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You've Worked Hard

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Fake Smile

Another fine day at Ahyung’s school. All cast members already arrived except for Heechul. The staff is calling him but his phone can’t be reached. 


Kyunghoon saw the panic of the staff and asked “Why? What’s going on?”


“Mr. Kim hasn’t arrived yet. We’ve been trying to call him but his phone can’t be reached.”


With this, Kyunghoon grabbed his phone and messaged Heechul.


“Hyung, where are you?”

“Hyung, are you coming today?”

“Hyung, I’ve been calling you but your phone can’t be reached.”

“Please text me if you are okay.”


Heechul read the text.


5 minutes later. A beep came.


“I’m on my way. Don’t worry.”


A little later, Heechul came wearing his blacked-out sunglasses. He went straight to his waiting room and started doing his makeup.


As soon as Kyunghoon heard that Heechul came, he glanced through the cast. Yeongchul is already sitting on his chair, waiting for the shoot to start.


Kyunghoon rushed to Heechul’s waiting room. When he was about to open the door, he heard some crying sound. He opened the door slightly and he saw Heechul growling in pain with his leg. 


Heechul told one of the Kims.


“I’m okay, it’s just a little pain. We were late because we are in a rush to practice our SS7S concert. Hyukjae worked hard on directing the show. I don’t want to disappoint my members. And I can’t bear to see my Petals being sad because I can’t join the show.”


Kyunghoon hearing all Heechul’s worries got him very emotional. He slowly closed the door and walked very slowly, not noticing tears have been falling through his eyes. He went back to the studio and just sat on his chair and remained still. Thinking about how hard Heechul is going through all this time.


Class started and Heechul didn’t show any sadness with the rest of the members. During the filming, he keeps on looking at Heechul. With all his affection and at one point, he keeps on looking at him and had a deep sigh. Heechul looked at him, worried that Kyunghoon is having a hard time. Heechul reached out his hand and hold him tight. Kyunghoon let Heechul hold his hand and he was squishing it very softly throughout the show.


The filming ended. “You’ve worked hard everyone! Thank you for your hard work!” Hodong shouted bowing to the staff and members.


Kyunghoon still thinking about what he overheard.. He stopped and went to hug Heechul. 


“Hyung, you’ve worked hard. I’m proud of you.”



“You’ve worked hard too. What’s wrong? You looked so sad?” reaching Kyunghoon’s hand and he gave him a hug as he whispers softly “Don’t worry too much, I’m always here for you.”


Kyunghoon can’t help but cry. He wanted to cheer Heechul but Heechul cheered him instead. He wanted to tell him that he knows that he’s in pain. He wanted to lessen his suffering. He wanted to tell him this but he.. Can’t.


Kyunghoon just hugged Heechul so tight. As they break the hug, he wiped off his tears and gave Heechul a soft smile. They went out of the studio while holding each other’s hands. They grabbed their things and went home. 


“Hyung, get home safe! See you next week.”


“You too, Kyunghoon. You’ve worked hard.”


Turning his back to Heechul as he gets on his van with a heavy heart.


Kyunghoon sat on his bed. Still thinking about what he heard.


What should I do?


Do I have to tell him that I’m worried?


These things keep on running through his mind.


He hasn't eaten yet but he lied down on his bed and tried to sleep it off.


As he closed his eyes, he started thinking again...


What if Heechul is crying alone? Did he get home safely?

Did he eat dinner?


He couldn’t help but worry about him. He got up and picked his car keys and coat.


Scanned through his fridge where his mom just made some side dishes and fresh japchae. He took some containers and packed some food. 


He rushed down his apartment to the parking lot and rode his car. He stopped by to get some more food and beer. As soon as he got the food, he rushed and drive his way going to Heechul’s house.


He rang the bell. No one answered.


Hm.. Maybe he’s not at home?


He rang it again. Twice. 


As he was about to leave, Heechul appeared on the monitor. Looking very flustered he asked..


“Why are you here?”