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Cubs and Gemstones

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As 'Cubs and Gemstones' grows, more and more 'verses are being created. Here is a full list of all the prompt 'verses posted within this collection and their corresponding chapter numbers; the list will be updated as more prompts are added. Happy reading! 

Head, Hand, Heart

Brienne, not Robert, ascends to the Iron Throne, where she chooses Ser Jaime as her Hand. The main story can be read here.

  • 25  "Storm"
  • 31  "Take the Lead"
  • 35  "Babes"
  • 77  "Kingslayer"  -  Brienne finds Ser Jaime Lannister in the throne room, alt HHH Ch.1.
  • 79  "Heir"  -  Queen Brienne deals with a request from her father-in-law.

Princess Brienne

Selwyn, not Robert, ascends to the Iron Throne. Thus his daughter becomes a Princess, and the Kingslayer her not-so-trusted guard. 

  • 02  "Tourney"  -  Princess Brienne secretly enters a tourney.
  • 06  "Suitor"  -  Princess Brienne sneaks out to see Renly.
  • 09  "Sword" 
  • 12  "Spar"
  • 21  "Viper"

Maid of Honour Jaime

Jaime helps Brienne plan her wedding to Hyle Hunt, only to be faced with his feelings for his best friend. 

  • 05  "Dress Shopping"  -  Brienne and Jaime go wedding dress shopping.
  • 10  "Lingerie"

Childhood Frenemies

Selwyn and Tywin are close friends. Their children and heirs, however, are not. 

  • 15  "Nameday"
  • 20  "Sixteen"

Modern Arranged Marriage

Jaime and Brienne are forced into an engagement, only to meet and fall for the other beforehand. 

  • 26  "Intended"
  • 30  "Taken"
  • 37  "Fiance"


Jaime becomes enamoured with the singular model displayed on a billboard outside his office window. 

  • 27  "Billboard"
  • 36  "Spread"
  • 57  "Wallet"  -  Brienne finds a picture in a stranger's wallet.

Matchmaker Tywin

Tywin sets up his son with museum curator Brienne Tarth, although neither are aware they are being set up. 

  • 34  "Set Up"
  • 84  "It's Only Money"  -  Tywin continues to set up his son and Doctor Tarth.

Phone Sex Operator

Jaime runs a phone sex line; Brienne is his favourite caller.

  • 40  "0800 6969"  -  Jaime runs a phone sex line.
  • 50  "Second Line"  -  Brienne calls again.
  • 85  "Outside Line"  -  Brienne calls phone sex operator Jaime from a hotel room.

Modern Queen Brienne

Brienne ascends the throne, Ser Jaime is her Hand...but the year is 907 AC. 

  • 47  "Public Image"
  • 48  "Guest Spot"  -  Hand Jaime goes on television. 

Lord Commander Jaime

Rather than become Queen Brienne's Hand, Jaime is her Lord Commander...and later, her lover. 

  • 49  "Winterfell"  -  Queen Brienne and Lord Commander Jaime are caught by Bran Stark. 
  • 51  "Father"  -  Princess Joanna has some questions for Lord Commander Jaime.
  • 52  "Queen of Love and Beauty"  -  Lord Commander Jaime wins a tournament. 
  • 54  "Birth"  -  Queen Brienne gives birth to their first child, Catelyn.
  • 60  "Sand Dunes"  -  Lord Commander Jaime takes his children on a coastal walk. 
  • 63  "Consummation"  - Lord Commander Jaime the morning after Brienne's wedding.
  • 75  "First Steps"  -  Lord Commander Jaime witnesses his daughter's first steps.
  • 78  "Kick"  -  Lord Commander Jaime feels his baby kick for the first time.

Dear You

A love letter to Renly is accidentally given to Jaime, who is over the moon to discover Brienne reciprocates his feelings. 

  • 66    "Dear You"  -  Brienne's love letter to Renly ends up with Jaime instead.
  • 102  "Dear Jaime"  -  Brienne tries to let classmate Jaime down easy.  


Jaime is the Maiden, and Brienne is the Warrior.

  • 67  "Seven Heavens"  -  The God of Love and the Goddess of War meet in the mortal realm.
  • 69  "Sunbeam"  -  The God of Love has fallen for one of his fellow deities.

New Girl

After Jaime's girlfriend cheats on him, he moves in with Margaery, Sansa, and the aloof Brienne Tarth.

  • 68  "New Boy"  -  Jaime gets to know his mysterious new roommate, Brienne.
  • 70  "House Rules"  -  Jaime and his new roommate continue to butt heads.

Chef Jaime

Retired chef Jaime Lannister clashes with food critic Brienne Tarth.

  • 80  "Review"  -  Chef Jaime meets critic Brienne.
  • 82  "Second Course"  -  Chef Jaime runs into critic Brienne once again.

The Bear and the Poorly Worded Maiden

History doctoral students Bee and Jay host a podcast reading and analysing bad historical fiction centred around their ancestors, Goldenhand the Just and the Blue Knight.

Time Travel

Ser Jaime Lannister wakes up in 907 AC: husband and father Jaime finds himself in the future just after his historical counterpart returns to King's Landing. 

  • 99    "907 AC"  -  Ser Jaime Lannister wakes up 600 years in the future.
  • 101  "301 AC"  -  Modern Jaime tries to persuade Tyrion he's from the future.

Mr and Mrs Knight

Jaime and Brienne are in an arranged marriage, but are also secret rivals on the tourney field.

  • 56    "Mystery Knight"  -  They're married and secret rivals.
  • 107  "Victory"  -  Brienne has a charged moment with her husband post melee.

Coach Jaime

After the death of Catelyn Stark, Brienne adopts her daughters, Sansa and Arya, and finds herself with a crush on Arya's football coach, Jaime.

  • 42    "Coach Jaime"  -  Brienne meets Arya's football coach.
  • 109  "Impossible Crushes"  -  Brienne tries, and fails, to avoid Coach Jaime.

Telepathic Brienne

Lawyer Brienne Tarth finds herself able to hear other people’s thoughts – including the smitten thoughts of her boss, Jaime Lannister. 

  • 111   "Noise"  -  Brienne Tarth can hear the thoughts of those around her.
  • 112   "Telepathy"  -  Brienne continues to struggle with her new 'gift'.
  • 117   "Contradictions"  -  Despite her telepathy, Brienne struggles to understand Jaime Lannister.
  • 119   "Negative Thoughts"  -  Brienne meets with Ramsay Bolton, and Jaime shares a secret. 

Sugar Daddy Jaime

Student Brienne needs financial support. VP Jaime needs companionship after the loss of his hand. An arrangement is made. 

  • 123   "Sugar"  -  Brienne meets potential sugar daddy, Jaime Lannister.
  • 125   "Takeout"  -  Jaime treats sugar baby Brienne to dinner.

Modern Lion Pride

University professor Jaime, museum curator Brienne, and their three children Catelyn, Brynden, and Joanna. 

  • 126   "Parent's Evening"  -  Jaime and Brienne see their cubs' teachers.
  • 127   "Bike Ride"  -  Jaime and Brienne take their children out on a Sunday morning.
  • 128   "Childcare Emergency"  -  Professor Jaime brings his three cubs to class.

The Modern Lion Pride now has it's own series. You can read their further adventures here