want you fuck me through the mattress, and I want to take you to Sunday dinner at the Potters’.” Remus kissed him again.

“I’ve never felt like this either, but I know what you mean.” He kissed Sirius again, more chastely. “We should drink our tea. I’ll fuck you through the mattress next time.”

Sirius’s hips jerked forward. “Remus,” he whined. “You can’t just say things like that. Especially not when I’m in your lap. I’m already thinking about how much I want to ride you, and then you go and make it worse.”

Remus wrapped an arm around Sirius’s waist and bucked up into him. “You’re not the only one, but I’d like to fuck you when the others aren’t in the next room.” He brought his lips up to Sirius’s ear. “Because I bet you’re loud and I want to hear you. All the fucking amazing sounds you make, and all the wonderful, filthy things you say.”

“Fuck,” Sirius breathed, hips grinding into Remus now with more rhythm. “Please do something, I want you so bad.” His voice cracked as his hips stuttered.

“Stop moving,” Remus said, gripping Sirius’s hip. He stilled. “Good boy. Stay where you are for a second.” Remus muttered a wandless spell that coated his hand in warm lubricant. With his other hand, he slid the sheet covering him down and pulled the waistband of Sirius’s sweats down past his hips. “Okay, come here.” Sirius melted into his arms and Remus wrapped one big hand around their dicks, fisitng them together.

“Thank you, thank you, so good,” Sirius babbled.

“Yeah? You’re beautiful, baby, so good for me. I bet I could talk you to an orgasm, you get so hard just from what I say when I hold you.” Sirius whimpered into his neck, nodding. “We’ll have to try that sometime. Would you like that?”

“Yes, oh god, yes Remus.” Remus tightened his grip and pumped faster. “Fuck, I’m gonna come.” Three strokes later he did, painting both their stomachs with stripes of white. Remus stroked his cock harder and a few pumps later, followed Sirius over the edge. He was so sensitive and responsive and it just tripped all sorts of previously unused kinks for Remus. “You’re so perfect and lovely,” Sirius said, kissing down his chest. He lapped slightly at Remus’s come, little kitten licks, testing the waters to see if Remus thought this a step too far.

“Fuck’s sake, Sirius, that’s hot.” Sirius grinned and started kissing and licking across his chest until it was clean.

“Sorry, I, you heard last night about...well, it’s just that I kind of earned my reputation for being a little bit of a slut.” Remus smiled. “But, I just really enjoy sex.” Yes, Remus had gotten that impression. He ran a gentle hand through Sirius’s hair where the other man’s head lay against his ribs.

“I kind of figured that out. You’re very enthusiastic and responsive, and wonderful at it. I’m not going to judge you, Sirius.” Sirius nodded and closed his eyes, kissing the skin beside his mouth absently. “I of all people won’t judge you. When I first got here, I was going out to the pub practically every night trying to pull so I’d have a warm place to sleep. I didn’t tell my mum that, but it’s what happened. And I’ve done it since I got a place, because my place is terrible. But I do love it. I’d have found another way, a shelter or something, if I didn’t like it. And I like you .”

Sirius beamed at him. “So, you’ll come out with us again? Maybe even just come over for takeaway and a film with us one night.”

“Yes, that sounds fantastic, actually. I’d do all that with you, too, even if the others didn’t want to come. Even just as friends. You’re a great person, Sirius, and a lot of fun to be around. In case you haven’t been told often enough.”

Sirius flushed a little, but smiled more calmly now. He kissed Remus’s chest once more and sat up. “We should probably drink our tea. I was going to make breakfast, and you’re welcome to stay.”

“Thank you. I think I will, if you don’t mind me freeloading a bit.”

“I wouldn’t mind you freeloading a lot .”

They made breakfast in the small, long kitchen, sliding around one another with gentle hands on hips and shoulders as if they’d been there for years together. Bacon, eggs, and toast sat on the table, along with a pots of coffee and tea, by the time James and Lily dragged themselves out of their room.

“I smell bacon,” James said groggily. Peter already sat at the table inhaling a cup of coffee.

“Sit Prongs, Moony and I made breakfast for everyone. Good hangover food.”

“Good hangover food would be a hangover potion,” Peter moaned.

“Constitution of an ox when we’re drinking, delicate flower when he’s hungover,” Sirius teased, under cover of explaining to Remus.

Remus snorted and sat down beside Lily. Sirius dropped into the seat on Remus’s other side.

“You two have a good night?” Lily asked, waggling her brows.

“Can’t have been that good, Sirius isn’t walking funny,” James teased.

“Doesn’t mean it wasn’t a great night,” Remus said. Then he rubbed the back of his neck as if embarrassed that Sirius’s shamelessness might have rubbed off on him.

Sirius laughed. “Ha! Take that Mr. Hetero,” he said to James, who rolled his eyes.

“You are still gonna hang out with us, though, right?” Lily asked. “Sirius hasn’t scared you off?”

“Not at all. I’ll be around so much you’ll get sick of me,” Remus said.

“Not possible,” James and Sirius said over top of each other.

James continued, “Really, mate, we adopt people into this band of misfits all the time. No one has ever fit as quick as you. We want you around all the time.”

“And we’ll keep an eye out for jobs for you,” Lily said.

“Thank you,” Remus replied, sipping his tea.

Once Peter was well enough to apparate, he headed home, leaving James and Lily, and Remus and Sirius sitting in the living room with cups of coffee.

“Remus, mate, just let Sirius make sure you get home safe, yeah? I know you can probably apparate there and text us, but we’ll feel better about it,” James said.

“I’m not even hungover anymore, James,” Remus said.

Sirius slid a hand onto his knee. “Please Remus. Just so I know you’re safe and I know where to apparate to if you ever need something. I won’t show up unannounced, but I won’t worry if I know where to go if I need to.”

“Fine, fine. I’ll finish my coffee and we can go.”

Lily and James took suspiciously small final sips and set their empty mugs on the coffee table. “Alright, we’re off loves, see you later. Text us,” Lily said. She kissed Sirius and Remus on the forehead, and James clapped them both on the shoulder, and they left.

Remus and Sirius dressed quickly and Remus apparated him side-along to the street in front of his tiny flat. It was in the wizarding quarter of the city, hidden far back behind Diagon Alley and above an extremely sketchy looking pub and a possibly sketchier piercing shop. Sirius looked around casually. Properly casually, not the feigned casual of posh kids slumming it. He raised his eyebrows in question.

“It’s just a little bedsit, up on the third floor,” Remus said, gesturing at the dilapidated building.


“Excuse me?”

“Please don’t be offended Remus, because you’re amazing, but this is a shithole.”

“I’m not offended, because yeah, it is. But what do you mean ‘no’?”

“I know we barely know each other, but I can’t let you stay somewhere that’s violating at least a half dozen actually important safety codes just that I can see from here. You deserve to live somewhere better than this, Remus.”

“Well, I can’t afford better, Sirius. I get that you and James have money, but—”

“No, Remus. James has money. I walked away from money, and by luck and the love of an uncle, I now have quite a bit. I would’ve ended up in a place just like this, probably working at both of those places all day,” he gestured at the pub and piercer, “to get by if James’s family hadn’t taken me in. I know how close I came to that, Remus. Come live with me instead.”


“In the spare room, is all. I’m not asking to make you my live-in boyfriend after a day. Just, you deserve to live somewhere safe and warm, not this place.” Remus gaped at him. “You’re not on a lease or anything, are you?” Remus shook his head no, still gawping. “Great, you can pack up and give notice.”

“How much is your rent? I don’t have a lot in my savings,” Remus asked. His brain had finally tuned in to deal with the finer details of this new arrangement he apparently wasn’t being given much choice in. Not that the new arrangement didn’t seem lightyears better than his current one.

“I own it. Inherited it from my uncle. So, nothing. You don’t owe me rent or anything. I won’t ever ask you for sex or anything you don’t want, and I certainly won’t make you leave over it. You could live there for free and I wouldn’t care.”

“I can’t just—”

“Yeah, I figured. Groceries, then, you can help with bills and stuff. It costs me nothing to have you stay with me.”

Remus fidgeted with the hem of his shirt. “Okay, but, I have to tell you something first. And if you still want me to stay with you after that, I will.”

“Okay,” Sirius said, waiting to hear it.

“We should go upstairs first.” Sirius nodded and followed him up. The flat was unaccountably tiny, especially for a person as tall as Remus. There was a twin bed in one corner, next to a small desk. A kitchenette with a hot plate, kettle, and sink stood on the far wall. The toilet stood in a tiny water closet off to one side, clearly added in as the walls stuck out into the main room. Beside that stood a single shower cubicle in full view of the room, the showerhead so low Remus probably had to duck to wash his hair. It was damp, probably as much from the unventilated steam from the shower as from the general dampness of the city. The wallpaper was old and bubbling in places, and Sirius could smell some sort of mold somewhere, possibly that dark corner on the far wall.

Sirius sat on the foot of Remus’s bed. “Okay, we’re inside and I want you to live in this place even less. So, what do you need to tell me?”

Remus stared at him a little longer. He paced the few steps up and down the tiny room. “I’m a...well, I have...oh for fuck’s sake. I’m a werewolf.”


“Okay,” Sirius said.

Remus stared at him some more. “What do you mean ‘okay’?”

“I mean what I said. Doesn’t change my offer, doesn’t change how much I like you, doesn’t change wanting to be your friend. I believe in this completely radical thing,” he said, sarcasm tinging his voice toward the end, “that werewolves are actually people and they don’t deserve to live in a shithole like this either.”

Remus did something very un-Remus-like and hugged Sirius, completely unprompted. Sirius wrapped his arms around Remus’s back and didn’t let go, even when he could feel that Remus was starting to shake a little and trying to turn away to hide it. Sirius carded his fingers through Remus’s hair.

“So, you’ll stay with me?” Remus nodded into his shoulder. “Good. I’d hate to have to call in the Ministry on this place and get you evicted in order to convince you.” Remus laughed wetly, making Sirius smile.

“You would, too, you dramatic bastard.” Remus pulled back, smiling. “Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me for being decent, Remus.”

“I think letting me stay rent-free is better than decent.”

“Sure, but that’s not what you were thanking me for.” Remus didn’t argue. “Now, let’s get you packed up.” It took a grand total of twenty minutes to pack all of Remus’s clothes, books, and his favourite mugs. The books took the longest, and Sirius had discreetly cast cleaning and repairing charms on a few that had been attacked by the damp. It all fit in one expanded bag, which Remus carried. Sirius apparated them back to his flat.

“You can have the second bedroom, though if James and Lily stay over we might have to bunk up,” Sirius said, waving a hand at the guest bedroom. It was tidy, because Lily never left it for him to clean when they stayed.

“If I ever want to bunk up when they’re not staying over?” Remus asked.

“All you have to do is ask,” Sirius replied, smiling. “I’ll let you get settled.” He left Remus in his new room and dropped onto the sofa.


Chat name: Marauders

Remus is home safe
In my spare bedroom


He move in?

Yup just now


Because my place is a shithole and Sirius said no

That’s it?
He said no

I literally did
First thing I said when I saw it

He was right
Now I’m staying
and he won’t let me pay rent

Obv not
Doesn’t cost him anything
Easier to cook for two
He likes you

Look at you, being all observant for once

Lils with the backhanded burn
All that is true tho

We shud celebr8

Sweet Merlin wormy
You’re prob still hungover

But 2nite, dinner at Padfoot & Moony’s?

I like the sound of that


“Padfoot and Moony’s”

Aw, sap

You’re one of us now, Rem
Should we invite some of the others?

Up to Moony
Maybe Marls and Dorcas?
Frank and Alice?
Not everyone, too much all at once

They seem cool
You mentioned them last night
I don’t mind

Can I bring Mary?
Were not dating
But weve kinda been hanging out

Rem and I will pick up some food
Bring drinks
Text the others


Chat name: Double Date Squad

Hey @Frankie and @Al
Dinner tonite?

We’re free

Where at?

We’re celebrating

He’s got a new flatmate
We met him last night
And Sirius is arse over teakettle

Remus lived in a crappy place
So Sirius made him move in
This is a Good Thing

That boy’s life
I swear
We’ll be there tho

Do we like Remus?

We love him

Good, can we bring anything?

Whatever you want

::thumbs up::


Chat name: London Ladies Dancing and Ice Cream Appreciation Society

@Marls and @Dork
Dinner at Sirius’s tonight

Sure, anything special?

We’re celebrating his new flatmate

Didn’t kno he was looking

He wasn’t
Met him last night at the X-ed Wands
He’s sharp and funny and v nice
Also v poor, lived in a shit flat
Sirius just refused to let him go back to it

Sirius pulling a classic James Potter

Good boy, though

Remus is super great tho
He’s like perf for Sirius
We’ve known him all of one day
And Sirius is already trying to make his life better

I mean, Sirius has always been a sap
But that’s really sweet

Also pretty sure they hooked up last night
So money’s on Remus moving into the master bedroom soon

Ok, that’s a classic Sirius tho

Just wait til you see them
Siri is so dumb and cute over him
Like James is gonna get jealous

If they’re cute enough he’ll just adopt Remus too

Omg lol
He will
What am I gonna do with him?
He’ll adopt every fucking stray we ever meet

I mean, if it’s friends cool
If it’s dogs, you’re gonna need a big garden

Sirius is both tho

Jesus fucking christ
My marital life is doomed
Oh well, at least he’s cute

Should we bring anything tonite?

Frank and I are bringing pie

So, wine maybe?
James and I are bringing some champagne
And whisky for cocktails
I found a recipe that looks super good I wanna try out
And there’ll be mixers if it sucks

Perf, Dorcas and I will pick out some wine. Two bottles? Three?

Peter’s bringing Mary
So there’s 10 of us

Are we gonna fit in the flat?
Nvm, Sirius’s place is huge
We’ll see you there!