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Not who you think

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Giyuu sighed. He had been struggling with his assignment for hours. He had always thought he was good with computers, but he was quickly proved wrong. There was a lot of stuff he didn’t know about computers, or so it seemed.

He closed his laptop shut. He couldn’t do this anymore, not today. Well, to be fair, it was almost midnight. It could hardly be called being done for the day, seeing as it was almost the next one.

What now? Giyuu rubbed his eyes. He wasn’t tired, he was frustrated. The several coffees he had devoured in the earlier hours wouldn’t exactly help him sleep.

For some reason, his room felt rather suffocating. He couldn’t go a second without staring at his laptop and feeling guilty about not finishing his assignment. He still had enough time, there was nothing to worry about.

Giyuu pulled his blanket over the thing. If he couldn’t see it then it wouldn’t bother him, right? Wrong. Not even the blanket could stop him from glancing there. The fact that it was covered didn’t change anything. He still knew it was there, right under the blanket.

He felt like he was going insane. That was college for you.

It occurred to him that he could always stand up and go out. Just go somewhere, anywhere, to get his mind off the stupid assignment. At least for a while. When he took his phone out and scrolled through his contacts, he came up short. There was no one he could call. Even if he had many friends, who was to say any of them would be willing to go out so late.

He shook his head. It didn’t matter. So what if there was no one to call. He had himself. It was enough. It had to be enough.

Grabbing his keys, wallet and jacket, Giyuu left his apartment. He no longer stayed in dorms, did that only during his first year at the college. If he was being honest, the dorms were hell. He couldn’t stand those people, always drinking, partying, doing drugs and dragging him into more problems and drama than he wanted to. As soon as the chance of living by himself was presented to him, he jumped at it.

Giyuu refused to think of the silence as something he didn’t like. He liked it. Maybe not always, but he simply refused to think about that.

He stumbled around the college town, surprisingly seeing several familiar faces. So maybe not all students were holed up in their rooms, studying, or sleeping since it was kind of late. Giyuu got himself a milkshake at McDonald’s. It wasn’t particularly good, but sweet enough. And he had heard somewhere that milk could make you sleepy. Maybe it would work and he would fall asleep right away, no thoughts of not being good enough plaguing his thoughts.

Inside McDonald’s, Giyuu recognized a group of people, all of them attended the same lecture. Giyuu didn’t let it bother him that none of them greeted him. They had seen him, it wasn’t that. He just wasn’t talkative enough. He never tried being sociable so this was what he got in return.

In the end, he didn’t feel comfortable enough sitting inside there all by himself. He never particularly cared that he was almost always by himself, but right now, in the late hours, he just couldn’t. Not when he would have to listen to the group joke around and laugh while he would slurp his milkshake in silence. That didn’t sound appealing at all.

He ended up sitting at a cold bench, on the edge of a park. There was enough lighting coming from the street but it was kind of dim. Giyuu considered going deeper into the park, tiring himself up with some walking. And that’s what he did, the almost empty cup of milkshake still in his hand.

A darker passage was getting closer. Giyuu would have to cross it, unless he wanted to turn around. The laptop that was still hidden under his blanket back in his apartment flashed in front of his mind. He shrugged. It was just few steps and then he would be almost out of the park. What could happen?

Even before he finished thinking it, Giyuu heard leaves rustling and something that sounded like footsteps, rather heavy even on the soft grass. Giyuu swiftly turned around and started retracing his steps. It’s not like anything would happen. It was just a park… At night… Perfect for muggers, rapists, drug dealers, all sorts of criminals and thugs, or so Giyuu imagined.

The sounds were getting closer, even if he sped up. The footsteps sped up as well. Just to test out his theory, Giyuu tried a slower pace. The footsteps slowed down as well.

His heart was about to give up. No, no, no. Of course his indifference led him to being pursued by god knows who. His hands started to tremble and he had to grip the milkshake harder in order not to drop it.

He continued walking. His heart beating like crazy. Why did he have to go into a park of all places? Why by himself? At night? The assignment didn’t sound so bad right now. He should have just swallowed it and kept on working on that.

Fuck it. Giyuu Tomioka was not going down without a fight.

Without any indication or warning, Giyuu spun around. Face to face with the person that had been walking behind him for several minutes now, Giyuu’s stomach dropped. The guy was taller than him, jacked and oh god, there were scars all over his face. Giyuu wasn’t going to live to see the sun rise again.

The white haired guy stopped in his tracks, hands in his pockets, his stance relaxed as if he hadn’t been following Giyuu for a while and making him almost piss himself with fright.

Without thinking, Giyuu threw the cup of the milkshake at the guy. They weren’t that far from each other. Giyuu didn’t know what he was expecting out of the almost empty plastic cup. It didn’t even reach the guy, instead pathetically falling few steps in front of him. The guy not even flinching.

“Dude, what the fuck.”