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The Paths We Walk (FFXIV Write 2019)

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A’lin looks at the feast behind her new hunting partner. She hardly knows the young man, but she sees one plump Dodo two wines that possibly predate the Flood, and a fruit basket stacked almost five fulms high.

There are two possibilities: Lue-Reeq is very rich or he puts himself in debt to eat much, and very fancy foods.

A’lin twitches her tail and goes for the former. He dresses like an Ishgardian lordling would while the War still went on. He seems to have always had an easy life, with servants bringing him food and information as well.

“Eat up, my friend!” He says as he motions to everything behind him. “You must be hungry after our excursion to Ahm Areng.”

She looks it over. “If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were a gillionare.” She chuckles to herself. “And I don’t mean the quantity. I mean the quality.”

Too bad she doesn’t much care for wine. She’ll have to find an excuse to ask for an ale or cider recommendation later.

“It is nothing you do not deserve,” he says, his eyes bright. “A small cost to hunt a Cardinal Virtue.”

“Then I suppose you have a most voracious appetite. I Don’t think I can even eat a quarter that dodo.”


Shit, what was the word. “The poultry?”

He nods his head. “Ah, yes, Rail. They’re tricky birds, both to kill and prepare right. Are they called dodos where you’re from? Did you ever say where that was?”

She can’t say the source, or Eorzea, or La Noscea. The Exarch had given her a recommendation, but it felt odd.

“Far from here,” she says. That’s enough. “You know, I still am hungry though, so let’s see your appetite versus mine, friend.”

Lue-Reeq nods his head. “Ah, but your name?”

“A’lin,” she says. Her ears twitch as she says that. “Can’t believe I hadn’t offered it to you.”

“A’lin and Reeq,” he says trying the name on. “Yes, it works well, friend. Now, please. Eat.”

A challenge she’ll take.