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Her mother's screaming penetrated into her room. He did it again. He hit her again. Tears ran down Luisiana's cheeks. This time it was apparently about a certain chain that was important to her mother. With trembling hands she pulled her cell phone out of her trouser pocket and wrote to her best friend.

18:48 Luisiana "She is beaten again. . ."

18:48 Polly "Again? You're gonna have to do something! Shouldn't we let my dad in on it?";

18:49 Luisiana "I do not know. I don't want him hurting her any more. "

18:49 Polly, "How can he not make him noticeable in her work? She walks by Chris and Co every day, doesn't she?";

18:50: Luisiana "Mum wears only long-sleeved clothes. No more t-shirts. She tries to cover it up or takes some of the meds she actually has lying around as back up. I already told her to break up with him, but. . . . she's not gonna make it. . .
It's about her dog days right now. . . I'll try to get to her. . . "

18:55 Polly "Do that once. Moira's worried too. But are that those dogtags?";

18:55 Luisiana : "Yes. . . . . I'm trying to get them, maybe we can find him, who means I have to talk to your dad and the rest and say that. . . you know";.

WHUMS WHUMS, "Open the damn door!";

18:56 Luisiana ";I'm gone. He's banging on my door. . . "

Quickly she hid her cell phone and went to the door. "What do you want?";

";Open the door!" "Never!" screamed Lusiana under tears."I am your father! So open the door or something will happen to your mother!"

"YOU are not my dad's asshole!" Luisiana screamed at her mother's friend as she opened the door. "Do you really think that guy with whom your mother stepped into the box at the time is interested in you? You're a crazy accident! "Luisiana ignored him and went to her mother and helped her up. With care, she looked into her eyes. "Everything's okay my darling ....", her mother whispered to her "I just fell in bad spirits ..." "Fell down unfavorably ... yes, no, it's cool!", She answered while she brought her mother into the bedroom. "Do not mix yourself up!", sayed David Angry whereupon his girlfriend intervened "Let my daughter out of the game David! She did not harm you! "Because of this sentence he beat both women. "Rebecca Rebecca I have to say that here! Already forgotten? If it was up to me I would put your worthless daughter on the street! If you have not fucked that criminal in the past, you would not have that brat on your neck! "As he spoke these words, he left the house. He slammed the door. Shortly thereafter Rebecca started to cry and gave her daughter her dog tags with the sentence "Take care ..... they belonged to your father ....."


School was a welcome change to the domestic violence of her stepfather. Today she was picked up by Barry Burton. What happened from time to time. "Morning Lucy," Barry greeted her. "Morning Barry!" She threw her school bag in the back of the car and sat down next to Barry. "Where's Polly?" "Already away at school. By the way, today you're sorry ... ", Barry explained" Polly came to me she worries about you and Rebecca. Besides, that's just a confirmation for me now that's wrong with Beccy ... Besides, are not these your mother's dogtags? She never gave who else, and let us never know exactly what's on it "Luisiana answered Slightly offended " I always think it's great that you will introduce me to your plans ..... but yes those are the Mum .. ..she gave them to me so that David does not get them ..... "
She sighed, "But maybe you can help me with something...... You can track other people, can you?" "Yes, why?" "Good.... Do I explain as soon as we are there and everyone is okay?" Barry nodded and drove to the Hq of the BSAA. On the ground, he led them into a large room. There, the former team members and friends of their mother gradually trudged in. Jill, Claire, Leon, Chris, and Barry.
Everyone warmly welcomed Luisiana. Of course, everyone knew her. Her mother got her at 18-19 and without her help all this would probably not have been possible.
The first thing that struck Jill was a big blue spot on Lucy's neck and pointed out, "What is lucy?" "I.... I'm doing the latest martial arts at school..." "Okaaay.... what a one the..." hacked Jill. Lucy lay on the floor with a quick-set Kotegaeshi.
She knew the reactions of Rebecca, who she was hiding. So her daughter was easy to see through for her. Lucy was lying on the ground and realised she was trapped. "Now.. Lucy what's going on!"
The young girl started stuttering. Everyone looked at Lucy. "Now there's no going back..." she shot it in her thoughts. "Mum and... I we will be....beaten at home by David...." "Please what? Why?" Chris reacted angrily. Rebecca was like a 2 little sister to him because she was only a year younger than Claire. "David beats us as I said. Mum more than me..... He insults me more and thinks that My Biological Father is a jerk and pedophile bastard and is not interested in me..." "What kind of idiot that..."," Claire quipped, "And I thought Neil would have been bad...." Lucy laughed slightly but continued to say, "I think he also......" Her mouth was dry "Mum screamed and was locked in the bedroom......." 'Now don't Beccy say she's being raped? I grab the asshole!" it came from Chris and wanted to go straight away. But his little sister Claire kept him on "Chris let it! Lucy should tell us more."

"But Rebecca is rap..." "CHRISTOPHER! Let it go!" Claire moaned. There was also concern for her friend Rebecca in her face, but you shouldn't rush it came to her mind.
Carefully, she took the teen in her arms, "Is there more to know?" "Yes....... Mum and David fought back last night......," Lucy whimsical, shoving her mother's chain onto the table
"It was going around here...."
It was a silver chain from the military. Leon grabbed them directly and investigated this suspicion. "Billy Coen.... is engraved here... okay what does that have to do with Rebecca?" Leon passed the chain on to Jill. She rang when she heard the name Billy Coen. "Didn't Rebecca have written a report about a person called Billy Coen? So why does she have the chain of this criminal?"
"That Billy Coen killed 23 people, according to the military's report..." Chris added.
"Well.... Mum said. he would be my father...... and she says he's innocent...", Lucy pressed, "I believe her... because if he killed 23 people, why not Mum? She had been 18 for two months. And she would have bothered him then I think only! They wouldn't be alive without him......"
"There our little professor had one-nigth stood with an jailbird," Leon laughed lightly, but was slapped on the shoulder directly by Claire "said the guy who likes his affairs like his food: Asian. Or what should I call these regulars meetings with Ada"
"Shut up......," Leon quid, pulling out his flat man.
"Can you find him? Please," she begged, ignoring Leon's "Please......" Finally, Barry talked again, "Rebecca believed in his innocence. And we all know our nest-checker. She's always had a good empathy. I think we should really look for him"
"Yes please! He could be the only one to persuade her to leave her stupid Macker!" pleaded Lucy, slowly having tears in her eyes. "Don't worry Little We'll take care of it," Barry told her.