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I've never really been someone who knew where he fit it. I didn't say that to sound edgy. This was how I genuinely felt like. Unlike others, I've never had a dream. I loved music, but this wasn't something I could have ever pursue. This is what my family told me over and over again, at some point I believed them. I tried to sell my mixtapes on the street when I was around 16, but some hooligans just stomped on them and broke them in half. I've used my allowance of two months to make these. My mom didn't have a lot of money after raising two children on her own, so I didn't really have a choice what I wanted to do anyway. It was only logical for me to work at the Soondaeguk restaurant my family runs. But it wasn't like I was able to save up to study later in my life, no. I hardly ever got payed, because the restaurant wasn't doing well. We tried our best to not be an inconvenience to her. Which is why I hardly ever asked to get payed. So I had to be the pizza delivery guy at night, to get at least a bit of money.
I've seen and met a bunch of weird people.
Drunk people, naked people, aggressive people, people who didn't want to pay me, people who suddenly cried and told me their life story and old high-school classmates. The latter were eventually some of the former.
Nevertheless, I've never complained. This was my life and if it had to be like that, I had to accept it. I already tried my best with saving money and in a few years I might be able to move to Seoul and study anything at university. At this point I didn't even care what, I just wanted to get out of Daegu. Out of this whole mess I was living in.

"Mom, I'm leaving for work!", I screamed while turning around the 'Open' sign to "Closed". I quickly put on my coat and scarf and already wanted to leave, but my mom ran out of the kitched and screamed "Yoongi!!" at the top of her lungs. I sighed and closed the door again. My mom turned me around so she could look at me.
"You're 22, can't you button up your coat by yourself, hm?" A rhetorical question. If she wanted to button up my coat I'm going to let her. I can still open it again. It's just way too uncomfortable driving my motorcycle with my coat buttoned up. "Why don't you wear a hat? You're going to catch a cold on that motorcycle."
"I'm going to wear a cap", I said as I grabbed in my bag and pulled out a cap with the pizza slice logo. "People must see recognize me as a pizza delivery guy somehow, mom. Otherwise I could be just a dude who stole a bunch of pizzas."
"Fine." She looked at me with pitiful eyes and cupped my face. "I wish you wouldn't have to do this, it's dangerous to drive a motorcycle in winter, look at all the snow outside. You might accidently slip!"
I sighed. This again. We kept on having the same conversation day for day when I got ready for work after the restaurant closes. In summer she was afraid people would drive carelessly, in winter it's the snow. I know she hates that I work there, but she also knows, she can't pay me. "I'm going to be fine, I have 4 years of experience. I'm honestly driving through the snow like a pro. Don't worry, mom."
I couldn't even blame her. It was in her nature to worry for me. And I was thankful for that. I grew up without a dad. My family never talked about him, but I knew he was an asshole who suddenly vanished from our lives when I was around three years old. My brother loved me, but he saved up and left to a city nearby to study at university. At least, my mom was there for me. So I loved it when she cared for me. It's a tiny moment of happiness of mine.
"I'm running late for work, mom, I have to go." I put on the hat she gave me and gave her a reassuring smile. "I'm coming home late as always. Don't stay up, alright?"
She nodded weakly and before she stopped me from going to work any further, I left the restaurant. I put on my helmet and waved at my mom, before I drived away from the liveless restaurant, leaving my mom behind.

The streets of Daegu weren't too ugly at night. The little lights everywhere almost made it look beautiful. Honestly, I didn't hate Daegu. I loved Daegu actually, I was proud of being from here. I just thought, my life was kind of miserable and I always felt like I wanted to run away from that. Not Daegu.
I arrived at the pizza place I was working at, greeted my co-workers shortly and left as soon as I grabbed the delivery. I put them in the back of my motorcycle and just hoped I'd get better tip than I did yesterday.
My mom was right, the snow was kind of slippery and I almost lost balance one or three times, but I always prevented myself from slipping. Would be bad for the pizza business if I made an accident.
Arriving at the first place I was delivering at, I stared at the dark narrow street I had to enter to get to the main entrance. I gulped. Those were these kind of streets every mom in Daegu has always told you to stay away from. I was a tough guy, but I started to feel unwell and wished I could just leave. I shook that thought off, took a deep breath, put off my beanie and put on the cap instead and entered the dark and narrow street. Except the flickering lights everything seemed fine. It wasn't as bad as I imagined at all, I really tend to imagine the worst things to possibly happen. What a bad habit.
Suddenly, I heard someone walking from afar.
Okay, maybe I wasn't as tough as I thought I was.
I shortly panicked, but I just ignored everything around me and went straight to the door and rang the bell. I didn't expect anything bad, because, could things get any worse? Apparently, because a guy with a knife in his hand opened the door, looked around, said "It's just the pizza guy", put the knife down, gave me the money and closed the door again. Well, there's one new thing I was able to add on my list of questionable things I've seen as a pizza delivery guy. Cool.
Still, the uneasy feeling didn't leave me. Who the hell did this guy mistake me with? Did someone dangerous lunger around here? Maybe someone was waiting around the corner for me, with a knife or a gun.
Okay, Yoongi, the paranoia kicks in again.
Nevertheless, I heard those steps again and felt the need to walk a little faster. Those steps came closer and closer until I felt like somebody was standing right behind me. I gulped.
Wait. What?
I turned around to a little black cat sitting in front of me, watching me attentively.
"So was that only you, huh? You really scared me", I said as I bowed down to the little cat and patted it gently. The cat purred as I checked her unique appearance. It had white fur around her left eye and its eyes were a pretty bright yellow. "Are you homeless or are you just taking a walk by yourself?"
Meow. Meow.
"Hm, two meows? The second option?" It seemed like the cat...nodded. I was probably wrong, but it was cute to imagine that the cat was understanding what I was saying. "You're a clever little cat, are you a girl or a boy?"
"Sweet, I'll call you Kitty, hm? I hope you'll have a great walk then, I still have pizzas to deliver." I gave Kitty weak smile before I turned around. I left the little one in this dark alleyway and all she did was keep on watching me attentively until I was out of her sight.

I hopped back on my motorcycle, put on my helmet and drove away from that strange place. The second apartment I delivered to wasn't too far away, but seemed like a whole different world. I arrived in the center of Daegu, busy streets, young couples and probably university students on their way to go clubbing and to drink away the stressful week. It was weird, I was their age, still, I felt so far away.
I grabbed the delivery and tried to find the address I've been given, but somehow I couldn't really find it at once. This happens way too often. Sometimes I'm just too stupid to see what's in front of me.
Huh, another cat?
Meow. Meow.
I looked beneath the pizza cartons that blocked my sight. Just to realize it wasn't just some cat. It was THE cat. The cat from 10 minutes ago. The same black fur. The same white fur around its eye. The same piercing yellow eyes.
This was impossible. The cat couldn't get here in 10 minutes. Considering it didn't even move until I left. " did you get here?"
At this point I wished I was able to speak cat language because this creeped me out. "Okay, listen. Wait here for a second, I'll deliver those pizzas quickly."
Again, the cat just watched me walking away and didn't dare to move even an inch.
I really didn't understand what was going on.
I rang the door and a girl opened who instantly started to flirt with me. Apparently, she hoped I'd be her fling for today. I only got payed after I told her for the fifth time that I was uninterested. No tip.
After that rather uncomfortable acquaintance, I came back to the place I left the kitten behind. And she was nowhere to be found. Did I...just imagine this? Maybe I was hallucinating. I've only slept for 4 hours yesterday...
I went back to my motorcycle and sighed. I still had 3 other deliverys. I might have gone crazy from the paranoia from earlier. maybe that's it. I tried to finish the deliveries as fast as possible and I didn't see the cat again, so maybe I really imagined it.
After the last delivery I checked the clock. It was past midnight. I drove back to the pizza shop and this was the first time in months they told me that they're closing earlier than usual and that I was allowed to go home. My boss also told me I looked horrible, so he was kind of glad to let me go home earlier.
Hopping back on the motorcycle, I finally realized how tired I actually was. Good thing the pizza shop wasn't far from home. I drove off and enjoyed the cold winter breeze, the little lights of Daegu which warm my heart a tiny bit. Then, the cat from earlier ran infront of my motorcycle and I couldn't think about the fact if I imagined this again or not. Her yellow eyes lit up from my motorcycle's headlight and before I was able to think right I steered the motorcycle the other way, lost balance and slipped on the ground. The next second, I was lying on the floor with blood streaming from somewhere, probably my head. I saw how a red puddle spread underneath my body and the last thing I've heard were people panicking, sirenes and the quiet purring from Kitty.