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When I Don't Remember You

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Gabriel is a good soldier. That’s how the lord created him. Even before there was Armageddidnt to plan for, Gabriel's number one personality trait was obedient. Sure he was confident, had great people skills, and had the kind of air that demanded respect. Making him the perfect leader of heaven. He was only supposed to be one of the archangels of heaven, yet he quickly became alphas of the alphas (under metatron and the lord herself of course). Gabriel’s unwavering support of the almighty and his unrelenting faith in her ineffable plan made him the angel that all other angels look up to. And don’t get me wrong, he loved it. He loved the positive feedback loop it created when people's faith in him strengthened his faith in her which strengthened their faith in her. 

Back before the almostageddon happened he thought he knew his orders, his purpose. Now he was lost, no orders, no plan, no direction. Neither her grace nor metatron bothered so much a whisper to Gabriel on what was next, or at least why everything he ever thought he was supposed to do was wrong. Gabriel needed guidance, needed someone to tell him what was next. He needed orders. After the failed trails of heaven and hell, Gabriel decided he needed to do some soul searching. And what better place to find yourself than the place where everyone was desperately searching for meaning and purpose, earth. He placed Micheal in charge and reassigned himself to earth, under the false pretenses of keeping an eye on the two traitors. Well it wasn’t completely false. He did plan on watching them, just in case, but decidedly not a very close watch. 

Instead Gabriel tried the Aziraphale and Crowley approach and go native, when in Rome right? Gabriel was sure that was the expression, or was it Greece? No matter, he went to both. But more often than not he found himself in London. That’s where he could make daily observations on the two of them, since that’s where they were ‘shacking up’ nowadays. Besides, there were plenty of things to do in London. 

Gabriel found himself most often in bars, its where humans went to socialize. Gabriel found it much easier to be at bars than restaurants or nightclubs. At the bar he could lower the beers he ordered without ever having to take a sip, in a restaurant he had to order food he would never eat just to sit alone. At bars he could listen to the humans around him and, in his own way, socialize without ever having to talk. 

Nightclubs had a certain appeal to them. It was dark enough so that he never had to get a drink to keep up appearances, but he hated it there. The noise made it too hard to hear what anyone was saying and it had this underlying tone of sin as men prowled drunk women and couples rubbed against each other publicly. Gabriel had no problem with sex itself, for it was the first command God gave to Adam and Eve. “Be fruitful” So that wasn’t the issue per say. But it was like looking at sex through a fun house mirror, distorted to the point of barely being its original intended form. His first and last time at a nightclub he had practically ran out of there. The noise and the flashing colors overstimulating him, not to mention the people were packed together so closely he felt suffocated. Heaven was large, making you feel isolated in its vast and pristine rooms. The nightclub made Gabriel shudder at the thought of what hell might be like. 

Gabriel found himself in a bar right now. This time his attention was not on the other patrons but on the television on the wall. He was watching with his shoulders were slouched and his arms were pulled together. Normally he would hate such poor posture habits but he quickly realized that his appearance as a big man on earth was less attention drawing if he didn’t come off quite as big. He was watching an ice hockey game but he wasn’t too interested. That was until he watched one of the Nottingham Panthers slam a Sheffield Steeler into the glass. Gabriel straightened himself, an uncontrolled reflex due to being intrigued. The soldier in him loved sports, the action, the aggression and of course the coaches and the team captains calling the shots. This ice hockey looked particularly interesting and Gabriel had yet to experience it first hand. But.. Gabriel stood and headed for the door, that could be rectified easily.


Miraculously, Gabriel was able to get a ride to the same game he was watching on the bars television. He climbed the steps to the back rows, he wanted to be able to see the whole game while still feeling at least partly above the fans and the players. Even if he was trying to get the human experience, he was still an archangel of heaven. That’s when he saw them. They were hard to miss. Many things made Beezlebub stand apart from the crowded seats of fan.

Firstly, how the demon lord was dressed. They stood out from the jerseys and the plainly dressed spectators surrounding them. They themselves were dressed in a morning coat and trousers. Under Beezlebubs mourning coat they had on a white shirt whose collar was turned up and a black vest. The demons war memorabilia and fly hat were apparently left in hell. Another thing separating them from the crowded what how they held themselves. They slumped in their seat, making their petite figure even smaller. Their face was completely stagnant, not sign of interest or enthusiasm plaguing their features. Their eyes were blank and expressionless. Even though they sat slumped and apathetic they held a certain power around them. Gabriel wondered if this was why the humans were sitting two seats away from Beezlebub on either side or if it was due to some un-divine intervention.

Of course the main thing that made them stand apart from everyone else was their demonic presence. It was to Gabriel’s angelic essences like a beacon shining through the pitch black night, drawing him in. Angels and demons were made up of the same stuff, as much as both sides hated to admit it. He wondered if humans could feel it too, not as strongly, surely. But perhaps on a lesser level. Gabriel could smell the sulfur and could feel his hair stand up on the back of his neck even from 12 rows below them. Beside himself, Gabriel was happy to see the demon. He quickly climbed the steps, nearly racing to sit next to his nemesis. Suddenly as he got up to the desired row and began moving his large frame around the ones already seated there he felt.. how did he feel? Embarrassed I suppose. He realized that he didn’t know what to say to them or why he was so eager to see them. Perhaps all this time he was spending on earth was making him a little starved for supernatural interaction. Eventually, after much squeezing and many apologizes he sat down right next to them. Beelzebub shifted in their seat, squirmed even, as Gabriel sat down. A lilac panted leg rubbed against a black one.

“Sorry.” Gabriel said sheepishly pulling his legs away from them and putting his hands in his lap.

“It’zzz. Fin(e)zz.” Beelzebub nearly growled through the buzzing. It didn’t have much rage behind it, but it was a warning. Now it was Gabriel's turn to squirm. He didn’t know what to say, but he should say something right?

“Sooo,” He said clapping his hands together. “What brings you here?”

They shot him a sideways glare. “Watching the game.” They said as if the question was stupid, which it kinda was.

“I meant on earth.” Gabriel said all but rolling his eyes as he strained to maintain his smile. Conversation with the demon was already proving difficult, and they have only said five words.

“Needed a break.” They said, not bothering to turn their head from the game. There was a moment of silence between them as Beelzebub took a sip from their plastic cup, neither of them had to say anything to know that Gabriel was here for the same reason. Gabriel watched Beelzebub and ‘tsked.

“What?” Beelzebub asked nearly buzzing from the sheer annoyance of the angels presence.

“Nothing,” he sighed, “I just thought better of you than to drink such filth.” This made Beelzebub straighten slightly and turn towards him with a smirk.

“You thought better of me?”

Amusement glistened in their voice. Gabriel almost felt like he could hear the twinkling of bells, no that couldn’t be, it must have been just their normal buzz at a lower frequency. Gabriel looked down as one of the Steelers scored, causing the stadium to erupt in both cheers and groans

“No, I don’t” he admitted keeping his eyes trained on one of the players. It didn’t matter which one it was, he just didn’t want to look at that smirk or those now hungry eyes that Beelzebub had trained on him. Wordlessly, they handed him their drink. It was bad enough they expected him to drink this gross matter without so much as a please but they wanted him, an archangel, to drink out of the same container as a lowly demon.

“I do not defile the-“

“Drink. It.” Beelzebub commanded. Gabriel stared into his cup of beer, grimacing.

“Does it taste good?” Not that he had any frame of reference but he was grasping at straws at this point for some kind of upside.

“No” Their face was expressionless but as they lifted their newly manifested cup Gabriel could see the traces of a smile forming on their lips, it was there for only a second. Gabriel, not really sure why, took a sip. They were right. It did not taste good. Gabriel made a noise of disgust. He was about to complain about it until he felt the tingly sensation of it going down his throat and settling in his stomach. Glancing at Beelzebub he took another sip. Alright, that time they smiled, he was sure of it. Together they watched the game.


“Do you know what it's li-ke?” Gabriel asked, his speech was slurred. He was on his third beer and proving to be a lightweight, even though he was trying hard to keep up. This came as no surprise to Beelzebub but they were still greatly entertained by it.

“No, tell me”

“It’s like a Roman Colosseum” He said waving his hands dramatically around him as if he had made an important scientific discovery. All the same they raised their eyebrow at him inquisitively. Not because they thought it truly was a revolution but because they were surprised that the angel had made the connection. Not only did they think that the angel is a bit of a ditz (they have to be reminded that just because his head is full harboring his ego, it doesn’t mean he it’s incredibly clever) but they also knew of his limited earth knowledge.

“Read up on it did you?”

“No, I was there.”

Beelzebub turned their attention back to the game. He was right of course. The way the stadium's seats were the same as the spectators seats in a Colosseum, even the wall of glass surrounding the players echoed the feeling of the caged gladiators forced to fight for freedom and honor. There was also the aggression and pride that came with the competition. The bloodlust. As if on cue a wayward puck connecting with another players shoulder, the hit wasn’t too bad considering the padding the player was wearing but it couldn’t have felt good. Gabriel watched a smile curl on the demons lips.

“Which team are you rooting for?”

“Both.” Beelzebub turned to him with a sneer, and their head tilted back to look up at his face. “I’m rooting for their swift and bloody demise.”

Gabriel stopped for a second, then began laughing full-heartedly at the lame attempt at humor.

“You’re drunk.” Beelzebub said with a sigh.

They downed their sixth not bothering to refill it. Gabriel, not wanting to be out done, downed the rest of his in suite. With that they stood to leave, but before they could make a step towards the exit their sleeve was caught between the finger and thumb of the angel. Under more normal circumstances that would have been a deadly mistake, but Gabriel was too drunk to think properly. Perhaps Beelzebub was too, normally they have punished anyone for such a familiar gesture. Instead they stopped to listen, not so much as a scowl gracing their features.

“Wait, the game, it isn’t over.”

“Will be soon.” Beezlebub surveyed the crowd with disdain “I’d rather leave early and not have to shuffle along with humanity.

Of course the crowd shuffling out of a sports arena would likely mirror the crowded corridors of hell closely, if not for it being a little less drab and lifeless. But of course in hell the demons had the common sense to part for the lord like the Red Sea. The humans on the other hand mulled around, as if their time was just as valuable as Beelzebub’s, as if they were equals.

“I’ll come with” He said swaying as he got to his feet. Together they walked down the row of seats, all the people springing to their feet to avoid a very drunk Gabriel falling into their lap. Beelzebub noticed this and looked over their shoulder at the stumbling giant with a smirk. Maybe he wasn’t completely useless after all. 

Eventually, they had made their way to an elevator to the ground floor. Gabriel leaned against the corner of the elevator his head wedged between the walls. When the elevator started its descent he, in a surprised and ungraceful manner, grabbed at the rails on the walls as if he was going to fall through the floor. Beelzebub had to choke down a laugh. They had to admit, actually they would never admit, they enjoyed spending time with drunk Gabriel. Well, at least more than sober Gabriel. He lost all of his self-righteousness when he drank. He was surprisingly tolerable to be around. Beelzebub managed to get them out a side entrance and safely to an alley with the archangel only almost falling flat on his face once.

“Well I best be going.” They said heading to the street planning on hailing a cab.

“Aren’t you just gonna do the thing?”

They stared at him blankly for an answer.

“You know the thing. The-“ Gabriel then imitated a swan dive with his hands into the ground.

“I suppozze I’d open a tunnel if I was going to hell.”

“Oh, you have an earthly dwelling?”

“Yezz,” They buzzed, a little annoyed at the perceived tone of mockery. “Wait, you don’t?”

Gabriel shrugged really big, his intoxicated brain taking longer on the motion than necessary. “Never needed one.”

“And you plan on getting yourself to heaven like that?” Beelzebub hadn’t shown them how to sober up and they didn’t plan on it.

“Yeah. Sure.” He waved his hand at them as if it were no big deal. He then squinted upwards as if trying to calculate how many theoretical miles that would be.

“I have a spare room.” Beelzebub said turning back to the street. It didn’t sound like a question or even an invitation, it was something between a command and the answer to a question no one asked. Either way the archangel obediently followed.

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Looking over at the archangel who was sitting in the backseat of the cab with them, Beelzebub realized they were very drunk. They must have been. If they were sober they wouldn’t have invited him, of all beings, back to their place; and if they were sober now they would at least be cursing at themself or him for being in this predicament. Instead they simply watched the angel watch the lights of the street lamps, and shops, and cars pass by in their window. They weren’t thinking much of anything as they watched him, except perhaps how the colors and light danced across the angels of their face.

When they arrived and Beelzebub had helped him out of the car, he found a home that he had not been expecting. It was modern and the majority was made out of glass. The house was very geometric, all cubes and cuboids. Of course the one thing he did expect was the house to be blacks and grays; at first glance he thought that the building was stripped with white but on further inspection it was silver. Gabriel was expecting.. well he wasn’t sure what he was expecting. Something between a literal cave and a desolate Victorian mansion. They led him down the granite stone walkway to the house, the occasional lean of one shoulder onto another went unspoken but not unnoticed.

The door swung open with a simple flick of the demon’s wrist. They navigated through their own home with ease, leading him to a black leather couch in the living room. They flung their coat and vest on the couch before dropped him on it. They then opened a liquor cabinet that was functioning as the couch’s side table and pulled out a bottle of gin. Clicking on the lamp they sat themselves on the floor in front of the couch as opposed to on it.

“Hey,” Gabriel called in an almost sweet voice, “what are you doing all the way down there?”

“There isn’t much space on the couch with your wingz spread out like that.”

Gabriel looked surprised as he saw his first and primary wings spread out around him taking up most of the couch. He hadn’t even realized that he had materialized them. He then looked at the demon on the floor who had started drinking straight from their liquor bottle.

“What color are your wings?” Beelzebub stopped drinking but held the bottle to their lips.

“Black.” They said curtly.

There was a moment where Gabriel's sparkling violet eyes grazed over them, they could feel it even with their back turned. They almost shivered under the direct focus.

“Can I see them?” The words hung in the air around them, every second they hung their the tension in the room grew thicker.

“I don’t let anyone see them.” It wasn’t a lie, but it was still avoiding the question.

“That can't be true,” Gabriel reached over and took the bottle and then a sip. He almost spat it back out onto the grey marble floor, but he was able to choke it down. This was most certainly worse than beer. “Who helps you when you molt?”


“You have molted, haven’t you?”

More silence.


“Don’t call me that.” They snapped, they meant to say it rougher but their intoxication was diluting their anger.

“You need to take care of them.” It was no surprise that the angel of personal fitness and keeping ones celestial temple pure and unsullied also took a special interest in wing care.

“Come on, spread them.” He said sitting up.

Beelzebub froze at the unintended innuendo. Without warning, and without permission, Gabriel pushed the tips of his fingers onto a spot just below the demons shoulder blade. Beelzebub gasped, but it was too late. Their wings sprung into existence.

“Oh Beelze.” He said looking over them and running his fingers through the black feathers.

He had never seen wings that looked so bad, he had often wondered what happened when the demons had fallen. When he heard of a demon with black unblemished wings on the wall of Eden he had figured that nothing too bad had happened if that’s what demons looked like now. He hadn’t known- he didn’t want to know. Now he was looking at the aftermath. Their feathers were broken and many were crusted with blood. The contact of his fingers into their wings made a tingle run down their spine. Words evaded Beelzebub as they relished in the feeling of being touched so intimately.

They had never shown them to anyone, they hadn’t even looked at them by themselves. The only time they had viewed them was on the day they had fallen, and that was before days or nights or time had existed. After seeing what had happened to their wings they never wanted to see them again. Now their destroyed wings were exposed to an archangel, and he was touching them. Surely he thought they were terrible, surely he would make fun of them, surely he would use the upper hand he now had to smite them. Instead he began grooming them.

Starting on the left wing, starting the tip and working his way right from top to bottom he began pulling feathers. The second the old feather was removed a new feather sprung into existence. Old feathers were only barely hanging onto the wing, they seemed desperate to be pulled. Beelzebub’s legs were shaking and they felt like they were melting into the floor. They dug their claws into the floor, making engravings on the marble. Biting their lip they tried to hide the noises that Gabriel was pulling from them at each tug at another loose feather.

“This is going to take a while, I’m sorry if it hurts. Do need a break or do you need me to stop?”

“No!” They said quickly, maybe a bit too quickly. “It’s ok- keep going.”

Beelzebub couldn’t catch every moan as it passed through their lips, at least Gabriel was mistaking the noise and the twitching lips as pain instead of the truth. That they were getting pleasure from this. That was shameful, not that pleasure itself is shameful, they were a demon after all; no, it was the fact that they were receiving pleasure from him. His fingers were making them moan and quake. His breath on the back of their neck made their skin prickle. Beelzebub looked down and nearly cursed, he was giving them an erection.

“There” Gabriel said eventually. “One wing done.”

They couldn’t stop a shiver from running down their spine. How could they possibly keep this up any longer. Their boxer briefs were already growing a wet spot with all the precum it was leaking. With all the noise they were making now Beelzebub was dreading the inevitable orgasm they were headed towards. Sweat rolled down their back, and their wings trembled as they attempted to bite down the release they ached for.

The prince of hell wasn’t very much accustomed to denying themself pleasure, in fact they were quite the indulger. They gritted their teeth as they neared the end of their rope. Gabriel made a small hum of satisfaction to himself. The sound was sweeter than every wail of desperation of all the sinners of hell, combined.

“Your wings are soo pretty.” He murmured in an almost sultry voice.

That was all Beelzebub could take. They dug their nails into their pants, tearing into them. A hand flew over their mouth but it was in vain. A rumbled moan with an underlying buzz broke through their throat. The climax was blinding, all their senses faded out. The only sensation they could feel was bliss. They didn’t know how long they rode the wave of their orgasm, or how long it took for reality to come back into focus. Slowly they were able to feel the heat on their neck and face, along with the cool sweat that slid down their back. They could hear their heart in their ears accompanied by their ragged breathing.

The burning on their cheeks ran its way up to their ears once they realized what had finally caused them to come undone. A compliment. A compliment from an angel. A compliment from an archangel. A compliment from a certain annoying, insufferable, idiotic, archangel. A compliment in which they were called ‘pretty’. No longer basking in the light of their post orgasmic afterglow their fight or flight instincts had kicked in and they wanted to run. But they couldn’t. If they so much as stood up now, the angel would know something was wrong. They had to stay still, at least until they were done being groomed.

Beelzebub thought that it was tortuous before they had climaxed, now it was twice as bad. It felt like Gabriel was teasing them, but now there was no chance they could reach that peak again. Not that they even wanted another orgasm from him, because they didn’t (Lie). At the same time they wanted the torture to end, they dreaded the moment that his attention was taken from their feathers. Not that they liked the attention (another lie), it was that feared what would happen when he finally looked at them. When he saw their glazed over eyes, shredded pant legs and heated face.

Could they risk a demonic miracle? Would he question it? Surely he would feel the shift in the room, there was no hiding the miracle if they did it, but if it hid the original problem, was it worth it? They patiently waited for him to finish. Moans still tried to make their way out of the demon’s lips but they bit them back, hoping not to further embarrass themselves.

Gabriel was trying to hurry, he didn’t want them to be in anymore pain then they had to be in. He was trying, but he was drunk. That was the excuse he was giving himself for running his fingers through the feathers. He kept having to refocus himself; that the job he was doing was to remove the old feathers, not preen over the new ones. As much as he tried to will himself to stay on task his eyes and fingers kept drifting back to already finished sections.

Gabriel thought they were the most beautiful wings he had ever seen. Wait, were they? His liquor soaked mind tried to conjure up a beautiful set of wings, but maybe that was just because of the aforementioned alcohol. The wings were a glossy black but they had dark blue and green hues that seemed to shimmer and dance on the black under the light of the lamp. Gabriel worked hard to fight the urge to rub his face against the feathers. They felt so soft against the tips of his fingers, he could only imagine what it would feel like brushing against his cheeks, his lips.

He would have loved the experience of grooming Beelzebub's wings wholeheartedly, and would have wanted it to never end if it was not for Beelzebub. Each whimper and groan made Gabriel feel incredibly guilty for the pleasure he was getting out of helping them. That still didn’t stop him from feeling sad that he had to stop once there were no more stray feathers to pull. Once all the stays were gone, Gabriel pulled one of the new ones.

“Hey!” Beelzebub barked over their shoulder.

“Sorry, thought I missed one.” Gabriel said slipping the feather into his pocket. "I'm done now."

Beelzebub quickly performed a demonic miracle to hide the mess they had made before they stood abruptly and headed towards the stairs.

“Your room is the door on the right.” They said pointing down a hall without bothering to look back.

They stomped their way up the stairs; Gabriel heard them stomp down a hall and then heard the tell tale sound of a slammed door. He wondered if he had done something wrong, well he knew he had done something wrong. Touching the prize feather in his pocket he thought about how it was wrong to take it, how it was wrong to lie. Maybe this was his punishment. On wobbly legs he carried himself to his temporary room

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Beelzebub woke up the next morning cursing themself. How could they let that happen. More importantly how could they have let that happen with him? And after letting that happen, how could they go upstairs to their room and play with themselves thinking about it? Their cock grew stiff thinking about it now, but a third time was out of the question. The regret and sobriety stopped them from pondering the thought too long, even if the fact that he was downstairs thrilled them in ways they didn’t want to admit. This of course raised a different question. Or more accurately a series of questions. As in do they leave their room now, or later? Now could imply they couldn’t wait to see him and the first thing they did after waking up was run to see them, which was embarrassing all by itself and that’s not considering everything that happened the night before. But wasn’t later just as bad? What were they gonna do? Lay in bed and try not to make any noise so it seems like they are less desperate than they really were. And what were they going to do once they got down there? Ignore him? Kick him out? Maybe they should leave before he wakes up, but that would give him the upper hand by letting him free to wonder through their house.

That was if he was still asleep. Beelzebub couldn’t hear his footsteps, but that wasn’t exactly hard evidence. Reluctantly they rolled out of bed and made their way back down stairs. Even with all the questions rattling around in their head they couldn’t help but hope to find a sleeping archangel in their guest bed. They checked around the living areas and couldn’t find him, they also couldn’t find all their old feathers. There was only one last place he could be. Beelzebub hesitated at the door, not knowing what to say to him once he was awake. But one thing that the lord of flies was not, was a coward. In a fluid motion they opened the door and stepped through it. The angel was nowhere to be found, only a small piece of paper on the clean and tucked sheets .


Thank you for your hospitality last night. 

I had a good time. 

-Archangel Gabriel 


Beelzebub crinkled the paper and sneered at it. That stupid, arrogant, asshole, bastard. Of course he had signed it Archangel and of course he had said he had a ‘good’ time. What was that even supposed to mean? Whatever it meant it pissed the demon off. Like they were a cheap thrill, that they were less than him. Fine! They didn’t need him, in fact they were relieved. This means they didn’t have to see that smug face. Those glistening violet eyes, that brown hair possibly disheveled by sleep. That self righteous smile, those begging lips. Who would even want to see that, not the demon lord, surely. Grumbling to themself, they made their descent to hell. 


Without Lucifer as hells leader, hell- Actually hell was functioning more or less the same. Lucifer was their martyr, but he wasn’t actually the boss of hell. That was Beelzebub. But now there was no Lucifer and no war. Hell wasn’t a place of particularly high morale, but that low morale was at an all time low. Beelzebub insisted that this was a minor set back. That in-fighting in hell was exactly what heaven wanted, and that they had to be ready when the end did come. It was hard for the soldiers to go back to being pencil pushing bureaucrats, but they feared their lord more than they hated work. They needed a new plan. The demons were angry from over six thousand years of injustice, they wanted blood. For now they had to bide their time, again. It’s not that Beelzebub wasn’t angry at the way things had turned out. They had been denied their war, they were back stabbed by Crowley, who then embarrassed them at his trail by not dying in holy water. But that was no reason to fly of the handle, the demons had to grab the upper hand. Revenge was a dish best served cold, or maybe slow roasted in hellfire.

Beelzebub was busy with paperwork, as always. Now that the demons had to go back to the typical grind they all seemed to have some kind of problem they wanted fixed. They were supposed to be forming a plan to have their revenge against heaven. Instead they were thumbing their way through complaints about leaking pipes and workplace drama. Asmodeus was apparently taking their frustration out on demons corporations through what would not be called vanilla sex. Beelzebub growled at the papers, just because of one cranky demon they had upwards of 30 complaint forms and new corporation forms that they had to sign off on. They were tearing through papers when their desk vibrated, well something on their desk vibrated. It was odd, their calls normally came from the rotary phone on their desk but this was coming from their smartphone. They exclusively used it on earth trips and that was in case of emergency only. Yet here it was buzzing away with texts. 

Hey it’s Gabriel. Did you have a nice night?

How are your wings?

When are you next coming to visit earth? Maybe we could match schedules. Meet up. 

Beelzebub just stared at the messages. They felt a mix of emotions. They were surprised he had their number and was a little thrilled about the desperation in the angels texts. Although they couldn’t be certain that the double texting was because he was begging for their attention or because he had no clue about human implications and social behaviors. But they also felt pissed off in the same way they had that morning while holding that note. Again they felt like his booty call. That he could snap his fingers and they would come running. 

I have work

They slapped their phone upside down on the desk and forced themself back into their work. Less than a minute later another buzz shook their phone, but they ignored it… For about five minutes. What was the human expression? Curiosity killed the cat. They wanted to be strong and ignore whatever that stupid angel wanted, but their paperwork was less intriguing. Besides, maybe if they read what he had sent them they could stop thinking about it and get back to business. They scooped up the phone and hastily read the message. 

Who do you have working on surveillance on the angel Aziraphale and the demon Crowley? Or whatever those two are now. I personally am keeping an eye on things given how dangerous the two are. Perhaps you and I could compare our notes on them, maybe over dinner?

Beelzebub hadn’t ordered any surveillance on the two of them. They figured it was safer for the demons of hell to stay out of the way of those two. But that could have been a mistake. Had Gabriel discovered some kind of clue as to how those two survived their respective trials. Did he know the secret to surviving hellfire just as Aziraphale did? When the end of time did begin, it would be useful for the demons if they could still kill those arrogant angels. Beelzebub sighed leaning back in their desk chair. Gabriel was right. Those two should be monitored, and they weren’t going to let that stupid prick of an archangel get a leg up on them. 


So, that’s a yes to dinner?


Oh great! What time and where?

Figure it out

Beelzebub tossed their phone to the corner of their desk opposite from where they sat. Making it harder for them to get, and hopefully making it less likely for them to check it. They had work to do, especially now that they had a business appointment with the angel. Yes a business appointment. Not a date. They realized a little while later they better give Dagon a heads up on their trip to earth. Of course she need not know the exact nature of their visit just that they would be stepping out on urgent matters. Dagon didn’t dare ask any follow up questions, not with their buzz coming from underneath their voice. They sounded pissed off. And they were.


Gabriel checked his watch. For the seventh time. In two minutes. He had sent the demon lord a text detailing where on earth they would be meeting. He had picked the Ritz as their randevu. It seemed as fitting place as any to discuss the traitors, this was a place that they frequented after all. They had also told the demon lord the time at which they would meet. And the demon was… Gabriel checked his watch again, three minutes late. He was sure he had said six o’clock in his text, he was sure because he had re-read it several times. Checking the text again (just to make sure) he thought maybe they were waiting outside, maybe he should have been waiting there for them. Was it was rude for him to already be at the table? At that thought he scrambled up from his seat, knocking his chair over behind him. Of course at that very awkward the demon strolled into the room where the angel had just publicly embarrassed himself.

Beelzebub was wearing a tux but the jacket was open, along with the top several buttons of their white button up shirt. They had on a dark blue bow tie but it layed around his neck untied. Gabriel felt as if time stopped when they laid eyes on him. He felt his cheeks heat as he tried to re-correct his chair. Feeling embarrassed but not deterred, he rapidly moved to the other side of the table just in time to pull the chair out for Beelzebub. They stopped for a second, unsure whether the gesture meant that he was relinquishing power to them or if it was a show of control and ownership. They decided that the action was permissible, for now. Taking a seat they shrugged off their jacket and dropped it on the floor next to their chair without so much as a glance to the now crumpled article. Gabriel took his own seat and miracles the blush off his face. The heat from it did not dissipate, in fact it seemed to grow and travel.. elsewhere. Clearing his throat and straightening in his seat he pulled out his file of observations from seemingly nowhere.

“Now onto the matter at hand. I ha-“

“Stop and be quiet.” The demon barked.

Causing even more heat to rush to unsavory places on the angel. His mouth hung open for a second, than slammed shut.

“Excuse me?”

“I agreed to come here to discuss the matter of the two traitors with you but with certain terms. You picked the place and the time at which we met, those were your terms. I have terms of my own.”

Gabriel scowled, yes that was fair, but couldn’t the demon have put it a nicer way? The archangel was trying to be friendly after all. Maybe the demon couldn’t do friendly. They had let him spend the night, that was friendly, nice even. But the unimpressed, uninterested, almost annoyed look on their face sure didn’t seem friendly. Or nice.

“What exactly,” Gabriel said (barely) managing not to roll his eyes “are these terms of yours?”

“That we eat first and discuzz business afterwards.”

Gabriel smiled, these terms were agreeable.

“Both of us.” The demon added, a glint in their eye. His eyes widened and then turned cold.

“I don’t eat.”

“You said the same thing about drinking, but that didn’t stop you last night.”

Something in Beelzebub’s voice made his skin prickle and crawl, as if they could see right through him. He felt his throat tighten, along with his trousers.

“I will not be doing either tonight.”

Beelzebub said nothing, just looked at him for a moment before moving one leg to the side of their chair and rising to stand.

“Fine.” Gabriel blurted out.

“Ok I’ll eat, just please sit down.”

Beelzebub paused for a second longer looking down at him, giving him a warning look as if to say ‘you better be serious’. Sitting back down they looked over their menu. Seeing that both persons of the two party table for six o’clock were seated their waiter came rushing over with a water pitcher.

“Nice of you to join- oh,” The waiter cut himself off as he noticed Beelzebub’s jacket in a heap on the floor. He smoothed it out and tucked it carefully under his arm while saying, “Let me get that for you. So, erm, anyway, have you two decided on what you will be having this evening?”

Beelzebub lifted both of their menus up and passed them over to the waiter without ever once looking at him. Instead they kept their gaze trained on the angel, with a look in their eye that most certainly meant trouble.

“Yez we have.”

Chapter Text

After leaving the note on Beelzebub’s guest bed, the angel went to start his day in the way that he had done since he had reassigned himself to Earth. And that was with a visit to Crowley and Aziraphale. There were one of two places that the pair could be found in the early hours of the morning, Aziraphale’s bookshop or their new estate, the South Downs cottage. This particular morning they were in the bookstore.

Gabriel had to wait for them to head out to a more public space before he could truly observe them. He could hide his appearance but this would only work on mortal beings, the two celestial entities would be able to spot him in a second. He was able to hide himself in crowded spaces, as long as he kept his distance. They were usually too enamored with each other to notice. Today he watched as they excitedly got onto a bus, well Aziraphale was excited. Even at the six yard distance he was keeping between them and himself he could hear Aziraphale’s raised and erratic voice and he was practically bouncing off the pavement as they walked. Not that Crowley seemed unexcited, he was after all intently listening to Aziraphale’s ramblings. Wherever the two were headed Gabriel couldn’t follow them on the same bus. Luckily, there was a cab ready to follow the bus, at a distance of course. The angel and demon companions had planned an outing to the National Gallery. 

Gabriel was God’s strength, but was also God's messenger. He was the angel of communication of all kinds. This included art. Gabriel loved art, he loved the many ways a single piece could be interpreted. He loved the way art and music could mean one thing to the creator and mean something different to each member of its audience. He loved the way that the meanings of the pieces grew and changed, and developed over time. Gabriel had never been to the National Gallery before, with a war to plan for he never had the time or need to appreciate human art. He watched Aziraphale drag Crowley through the museum rooms. The archangel waited for the two to move onto the next room before entering the one they were just in. He took his time circling each room running his eyes over the paintings, but mostly he watched the faces of the people around him. Watching the subtle feelings and thought that the paintings gave them move across their face, he tried to guess their interpretations of the pieces. That was until he heard Crowley yelling from the other room.

“No I did not!” The demon shouted, he paused for a moment to listen to Aziraphale before continuing with, “It was most certainly not the same thing!”

Gabriel watched him shriek in front of a certain piece before watching the pair move on with their tour. Aziraphale was smiling quite jubilantly while Crowley scowled and stomped. Making sure they had exited the room, Gabriel made his way to the same painting they had made a scene in front of. It was The Annunciation by Duccio. It was a painting that depicted himself, the archangel Gabriel, visiting Mary to tell her the news of her virgin pregnancy. He couldn’t help but cringe at the memory, remembering how he had started with ‘do not be afraid’. Which might be the worst thing to tell a frightened human after you have just descended on them. The second worst has got to be that they were unmarried and pregnant with the son of the lord, congratulations!

Duccio had painted the angel in lavender robes. Gabriel smiled at that, he was quite fond of the color and the flower. Most of the clothes he wore now were shades of purple. But Duccio had painted him with black wings. Not that that was supposed to mean anything. Many paintings of angels had black wings of that time period, the Archangel Michael was given black wings by Pietro Vannucci in his works. Humans had not yet associated white wings as being strictly good and black as strictly bad. It did cause him to hesitate though, the black wings on a representation of himself couldn’t help but make him think of Beelzebub. Shaking his head clear he moved on from these thoughts and the painting.

As they made their way through the museum and it’s rooms, Gabriel spent less of his time watching the paintings and the other people and instead focused on the two companions. He watched as something Crowley said made Aziraphale playfully push his shoulder. Watched as they laughed about inside jokes and reminisced on shared experiences. The more he watched the more he felt something growing inside him, it thundered in his ears like his heartbeat, quiet and yet deafening. He couldn’t quite place the feeling, until he saw it. Their arms leaned closer together, Crowley's fingers brushed Aziraphales hesitantly. Then the angel fully grabbed the demon's hand and they both suddenly brighten at they painting at which they were looking at, but it wasn’t because of what they were seeing at all.

Gabriel wanted to say what he felt was disgust. That the thundering in his heart was because he thought an angel and a demon were not supposed to carry on in such a way. How much easier it would be if he felt angry at the sight of their fondness for one another. But Gabriel knew the true name of what he felt when saw the simple gesture, it was longing. Not for Aziraphale, not for Crowley; but for the connection they had. The history they shared, the closeness, the care. The feeling collected in his throat in a tight bubble until he was sure he couldn’t breath, it tore through his heart and burned his chest. Gabriel was sure he had never had something like that before, so why could he almost swear he missed it?


Beelzebub had ordered themself a lamb dish while getting Gabriel a vegetarian pasta dish, along with a bottle of red for the table. Gabriel felt his stomach turn as he spun the pasta onto his fork. He made all kinds of faces of disgust, hoping that maybe the demon would take pity on him.

“Are you sure I have to?” Gabriel said with puppy dog eyes.

“Yez.” They said sliding their knife  through their cut of lamb.

“What if I don’t like it?”

“Suffer bitch.” They hissed playfully before biting the meat off their fork.

The noodles formed a perfect little ball on the end of his fork, with one last pleading look to Beelzebub he popped the fork into his mouth. It was warm, and creamy.


Gabriel smiled brightly and quickly made another fork full. Beelzebub’s face remained stagnant, but if the angel had looked closely, he would have seen the corner of their mouth shift upwards on their next bite. After a few more bites Beelzebub held their glass of wine to the lips and looked expectantly at Gabriel. He quickly got the hint and grabbed his own glass for a sip. His face only brightened further upon discovering the sweetness of the drink. The taste of alcohol was still present in the wine but it tasted like sugars and berries (not that he had this frame of reference), this was much better than beer. Tipping his head back he finished his glass with a very intrigued Beelzebub watching. The demon then set down their glass to grab the sleeve of a passing waitress to order another bottle for the table. Then they reached across the table and poured more than a generous amount into his glass.

Nearing the end of their meal, the two had entered into a comfortable silence. Which of course Gabriel couldn’t exist in for long, call it him being the angel of communication, or just loving the sound of his own voice, but he felt he had to say something. 

“Can I ask you something?” Gabriel asked while chewing.

“It’s impolite to talk with your mouth full.”

“So-“ He said starting to apologize before catching himself. He swallowed and smiled a genuine and apologetic smile. “Sorry.. but can I?”

Beelzebub grabbed their wine glass and slumped lazily back in their chair. They crossed their other arm over their body, distancing themself from him, but they made a small motion with their wine glass telling him he could continue.

“Why is your house so clean?”

It was something Gabriel had been too drunk to comment on but not too drunk to notice when he was there. Everything was sheek and in pristine condition. He didn’t know much of how hell was looking these days but he knew demons, and he knew Beelzebub. And to him it seemed an atypical environment for a demon to live in, he knew they were partial to filth and all things unclean. Beelzebub held their glass to their lips without drinking from it. They stared into if for only a moment before shrugging their shoulders.

“I guezz it’s because my earthly estate is meant as a get away from the daily tribulations of Hell. Something different, can be... beneficial.”

They had struggled for a second to find a word that wasn’t ‘good’ or ‘nice’. Taking another sip they avoided expanding any further on the subject. While it was true that they felt they needed the change of pace now and again they had never really thought about to themself. Beelzebub wasn’t used to be questioned in such a way, usually whatever they said goes. They definitely weren’t used to someone wanting to hear their personal opinions on personal matters. Gabriel seemed to like the answer, he hummed thoughtful as he took the last bite of his meal. With a snap of the demons fingers both of their dirty plates and silverware were in a nearby busboys bin.

“Now to the true nature of this visit.” Beelzebub said holding out their hand to the angel. Gabriel nodded and swallowed the last bit of food before wiping his mouth with his napkin.

“Right, here you are.” He said handing them the file he had compiled personally on the traitors since Armageddon.

He then waited for Beelzebub to hand him their file. But they didn’t.

“And where exactly is Hell’s file on the two of them?”

“We don’t have one.”

“You don’t have anything on them?” He asked incredulously.

“Well we have a general file on the angel Aziraphale, he never seemed much of a threat. I’m sure anything I can give on him will already be prior knowledge for you. For the demon Crowley we just have a list of his accomplishments, I’m afraid we weren’t keeping the closest eye on him.”

“Well who do you have on current observations?”

Beelzebub continued to read the file, not giving the angel so much as a glance.

“You aren’t conducting any kind of surveillance on them?”

“We did sort of promise to leave them alone.”

“Since when do demons make good on their word?”

“When the entity they are promising it to is invincible and would likely seek vengeance.”

“So what you are telling me is that I ate human mush for nothing? I get no information for that?”

“Eating was a trade to get me to stay here, to get me to the negotiating table.”

“Then what do I get for the trade of information?”


“That doesn’t seem very fair.”

“Negotiate better.”

Beelzebub diligently read each line, they never met a document they didn’t read in its entirety. Gabriel was left with nothing to do as they flicked through the pages. Well almost nothing, he drank and stared. He was trying not to ogle the demon while they ate, given that at any moment they could look up and find him staring. Now that they were intently reading his meticulously written notes he felt much safer to do just that. His eyes trailed down the demon’s chest, following the opened buttons he raked his eyes over the exposed flesh. He found himself quietly wishing even more buttons of their shirt were undone, not that he would admit he wished that. But he couldn’t pull his eyes away from the pale skin, he wondered if pale skin was more an angelic or demonic trait. He always thought of porcelain white skin as an angelic and beautiful attribute, but looking at Beelzebub he couldn’t imagine them any other way.

Gabriel was glad his earlier miracle was still in affect because he was starting to feel embarrassed by Beelzebub’s appearance. Not only was he embarrassed about how attractive he found the demon, but also about the contrast it was making to his own appearance. He suddenly felt very under dressed in his normal attire, should he have put in more effort? Even under his coat and scarf he felt bare and exposed. To try and take his mind off all these uncertain thoughts that were now in surround sound with the silence at the table, he started knocking back his drinks.

Beelzebub had mixed feelings after finishing the file. They were disappointed by the fact that the file, while in excruciating detail, did not give any insight as to the new bizarre immunity the two traitors had. But simultaneously they were relieved that the opposition didn’t have the knowledge, not that they were sure he would tell them anyway. With a sigh they tossed the file back on the table, stood up and began to walk out. It took a second for it to register in Gabriel's sluggish mind what was happening.

“Wait!” He leapt from his chair and move towards them.

“Where are you going?” He cried, in a hopefully not too pathetic way.

“Home. We are done here.”

“Can’t we.. hang out?”

Gabriel stood there, swaying on his feet. Unbeknownst to him, he had big puppy dog eyes again and looked lost. Beelzebub would rather chug holy water than admit it, but they couldn’t leave him like that.

“Come on then.” They said exhausted, grabbing the rest of the bottle and strode to the door.

“Where are we going? To your house?”

“For a walk.”

Once outside the demons coat had found its way back on their shoulders. Abruptly they turned onto a side street and then a backstreet. Gabriel had long legs, but even he was having a hard time keeping up. He was stumbling in the dark and his wobbling limbs were not helping. Beelzebub was walking fast and drinking faster. In an attempt to not lose track of them he caught their sleeve, causing the prince to stop.

“This izn’t going to become a habit, iz it?”

Gabriel stared down at their wrist, no this didn’t feel right. Instead he moved his hand further down and held the demon’s in his own, intertwining their fingers, that felt right.

“That iz not what I meant.” They shrieked, ripping their hand away as if it had just been burned.

Grabbing the angel they lead him to a stone wall and pushed him against it. Thrusting the bottle into his hands they told him to drink. Then they leaned against the wall next to him. Gabriel downed the rest of the bottle and then stumbled his way across the backstreet to a dumpster to toss it in. The demon cracked a smile at that. Stupid, sweet angel why did he bother when he could just miracle it away? Or he could have just left it on the ground, the backstreet was already littered with trash. Not that they would correct him when they could watch him struggle to stay upright instead. Beelzebub tipped their head up and closed their eyes to take a second to relish in the warmth that came from the flood of alcohol in their blood. They heard Gabriel make his way back over, he wasn’t exactly being quiet. The demon opened their eyes to find bright violet ones looking down at them.

“What is it now?”

They didn’t get a verbal answer, the angel inched forward instead and placed an arm on either side of them, steadying himself. He continued to stare down at them, his eyes flashing to the princes lips. Beelzebub began to feel a little trapped. Their heartbeat quickened inside their chest, they were finding it hard to keep even breaths.

“Gabriel..” They whispered, it was light but it was a warning.

That he shouldn’t be doing this, that he would get in trouble, it meant that Beelzebub cared. He ran a hand up their shoulder and their neck and placed his thumb under their chin. Tilting their head, he paused, giving them a chance, an out. Beelzebub didn’t take it. They continued to look at him with their impossibly soft blue eyes. They took a step forward, pushing themself off the wall and into his hand. Gabriel slid the same hand up and back until his fingers were pulling at their hair. His other hand went around their waist, pulling them forward and into a heated kiss. The angel groaned, he had never tasted anything that was quite as intoxicating as the demon. He slid his tongue into their mouth, trying to taste more. He deepened the kiss as much as he could, Beelzebub responded by grabbing his turtle neck and yanking it down. When the kiss broke they took a moment to catch their breath.

“Stop.” They huffed, “You’re drunk. You don’t know what you’re doing.”

They looked up at him, just as doe-eyed as before, but now those eyes were glazed over with lust.

“I don’t know what I’m doing.” He admitted in a dark husky voice. “But I know what I want.”

The demon grabbed at the sides of his coat and crashed their lips together. They raged their tongues against each other, fighting for dominance in the kiss. Or maybe they were just both desperately reaching out for each other. They both let their hands explore each other’s bodies through their clothes. When they finally broke for a second time, the demon was now pressed up against the wall and was straddling the angels hips.

“Yourz? Or mine?” They said with a cocky grin.


Chapter Text

With a snap of the demon’s fingers they were no longer pressed up against the back wall of a building but instead the door of their room. Gabriel slid his hands under Beelzebub’s thighs and hoisted them up. He carried them roughly to their king sized bed and tossed them on it. Gabriel took a second to shed his coat, but it was a second much too long. Beelzebub grabbed his scarf and pulled him down on top of them, as if they couldn’t stand to not be touching him. As their mouths melded, the demon ran their hands up his chest and dug their fingernails into the top of their shirt and dragged them down it. Their nails tore the fabric easily and made faint red lines on the skin beneath it. His breath hitched as he looked down at his tattered shirt. It should have pissed him off, angered him, he loved his clothes after all. Instead it excited him. Beelzebub bit their bottom lip with giddy anticipation as their hands roamed his bare chest, continuing to rip any of the shirt that stood between their skin on skin contact.

Their thoughts turned to the Statue Of David as their fingers grazed the well muscled chest. As their eyes gorged on the exposed flesh they wondered if this body of his was the muse that inspired Michelangelo. He wouldn’t put it past him, the angel could be quite vain. Gabriel abandoned the rest of the ripped cloth and began to take off his pants. Frantically he tried to kick his way out of the stubborn thing. Beelzebub laughed while laying back on the sheets. He stopped struggling so he could look at them, he felt his begin heart rise into his throat. The sound was like church bells, wind blowing through tree branches and whistling through a field of tall grass. Still, Gabriel could hear the crackling of hellfire at its edges, making the sound all the more enchanting. The demon snapped their fingers and Gabriel was free from both the pants and boxers that had been wrapped around his knees.

“Oh. Right. Thank you.” He grinned, the sound of their laughter had embarrassed him but its echo still sang sweetly in his ear.

With another snap, they laid naked beneath him. Almost naked that is, the demon had chosen to keep their fishnet stockings on, the materiel ended in a lacey trim at the midsection of their thigh. Beelzebub stretched against the black silk sheets, peering up into his purple eyes with a down right sinful look.

“Iz this what you want, angel?” They asked in a sweet mocking tone.

“Yes.” He said, his eyes darkening.

“And what is it that you want?” They sat up on their elbows and spread their legs slightly.

“You.” He breathed.

His mind was wrapped in lust and booze but he knew it was true. It was something he had never said out loud to himself before, it only had banged around in the subconscious of his mind. The admission was strange, he knew he shouldn’t be saying it but it felt freeing to do so. Like he had been lying by not saying it allowed before. It was completely and unabashedly honest.

“I want to please you.”

The honesty and bareness of his voice cause warmth to pool in their loins. An archangel of heaven was begging to be fucked by them, oh what fun.

“I won’t go eazy on you.” They warned. They grabbed a fist full of his hair and yanked it to the side as if to prove their point.

“Don’t.” He gritted, unafraid and completely willing.

They pushed him back against the headboard in a seated position, they knelt on the bed making them at eye level with him. Once he had agreed to come back to their house the demon had decided to try female genitalia with the angel. At least on their lower half, breasts didn’t feel quite right to the demon even though they had no particular attachment to either sex. They wanted to feel the angel inside them, they wanted to be filled by his release. Leaning forward they kissed the bottom of his throat, feeling a moan ripple through his chords as they did. They kissed their way up his collarbone and ran their tongue over the patch of flesh the found at his neck. In the mitts of kissing the skin they bit down unexpectedly. Gabriel hissed in pain but reflexively he grabbed their hips and pulled them closer onto his lap.

‘Oh’ Beelzebub thought to themself wickedly, ‘this little angel has a thing for pain.’

He began rubbing the length of his cock against the lips of their wet pussy, desperately seeking any friction he could find against them. He rose to his knees on the bed, hugging the demon close to him, and keeping their face buried in his neck. There wasn’t much else Beelzebub could do besides continue to bite along the flesh they were trapped against. With every new puncture of skin he shivered and cried out in delight. Gabriel quickened the pace at which he moved against the other’s loins, groaning like a wild animal. Having no more space to mark him, the demon rolled their tongue back over the bites causing the angels thighs to quiver. Unable to hold them up any longer he laid them on their back and looked over naked body once more. Starting at their ankles he slid his hands up their legs until he had them pressed into their inner thighs, his fingertips brushing against the lace trimming. Saying that Gabriel liked the fishnet stockings was an understatement to say the least.

If he had taken a second to stop and think about what he was doing he would have realized that he had never done anything like this before and he didn’t know what to do. Luck for the angel, he wasn’t thinking. Something, (whether it be the instincts of his corporation, or some sort of prior knowledge received upon his creation) told him exactly what to do to the prince. He lined himself up to Beelzebub’s opening and eased himself in.

Together they moaned at the initial sensation, then Gabriel sighed lovingly as he adjusted. He felt as his primary wings sprung into existence and the ends laid onto the bed. They draped around Beelzebub like white curtains with silver specks littered in the wings, reminding the demon of stars. Shifting them slightly he held onto their hips pulling all the way into them, he then placed his right hand on their shoulder to steady them both. Then he began to thrust, he tried to pace himself but the feeling was addictive. Beelzebub’s hands roamed his toned back as they rode him. ‘Faster’ every bit of him seemed to call, he felt the holy fires of his lust roar louder under his skin as he shook the bed. Using the hand on their shoulder, he held their face and kissed them, making their corporations struggle to breath even more. Beelzebub leaned their head off the bed to kiss him as deeply as they could, then they dragged their nails down the sides of his lower back. Tensing, his hand flies from their face to the space on the bed beside it. He dug his nails into the sheets and moaned into the kiss they were sharing.

“Oh my god, Beelzebub that felt-“ They cut them off by grabbing onto his wings, right where they sprouted from his back. Gabriel gasped, it wasn’t painful but it was surprising. Surprising enough to cause him to look down at them, and they looked pissed.

“Do not pray to her angel,” They said, their voice buzzing dangerously, “You worzhip me now, understand?”

He nodded, desire filling his eyes. He would do anything for them. Then grabbed his chin, for a second worry flashed over his handsome features, would they cast him out of their bed? Of their home? Beelzebub pulled him down into a kiss. It was light, forgiving. Until lust once again overtook them and the kiss turned into wild thrusts and moans. He felt himself on the edge of his climax, just threaten to slip over the edge of orgasmic wonder. The demon must have felt his nearing too because they flipped the angel onto his back and loomed over him. Gabriel tried to continue the thrust of his hips but Beelzebub pushed roughly against his chest.

“Bzz still.” They commanded.

He did as he was told. Even though it pained him to stop so close to cumming he wanted to be good for them, be good to them, to do exactly as they said. He wanted to please them.

“Who do you belong to?” They purred, slowly pushing themself up and down on to his twitching and aching member.

“You~” He moaned.

“Say my name.”

“Beelzebub.” He said shaking, he felt so powerless, so out of control, he felt amazing.

Being able to just let go of everything, of everyone. And why should he be stressed, or worried? He had only one thing he had to do, right here, right now, please them. Everything else that troubled him could wait. Upon hearing their name they picked up the pace, but only slightly. Gabriel was desperate for release so he called out further.

“I belong to you, Beelzebub.. prince of hell.. my lord!”

With a shudder, Beelzebub wings sprung from their back. His lord. That was a pleasant sound to the demon. They were his lord. Gabriel, forgetting his order to be still, perked up from lying on his back at the sight of their wings.

“Oh my.” He breathed as he reached to touch them again. “Beelzebub you are so beautiful.”

They unconsciously tightened themself around his cock. Suddenly they felt their nakedness, they felt like Adam and Eve after the apple. Exposed. Uncovered. Gabriel sat up completely to better run his fingers through the black feathers. Beelzebub leaned into him, burying their face into the crook of his neck. This side of his neck and shoulder was the one spared from the demons unrelenting storm of bites and hickeys. It presented itself like a blank canvas for them to work on, besides it was a welcome distraction to the shameful pleasure of the angel rubbing over every inch of their opened wings. The bites made the angel hiss, squirm and tense, but never once did he pull roughly at their feathers. As his hands shook, he keep his fingers outstretched, never daring for his nails to so much as brush the skin underneath. He didn’t want to hurt them again.

Once the new shoulder was covered in bites and marks like its match on the other ride of Gabriel, Beelzebub turned their attention to the angel’s wings. They began to nip along the top of the wing, which to Gabriel felt even better than all the other bites combined. He again felt his climax begin to build in the pit of his stomach, Beelzebub was right behind him. Their hands grabbed onto fistfuls of white feathers, they pulled, not hard enough to remove any of them but the pressure was more than enough to pull a loud strained moan out from the angel. Still thrusting up into them, he kissed the top of their head.

“Who do you belong to?”


“Who do you bow to?”

“To you,” he struggled to form words as he built up to his big finish, “To Beelzebub.”

“What am I to you?”

“You are my prince~ my lord~”

He couldn’t behave himself anymore, not that everything he had been doing tonight so far had been behaving himself. He pushed them down into the sheets and rammed into them at an uncontrolled rate and with nearly bed breaking force. Not bothering to maintain any kind of composure he let lose every moan and wail that formed in his throat.

“Oh Gabriel~ Ah Gabriel!” Beelzebub moaned in a loud buzz as they came around him.

All the bites, and the thrusts, and hair pulling, and kisses were just foreplay when put into the perspective of hearing them moan his name. As if no one else in heaven, on earth, in hell, in all of the universe with its infinite stars and planets had ever existed. As if this moment had stretched into eternity and time and space and everything else had only existed for them. Not to mention the way their voice buzzed got him wound up in ways he couldn’t explain, and hearing it buzz his name unwound him completely. When he heard them call out his name in boundless pleasure, when he realized he was the one who gave them that feeling of ecstasy, he felt his own orgasm take over him. It felt like electricity coursed through every muscle of his corporation and past it. Into his ethereal body and even beyond that. The pleasure rolled in waves, over him, into him. Then from him, like tides pulling from a shore. He never wanted it to stop, not just the orgasm but this moment. He wanted to give them pleasure like this endlessly.

Beelzebub looked up at him, their blue eyes normally dulled by boredom and hardened by authority, were soft, and looked to him as if they were mirrors reflected in them the clearest blue skies of heaven. He didn’t ever want to stop looking into them. His limbs on the other hand shook from pleasure and exhaustion. He laid down on the pillow away from them. Beelzebub became self conscious as they saw him move from them. Before their insecurities could turn into thoughts of inadequacy then were dragged up to the pillows next to him. He pulled them tightly to chest, his chin resting on the top of their head. Shifting against him they turned their back on him, trapped in his arms they considered leaving the comfort of their own bed for the privacy of the guest bed. As if the angel could feel the hesitation in the demon, he held them tighter.

“Don’t leave me.” He whispered, it was so soft, in nature and volume, completely unlike the angel himself.

The words pierced the demon’s heart, they relaxed into his touch letting him hold them. They laid there still and silent until they were sure the angel had fallen asleep. Feeling the rhythmic rise and fall of his chest, and his gentle snores as exhaustion overcame him. Only once they were sure he was asleep did they allow themself to cry. The tears rolled silently down their face. They didn’t dare sniffle or cry out, fearing it would wake the slumbering angel.

They didn’t cry because they had regretted sleeping with the angel. It had been quite nearly perfect, almost everything they wanted, much more than they could have possibly hoped for. They cried because they knew, or thought they knew, what was to come the following morning. He would be disgusted with himself, with them. He would blame the alcohol on his words, his actions, his pleasure. Maybe he would turn on them and smite them as he woke and remembered the things he had done the night before. Without the intoxication of both the wine and the lust he would remember only his hate. Beelzebub hoped he would remember how he had worshiped them, and think the act not as blasphemy but instead like a devotion of love. Beelzebub hoped he would remember how beautiful he thought they looked, how he had begged them not to go easy on him, how he had begged them not to leave.

‘You know better than to wish for things like that,’ They scolded themself mentally, ‘He won’t remember in the morning. He never remembers anything.’

They let their tears fall freely, holding onto the arms that surrounded them. Until, finally, sleep pulled them under.

Chapter Text

Running, he could feel himself running. But not from something. No, it was towards something. What was he running towards? He couldn’t see, the sun was in his eyes. Or something was. It was blinding and impossibly white. He followed with his ears instead, he could hear.. bells? No not bells, it was the sound of laughter. Laughter that twinkled like the stars of the heaven. Someone else’s laughter. “Where are you taking me?” He asked in a laugh of his own. He could not hear a reply even though something told him there was one, it was as if the person was light years away, their words lost before it reached him. He could feel the grass of the earth on his bare feet, he could feel something brushing on either side of his body as he ran. And there was a smell all around him, lavender. Then he stopped running, he had arrived. He could hear the rush of water in the distance. Even though he couldn’t see the destination, still blinded by the white light, it felt familiar, like he had been there many times before. Then he felt hands in his own. Even though he couldn’t see them or even really touch them, he knew they were someone’s hands and felt warm in his. He felt their voice, no sound reached his ears but again he knew they had spoken, their words were just out of reach of his mind. “What is it that you wish to share?” He asked the one holding his hands. The wordless reply came, he listened to it, even though he couldn’t hear it he waited for it to finish. “Okay” He found himself replying. Then suddenly he felt heat against his lips, they were kissing him. After a moment the heat vanished. “That felt wonderful. What other things will they do?” He asked. The voice spoke again, then came another kiss and he could feel a body pressed against his.  


Beelzebub waited for the archangel to wake, their heart hammering in their chest with each passing moment. They knew that there would be consequences for them when they woke up, but they figured that however long they could stay in his arms was worth the trouble it would cause them. They wanted to turn to see his face, to see those handsome features stilled by sleep, maybe run their hand down his well formed back. Instead they tried to keep as still as possible to make this embrace last. The touch of his naked body against theirs felt like a heaven they had never known, but it was bittersweet, it would never last. Gabriel started to stir, he held them closer and nuzzled into their hair.

“What a wonderful dream,” Gabriel mumbled against their hair, they froze in fear, adrenaline rushing through their veins. “I’m actually not sure how it merits by dream standards, it was my first one.”

Gabriel kissed the back of their neck, which only aroused and confused them. Where was the anger in his voice? They were too afraid to check his eyes for an indication to his mood, they were too afraid to move at all, Gabriel was not. He moved his hand down their body, stopping at their hip he pulled them back against him completely, grinding them against his groin. This only aroused and confused them further.

“And how was your sleep lovely?”

“Fine!” they blurted, having to make a conscious effort not to unfurl their wings at the pet name.

He couldn’t be serious. His hand moved again, this time from their hip into their crotch. Heat shot from their loins through their body. Oh dark lord! He was serious. The sudden shift from fear and partial arousal to full arousal made them squirm from the touch.

“What are you doing?” Their cheeks flushed.

Gabriel started to feel uneasy, he pulled his head up and leaned the side of it on his fist with his elbow in the pillow.

“Pleasing you?” He said feeling unsure. “Like I was last night.”

Beelzebub had been certain that in the sobering light of morning the archangel would regret everything they had done the night before. Now he wanted more? He couldn’t be serious, it was a trap of some sort. They had to be sure, they had to test him, to see if he’d crack.

“Ha,” They laughed in a dry cruel way. “You mean to say you stand by your blasphemous acts? You freely choose to worzhip a demon, to give yourself over as a play thing for their sexual desires? Oh how the mighty have fallen,” they purred, “and right into my lap.”

Instead of anger or a negative reaction like the demon expected, the angel merely smirked. His violet eyes seemed to light up and he put the hand not holding up his head, on his hip. Like he was posing for an archangels naughty calendar photo shoot.

“It’s hardly my fault I was tempted by that sexy little body of yours. But do tell me, do you moan the name of every archangel of heaven? Or just the mighty?” He grinned wickedly.

“Fuck off.” They buzzed, they probably would have sounded more threatening if their cheeks weren’t flushed and their eyes weren’t quite so lust filled.

“And that buzzing sound you make. Mmh! I wish I could hear the sound of you moaning my name like that allll day long.”

Beelzebub turned from him to stare at the wall opposite of the bed instead. Their ears were burning a deep pink like the rest of their face and neck. They expected anger and disgust. Ridicule even! Not this, not gloating and compliments. They didn’t want to show him how they were feeling, but and unconscious tug at the black sheet told him exactly that. Even though he was the angel of communication he didn’t always easily pick up on what was laid out in front of him. But their insecurity was hard to miss.

“I thought I was irritated by it. Your buzzing, I mean. That’s what I thought I was feeling whenever I heard it. Really It just turns me on. Turns out even the tiniest things you do have a strong power over me.”

Their feathers ruffled slightly even from where they were hidden out of existence. How could this complete idiot know all the right things to say to them to make them flustered. They glanced over just in time to see a cocky smile flashed their way, the look completed with a wink. ‘Total bastard.’ They thought while their loins began to make a wet spot under the sheets. Beelzebub crawled over to the angel and straddled his hips.

Running their fingers over his shoulders they sighed. Their teeth marks were scattered up and down his neck and across his shoulders, in a chaotic pattern-less way. Beneath the multitude of marks, the skin was faintly colored with purples and blues, each tooth impacted upon the skin was highlighted in red. They admired their masterpiece, and the way that a well placed finger on the tender skin made the angel moan. The demon was so distracted in their pride they didn’t notice the angel snaking his hand between their thighs. They were however made aware of this fact as a finger entered them.

“Oh~” They moaned in surprise, the contact made their wings fully extend and come into view.

Gabriel grinned as he pushed and pulled two fingers in and out of them. He used the thumb on his other hand to rub light circles on their clit.

“There are those beautiful wings I love.” He cooed.

Their eyes glazed over completely and they hid their face behind the back of their hand bashfully. He looked up at them, smiling in a way that shouldn’t be possible for angels.

“Oh my lord, you look so cute.”

Beelzebub moaned incoherently, then cursed as the angel quickened the thrusting of his fingers. Gabriel then began to suck at the demon's perky little nipple. Their knees began to buckle as he rolled it between his lips. He felt the quivering thighs against his own. Retracting his finger he instead placed his hands under the prince of hell's ass and turned them so that their back was pressed against the headboard of the bed. They gaped at him, their hands pushing against the top of the tall elegant headboard of their over-sized bed. The angel had pushed them up far enough so that his mouth was level to their crotch. Their legs were propped up on his shoulders. Gabriel brushed his cheeks and lips against the strings of the fishnet stockings that ran their way up the demons legs.

“Darling, these stockings are so sinful. What are you trying to do to me?” He asked in a sultry voice.

Gabriel looked up to meet the demons eye, their breath was already heavy and their heart already a twitter; then he had to give them that same mischievous and yet seductive smile, which caused them to stop breathing and their heart to skip a beat before doing double time. Then he slid his wet tongue into their soaked pussy. The taste of their excitement was very appealing, it was a mix of different things all at once. It’s taste was surreal, it was the taste of earth, and flowers, rain, the strike of a match and ancient hymns. It was new and old and different yet familiar.

The small motions of his tongue made the demon whimper softly, but the angel wasn’t after soft whimpers, he was seeking something louder. He let his tongue pull out slightly and run up to their clit.

They gasped as they feel the contact of the cool wet tongue against their sweet spot. His eyes flickered up to theirs, to them the purple orbs looked dark and unholy. It only made their loins burn for him even more. He then worked his tongue feverishly over the sensitive little nub. They closed their eyes and rested their head against the wall, they couldn’t see straight anymore. They had also lost control of their voice. Not only were they moaning and calling out in a loud and provocative way, but they also were saying things they didn’t mean to say out loud.

“Oh my god! Yes!” They growled clawing at the bedpost they were closest to.

“Keep her out of this.” Gabriel teased.

They opened their mouth for what could have been a witty and biting retort but before they could draw in their breath he was already back to pleasing them. With the return of his tongue to their clit their thoughts and clever words vanished. Their thighs rubbed against his shoulders, causing the fishnets to dig into the wounds that covered them. He moaned against their sweet spot, the vibrations made them call out his name.

“Faster. Ah! Ngh~ Gabriel pleazze.”

They begged rapidly, the words seemed to tumble from their mouth. Like the first few rocks of an avalanche, more words were sure to come cascading from the demon’s lips. Gabriel's two fingers went back to being sheathed inside Beelzebub’s tight little cunt.

“Buzz my name again for me my lord, I beg of you.” The demon lord obediently moaned the name ‘Gabriel’ with a buzz rising from their throat. Then without conscious thought they buzzed his name in every ancient and dead language this earth had ever seen. Gabriel could feel with each new iteration of his name the mystic aura of the room grew more powerful.

“Fuck me Gabriel, fuck me-“ They cried out, shuddering from their orgasm.

After their body had finally stopped spasming in pleasure, he carefully lowered them back onto the bed. Beelzebub caught their breath shakily, their body still twitching slightly as it reeled from the intensity of the climax. Gabriel watched them, delighted in the effect his tongue and two fingers had on them. He had never seen a more beauteous sight then the post climax bliss spread over his lovers face. As Beelzebub regained their composure (or what little there was left), they found the angel looking at them mournfully.

“What’s wrong?” They asked, anxiety spreading through them like a poison.

Gabriel sighed sadly, gently cupping their face with his hand.

“I have to go into work today. Michael insists that I have to spend a day weekly filing reports in heaven instead of sending them up. Something about appearances and morale.” He rolled his eyes.

After Aziraphale’s ‘little stunt’, as Gabriel might say, heaven has been different. Maybe Michael was right to worry about how few days he spent being heavens leader. Maybe heaven would fall apart if after losing the war they had been waiting for since the great fall they then lost their leader and the closest contact the angels now had to a silent god.

“But tomorrow I’ll be running surveillance on Aziraphale and Crowley, would you come along?” He asked in a hopeful and optimistic way.

Beelzebub would normally have scoffed at the idea of tagging along with the angel like some kind of mindless enamored sidekick. They would have told him as much but the gentle circles the angel was rubbing into their cheek with his thumb was the only thing they could focus on. They fought the urge to nuzzle into it and kiss his palm, instead they gave a weak nod as an answer. He smiled, his eyes turning to a bright and light colored purple while his face light up in an angelic glow.

“I’ll be taking my leave then.” He said giving the demon a pointed look and hesitating on removing himself from the bed.

A look that tried to convey that if the demon wanted a kiss this was their chance for one before his departure. The demon didn’t lean towards him or give any indication that they wanted one, just a blank if not flustered look on their face. He took the hint that they weren’t giving him and got off the bed. He snapped the torn fabric of suit together and onto his body. The demon could do nothing more than follow him with their eyes to the door.

“Have a good day Beelzebub.” He said sweetly, his angelic glow haloing him in light.

“You too?”

They didn’t mean for it to be a question but they felt out of character for them to wish someone a ‘good’ day. His smile got impossibly brighter before stepping out of the room. The prince of hell was then left naked and alone sitting on top of their pillow. A pillow now with a sizable wet spot soaking into its fabric. And all they could think was…  

‘What the fucking hell?!’

Chapter Text

Gabriel was starting to feel self conscious. Upon returning to heaven he felt as if everywhere he went all eyes were on him. Gabriel began to sweat nervously under his turtleneck. He felt as if everyone knew what had happened, the things he had done. The fabric of his shirt didn’t feel like it was concealing much of anything, in fact his paranoid mind kept forcing him to look down at it to make sure it was still on him. He momentarily wished he had miracled away the marks so he wouldn’t have to be so worried. But no, he couldn’t do that.

They were so happy looking at them, it was like a gift they had given him, they took pride in it. Surely it would be rude to dispose of someone else’s gift. And perhaps continuing to bear the marks, at least until they faded naturally, was a gift in return. A quiet voice in Gabriel’s head didn’t want to remove the marks because it would somehow erase last night. Like the marks were the only proof he had to love he had made to the demon. He had, before entering heaven, miracled away any smell of demon. Or as much as he could. Any lingering smell could be pinned upon the demon Crowley who he was supposed to be trailing.

“What is going on with you?”

Gabriel nearly flew off like a startled bird at the sound of Uriel’s voice. He whipped his head to look at her, how long has she been there?

“Whatever do you mean?” He asked with a fake confidence.

“I mean why do you keep making all those faces? And why are you so jumpy?”

As it turns out Uriel had been walking beside nearly the entire way to his office. She had greeted him and when she got no reply she decided to follow him in an attempt to figure out what was wrong with him. Too preoccupied with reading the faces of everyone who he passed, he didn’t think to mask the feelings washing over his own. Mainly the archangel had been switching between two expressions; happy and guilty. Uriel wasn’t sure which was weirder, the uncontrolled genuine happiness that made the other angels avert their eyes to its glow or the way he scanned every face, eyes darting, hands wringing, looking terrified.

“I don’t know what you are referring to. I’m just thinking about important, classified matters, that’s all.”

“Right.” She said clearly unconvinced.

“Now I have important matters of another sort to attend to in my office.”

“Are you sure?”

Gabriel’s eyes hardened, he did not enjoy being questioned in such an accusatory way.

“Of course I am sure, Archangel Uriel. Why are you questioning me.”

“Because we passed your office a while back.” She said unfazed by his commanding voice.

Gabriel’s facade of strength crumbled at the realization that he had indeed passed his office already. Gabriel tried for his normal fake smile but the corners quivered in fear.

“Right- of course. Yes. Thank you Uriel.”

He turned on heel and but ran to the shelter of his office. She made no attempt to follow him, just watched as he sped down the hall. She couldn’t help but noticed he came to heaven dressed in his turtle neck and coat as opposed to his typical tailored suit. This was odd, he was normally a stickler when it came to appropriate work attire. Uriel did, on the other hand set off to find Michael. Michael knew Gabriel better than any other angel, she would know what was wrong with him.

After the abrupt (almost) slam of his office door behind him, he tried to relax and put his troubled mind at ease. And the best way to put his mind at ease was his exact reason for coming here. Paperwork. Gabriel loved paperwork, especially his paperwork. He read through contracts and plans and permission requests and signed off. He loved how in heaven he had access to all the files he needed at the flick of a wrist. All the channels of angels paperwork that led to him had already laid out everything he needed. Mainly he just had to pick the final choice on a decision or he just had to give his stamp of approval on something just for the sake of official records.

Today he is not eased by his work, for today the work seemed too easy. He felt frustrated by it, why did he have to come all this way to do something so menial? Why did he have to come to heaven for morale just to shut himself into his office? Of course there was the occasional meeting for which his attendance was mandatory. But couldn’t they just let him know and have him come in then? Not only was it a waste of his time, but there was another reason that he was frustrated by how simple the work was. The work was so mindless that it allowed his own mind to wonder. There was an itch in the back of his mind, a feeling he couldn’t shake. Like something was pressing against the back of his neck. Something he had forgotten.

Maybe it had something to do with Beelzebub. Thinking of them he is reminded of the feather he had stolen from them. Pulling it out of his pocket he began running his fingers over it, preening the barbs of the feather till it was picture perfect. He was relieved to find it was still there, in the heat of the moment it could have been miracled away instead of miracled onto the floor along with his pants. Or it could have fallen onto the floor and then he wouldn’t be able to get it back, unless he wanted to explain to the demon why he had it in the first place.

Was this what was troubling him? He did feel a little better looking at it. And as much as he would like to keep it on him as a traveling keepsake maybe it would be safer here. The office couldn’t be opened by anyone but him, and the only way people could get in was with his permission, the handle on the outside didn’t even exist unless they knocked first. He didn’t like angels trying to get in without first knocking, it was much too formal. Gabriel knew it would be safe here in the office, but where in the office should he put it.

He couldn't leave it any old file, what if he sent it in by mistake? He couldn’t even imagine what he could say in his defense on why a demon’s wing would be in the archangels files. He couldn’t hide it behind a bookcase, he didn’t have one. His office was small and only had the bare necessities for his work, a desk and a chair. Anything else could be miracled as he needed it. Maybe he should make a bookcase, with books he could hide the feather in. No wait. He already had a book.

He then looked to the drawers of his desk. Had those drawers always been there? He couldn’t imagine needing them. Yet here they were, his eye caught the bottom one. This drawer had a lock on it, why did it need that? Slowly, he pulled it open, not sure what he expected to see. But sure enough there was a book, a book he didn’t remember owning. The cover was velvet and purple, the lettering was golden, the title said ‘Volume I’. He placed the black feather on the table, turning his attention to the book.

As he picked it up his hands shook, the pressure he felt on the back of neck increased. The book was a secret, something forbidden, something he shouldn’t have. This he was certain, but he had no memory of it. He opened the front cover and something fluttered down into his lap. He laid down the book and picked up a feather. A different feather. It was a light brown on one side, speckled with eggshell colored dots. The underside of the wing was that same eggshell color. All of Gabriel’s wings were a pure white with silver flecks scattered among them. Who’s wing did this belong to? Gabriel's thoughts were interrupted by the rapping of a fist on his door.

"Gabriel, it's Michael, may I come in?"

In a blind terror he haphazardly slid the new(or old?) feather back into the book behind the front cover. Then he tossed it into the bottom drawer and slammed it shut with his foot, all the while saying.

“Oh hello Michael.. I wasn’t expecting you to drop by.. Just give me a second to tidy myself here..”

Straightening himself out finally he flicked his wrist and his door unlocked. As she pushed it open, his eyes cast over the surface of his desk. ‘ Shit’, he thought as he had spotted Beelzebub’s feather, in all the commotion he had forgotten the ill-gotten prize. Just as she entered the room Gabriel slid it back into his pocket. Smiling at her in his normal fake grin he clasped his hands together and waited for her to notice something. If she had she didn’t say anything.

“Why hello Gabriel, is everything alright?”

He shrugged with his hands.

“Of course why wouldn’t it be? Everything is perfect.”

“All right.” She said looking around the room, trying to spot whatever it was that had gotten Uriel so worked up over. With a smile she turned to leave.

“It’s good to see you” she said sweetly and as if that was why she had made the short visit to his office. He felt relieved to see her go.

“Oh and Gabriel?”

His heart clenched.

“I’ll be waiting for this week's report.”

“Getting her done right now.” He said knocking on the papers on his desk.

Only once the door was closed and he heard the retreating clicks of high heels against the tiles of the corridor, did he breath a sigh. He let his shoulders drop, along with his false smile. The only way he was going to get out of this office and the watchful eye of Michael was to get finished so he could get back to.. well, his life. His life on earth. His life with them. He again thought of the feather in his pocket, and then the one in the book. He thought about opening the drawer again, actually reading the pages of the mysterious book. But something about it scared him, something he’d rather stay in the dark about. Squaring his shoulders he got to work.


Beelzebub, after stumbling out of bed and off to hell, was also working at their desk like Gabriel was. Like Gabriel, they were also trying to avoid their thoughts with paperwork. Work also seemed to be a good way to make the time travel faster, or merely the concept of time that is. They couldn’t afford to sleep to make the next day arrive sooner, not with all the paperwork that they would have to make up for them to take the next day off anyway. Also they worried that they would sleep through Gabriel's texts on where and when to meet, they may even sleep through the outing all together. Beelzebub had set an alarm on their phone for 9am the following day on their phone. Surely by 9 they would have a text from him on the details of their surveillance. No need to look at their phone before then. Unless the angel wanted them sooner.

Maybe I should change it to 6am just in case-‘  they thought reaching for their phone.

No!’ They scolded themself.

If he need them before that then he could text them, its not as if it was on silent. The whole point of the alarm was so that they could stop checking their phone every few seconds for a missed text, and focus on work. The plan of trying to use work as a way to not think of him and everything that happened was working a little too well. Before they realized, their mountain of work had been completely moved. Beelzebub was hesitant to check their phone, they had really put all their mental energy into their flurry of papers, maybe they had missed a text. It couldn’t hurt, they supposed, to check the time. 1pm. Fuck, would this day ever end?

“Dagon!” The prince yelled slamming open the door of their office.

Dagon’s office was connected to Beelzebub’s, you had to walk through it to get to the office of the lord of flies. The purpose of this was for Dagon to act as a secretary/right hand man/bodyguard to the prince, it gave demons the chance to reconsider interrupting the lord with remedial complaints and problems. It saved who knows how many demons from discorporation at the hands of an irate Beelzebub. Dagon was sitting at her typewriter, taking little notice of the outburst.

“Yes your lowness?” She continued her own work, not bothering to look up.

“I've finished, what else is there to do?”

“That’s all your current work my lord.”

The ‘my lord’ sent a rush of adrenaline through their veins, they could almost hear Gabriel’s voice. Suppressing a shudder, they tried again.

“Well, iz there any work you are willing to part with?”

This did cause Dagon to look up. Beelzebub had never offered to do Dagon's work before, or the work of any other demon, they were not the generous or helpful type.

“Oh yes.. any requests?”

Even though the lord was offering to help her, she felt rather put on the spot. Like she should have been prepared to accommodate them on a whim.

“The hardest paperwork you have.”

Dagon had to fight to not give them a look of surprise and astonishment.

“Yes, let me just find something for you.” She said rummaging through her papers.

It took her less than 20 seconds to find something for them. But to Beelzebub it was so much longer. It was 20 interrupted seconds with their own thoughts. Thoughts that kept leading them back to him. To his brown full hair, those royal purple eyes, the way his lips looked pink and slightly swollen after every heated and intense kiss. They screwed their eyes shut. Trying in vain to block out the thoughts. They could feel his hands roaming their body, his fingers in their wings, his tongue sliding it’s way into their soft wet-

“Sir, are you alright?”

Their eyes snapped open and fixed on Dagon. The wildness in their eyes caused her to lean back, still extending the retrieved file in a lightly trembling hand.

“I’m irritated.” They buzzed.

Dagon wanted to ask what was bothering them, and why, if they were so angry, were they signing onto more work. Instead she let them stomp back into their office and slam the door. She knew better than to interrupt the prince when they were on the warpath, but she still felt something was different about them. Like a smell on their skin. 

Chapter Text

“Why do you keep ztaring at me?”

Gabriel blushed deeply, he hadn’t realized he had been staring at Beelzebub, he hadn’t realized they had caught him either.

“Sorry.” He turned back to look at the two traitors.

Beelzebub and Gabriel were watching the two ‘ineffable husbands’ have a picnic in St. James park from a park bench. They looked so happy, enraptured in domestic bliss as they sipped their champagne. Crowley was currently feeding Aziraphale a bite of raspberry cheesecake. The demon lord found the whole scene rather revolting and unnecessarily fluffy. They turned to ask Gabriel what they hoped to learn by watching them make googly eyes at each other, and here the archangel was looking off into the distance. He had spent half their time here looking at them and now he was looking off at nothing.

“I can't believe you.” They hissed.

“What?” Gabriel's head and attention snapped to them.

“You brought me here to do your work for you.”

“No I did not.” His hand over his chest in a gesture of taking offense.

“Then why am I the only one watching them.” They said gesturing to the two giggling and rosy cheeked lovers.

Gabriel opened his mouth to say something but found himself floundering on the ‘actually saying something’ part. Looking at them he felt so unsure. He found himself wishing he could go back in time to the morning before. When he could lay naked endlessly in their bed with them nestled tightly against his chest. Everything has been so perfect in their little bubble, and by leaving he had popped it. It had felt so perfect when they were secluded, off in their own world.

Now they were.. What were they? He glanced back at the pair resting together on the blanket. Were they now just another angel and demon gone native? He was already unsure about his purpose and place in the almighty’s ineffable plan. Now he had new things to unsure about, Beelzebub, what they meant to each other, the origin of the book and feather in his desk.

“I just have questions, that’s all.”

That’s all? ” They echoed dryly. “An angel with questions is a very dangerous thing, self destructive even.”

He knew the implication.

“Not much for me to worry about, she never is listening these days.”

He tried to sound nonchalant but his words were laced in nerves. Should he even be talking about such sensitive subjects as his faith in her and her plan for the universe? Would they use it against him? Did he trust them not to?

“That’s where you're wrong angel. She is always liztening. She just chooses not to give answers, and if she does give you one, it's never  the one you wanted.”

He wanted to say something comforting to them, to put them at ease. But it was unlikely that whatever he would try to say to the demon would actually be helpful. He wanted them to say something comforting to him, something about the almighty and everything working out in the end. But that was even less likely. He felt so disconnected from them. They were closed off, unreadable, untouchable.

“What questions do you even have for her?”

He turned back to them, their blue eyes drawing him in. The color of a pristine body of water, they were pulling him down into them. He knew, if he let himself, he could drown in those eyes.

“I- I don’t know.”

“Yez you do. If you could talk to her right now, what would say.”

“I think… I would ask- her, ‘why?’”

“Why what?”

“Why this?” He said throwing his arms around himself. “Why didn’t this world end? Why did we not march against hell? Why did she create an army if she never planned on using it? Why did she change the plan? Why didn’t she tell anyone she had changed the plan? Why didn’t she tell me? Why did she create me? What is my purpose? What am I doing here.”

Those blue eyes were now flooded with worry. He had never seen them care about anyone but themself, until now. Just like their first kiss they didn’t want to see him get hurt. Before, Gabriel would have said that demons couldn’t care about anyone but themselves. But at this moment, he knew that wasn’t true. It was written all over their face.

“Don’t zay things like that. Not out loud.” They said angrily, but the fear they felt was palpable to the angel.

“You asked me what I would say.” He said defensively.

It was true he wanted to say all those things, but he knew they were right. It’s dangerous to air those kind of thoughts out in the open. “

I- I…” They wanted to have the answers for him, but they didn’t. “I think we should go.”

“What? But we are working-“ Gabriel cut himself off when he realized that Aziraphale and Crowley had already packed their things and were headed off towards the Bentley.

Beelzebub began to follow them, at a distance of course, until they realized that their angel was still seated. They simply turned back and nodded their head in the direction of the pair, beckoning him. Gabriel wasted no time springing from his seat to walk with them. He stood as close as he could to them as they walked, making sure not to push up against them. But watching Crowley and Aziraphale hold hands made him want to hold their hand.

He knew they didn’t like that kind of thing, they had ripped their hand from him in the backstreets of London after dining at the Ritz. Gabriel would have to wait for them to ask, or make the first move. Not that knowing he should wait made him crave it any less. Those nimble little fingers that he had the pleasure of feeling run through his feathers were less than a moment away from being interlocked with his own.

Seeing the lovers openly flaunt their happiness made Gabriel sick with jealousy. Why couldn’t he have that? If what they were together doing was so wrong, why did God spare them? If she was omnipotent, why hadn’t she punished Gabriel for his worship of Beelzebub’s body?


He felt a hard on the back of his jacket, yanking him from his thoughts. A cat horn sounded as it flew past where the angel had just been. He wasn’t sure if the car would have killed him, but it would definitely have been quite painful.

“What are you doing, wank-wingz?” They roared grabbing his arm and spinning him to face them.

“I’m sorry.” He half mumbled, still in a daze.

The hand on his arm felt hot enough to burn him, it left all other untouched parts of his body cold. Neither of them moved, even through the layers of his coat and shirt the contact was electric. They had had more intimate touches than this and yet it was still enough to stop the two of them dead in their tracts. Possibly because they both feared that they would never get the chance to be intimate again.

“Be. Careful.” They commanded, tightening their grip.

“Ok” He breathed.

The trusting look in his eyes, made the demon’s heart sing. They didn’t want to stop touching him they realized as they let go. The angel held his arm up momentarily, long enough for the demon to decide to grab his hand. The heat and electricity from their previous contact had turned to fire works at the touch of skin against skin. They locked their fingers together and then began dragging him off in a new direction.

The two traitors were not forgotten, but they were no longer relevant. Gabriel wanted to ask them where they were going, but an anxious voice in his head told him if he asked they would drop his hand. So he let himself be lead into the unknown. Not that the location mattered much anyway, he would follow them anywhere. 


Turns out the place they were taking him was the nearest bar. Gabriel wasn’t exactly thrilled by the idea of having to consume more human mush, but he did enjoy doing it with Beelzebub.

“One ‘Irish car bomb’ for me and a ‘Sex on the beach’ for him.” Beelzebub told the bartender.

“A what?” Gabriel said, pink staining his cheeks.

“It’s the name for an alcoholic drink, you’ll like it.”

“Oh… Right. Interesting name.” He straightened himself out.

They sat together in silence while waiting for their drinks to get made. But his knee was leaned against theirs, and that action spoke louder than any words he could have chosen. In turn them letting the contact continue was his reply.

Gabriel's mind seemed to hyper fixate on the touch, until his drink came. The liquid started off orange-ish red at the bottom of the glass and shifted until the hue was yellow at the top. The drink had a cherry and an orange slice wedged onto the rim, the orange had a little pink umbrella embedded in it. He used the straw he was given to stir the drink, making the ice swirl and make a pretty clinking sound before gingerly taking a sip. It tasted so sweet, it didn’t taste like it had any alcohol in it.

‘Damn,’ He cursed in his head, ‘They were right.’

He did like it. So much so he didn’t notice a girl slipping onto the barstool to his right.

“So, ‘sex on the beach’ is that your normal drink of choice, or just a sly way of saying what you are looking for?” She said smiling at him.

Gabriel gave the human stranger a puzzled look, but had no time to respond before Beelzebub had intervened. They reached across him, grabbing onto the bars counter while pulling themselves into his lap.

“He is quite satisfied with me, and I’ve got the marks on him to prove it.” They growled, pulling down the collar of the turtle neck to expose some of the bite marks and brusies there. “Back. Off.”

Hellfire raged in their blue eyes as they stared down the foolish human. Barring their teeth they showed several pairs of canines that had not been there a second ago.

“Psycho bitch.” The girl muttered quietly to herself, scrambling to grab her things and get away from them. The angel stared in astonishment at the demon, who was now climbing back into their own stool.

“W-hy did you do that?”

He was beginning to blush, partly from the embarrassment of being displayed like a sex toy and partly because it was arousing to see them claim him as theirs. The demon, while in their own stool, left their legs stretched across his lap. Just another display of ownership.

“I am the embodiment of gluttony, gluttons rarely share their treats.”

They began pounding their drink, trying to avoid letting it curdle they took it down in one go. The drink ran from the corners of their mouth. The few drops that flowed down from their lips ran under their chin. A single drop slid its way down their neck. With their head tilled back and their messy chugging Gabriel couldn’t help but picture them in that same position with a much stickier substance dripping down their chin.

Beelzebub caught him staring again, not that he was even bothering to try and hide it. They slammed their drink back down on the bar and grabbed one end of Gabriel’s scarf. They then used it to clean themselves up, staining the scarf. Once down they let go and let it again fall loosely around his neck. Grinning wickedly they waited for the inevitable outburst from him at the ruining of a perfectly good scarf.

Instead he just kept staring at them. They opened their mouth to ask him what he was looking at but instead they were met with his lips against theirs. He could taste their alcoholic drink, it was bitter, vile even… but tasting if off their lips just made him hungry. Grabbing onto either side of their hips he pulled them back into his lap, deepening the kiss.

“Wait,” They panted, pulling out of the kiss. “Bathroom.”

Pushing up from his lap they dragged the angel to the pubs male bathroom. Quickly, they checked each stall to make sure the restroom was empty. After ensuring that it was only the two of them, the demon smiled wickedly, and snapped their fingers. The door dead bolted.

“Let’z play, shall we?”

Chapter Text

Gabriel slammed them against the now locked door, he of course made sure it didn’t hurt them, but it was still enough to steal a gasp from their lips. Grinding their loins together he held them up by their ass, making sure to squeeze and play with it. He buried his face into their neck, leaving burning wet kisses on every inch of exposed flesh.

“Doez my little angel want to be bad boy for me?” They cooed, running their fingers through his brown locks.

“Yes.” He mumbled hungrily against their skin.

They let their fingernail run across his scalp, not hard enough to break skin. But it did remind the angel of the sharpness of their nails, and that they enjoyed using them.

“Beelzebub, my lord?”

They could almost sigh in blissful content upon hearing the angel call them his lord. The demon could have sworn that it got sexier every time he did it.

“Yez, my pretty little bird?”

Now that the prince knew the way he felt about their buzzing and what it did to him, they tried to do it as much as possible. Or at least they would try, in moments like these, where they were actively trying to get him off.

“May I request something from you?” His pupils were already blown wide and his eyes sparkled like purple stars.

“You may request it.”

“Would you be willing to.. pleasure me?”

His voice was as smooth as silk but the low pitch he used to say it made it seem dark and exciting. Gently he let down out of his arms. Beelzebub’s eyes flickered down to angels lower half, where he was already starting unbuckle his belt. The demon unconsciously licked their lips.

“You want me to suck you off?”

He tried to swallow the lump forming in his throat as he nodded vigorously. Pressing their hand firm to his chest they began pushing him backwards. Trying his best not to trip as he was moving backwards, he searched their face for what they were thinking. Their face was stone cold, but their eyes, they were hungry. The instant his back connected to the wall, Beelzebub was down on their knees. They didn’t waste the time it would have taken to unbutton and unzip his pants, instead they ripped the fabric of the slacks. Gabriel bit his lip. They slid their fingers into his underwear and pulled them down. Unleashing the angel’s mighty cock.

Beelzebub would have felt annoyed looking at his erection if they weren’t so turned on. Of course Gabriel’s stupid perfect body would have such a long and impressive member. They wanted to say something snarky, something about him over compensating for his lack of intelligence or maybe about it still not being as big a dick as him. But they couldn’t resist having their mouth wrapped around that pretty cock of his long enough to do so. Starting with the base, they ran their tongue slowly up his cock and to the very tip. Licking a droplet of precum from it, they locked eyes with Gabriel. Their eyes were half-lidded with lust but their face remained firm, showing no warmth, no kindness, no mercy. Gabriel shivered.

Beelzebub slowly began taking him into their mouth, revelating in the sweet sounds of Gabriel's hissing and the clicks from his fingernails grasping at the tiled wall behind him. They pumped him in and out of their mouth, each new movement gaining momentum. They lengthened their tongue to allow it to wrap around his shaft in unnatural, but very pleasurable ways.

“Shit, that’s so fucking good.” Gabriel grunted, grabbing at the back of their head, tilting it back so he could push further down the demons throat.

Rocking his hips he began thrusting into their mouth, deeper, harder. He couldn’t slow himself down, and because Beelzebub wasn’t fighting the deep-throat fucking he was giving them, he saw no reason to try. This should have been humiliating to the prince. To let their mouth be used like a sex toy to the angel, just something he could shag into however and whenever he saw fit. But instead of anger at the demeaning use of their body, they relaxed into it. Even moaning against his cock, the vibrations from which only encouraged the angel to go faster.

“You are so fucking hot, Beelzebub. Ah! Hell.. just look at that pretty little face of yours. So tantalizing, so delectable. You drive me fucking wild you know that?”

A feeling of pride flooded their chest. They knew the archangel was no saint when it came to swears, but them being the cause of it still make them dizzy with joy. Their eyelids fluttered closed as they enjoyed the slew of curses, and the praise, and devotion that fell from the angels lips. Something about doing such intimate acts in a filthy place, the desperation coming off both of them, the depravity of it all, made both the angel and the demon’s loins burn.

“You are so damn, fucking gorgeous. I want to make a mess of that naught little mouth of yours.”

Beelzebub sunk their nails into the sides of the angel’s hips, sucking hard as they hit their orgasm. The demon felt their wetness drip down their thighs as the muscles in their legs shook. The angel was not far behind, his legs starting to shake as well.

“Yes, that’s good honey~ That’s so amazing, just like that, oh yes! Keeping going baby, don’t stop.”

They hardly need the encouraging at this point, it barely registered to their sex driven brain, but it still caused more of a mess to stain the boxers of the hungry demon. The angels entire body shuddered with his orgasm, holding the back of their head still as he hit his release. His hot cum streamed into their mouth. They sucked it down with vigor and immense enjoyment. Greedily they continued to suck at his still twitching cock.

“Alright enough.. Oh Beelzebub I don’t think I can go again right now.” Gabriel whimpered.

They complied, letting the archangel slide down the wall until he was sitting on the floor. Even though he had protested his member still stood erect and the look he was giving them was not one of exhaustion but instead one of burning desire.

“Are you zure you want me to be done?”

He bite lip and looked away briefly, when he looked back at them his eyes were a dark pensive purple.

“Only once more.” He conceded.

“Az you wish my pet.” They said before taking his length back into their mouth.

Gabriel was much more subdued sitting on the floor. Making all kinds of sweet indecent moans and whimpers. He could only manage enough energy to rock his hips upwards slightly at each touch of the demons lips to their base.

“Please yes, you are so good at that, you look so hot like this, you are so perfect. I’m so glad I’m yours.”

The babbling from the angel was nearly incoherent but the last sentence rang in Beelzebub’s ears. They felt light headed from an overdose on his infatuation. They moaned against him, the vibrations made the angel’s body tense as he took pleasure in the delightful sensations it brought.

“Oh yes. Let’s have you do that again.”

Gabriel hands slid to a special spot just below the demons shoulder blade. Beelzebub made a small groan of arousal as their wings shifted into reality. He held onto where the wings were sprouting from their back and began to rub the muscles there with his thumb, keeping the wings still with his curled fingers on the other side. They moan against him again, their lips quivering slightly. The moan caused him to rub deeper into the muscle. Thus began an erotic cycle of sexual pleasure as they played with each other. Until the cycle was broken by the final upward thrust as the angel gave way into the demon’s mouth. Gabriel felt completely drained, not that an angel should ever need to feel the weight of sleep, but he felt as if he could slumber for eons. Again the embodiment of gluttony continued to suck the life out of him as he came and then after.

“Enough, enough.. Beelzebub please-“

The demon had to pulled away from his cock, still hungry for more. But they relented at the please, they had clearly gone soft.

‘Whatever, I was done anyway’ They thought bitterly.

Ignoring the fact that; (A.) not they were not done and that they could never be satisfied by or grow tired of the taste of the angel but also (B.) they had taken mercy on an angel.

Panting heavily, their carnivorous eyes trained on his. Gabriel couldn’t help but notice the small trail of cum running from one of the corners of their mouth. Without thought, he pulled them close and licked the droplets up then in the same motion ran his tongue over their lips. At the feeling of his tongue against their lips they pushed him into the wall and pulled him into a deep kiss. The taste of the angel’s mouth was a distant second to the other kind of taste of him, but they still savored every second. After a minute or two of intense making out, they took a moment to breathe. Beelzebub rested their head against his shoulder, their hot breath tingling his ear and making his hair stand on end. Gabriel rubbed his hand against the crotch of their pants.

“You are so wet honey.”

Beelzebub froze at the nickname. He had called them that earlier that night, along with baby and naughty. But it was something about honey that hit too close to home. They knew why, but they couldn’t let their mind drift back to then, it was too painful. The pet name sent their thoughts reeling so hard, they didn’t notice the angel shrugging off their pants. The demons nails dug into shoulders of the angels jacket as his finger pressed into the wet folds of their pussy.

“My, my, look at this mess you are making here on the floor.“ The angel said teasingly as their excitement fell quickly down his fingers, coating them.

Beelzebub breath hitched as he continued to playful touch the sensitive skin there. “

Don’t touch me there and start me up again unless you plan on finishing.”

“I will if you want me to my lord.”

‘Damn this sultry little angel.’ They cursed to themself.

They tried to not tighten on the words ‘my lord’ but it was in vain. They kept their face buried in his neck, but they realized that his motionless fingers waited for an actual response.

“Yes, I do.” The demon whispered softly.

Gabriel removed his fingers and turned their head to kiss them in a gentle and yet full of yearning kind of way. Cupping their ass, he gently placed them on the floor behind them with enough room for him to lay down between them and the wall. He then carefully peeled them from their pants and panties, removing their shoes in the process. Leaving only their fishnet ankle socks still on.

“What? No stockings this time?” He said amused.

“I wasn’t expecting this to happen.”

“So what, you were last time?”

“No,” They said blushing, of course they hadn’t known it was going to happen, even though they were wishing it. “I miracled them on when I had miracled off my clothes.”

“Oh of course you did.” He said with a wink.

“I did!” They protested, feeling like they were caught with their pants down, literally.

“I’m just teasing, I like these ones too.” He kissed their ankle lovingly before kissing up their leg to the tender wet lips of their pussy.

Beelzebub's wings stretched out to their full width on the floor from the movements of the angels tongue. They wrapped their legs around the back of his head, thighs pressed against his warm cheeks. The demonic lord had assumed that the two orgasms he had had, would have slowed him down, exhausted him. But the angels seemed determine to pay back the favor. The angel circled the clit with his tongue. One hand reaching under their shirt and playing with their sensitive nipple, the other running through the sections of feathers it could comfortably reach. Then the demon felt a special kind of tingling running up from their loins, different than the regular kind of sexual stimulation one could find from a tongue. Gabriel was re-directing his lightening at a much lower voltage through his tongue, turning it into an electric vibrator.

“Oh my dirty little angel, that's not playing fair. You spoil me.” They purred, arching their back as the tips of their wings furled and unfurled.

Beelzebub wasn’t able to hold out for much longer after he started playing dirty. The tingling from his tongue traveled all over their body, up spine and through the muscles of their wings.  At the rising of their climax they had pulled themself high enough off the ground to give Gabriel an unintentional view of their face right as they hit their peak. Their naked form surrounded by their beautiful black wings as they curled in on them, with their face contorted in pure ecstasy was a more glorious sight than any sight in all of heaven. After their earth shattering orgasm, they collapsed back onto the bathroom floor, still spasming every other heartbeat or so. Gabriel lowered himself next to his lover, careful not to lay upon their wings. But he could resist the urge to nuzzle his face into them.

“So soft.” He said praisingly.

“Zhut it” Their voice was sweet, filled with adoration.

The angel laid down on the floor fully and pulled the demon on top of him. Pressing their sweaty and sticky bodies together so that they could hear each other's heart beats. Gabriel then started running his fingers through the backside of Beelzebub's wings. Messing them up at first, and then going back over them to straighten them out.

“Do you have a thing for wings?”

“What do you mean?”

“Like, do you they turn you on?”

“Erm… I don’t know, I really like your wings. If that's what you mean.”

The demon blushed deeply, feeling relieved to have their face hidden against his well toned chest.

“Hey Gabe?”

“Yes Beelze?”

“Where did you learn to do that thing with your tongue?”


“Really.” They said deadpanned, pulling themself up so that they could read his face for any sign of falsehoods.

“Yes, it's not just books anymore they have videos for a more visual demonstrations.”

They blinked at him.

“You zure are full of surprises, aren't you? My pretty little bird. Why don’t we go back to my place and I can show you a few trickz of my own.”

Gabriel felt at a loss for words, so he simply nodded and let himself again be lead, into the unknown.

Chapter Text

Gabriel and Beelzebub’s corporations had enough to rest on the taxi cab over to Beelzebub’s house. They were magical entities after all, their refractory period was much less than that of a mortal’s. Not a single word passed between them the entire ride. Beelzebub’s hand gripped the angels upper thigh, and he had his arm stretched around their shoulder. They both sat there, hearts racing, and fingers rubbing circles onto each others skin through their clothes. Adrenaline racing through their veins in feverish anticipation for what was to come.

The time it took to get up the walkway, into the house and up to their bedroom seemed to blur together. Until all to quickly, and yet not fast enough, the bedroom door was shut behind the demon, trapping them both inside. With a snap of fingers the archangel was completely exposed. Save for a bright red ribbon that ran up and down his forearms several times, binding them together.

“On your knees, pet.”

Without a second thought he dropped to his knees. A wicked smile graced their face, what an obedient little pet they had to play with. They stalked around him, ravaging him with their eyes. Their gaze made him feel even more displayed than his nakedness did.

“Eyez front.” They hissed when he tried to turn his head to follow their movements.

From behind his head he could hear another snap. Then from around the other side of him came the lord, dressed in black high heeled ankle boots and those fishnet stockings he was so fond of. With every click of their heels against the floor Gabriel felt a tightening in his chest and cock. He took in the bewitching sight along with a sharp breath. Every inch of the demon was transfixing, but he took an extra long time with their loins. Beelzebub had changed their corporations genitals to that of a males, and he couldn’t help but stare. Running their fingers through his hair, pulling it back so that he met their eyes.

“Do you want it rough angel? Should I be rough with you?”

They pressed their body against his, their stomach against his bound arms, their cock rubbing ever so lightly against his side. Having them right there and not being able to touch them was torturous.

“Yes, my lord.”

Their hand moved from the back of his head to his cheek. He turned his head towards the touch and took their thumb into his mouth. Wrapping his lips around it he sucked it hard, letting his tongue sweep over the pad of the thumb. All while giving the demon lilac colored bedroom eyes.

“Ok then.”

With another snap, a purple necktie was fitted tightly against the archangels throat. Grabbing the smaller chord of the tie, they led him to kneel in front of the bed. They moved the tie so that it was turned around on his body, wrapping it around their wrist they used it like a silk leash. Standing behind him they used their other hand to press him into the sheets. Sliding their hand under his hip, they pulled him up to the desired height, the height at which the demons loins stood from the ground.

“Spread yourzelf.” They commanded, kicking the thigh of his leg.

Wiggling against the sheets they fanned out their legs for the demon, giving them easier access. With one hand they spread his cheeks and slowly lowered themself into him. The angel pulled against his restraints at the strange new sensation but he did not shy away from Beelzebub. Instead of pulling away he pushed himself back against them, trying to take in as much of them as he could. The demon lord hummed in satisfaction as they nestled their cock completely inside the angel.

Then, very, very slowly. They. Pulled. Out. Of. Him.

Making him feel each and every nerve set ablaze at the friction of their exit. They paused for a second, not out of kindness, not to let the archangel readjust, but to let him feel how empty it was to not have their cock buried deep within him.

Then just as painfully slow. They. Eased. Back. In.

Gabriel wanted to sink his teeth into the fabric binding his arms, but the pull of the necktie kept his head up off the sheets. He bit his lip trying to fight against was threatening to be a very pitiful sounding moan from escaping his throat. Closing his eyes he basked in the feeling of them making him whole. He wanted to ride them, he wanted to thrust against their cock, he wanted to quicken the speed they were currently going. But he knew that’s not what they wanted. They had one clawed hand that had moved back to his hip and was ready to dig into the skin if he moved from where he had been pushed down.

“Oh pretty bird, you are so nice and warm inside, I just might never leave.”

Their voice had a cold mocking to it, even though he could hear them smiling in their voice. He felt a little humiliated by the tone, but being called pretty made his ears go pink. The mix of confusing feeling only caused his cock to become even more erect.

“Remember angel,” They said in a fake sweet voice as they slowly removed themself, “You asked for it rough.”

Slamming back into him the archangel stifled back a cry. They pounded into him mercilessly, delighting in the way he writhed beneath them. Gabriel pulled against his neck tie, wanting to hide his face into the bed so he could let out every embarrassing sound he wanted to make but was too ashamed to. The pull against the tie caused the prince to yank back, a punishment for the attempt to pull it out of their grasp. This choked him a little but the pain quickly melted into a feeling of pleasure. The wild untamed bucking of their hips was working hard against the angels ability to keep himself quiet. Beelzebub could tell from the small whimpers and grunts he allowed himself that he was holding back his tongue.

“Sing for me, pretty bird. Sing words of praise just for me.” They said copulating relentlessly into him.

The request broke him, he could no longer remain quiet now that they wanted to hear him. He was nothing but obedient.

“Fuck me my lord, please~ Fuck me, I want you to fuck me so bad. You are so amazing my lord”

Beelzebub’s hunger for his body grew with each passing moment, his words were holy water to a hellish grease fire. Moaning at the sexual gratification they were receiving from defiling the angels body with their cock. Not only were they disgracing his holy temple of flesh with their sacrilegious fornication but he was begging for it. It was enough to send any demon into a frenzied fuck fest.

“Give more to me my lord. Give me all you have, I will gladly take it.”

So they did. They held back their climax for as long as they could, trying to extend the pleasure for both of them. But with the two previous orgasms they had both already had earlier that evening, the moment came a little earlier than wanted. At the peak of their climax approached they felt the strain of muscles in the angels legs against their own.

“Nearly there pet?” They huffed.

Gabriel couldn’t reply through the barrage of moans flooding from his lips, all he could do was nod against the necktie.

“Cum for me.” They moaned.

He couldn’t help but obey. Shaking he let his orgasm wash over him. The tensing of his body and muscles caused him to grip the demons cock more roughly, knocking them over the edge of their own climax. They bend forward, kissing against his sweaty back as they released into him. Laying onto of him they convulsed together, riding out the last few tingles of ecstasy. The demon let go of the silk leash, letting the angel finally drop his head into the sheets. Beelzebub couldn’t help but pump a last handful of thrusts into him, they wanted to truly make a mess of him. With a regretful sigh they pulled from him, letting their cum run down the angels perfectly toned thighs. Climbing onto the bed they turned the angel over so that they could look upon his handsome face. But when they did they saw it was stained with tears.

“Oh- Oh no. Was it too much, did you not like it?” They asked, panic struck as they miracled away the purple and red silks.

“No it was perfect.” He said breathlessly with a blissful smile. “It was just overwhelming, I didn’t expect it to feel like that.”

“I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed it.” They said, brushing a sweaty lock of hair from his face.

“Yes, very much so.”

“You can rest easy now.”

“Um.. Actually..” He said trailing off.

“Yes?” They questioned.

“Well I was thinking, maybe because we had so much fun getting dirty together, we might have fun getting clean together too.”

“What do you mean? We miracle each other clean?”

“No. What I’m proposing is a human bathing technique known as ‘showering’ its highly effective in its ability to clean. I just figured that because showering feels rather nice after a workout and because the acts that we perform are so physically demanding, that maybe it would be nice to shower together.”

The demon knew it would be easier to just snap their fingers and have both of them completely sanitized, but their was something vulnerable and timid in the angels request. It was clear he wanted it a lot more than he could admit.

“Alright. Show me.”

Even when completely exhausted the angel still managed to smile dazzlingly bright. 


Together they stepped into a hot shower. A really hot shower, next to boiling levels of hot. Gabriel would have preferred a nice cold shower, that is the recommended type of showering for after a workout after all, but Beelzebub refused to get in. And because the whole point of the shower was to take it with the stubborn demon, he was forced to coincide. He tried to negotiate for a warm shower but considering that they were already doing something for him by agreeing to get in in the first place, he didn’t put up much of a fight. Gabriel washed Beelzebub first. Taking the time to explain the names of the hygiene products and how and where to use them. He gave them the body wash first for them to smell it before he started applying it. Figuring they probably wouldn’t want to smell like a flower but letting the decision be up to them. Hesitantly, they popped the cap and took a whiff.

“Lavender right?”

“Yes, yes it is.”

He was surprised they knew it by name, assuming they would have lumped all the sweet smelling plants together. Besides, what importance would something as minuscule as a flowers name have to the lord of hell?

“Okay.” They said handing it back, he was equally surprised to have gained permission to use it on them.

He lathered them up, leaving no section of skin un-rubbed or without soap. They sighed into his touch, relaxing under the hot streams of water. Gabriel's heart felt as if it was going to burst with his adoration. The tender touches he was giving them made him feel so special. He knew that no other being would have been allowed this honor and no other being would be again.

Sex, to a demon, was one thing. You could be intimate with a demon in every position imaginable and it wouldn’t be important or special. And sure, a demon being intimate with an angel was a little more special than your typical demon/demon or demon/mortal fucking. But this was a whole other level of intimate. No one would be allowed to take care of them like this, it was just like the wing grooming, but even more personal. The grooming of wings was not something easily remedied with a quick miracle, he was just doing something they could not do themself. But bathing them? They didn’t need him for that, but they let him do it anyway. It wasn’t just scratching an itch like with sex, or receiving a service like feather grooming. This was a true act of intimacy, something he knew that they wouldn’t do with anyone else. Just with him. Just for him.

After rinsing their body he began massaging the lavender shampoo into their hair. It was extremely thick, but it felt good between his large fingers. After the shampoo came the conditioner, also lavender. He couldn’t help but smile down at them, already picturing how fluffy their glossy black hair was going to be. Then came Gabriel's turn to be washed. He miracled in a small shower stool so they could comfortably reach all of him. Their touch was gentle and lingered longer than necessary. Gabriel realized he could feel the steady tide of Beelzebub's love, he felt it radiate off of them and into him.

The love burned hotter than the water coursing over his back, hotter than the burn of hellfire. It was terrifying and peaceful, it felt desecrating and purifying. Nothing had ever felt so right than being loved by them. Their hands played with the foam in his hair, clearly enjoying themself as they took much longer than necessary. They smiled down at him, no evil glimmer, no hellish smirk, just pure unabridged happiness. They were content with him. As he gazed up at them he knew that this was his purpose, he could swear he was made to love them.

Chapter Text

After getting wrapped up in a towel, Beelzebub couldn’t help but admit to themself that the angel was right. The shower had felt better than a miracle. Not that it was something they planned on performing daily, or making a habit out of. But it wasn't so bad. Especially not with him in there with them, not bad at all. The towel they wrapped up in instantly dried each part of their body it touched, without ever getting wet itself. Once dried they discarded it onto the floor. Snapping their fingers the sheets of the bed cleaned themselves and straighten themselves out. Not that that mattered much, as Beelzebub immediately threw themself on top of the sheets, messing them up again.

They nestled into the sheets as they watched Gabriel fold and store the two miraculously clean towels. Taking in every toned muscle of his chest, watching them move as bent and worked himself into bed. Once he was most of the way inside they cuddled up against him. He hadn’t initiated it or asked for it, it was an act they did entirely on their own. Without thought they had willing curled up into his arms. He pulled them in tightly, kissing the top of their head which was now layered in soft fluffy black hair. Hair that now smelled like him.

“I have been meaning to ask you about something.” He said fingers lightly dancing across their back.

“Hm?” They kept their head against his chest, the sound of his heartbeat coupled with the rise and fall of his chest was hypnotic.

“Why is your bed so big?”

They paused for a moment, not really sure they understood the question.

“Why wouldn’t it be?”

“Because of how small you are. Surely, you don’t need all of this space.”

“Of course I do.”

“Oh really?” He asked with a hint of amusement in his voice. “Tell me then. Why?”

“For all the sex orgies of course.”

“What?!” He exclaimed pulling them up to look at them. When he did, he was met with the demon lords laughter.

“Oh don’t look at me like that. I was kidding Gabriel. Lighten up, there isn’t a stick up your ass, I checked.” They said, reaching under him to give it a squeeze.

He huffed and let them sink back down in the bed. Cuddling up against him again, they gave him ribs a nice and tender kiss before rubbing their nose there. Hoping the cute and sweet acts would wash away the pouting angels doubts. After a minute or two of thought Gabriel finally spoke again.

“Have you though? Before, I mean.”

“....Had an orgy?”

“No! What I meant was, have you ever… been with anyone before.”

“You mean sex.”

“Yes.. Have you?”

They paused, tightening their grip on his body.

“Have you?” They asked. It was kind of a deflection, but they wanted to know.

“No, you were my first- only! I mean only! I didn’t mean to make it sound like I have plans with anyone else. I don’t. I don’t want anyone else, just you.”

They didn’t know what to say, but he was looking at them expectantly. They had to say something. They hadn’t thought about their first time in a long time. Everything was different back then, they were different back then. Their first time was soft, guiding, teaching, learning. It was the first sex in all of creation, the first bodies to be shared in all of space and time. Now it was nothing but a distant memory, untouchable, unattainable, forgotten. That memory was no longer theirs, no longer a part of them. It was abandoned. Lost with who they were during the great fall, They weren’t the same person as to who that memory belonged to. They were someone else now. How could they explain that to him? They wanted to tell him the truth, tell him everything. But they couldn’t. It was all too much. Too much to put into words.

Now that they were Beelzebub they had tried to move on. But mingling with mortals seemed beneath their station, other demons weren't much better. Even if they did find intreset in another demon, they couldn't very well trust them. Not even with just the act of sex itself but also trusting them not to boost it through the halls of hell. To let someone see them come undone, to show another demon vulnerability, it was near impossible. The only demon they trusted in such a way was Dagon. But even then Beelzebub would only allow for making out, they couldn't stomach any one else's hands on their body. Even after all this time they only wanted his hands to be the one to touch them. And he didn't even remember doing it, how pathetic was that?

“It’s ok if you have had someone else before. I didn’t mean to pry I was just wonder-”

“No.” They whispered firmly, cutting him off.

Maybe they couldn’t tell him the whole truth, but they couldn't lie to him. Not about this.

“My first time... was with you, Gabriel.”

“Okay.” He said sweetly. “That’s ok too.”

They leaned into each other for a kiss. Then Beelzebub rested their head into the crook of his neck as he pulled the sheets around them. They buried their face further into him while squeezing their arms around his chest. Maybe it could be ok this time. Maybe all the secrets of the past could stay dead and buried. Maybe if he can learn to love them here, now, the way they are, it could stay like this. Maybe they could finally be happy.

* * *

Gabriel could feel himself lying back on the grass, he was looking up, his eyes open, but everything was black. Was this another dream? The voice came again, it was coming from his side. But the voice was startling, so they must have just gotten here. He moved up onto his elbow, his head turned to them.


“I’m not slacking off, I’m taking a break.”


“There’s nothing wrong with that.”


“She doesn’t mind if we rest after working hard, is that not what the 7th day will be for?”


Still there is no harm in a few moments of work spared here and there.”

He patted the grass next to him. Then he felt them lie down next to him, fabric brushed against his leg.

Can I tell you a secret of my own?”

There was no reply, only silence.

“I didn’t come down here for a break. I came down to see you. Even with Lucifer and Raphael and the other underling angels, it can feel quite lonely in the infinity of space. Lonely without you.”

Gabriel felt himself brush a finger across their face, moving with it a curly strand of hair that he tucked behind their ear.


“Would you like me to tell you their names? I know you probably know them all any-”

“No” He could hear them say, cutting him off, but as quickly as the voice came into focus it faded back to obscurity. They said something else but he could no longer make out the replies. He just listened and smiled.

“Ok.” Gabriel said gently, before turning back up to the heavens and pointing out the stars he had made. 

Chapter Text

“Fuck!” Beelzebub roared.

The alarm on their phone was blaring and the lord of hell really didn’t appreciate being woken up. Even if it was an alarm on their phone, that they had set, reminding them that they ‘the lord of hell’ had to get up and go do their work. Anything that pulled them from sleep and would make them leave their cozy place in their bed wrapped in their lovers arms should be destroyed. Blind from being half awake and from rage they silenced the phone and then tossed it into the bathroom, before flopping back onto the bed.

“I don’t want to go to work. Work sucks.” They muttered bitterly.

“What would hell do without it’s glorious leader.”

“Probably crumble.” They muttered, causing Gabriel to laugh.

“Then I guess for the sake of heaven I should keep you here forever.” He said squeezing them tightly.

“I bet you could, heaven wouldn’t even notice you were gone.”


“I’m kidding.” They said with an eye roll. “You’re heavens little golden boy. How could she get rid of her favorite son.”

He wanted to say ‘thank you’ but he knew by the way they said it that it wasn’t a good thing in their eyes. He was also afraid to say something wrong and possibly upset them; God was a touchy subject to a demon.

“I think..” He said with a small tremor in his voice. “I think, if I could choose. I would stay here. With you.”

They tensed in his arms.

‘Oh no. Was that the wrong thing to say? It was, wasn’t it. That was probably too serious for them, too sentimental.’ He thought to himself in a panic.

“Too bad I have to go up to heaven for my reports.” Gabriel said, a fake mirth in his voice.

Although he had already made his weekly progress report and they wouldn’t expect one for a few days, he did want to make a trip upwards. He had things he needed answers for. And if Beelzebub was going down there anyway, there was no reason to stay. I mean, if you just completely ignore the fact that he was supposed to be observing Crowley and Aziraphale, then yeah sure, no reason to stay on earth.

“Yeah..” They replied, still tense in his arms.

Moving gently from under them, he kept them lying face down in the pillows. Beginning at the back of their neck he left kisses up and down their back. They made adorable little moans that they attempted to cover with the pillows.

‘Damn this angel, I can’t even be mad for one minute without him making me all soft. Fucking wank feathers.’ They thought gritting their teeth as the kisses stirred something in their loins.

Gabriel knew he should stop before he got ahead of himself and let them go to hell. He didn’t want to make their day any harder by making them late for their meetings and paperwork. But hearing those heavenly moans and watching them squirm from just his mouth on their back, how could he resist? He kept his bombardment of kisses on their back, until he reached a sensitive spot below their shoulder blades. Here his kisses turned to sucking, which caused the demon to bite down on the pillow. Gabriel let his hand rest teasingly on their inner thigh, then he lightly grated his teeth against the sensitive spot. The demon moaned deeply as their wings fluttered onto their back and spread across the bed.

Gabriel smiled, he loved that he could make them do that. The selfish, greedy voice in his head relished in the thought that he was the only one who could do this, they were his, and only his. He then proceeded to kiss the back of one of the wings with his hand brushing the underside. His other hand still against the inner thigh, rubbing their leg while letting his knuckles brush ever so slightly against their loins.

“Free tomorrow? I think we’d better continue our investigations. Don’t want to raise suspicion on either side by not doing what we should be doing. Or at least by being blatantly obvious about it.”

Gabriel suddenly felt very much like Aziraphale. Is the way he felt for Beelzebub the same way that Aziraphale felt for Crowley? He could feel his heart ache in remorse as he realized that it could have just as easily been he and Beelzebub that could have faced extinction at the hands of heaven and hell. Then terror gripped him as he realized that there was nothing stopping either side from trying again, this time with more permanent results. He had been so angry at Aziraphale, for turning his back on heaven, on God. Blinded by rage at his betrayal he had never stopped to ask himself if he was the one in the wrong. But being here, here with them, he knew he had been. Because if the love they had was anything like the love he felt for Beelzebub, he knew that it was love that was supposed to be. Nothing had ever felt more so perfect or had seemed so right than being with Beelzebub. God must have wanted it. God must have wanted Aziraphale and Crowley together too. Right?

Gabriel tried to clear his mind and focus back on the demon that laid beneath him. They were growing impatient with his teasing touches. They miracled themself back into female sexual organs and displayed their pussy with their face down and their rear up. They looked at him, biting their bottom lip while their excitement dripped onto the sheets and down their legs. Even though they didn't say anything their body did, and it did not have to tell him twice. He licked up the sides of both their inner thighs. Taking in the taste of their nectar before running his tongue along Beelzebub’s flower.

They gasped at the warm wet sensation of his tongue being inside them. Their wings stretched and furled and unfurled as they felt their orgasm build. Moaning and whimpering they pushed themself back into him. Work and obligations be damned, they had an archangel at their beck and call. One of the archangels hands went under their body and toyed with their hard little nipple while the other hand remained sunk into their feathers. Then the hand torturing their nipple slid down their waist and to their ass when the archangel took a handful of the flesh and squeezed it. Beelzebub moaned in a girlish and undignified way. Gasping as their wings fluttered and their back arched. Gabriel could feel the tightening of their pussy as they achieved orgasm.

‘One more taste’ He thought to himself as he swiped another lick across their dripping slit. But then one taste turned into another, and another.

“Gabriel. Be done.” They said pushing against his shoulder with their heel.

Gabriel complied, instead turning his attention onto the foot. He kissed his way up from the foot, up their leg and body. All the way to the demons forehead, wiping from their brow small traces of sweat from their love making.

“Az much az I would like to piss away the day in bed with you, I have a pissy uncouth ex-army’s complaints to attend to.”

“I won’t keep you.” He said planting another kiss on their temple, breathing in the smell of shampoo and conditioner that remained in their hair.

“You know I can’t go back to hell looking and smelling like this, right?”

Gabriel sighed dramatically.

“I know.” He said rubbing his fingers through their soft hair.

He knew it wasn't wise for the prince of hell to return to work looking as pampered as a poodle, but he still felt sad to have to see all his work go to waste. Beelzebub stood from the bed and with a snap of their fingers they were dressed in their hellish clothes, their hair was back to its greasy matted glory, and a rotten smell wafted off of them.

“Brimstone, really? You could have just chosen not to smell like anything.” Gabriel said wrinkling his nose.

“I need something to cover the smell of angel. The scent of you is all over me, this will help deter that.”

Gabriel couldn't help the feeling of pride that flooded his chest when they said that the smell of him was all over them. That same selfish greedy voice in his head liked the idea that he had them marked. Wishing that the smell would stay prominent simply so that all the other demons knew that they were his and to back off. But of course that would be dangerous for them. And even though a part of him wanted to make it known to every angel and demon that they belonged to him and that he belonged to them, there wasn't a single part of him that didn't want to keep them safe. That's all he really cared about.  

“Oh um.. Beelzebub?” Gabriel asked, moving to sit on the edge of the bed.

“Yez?” They called over their shoulder, retrieving their tossed phone. “

I have something to ask of you..” Gabriel trailed off, looking at them expectantly.

“Oh for Satan’s sake, spit it out!”

“Right okay, I was just hoping to get your permission to hide some of the marks on my neck. I can’t exactly walk around upstairs in a suit with all your love bites.”

“Luzzzt bites.” they corrected, stalking over to him. They didn’t want all of their work to go to waste either but they couldn’t risk the angel trying to lie to hide the nature of these bites. They couldn’t risk him

being punished. They ran their fingers over the spots of skin that would be exposed in his normal work attire, with every brush of their skin against his, the bruises and bite marks disappeared. Some traces of purples and blues remained, but only in places that couldn’t be seen from under his clothes. They then tilted his head up, locking his lips in a tender kiss, chaste and sweet.

“Goodbye, my pet. I'll see you tomorrow.” They whispered in his ear before disintegrating into a cloud of flies that flew out of the open bedroom door.


Gabriel sat upright in his office chair. Not because of his love of good posture or his attention to the health of his body, his straightened back was out of nerves. His sweaty hands were clasped together tightly on his desk. Terrified to open the bottom drawer of his desk. Getting into the sanctuary of his office was less of a hassle this time. Keeping a broad smile and a brisk pace he go there without any angel’s suspicions raised. The irrational part of his brain was convinced that if he did not open it, then that would mean the book wasn't in there. That there was no book, no feather, no unanswered questions. But the rational part of his brain was louder and telling him how stupid and crazy that was.

Still, he sat there stuck. Afraid of the book, afraid because he had no memory of it and yet he knew he wasn’t supposed to have it. He couldn’t go on like this, what if that book had some kind of answer to all the questions he had. Maybe it had the answer to his purpose or maybe even to the hidden will of God. Glancing at the door to his office as if someone would barge in, even though he knew that wasn’t possible, he reached for the bottom drawer. He was not surprised but was still gripped with fear when he saw the purple velvet book. He hesitated only momentarily before flipping open the front cover.

The book first spoke of Lucifer Morningstar, the first angel created and how he and God set forth to create the second and third angels, Gabriel and Metatron. Then how the four of them made all the other angels of heaven. It spoke of how the layers of the earth would be formed together after each and every creature, plants and animals alike, were made. It spoke about how the humans would have dominion over these creatures. It spoke about the heavens, the stars, the sun, the moon, which would be hung in the sky for the benefit of humans. Then it spoke about Eden, the paradise that belonged to the humans. That they would stay there until God saw it fit for them to leave. And that's where the book ended.

Gabriel found this puzzling. Firstly, because the book was written like this was all to come and pass, not like it already happened. And secondly, God did not see it fit for Adam and Eve to leave the garden. They were banned from the garden of Eden after going against God and eating from the tree of knowledge. Why did Gabriel have this book? Why did he feel he had to hide it, and what did have to do with the light brown and eggshell colored feather he found there? Everything in here he had already known, all that just to be told what he already knew. To say it was disappointing was an understatement. Gabriel, ever scrupulous, read through the book again. Searching for something, anything he had missed. To his surprise there was. Tucked between the back cover and the last page was a folded piece of paper. 


For my curious archangel.



Gabriel felt his heart drop to the pit of his stomach as he read those words. His fingers trembled as he put the paper back just the way he had found it. Who in the name of heaven, was Raziel? With a flick of his wrist, a list with each of the (roughly) ten million angels in heaven and the departments they belonged to. He read the entire packet, front to back. No angel by the name of Raziel worked in any department of heaven. That couldn’t be right, so Gabriel read it again. And again. And again. On the fifth time reading through he had to face the facts that they were no longer an angel.

Gabriel sent the file back and summoned up a new file. This one had the names of every angel who had perished at the hands of hellfire. This was a much smaller list, five angels in total had been casualties at the hands of demon/angel squabbles. Gabriel took solace in the fact that was a similar list with seven demons names on for those who boiled in the righteousness of holy water. Because of the length of this list it was harder for Gabriel to deny the fact that Raziel’s name was not on it.

Which meant that there was only one other list that that name could be on. The list of the damned, the list of every angel that was cast out of heaven. Gabriel sent away the current small list he had and sent for the list of the damned. But instead of a packet of (roughly) ten million ex-angels on his desk a small note card was in its place. 


Sorry, the information you are requesting is not available to you. 


There must be some kind of mistake. There is no information off limits to an archangel, especially not him. Gabriel tried to access the information again, but all he got was another note card stacked on top of the first. This was outrageous. Who saw fit to ban that information from him? Surely restricting access to sensitive matters to angels of a lower station was understandable, but for him? Simply ridiculous, and out of the question. Gabriel stormed his way to the department of information resources. He appeared calm and collected but each angel he passed on his way couldn’t help but shiver, like they were being hit with a frigid cold wind.

“Excuse me.” Gabriel said with a plastered on smile to head of the department.

“Hi, yeah I was wondering why I am unable to access a certain file.”

“Oh I'm sorry to hear that, Archangel Gabriel.” They said with a bubbly, customer service voice.

“Could I have the name of the file that you attempting to reach?”

“The list of all the angels that were damned to hell during ‘The Great Fall’.”

The head of the department gave him a short questioning look before typing his request into the computer. They hadn’t heard that information ever being accessed by anyone before, and why would they.

“I’m sorry, but it appears that information has been deemed dangerous and is therefore classified.”

“Deemed dangerous? By who?” Gabriel said with a slight raise to his voice, the outrage he felt was leaking into his words.

The department head hummed as they clicked something on their screen.

“Says here it was classified by the Archangel Michael.”

Gabriel bristled.

“Does it happen to say why Micheal found the material so dangerous?”

“No your grace, it does not. Would you like me to phone Michael and check?”

“No, er um, wouldn’t want to bother her. I’ll talk to her myself when convenient.” Gabriel had already started to make his way back out the door and to his office.

“But Gabriel sir-”

“Keep up the good work.” He said not listening to them while giving them a thumbs up before disappearing out of sight.

It left the department head blinking after them. They sighed to themself. If only Gabriel had stayed a moment longer. If only he had listened. The department head would have told him that Michael had made it so that if anyone tried to access the file, that the Archangel was to be informed immediately. The department head picked up their phone to make a call and do just that.