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A Perfect Change

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The clocks ticks onward, bringing much annoyance to the blonde-haired first-year who's trying to study. The words seem to mush together, becoming this mush of kanji instead of actual words and phrases. He can't seem to focus, no matter how hard he tried. The thought prudes his mind, sinking themselves in, asking and wondering how he could ever get Kae Serinuma to be his girlfriend and not the others? Tossing aside the others for a moment, did she even want a boyfriend? Would she ever choose any of them at the end of the day?


There was no point in even trying to act like he was studying anymore. He just huffed, finding himself tired by all this back and forth in his head, and tossed the book closed. He wasn't sure what to do anymore. 


How the hell are you supposed to woo a girl who's more into fictional BL love stories than her own? He wagers if she even cares more about reality than anime. He’s seen it in action before, watching her lose herself when her favorite character died unexpectedly both times and how she had distractedly lost weight in her grief, caring and focusing on nothing more than on her wallowing. 


She’s a bit dramatic. 


Despite all of that, he still knew what he wanted. Her. Even with her flaws and her odd obsession with BL, he still felt the same nonetheless. Perhaps it was even naive to not care, even when he’s a little miffed by it at first each time initially. 


BL, huh? He wondered what all the rave was about. He vaguely knows that a lot of girls, or fujoshis, are really into the fictional romance besides just Kae and Nishina. They seemed practically addicted to it. 


Almost like a fog clearing after a long, winter storm, he realized an idea that all of them have been passing by for months now! How could they be so stupid? Even Nishina used it to her advantage, stealing a wonderful, magical first kiss from Kae! How had he been so blind? 


Shinomiya looked around, feeling a twinge of anxiety rush through his system about what’s to come, but he found himself opening up his laptop, watching it light up in the dim room. He felt his chest tighten a little, resigning himself to his faith. He needed to step up his game if he ever wanted to have a step ahead against the other males who were much stronger and manlier in comparison. He had nothing on them, it wasn’t really fair. 


How could you get close to a girl like that? Usually, you'd try being friends, learn about her more and more, and eventually pop the question of being more than just greats. Sadly, Kae was beyond just being a normal girl. He sure had his work cut out for him. 


He tried to start with something simple, loading up Chrome and seeing the search bar flick on screen. Breathing in and having a sense of dormant hope, he raised his mouse to the bar and clicked on it. He brought his fingers forward, clicking on the keys to spell out 'Boys Love'.


Immediately, he was treated by the word 'Yaoi' and an arguable pornographic image that looked like it was used in some YouTubers thumbnail on a video. Do they talk about them? More girls than boys online? 


Wikipedia describes it as a 'literary genre.' Shinomiya almost laughed at that. It looks more like porn than that. He supposes he'll just have to trust in it so he can understand Kae better. 


He isn't getting much on this page, just the same drama series over and over. He decides to switch to that title, 'yaoi'. He finds more information that way, getting some of the basic information of how it's a homoerotic relationship between two males. It's an entire genre even. He's not sure how such a thing got popular yet here it is thriving.


"What the hell is a seme?" He muttered out loud, gawking at the computer screen. "T-they have names for who takes a position? What in the…"


" Hayato ! You better not still be up on your computer, you better be in bed when I come to turn off all the lights off." He hears his mother, fussy and impatient as usual, yells from down the hall. He doesn't doubt the threat. He's forced to submit, shutting his laptop down and throwing himself back on the bed. 


He'll see if he can discover something new tomorrow.  




One thing Google has done to their phones to change the way they process things is by connecting what you search and look at with your news page. They give you recommendations of articles, quizzes, and new to flood your feed instead of the same boring things that really no one cares about. Perhaps that explains what he's staring at. 




Are You The Perfect BL Couple? Take This Test To See If You Are The Perfect Uke & Seme!

By: yaoi4life234

Some gay couples often wonder how they come to their fictional doppelgangers! We've, me and shionismyboyfriend , taken the aspects that make a perfect uke and seme and what you need for you to work together as a really good, happy, healthy, and most importantly, sexy Seme/Uke couple! Test your relationship and see how you match up! 

We are legally not responsible for any breakups (jk lol dont kill us were innocent fujoshi babies!!)



|   Play Quiz!  |





He thinks it's a joke but if you do indeed press the annoyingly bright blue button, you're sent over to the test and the first question with a multitude of multiple choice answers show up with a picture of some BL couple he presumes. He regrets using the same account he uses on his laptop on his phone, even if it is simpler!


"Oh look, you're still here? Don't you need to scurry home to Mommy?" Nanashima, the jerk, laughs from behind him, using his fist to dig it into his skull. God, he hates this guy! 


"Screw off." He bites back, getting ready to storm out with dignity, unlike him.


“What do you have there?” Nanashima grabbed his phones from out of his hands, making Shinomiya yelped and chase for it immediately. Oh god, that’s so embarrassing! They’ll never let it go after this! 


“Hey, give that back, you jerk!” Shinomiya desperately chased for his phone. 


“Oh ho ho, what is this?” Nanashima smirked, having that stupid, annoying glint in his eyes. He turned the phone around, shaking it a little to let him know he saw it for sure. What an ass!


“Leave me alone!" Shinomiya grew more frustrated, reaching forward and failing to get his phone back. "That's not for you to see! Give me the phone back!" 


"No! This is hilarious!" Nanashima continued to laugh, turning the phone around and scrolling through the website. "Look at this stuff. 'Find out if you're the perfect uke or seme for your mate!' What even is this crap?"


Shinomiya felt his face flush red. He hated being caught. He was just trying to understand Kae a little better! Is that so wrong?!


"Shut up!" Shinomiya yells, giving up. There was no way Nanashima was going to give it up now. This was a losing battle to start with. How stupid was he to think this would work out in his favor!


"Nanashima, what are you doing?" Igarashi sighed, walking up behind the jerk who was snickering at the sight of his phone. "Being a jerk is no way to get Serinuma, you realize."


" Wha - who asked for your opinion!" Nanashima growled, glaring at him. Igarashi rolled his eyes, despite the quirk of his lips, showing his amusement at Nanashima's annoyance. "It's not my fault this kid is an idiot! Who searches this crazy stuff up?!"


"I'm not a kid!" Shinomiya yelled, unheard by either of them it seemed. They always seemed to ignore him. It's annoying


"What?" Igarashi plucked the phone away from Nanashima, glancing over the screen. "This is what you're hollering about?"


" Yes ! He's a guy, why would he be searching that crap up for?!" Nanashima shoved Igarashi off of him who made a habit of being too close to him sometimes. 


"Don't you think you're being a bit of a hypocrite, Nanashima?" Igarashi laughed, finding much enjoyment in the way Nanashima flared and straighten up. 


" Excuse me?!


"I mean, we all like Serinuma." Igarashi flicked his head to the side, smiling casually. "And she likes this sort of stuff. If Shinomiya likes it too, what's the big deal? We can accept it when it's her."


"Yeah but he's - "


" I'm right here! " Shinomiya yelled, marching over and snatching his phone from Igarashi's loose grip. 




Why did upperclassmen have to be such jerks about this? They're so ignorant. He huffed, shoving his phone in the inner pocket of his school blazer, ignoring the whines coming from Nanashima who undoubtedly wanted to continue to torture him with it and find any other 'dirty' secrets he might have. How did he think he was going to get Serinuma being a selfish twat like that?


"Oh, Igarashi! Nanashima!" Shinomiya blinked, knowing that voice fairly well and looking behind him to see the one decent upperclassmen, Asuma. "It's good to see you. You don't usually hang around after school, why are you guys lingering near the lockers?"


"Nanashima was just being a jerk," Igarashi explained with a laugh, ignoring the said blonde's protest. He playfully patted Nanashima's shoulder, only getting a smack in return. 


"Oh, why?" Asuma asked, blinking. He always looks confused and lost. It's a bad quality in a third-year, Shinomiya thinks. 


"The kid is we - GAH! " Igarashi had reached over, his arm over Nanashima's neck and grabbed his wrist, drawing it near them both. The painful sound that erupted from Nanashima was therapeutic, to say the least. It made Shinomiya chuckle. 


"What?" Asuma asked again, tilting his head to the side.


"Nothing. Shinomiya was just checking out some funky website!" Igarashi laughed. He's probably the most normal out of the four males. 


"It's not funky !" Shinomiya glared, letting the anger and annoyance rise again. He really wants to go home. He's about to run for it. 


"Oh? What is it about?" Asuma asked, smiling gently. Curse him. He was practically giving Shinomiya puppy dog eyes! 


"A-a gay quiz!" Nanashima choked out, making Shinomiya want to shove his favorite pencil through his throat. He figures it might be a gory scene but glorious nonetheless. 


"What do I have to do to get you to shut up?" Igarashi sighed, letting Nanashima go and gasp for air. 


"You could have killed me!" Nanashima complained, holding onto his throat as he panted for lost air. 


"I could have, but I didn't. Isn't that very kind of me?"


" Kind ?!" 


"What does that mean? A quiz?" Asuma asked, blinking, making everyone stop and look over. "Can we take it?"


"What?! Absolutely not! Are you insane?! We like girls!" Nanashima argued, glaring. It seemed this school was very anger-filled lately thanks to all the annoying students.


"Eh, why not?" Igarashi chuckled, throwing his arm around Nanashima to annoy him. He smirked, raising his brow, daring him to argue as he knew he would. 


"' Why not?' Are you serious?! I can't believe you - "


"Can we Shinomiya?" Asuma asked, smiling happily at the thought of taking a quiz. Perhaps he was more of a nerd than Shinomiya gave him credit for. He still felt extremely embarrassed for this to come all out. 


"I-it's a quiz about, um, if you and your partner are the perfect seme/uke couple or not. Random stuff, like that, you know?" Shinomiya said, trying to ignore how his voice stumbled and cracked as anxiety-filled his chest. Stupid butterflies! 


"Seme? Uke? What's that?"


Ugh, he had to explain all of this? Why couldn't someone just kill him instead? That would be so much simpler and pain-free, ironically enough. 


"A-a seme is, uh, like the top and, um, dominant partner and, we, the uke is the bottom." His face had to be red! He couldn't look any of them in the eyes! 


"Oh, cool. Can we take it?" Asuma said, calm as usual. It's completely uncalled for! He should be embarrassed, awkward, something else other than calm like this was normal small talk! "I really like quizzes."


"We have to be a couple for that! And we can't all take it at the same time anyways!" Shinomiya yelled, flustered. He held his phone tightly against his chest, feeling the anxiety make his heart beat rapidly. He just wanted to go home and have this be over with!


"It's not like the test will know. It's not watching us. You can just send me the link." Igarashi smiled. "Plus you'll get to your revenge on Nanashima since he'll hate this the entire time!"


" Hey ! Who says you get to decide I'll even participate in any of this?!" 


Now that made him waver. He wanted the embarrassment to fade and just forget this ever happened but he would have never felt this way if Nanashima hadn't been a jerk and been nosy, causing it in the first place! He looked down at his phone, the test still on his screen, waiting for him to click off or play 


Silently, he copied the link at the top and went to his messages, scrolling to the bottom to see Igarashi's contact info. He clicked on it, pasting it, and he sent it. No turning back now.


Igarashi felt a buzz in his pocket in the of his yelling match with Nanashima and reached to get it, seeing Shinomiya's contact profile with some bizarre link attached to the notification. Excellent! This is going to be fun. 


"Alright, let's get started!" Igarashi laughed, ignoring Nanashima's protest. "Since Nishina and Serinuma always pair us up as you guys together and us together, we'll do it that way."


"I forget about that sometimes." Asuma chuckled, smiling like a lost idiot.


'He's an idiot.' Shinomiya sighs and resigns himself to his fate. 


"Let's see who's the better pretend-couple!" Igarashi managed to joke around despite the implication of these questions. Shinomiya agreed so there was no point in denying it now. 




Q1. What's the Seme's name?


Asuma Mutsumi


Q2. Does the Seme wear glasses?


'He is blind now that I think about it.'




Q3. Is the Seme sensitive?


' The real question is if  he could even tell if someone said a bad remark.'




Q4. Is the Seme a gentleman?


'I don't think he could even harm a fly at this point.'




Q5. Is the Seme confident?


"I have no clue for you."


"I mean I like the things I like!"


"That... you're so lost. I'm just going to say yes."




Q6. Does the Seme have Stubble/Facial Hair?


"Oh, yes. I have to shave it all the time."


"That's unfair, not a single hair has grown for me! It's annoying."


"But you have such a baby face thanks to it!


"You say that like it's a good thing." 




Q7. Is the Seme Muscular?


'Far more than I ever will be.'




Q8. Is the Seme Tall?


"You're taller than all of us."


"It wasn't on purpose, I swear."


"I never said that!"




Q9. Does the Seme have a Deep Voice?


"It's like sultry. I'm surprised you haven't had a girlfriend yet."


"I guess I just prefer books."




Q10. Does the Seme have a hairy body?


'We already answered this, it's unfair!'




Q11. Is the Seme well endowed?


'How can someone ask this?! That's private!'


"What do they mean? In cash? I don't really buy anything so I guess so."


'I regret living.'




Q12. Is the Seme possessive?


"What would happen if I took one of your books?"


"I would take it back?"




Q13.Does the Seme want Kids?


"I think so. They're really cute but they're very mean. They threw a rock at me before."


"You can't just let them bully you!"




Q14. Does the Seme have feelings for a Uke?


"Sure! I like you a lot!"


'That's ...not what they meant.'




Questions For The Uke


Q1. What is the name of the Uke?


Hayato Shinomiya


Q2. Is the Uke subservient?


'What is this supposed to mean?! Sure, I listen to people and I don't really like people yelling at me and I'm a people pleaser ...crap.'




Q3. Does the Uke like Muscles?


'I sure wish I had them.'




Q4. Does the Uke like taking care of his Seme?


'If I had a girlfriend, I would love it.'




Q5  Is the Uke a Twink or Femboy?


"How the hell am I supposed to answer this?" 


"You'd look good in a skirt, kid!"


"Screw off, Nanashima!"




Q6. Can the Uke Cook?


'I make my own lunch!'




Q7. Is the Uke sensitive? 


'It's not a bad thing!'




Q8. Does the Uke want Kids?


'They can be brats, but they would be my kids so it'll be worth it.'




Q9. Does the Uke have feelings for his seme?


'If I was dating him, sure.'






"Finally, that's done." Shinomiya sighed, feeling his tense muscles go lax at the fact it's over. All he had to do was click for the results.


"Nanashima is definitely a twink, isn't it?" Igarashi laughed, who couldn't stop laughing. Shinomiya rolled his eyes, but it was nice to see Nanashima red-faced and angry. It was a pleasant sight. Perhaps, he knows the feeling now. Hopefully, it'll teach him a lesson then!


"Whatever you want. I'm going home now." Shinomiya said, after a long wait. He waved bye to Asuma who cheerfully waved back.


"I had fun taking the quiz! It was really confusing though." Asuma said.


'Anything involving you is confusing.' Shinomiya huffed and walked out of the school, walking his path to home. 




Shinomiya feels different . Something is off. His skin is a little hotter than usual, thanks to the warm covers probably and it even aches a little. The sun is shining through the curtains annoyingly, giving this sense of brightness in the tone of the air Shinomiya is not about. His alarm clock, well, it's annoying as ever. That has never really changed much as he wished it would.


When he opens his eyes, the world feels strange. The ceiling even seems a little fuzzy.  It's like something shifted in the air, changing everything he once knew. Maybe it's the drowsiness from just waking up, he isn't sure. 


It's a bit insane to say reality has flipped its head just from being awoken from your daily alarm clock after all. He's probably hallucinating from staying up too long studying instead of sleeping. He'll manage either way. 


He yawns, as usual, gently hitting the dismiss button and slips out of the comfortable, warm bed of his dreams. When he stands up, it feels different, like his body is different. That's strange. Maybe he's sick or something?


He walks across the wooden floors, feeling sluggish as usual. He stretches, feeling a dull ache in his body as if he worked out overnight. Him and gym? He'd passed out on the spot! A hot shower should do the trick nonetheless.


He strips, discarding his pajamas on the pearly tiles and opens the shower door, seeing the steam start to cloud the glass. The hot water strings at first but then it grows homey, rushing through his blonde hair, down his head, and over the slope of his body. 


His body does feel different. The water's natural path changes. He opens his eyes, a little confused at the feeling. There isn't water going down the back of his thighs and down to his ankles like normal. Why is that? 


He glanced behind him and he's not sure if this is a normal though or not, but his butt is bigger . It is certainly a sudden change out of nowhere. With this clearer shape of body change, he can recognize that the water hitting against his skin with a gentle shaking of his thighs as not normal. He looks down and widens his eyes at the sight.


His thighs are... different. His body has always been odd compared to other guys his age. They're usually sporty or have some kind of muscle from something , but he's always been a pretty boney, thinner male than normal. Maybe if he had gained weight, this would be a little justified but it would have hit his gut first, not his thighs


His diet hadn't changed at all, especially not from yesterday. He was normal yesterday night when he went to head. What had changed? 


His thighs are thicker now. How is that possible? It came out of nowhere


Looking around, he notices how much more rounded his body seems. Those jutting points of his hip bones have disappeared thanks to this strange softness covering it. He can't help but notice a new line of curve to his arms as he traces his hand over his hip, still baffled by this sudden change.  


He tries not to think about it for a second. He still needs to wash up and worry about the time so he can get to school on time. As he pushes the soap bar against his chest, he can already feel how soft his skin is. As he drags on over his body, his suspicions are confirmed.


He feels embarrassed that the towel that once wrapped around perfectly and he could tuck in without any problem was now even reaching due to the sudden ... "growth" of his body. He hates how he looks in the mirror with a softer jawline and bigger eyes, even plush lips that look more like Kae's or Nishima's rather than a normal boy's.




This day was definitely weird and off. When the others saw him, they didn't bat a word. Nothing ! This wasn't making any sense. Nanashima would have at least teased him, if not completely mocked him! 


It wasn't just their obliviousness to the sudden change in Shinomiya's body. It was so obvious how his normally loose clothes were now clinging to every new curve his body has. However, he wasn't the only one with distract changes. 


Taking a glance over Nanashima, he looked like he was in the same boat even being disconnected by a lunch table, he could tell. His lips were plumper, his more rounded, and his clothes clung to him just like his own. This was odd. What had happened?


It wasn't just that either! Both Igarashi and Asuma were extremely different. Somehow, they got taller! The other males have always been taller than him, but really?! Their clothes were barely holding together with how much broader their bodies had become, how their shorts barely contained the swell muscles that seemed to be hiding underneath. Shinomiya couldn't help but let his eyes travel over Asuma's body, realizing just how more manly he seemed. 


"Nanashima,"  Igarashi said, unlike how he usually does. His voice was deeper, more meaningful. He watched as he dragged Nanashima's chair closer, narrowing his eyes at his friend, as if daring him to move away. Almost like he was possessive. 


What is going on?!


"Cute!!" Kae squealed, clasping her hands together, watching the scene unfold. Sat beside her was Nishina who was basically cuddled up next to her, taking notes for her doujinshi probably. He wouldn't be surprised if she was planning something like that. She turned to the only other girl here, with a new look in her eye that was never there before. It was something of adoration, but more than her respect and admiration for her favorite author. There was something more to it. He wasn't sure how to pinpoint it. "They make the perfect couple, don't you think?"


'Oh, here we go again…'


"I do," Igarashi answered quicker than Nishina somehow, smirking victoriously. What? Did he just say that?


"W-what do you mean?" Nanashima blushed, he freaking blushed and stuttered! What was going on? Since when did any of this happen?


First, their bodies and now they're personalities were going haywire! What changed so much between yesterday and today? 


"Shinomiya, look at me." Asuma linked his arm around him, making him gawk. What? "I get jealous if you stare at other people. Don't you like me?"


"I - of course, I like you!" Shinomiya rolled his eyes. They wouldn't be friends if he didn't. God, upperclassmen are annoying idiots. Angrily, he took off the top to his bento box. He picked up his paper makeshift chopstick holder and left them to fall into his hands' thanks to gravity. Immediately, he noticed Asuma eyeing his lunch.


"You make these yourself, Shinomiya?" Asuma's voice was a lot more deeper than usual, he realized. He sat much closer than normal too, their chairs basically touching side to side. What was going on? "These look delicious."


"I mean, uh, yeah," Shinomiya said shyly, looking down at his bento, nudging certain homemade dishes with his chopsticks. "Cafeteria food can be really, erm, harmful for your health and all that."


"Can I try some of it? It looks wonderful. You're an amazing cook." Asuma complimented, throwing his arm around the chair calmly as if it wasn't extremely out of character for him. Was everyone losing their marbles today? 


"S-sure." Weirdly enough, Shinomiya felt a need to feed Asuma, to please and serve him. Where was this coming from? Today is just weird!


He gently clasped some apple rabbits between his chopsticks, raising it and turning to Asuma who was opening his mouth. He was really close, leaning in so he wouldn't have a hard time reaching him. He felt himself flush, knowing how small he was to him now. 


He bit into the apple, being so close Shinomiya could see the juice explode from the harsh crunch as Asuma chewed. Somehow, his chopsticks got lost in the mix, making the tips be lost between Asuma's lips. Shinomiya felt weird at the sight. It made him squirm a little.


He moaned. Asuma moaned, closing his eyes as he chewed the fruit. "It's so good."


"I-it's just an apple!" Shinomiya flushed, jumping back away from him and looking back down at his bento, seeing the slick spit on the tips of his chopsticks. His heart rate was picking up, he could feel it in his chest.


"But you made it. It's so good." Asuma groaned, making Shinomiya flush more. Would this ever end? The others were right here too! Even if they were engrossed in their own conversation, that didn't stop the fact they could hear them! "I need more of your food. Please ."


"O-okay, just stop groaning in my ear!" Curse his sensitive neck! He flushed and struggled to his himself situated. He reached for an egg roll, something simple and non…whatever this is. He lifted it up to Asuma. "Here you go!"



Why did he just sound like some maiden feeding her boyfriend?


He watched as Asuma ate the egg roll, closing his eyes tight and flushing dramatically. A long-drawn moan was let out between his lips, making Shinomiya tingle being the cause of it. There's no way the others didn't notice that!


However, he couldn't find himself to be ashamed of it. He actually liked it. He liked taking care of and feeding Asuma. It was almost therapeutic in a way. 


"You're such a good cook." He said, close to his neck again. His lips were nearly touching his ear, oh god. "You should cook for me sometimes."


"O-okay, I will." Shinomiya found himself obeying, submitting himself to whatever Asuma wanted. He felt pleased with himself at the smile that graced the brunette's face afterward. 




He felt Asuma's eyes watching him as he gathered some regular old noodles and veggies and ate it himself. He couldn't help but think it was the same reason he was nervous about eating from the same chopsticks Asuma used. 


Indirect kissing. 


Asuma didn't say anything when he placed his hand high on his thigh, just laying there and gripping the inner workings of it. Shinomiya didn't bother drawing attention to it either. It wasn't like he wanted it to go either. He found himself wanting to please Asuma more and more as the day progressed.




He was trying to understand all this. All these new changes were insane, but also weirdly comforting. Despite seeming to be the only one with a brain, the new feelings arising were so right somehow. He wasn't sure how to explain it. It was like he was made for it, that these feelings are meant to be.


The rain was hitting his window but somehow, he didn't mind. He wasn't overcasted with gloom or anything like that. He felt on top of the world weirdly enough. He's still trying to understand everything, to process it all, but this sense of unknown sinks it, making butterflies appear in his chest. 


He felt a buzzing near him, he could even hear it. He was just studying so the room was dead quiet. Looking over, he flipped his phone over and saw Asuma was calling him. Why was that? They never really talked outside of school. 


"Hello?" He ended up answering anyways, despite his suspicions on the call. Should he be worried? 


"You answered right away!" Ah, and there he was, idiot Asuma with his casual cheeriness. His calm voice in his ear was soothing, letting a pleasant sense of contentedness roll over Shinomiya's senses. 


"Why wouldn't I?" Shinomiya scoffed, twirling his pencil between his fingers. A call couldn't hurt his studying. It offers a quick break for his senses to reset and let all the information be processed.


"I don't know. You a bit shy, you were at lunch."


"I-I wasn't shy!" He argued, feeling a stupid blush erupt on his face. Ugh, curse him! 


"But you were moving away from me. You kept looking away from me. I thought I had done something to upset you." Asuma admitted on the line, he could hear the rain on his side pattering down on the town. 


"That...that wasn't it!" He mentally groaned. Why did everything have to be so difficult? "I just... embarrassed. That's it, I swear! You were...acting all lovey-dovey like we were a couple, and it made me feel a lot of things."


"Were you embarrassed because of that or because it was me ?" Asuma asked, his voice low and soft. Shinomiya felt these weird tingles spread across his skin. He wasn't sure what to make of it. 


He couldn't answer honestly. He couldn't say for 100% that it was just how he acted. He began to wonder if it was because it was Asuma . Why did it being him have to change it? What difference did it make?


Well, the implication of it. The implication that they were in love and a couple. For some reason, the thought didn't disgust or baffle Shinomiya anymore. These changes his feelings were drastic and strange. 


But he wasn't sure if he wanted to stop them from doing that either. 


"Shinomiya," Asuma breathed, the sound of rain louder than before. "Can I come inside?"


"What?" The younger asked baffled by the question. What did he mean? Surely, he didn't walk all the way to Shinomiya's house -


"I'm outside your apartment. I wanted to try your cooking, remember? Please cook for me tonight." Asuma chuckled. 


For a moment, he thought this was a prank because what the hell . His ears must be playing tricks on him! He would have believed that wholeheartedly if he hadn't glanced out the window, seeing a familiar tall brunette standing out by his gate with a phone pressed against his ear.


Is he an idiot?!


"I'll be right there." He admitted begrudgingly. 


"I can't wait to see you again. Being apart hurts so much. I want to be with you all the time." Asuma said, his voice light and airy, like he was lovestruck. Shinomiya ignored the heat on his cheeks and his racing heart in favor of ending the call, refusing to open his mouth before he says something embarrassing.




They ended up coming inside, Shinomiya dragging Asuma up the stairs, ignoring his mother's rapid question firing. She always had something to say. However, that was the least of his worries. 


He could feel his heart racing, beating and hammering inside his chest. This wasn't normal, but Shinomiya wasn't sure if that mattered right now. He could just feel someone pulled to Asuma, almost as if he was the only thing he could see. It was strange and new, this feeling was unexpected and he's not sure how to handle it all, but all he really knows is that he wants it, whatever this might be. He isn't so sure yet.


"Shinomiya? Are you okay?" The soft, husky voice emitting from Asuma's voice, thanks to the store throat he acquired from being out in the rain most likely, was doing something to him. Something primal was pleased, invoking this sense of euphoria that he had been the one to hear it, that it was directed at him , and no other. "You looked a little flushed."


"I, um," He stumbled with his words, his lips opening and closing without a moment's notice. He really needed to figure this thing out. What does he do?


He watched as Asuma swiped a piece of dripping brown lockout of the way, snapping Shinomiya back into the reality that he was soaking wet from the rain and he's going to get even sicker if he stays like that.  His eyes went wide and his face got even warmer, embarrassed by his cluelessness. 


"I-I'm fine, but you - you - " God, why were words so hard? "You're going to get sick like that! You can't stay in wet clothes like that!"


"I don't think you have any clothes that would fit me though," Asuma presumes vocally, unaffected by the statement. He couldn't just stay in those soaked clothes while he was here! "It's really fine."


"B-but, it's not! How am I supposed to study like this when you're, that !" Shinomiya basically screamed. God, this was so embarrassing. He felt like every nerve was on fire, itching for something more. He had this urge that was deep within him that he wasn’t sure if he would be okay letting out.


“Like what?”


“You know what !” 


“Shinomiya,” That voice of his. It seemed closer than ever, almost like his lips were pressed against his ear. So soft and sultry that it had something flipping inside him, wanting this idea of more that he had never known before these feelings began to rise and explode inside him. "Look at me." 


He felt his chest tighten, the act of breathing becoming nearly unbearable in this little bubble they had created. It was like he could focus on nothing but Asuma and the fact that he was here , looking like that, and he wanted more . He almost felt like he was having a heart attack with everything being so ignited and powerful. 


"W-what do you mean?" Shinomiya played dumb, well aware that his gaze was glued to the floorboard of his room. Curse his racing heart and confusing instincts. "I-I am!"


"No," Asuma, calm as ever to the point it's getting really annoying, stepped forward. Crap. It was like there was nowhere to run or to escape to. Nowhere to hide his shame from the world. "You're not."


He felt soft fingers cup his chin before he felt his head being turned upwards, finding himself looking in hazel eyes. He felt trapped, breathing slowing because everything seemed so stressful and important that moment, he wasn't sure what to do. Looking into Asuma's eyes, he found himself powerful against his emotional gaze. 


"There we go," Asuma smiled, that adorable and sweet smile that Shinomiya had seen so many other times and the fact that it was directed at him this time around? God, he was over the moon. "Much better."


What could he say? He was speechless against this onslaught of physical affection, the way Asuma was staring in his eyes drove him up a wall. God, he was a wimp.


"You're really cute when you're flustered, Shinomiya," Asuma spoke, his voice soft and sweet. It was doing something to Shinomiya. He didn't know what exactly. 


"I-I am not !" He yelled in protest, feeling his face grew warmer with each passing moment he was forced to look into those beautiful, kind hazel eyes. It was suffocating almost, this onslaught of affection was unbearable. 


Before he could properly process it or even begin to fathom it, Asuma was drawing closer and pressing into his space. Despite the drenched clothes, his warmth radiated against Shinomiya's smaller, shorter body. The way Asuma could just tower over him, completely enraptured him was doing something to his insides. It seemed that everything Asuma did and drove Shinomiya senseless.


The faint puffs of warm breath were intoxicating, drawing him closer like a sweet, forbidden fruit. He couldn't help but look down at his lips that were inching closer, finding no part of him wishing to resist. In fact, everything inside him was clawing and shouting for it, pushing him ever forward with this need. 


He wanted Asuma. 


He stilled, feeling the shock overwhelm him. The realization of everything almost drove him off the edge but he breathed, in and out. 


There was no denying it now. He wanted Asuma, no longer Kae. He yearned to place those lips against his, would they be chapped and rough or soft and delicate? What would happen if they touched more intimately, would Asuma be resulted to a nervous, stuttering mess like him? Or would he be so calm and collected that it looked like he could hold the weight of the world on his shoulders without struggling for a second? Does Asuma want him back? To hold him tightly against his taller, stronger build and let their needs take over to control everything? 


Maybe he didn’t need to question or wonder because Asuma was getting closer and before Shinomiya knew it, those warm lips were pressed against his own chapped, cold one. Something shifted in him, this primal need taking over his sense as his hands reached forward and tugged on Asuma’s wet button-up shirt that was practically transparent at this point. His milky-white skin was as soft to the touch as it looked and with wetness dripping down every corner of his body, he was so alluring. Every part of him was enticing with just one glance. 


God, he needed him badly


Asuma was so much taller than him. Even standing on this tippy-toes, he still needed Asuma to bend down in order for those perfect lips to touch his own. It was ridiculous how much of a difference there was in each other’s bodies. In a weird way, he liked that. God, he could feel how much more muscular Asuma had become just from touching his back, how firm and strong his body is. It nearly drove Shinomiya insane with just how attractive he was. It was a bit unfair too, he couldn’t even compare! 


Asuma bit his bottom lip, making the smaller boy yelp and shiver at the unexpected development. He swore the brunette let out some sort of growl, something primal and possessive as he reached out, cupping Shinomiya’s plush behind in his hands, contentedly massaging the round globes in his hands while the blonde was driven crazy with each touch, rough and demanding - something he never knew he could enjoy so much before. He was weak against his man, pressing against him with the same need he could Asuma protruding from his tight slacks. 


How could one man be so hot? 


“Mine,” Asuma pulled away for a moment, taking mercy on the panting Shinomiya who was flushed and sweaty all over. It was so much. For a moment, he just stared at the blonde’s flushed body, adoring how his chest was heaving and his lips were swollen. He loved how they felt against him, how plump and delicate they are. “You’re mine .”


“Yours!” Shinomiya unexpectedly fell into this role so well. With those large hands holding him tight, pressing them deliciously together, he felt like he was in pure bliss. He is Asuma’s. Everything belongs to him, he’s completely weak to the elder. Feeling those groping hands on his behind made him so submissive, it was almost unreal how much he wanted this.


How much he wanted Asuma. 


“Yeah, you’re mine? Mine to touch, mine to love, mine to need?” Asuma kissed his face, almost innocently until Shinomiya realized his pecks were straying lower and lower, across his jawline and down his neck. Asuma wrapped his lips around the pale, blank skin, marking Shinomiya as his own. His hands started to stray upward, riding along the hem of his button-up and gently starting to unbutton each little annoying plastic piece until the shirt fell apart, plastering the unmarked skin for him to see. 


He was so submissive underneath his touch, allowing Asuma to let his hands travel wherever they liked against his bare skin. It was so soft . His beautiful curves were still sinfully covered by his school slacks but they would be coming off soon enough. Asuma could wait a little longer for the beauty to arrive just gracefully in their first time together. 


He growled at the thought. It wasn't just their first time together, but Shinomiya's first time with anyone. He felt so pleased by the revelation, knowing he would become his one and only. Slipping his fingers across the chest of the younger, he flicked the pink nubs teasingly and proceeded to slide the button-up down the blonde's arm, leaving him vulnerable to Asuma's gaze. 


He liked it. He loved how Asuma looked at him, how his fingers woke every fiber of his skin with a fiery need he never knew he needed lit before. Being Asuma's was so easy and wonderful, it was a blessing.


Asuma is a blessing.


Reaching forward, he gently tugged at the damp collar of Asuma's sweater. Besides the fact he was bound to get sick if he continued wearing these wet clothes, it wasn't very fair to leave him feeling completely out in the open with his soon-to-be nakedness. Watching that smile grace his features, he feels all the nervousness wash away as the damp shirt falls to the floor near them somewhere. He isn't really paying attention.


Soon he felt Asuma moving forward, making Shinomiya's knees hit the neatly made bed corner and fall back on it. He stared up at Asuma, panting as he waited for the next move of the man. He was his everything at this point and probably always would be. 


"You're so pretty with your cute thighs. I want to see them." Asuma said softly, slipping his fingers underneath the slacks and slipping the material down his legs to drop at his ankles, enjoying the sight of skin before him. He could see just how much Shinomiya wanted him now that a second layer of clothes wasn't hiding it anymore. He smirked.


Shinomiya flushed, squirming against the bed as Asuma placed his knee on the bed, practically hovering over him with his much larger, muscular figure. He reached forward, gently tracing each curve of his muscles. Unknowingly licking his lips as his gaze forward his finger everywhere and in-between. 


Asuma was a god . He was so hot and sexy. How could Shinomiya not want him?


"You're so hot." Shinomiya panted, placing his palm against the torso, feeling the bulging of muscles against his smooth hand. It turned him on so much. 


"Take a look in the mirror lately?" Asuma chuckled, light and airy. The sound warmed Shinomiya's heart, feeling very comfortable and content underneath Asuma and what is known to come next. 


He laughed at the comment as well, feeling delighted by the soft grips at his thighs as Asuma's eyes trailed over him, taking in every inch of him. It was really nice. 


"I want to breed you," Asuma spoke, his voice going lower, causing chills to wreck Shinomiya's body. "I want to fill you up with me, watch you grow bigger with my babies."


He felt his voice hitch, clinging onto the soon-to-be sweat-soaked sheets beneath them. He stared up at Asuma, speechless, looking like a fish out of water. He couldn't bring himself to care about the never-ending blush on his cheeks or how the thought of having Asuma's kids made his heart skip a beat nicely. He's never known this need before, this feeling of want and rejoices. 


"Please," He croaks out, reaching forward and wrapping his arms around Asuma's broad shoulders. He wants him close, to feel every little shift of his body once they're connected as one. "Please, breed me."


That snapped something inside the elder, making him growl. He slipped his fingers underneath Shinomiya's boxers, drawing them down his large legs and onto the floor, bracing himself for the beauty that was about to unfold. The blonde could do nothing but gasp, let out a quick whimper at the drag of the waistband against his most sensitive area and let Asuma have his way with him. 


Asuma moaned, looking at Shinomiya lay there submissively, showing himself off. Every curve was beautiful, he couldn't stop himself from trailing his fingertips along the side of Shinomiya's luscious body. He watched with perverted joy as Shinomiya's manhood twitched with the soft caress.  


He was leaking and he was small . He was small compared to Asuma, at least. He was going to ruin the boy. He ran his index finger alongside his cock, feeling Shinomiya's hips rock up for more. How cute.


"A-Asuma," Shinomiya whispered, a complete mess underneath Asuma's gentle, light touches. "You too...I want to see you. Please?"


Asuma smirked, getting this glint in his eyes that Shinomiya wasn't sure how to place it. He watched carefully as the belt hit the floor near his bed with a metal clang, his slacks being shoved down. Even with his boxers still on, he could tell that Asuma was endowed. 


The thought made his cock twitch again. He wanted to touch himself but he also wanted to please Asuma, be the perfect lover. He made a serious effort to not let his shaking hands make a way towards his waist. 


His slacks hit the floor and oh.


He wasn't just endowed, no, he was so much more. His manhood stood proud, large and thick, but not only that but his balls looked so big and bulging. What would happen if he came inside him? Bred him good as he wanted? Could it even fit inside him?


His bottom clenched just at the thought, waiting for more. 


"Come here," Asuma grabbed his arm that was holding tightly onto the sheet and drew him forward, in a sitting position. "Show me how good I make you feel, please me, please? Show me how you treat no one else, show me what only I get to see to do."


Shinomiya nodded, gladly stepping off the bed and dropping to his knees. He looked up Asuma's bare body, loving every inch. He ran his fingers down his toned legs, grasping at his foot. He gently pressed his fingers into the sole of his foot, wanting to relax Asuma and show him how good of a partner he could be. 


His feet were weirdly hot to him. He wasn't why but he was just drawn to him, wanting to show his submissiveness. He happily massaged his feet, hearing a breathy groan emit from Asuma. 


He leaned down, gently nipping at his foot. He gently kissed along the little teeth marks, reveling in the way Asuma seemed so pleased and content with his actions. Before he could continue his route, he felt the foot push out of his hands and he looked up at Asuma for answers. 


"Stay still," He spoke gently, making Shinomiya nod. He wasn't sure what he was planning until his eyes went wide and his mouth opened wide, letting out a gasp of shock. His foot was against his cock, moving up and down, pressing against the head of idea. He pressed harder, making him quake at the amounts of pleasure being sent through his system.  


"Please," Shinomiya wanted to squirm, to beg, to cry because it felt so good. "Can I please cum?"


He saw Asuma shiver, the implication that he could only cum if he allowed made him only more possessive and needed more . He grinned, looking down at the obviously in-bliss male and sped up his foot. He wanted to see what would happen.


"P-please, I can't hold on any longer!" Shinomiya begged, tugging on the carpet for some sort of support. He was starting to tear up at trying to hold himself back for his seme. 


"Yes, you can." Asuma teased, finding joy in watching the boy fall apart. 


"N-no, please !" Shinomiya squealed, feeling his gut tighten. He was going to cum without permission. Oh no, this wasn't good. He needed to, oh, his foot was so fast - "No! Please!"


All movement had stopped, his foot being drawn back. Asuma was in bliss at how much he could tease the boy and possess every part of him. No one else could have this with him. 


"No, Hayato ." Shinomiya flinched, almost cumming from hearing that. "You don't cum until I breed you good, until your full of my babies."


He nearly cried at that. He still needed to open him up first! He nodded nonetheless, wanting to please and serve him perfectly. 


"Come on, love, back on the bed." He smiled gently, letting Shinomiya go through the motions of being denied an orgasm. The blonde nodded, tears in his eyes, and laid back on the sheets, letting Asuma hover over him. He reached over the bed, reaching inside the pocket of his slacks, and pulling out a travel-size bottle of lube. "I'm going to prepare you for me now. Hand me a pillow."


Shinomiya nodded lazily, still a little worn from his lack of an orgasm. He handed Asuma a pillow who lifted his hips and placed it underneath his large bottom. He tripped it tightly before moving to spread his large thighs. 


He looked down at his hole like he wanted to eat him up. He had no doubts he did and that caused precum to leak out. 


"You're so little," Asuma smirked, opening the bottle up and spreading it on his fingers, getting them nice and slick. He watched him try and warm it up by rubbing his fingers together. "You're nothing compared to me."


The younger nodded because it was true. He was smaller in every regard, Asuma could cover him with how large his body is. He nearly jolted off the bed as a slick finger circled around his rim before pushing in. 


"Remember to relax." Asuma reminded, almost ordering in his serious, fixed tone. Shinomiya nodded, breathing in and out, allowing his body to relax. Thanks to this, Asuma was able to finger him properly, thrusting his fingers back and forth inside of Shinomiya, spreading his fingers to properly open him up for him. 


Asuma noticed how pale and blank Shinomiya's large globes looked, they were so enticing. He just had to lean over and nip them while he fingered him, sending unfair amounts of pleasure up Shinomiya's spine. He gripped on the sheets tighter to hold himself back from cumming right away. 


After a lot of time of hearing sinful moans, a lot of lube, and four fingers, he was ready. Asuma licked his lips, pulling his fingers out and opened the bottle to pour the remaining on his overly large cock, letting him be pleasured by the gentle, loose strokes. He positioned himself between Shinomiya's legs, looking him in the eyes. 


"Hayato," Asuma whispered his name sinfully off his lips, pressing the head of his cock against his rim. "I'm going to breed you now."


" Please ." He begged, taking his cock in as the man pushed his hips violently against his. He gasped loudly, throwing his head up, and his muscles seizing up.


He was inside him. He was everywhere, it felt like he was so big that he was up to his throat. He could feel every part of him, his walls squeezing against him with no room to go anywhere else. His head was nestled right against his prostate, teasing him as it sat there, waiting for his body to get used to it. It made more tears and precum spill out of him. 


Asuma leaned on his forearms, encapturing his uke underneath him. There was nowhere to go, just each other and the endless pleasure that was bound to come. With the change of position, his cock shifted inside him.


" Ngh !" Shinomiya cried from behind gritted teeth. He panted, Asuma watching him closely. "You can, ah, move now, I thi - ah !"


He didn't even wait for the sentence to finish. He slammed into him, back and forth at an unrelenting place as he looked the blonde in the eyes. He breathed against Shinomiya's lips before pressing them together, taking his breath utterly away. 


The bed frame was hitting the wall, the bed was squeaking under the force, and his sounds were probably bouncing off into everywhere in the house, but he couldn't bring himself together. He just wanted this forever, him and Asuma. Every part of him was covered and taken by Asuma and he loved that. 


"I'm going to breed you so well, you'll carry them so we'll. You'll look so pretty with a swell tum." Asuma whispered in his ear as he pounded him, vicious in his attacks against his prostate. He wrapped his arms around Asuma and clawed at his back, gasping and moaning. He was losing his mind thanks to the onslaught of pleasure. He couldn't think or say anything anymore, everything was just Asuma Asuma Asuma and endless moaning.


" Ah - please, yes! " Shinomiya moaned in his ear, only enticing Asuma more. His hips slammed again and again and again, drawing them both close. " Breed me !"


"Yes!" Asuma growled, reaching down to stroke Shinomiya. "Come with me, Hayato. Let me breed you."


"A-ah ! Yes! Please! " He cried, letting himself let go at the rough, tight strokes of his lover. It was only a moment later when Asuma filled him, the amount was insane. It spilled everywhere but it wasn't enough. It was spilling out, bursting out of his hole and falling down his thighs. There was so much of it. As Asuma pulled out, there was more beginning to drip out. He clenched his bottom, feeling how much there was able to stay and he could feel from the cold draft how much cum had to trick and burst down his thighs. 


Asuma laid down beside him, drawing him closer. He gently used some sort of wipe to clean off his thighs but he didn't bother to clean him out. He wanted to live out the fantasy just as much as Shinomiya it seems. After balling it up and tossing it somewhere, he pulled a sheet over them. He happily cuddled Shinomiya against his much larger, taller, and muscular body. 


Shinomiya smiled, feeling at peace.


He felt strange, weird in a way. It was as if something in him had shifted, changed. He wasn't sure why. Maybe that was the normal feeling you get after your first time. He wasn't for sure. 


He glanced over at the equally sweaty Asuma and smiled back at him, loving his lovely gaze and warm grip. He felt close to him. He loved it.


"I love you." He whispered gently, burying his head against Asuma's muscular chest. He didn't mind the smell of musk or sweat, in fact, it felt more like his new home than anything. He closed his eyes, hearing Asuma's breathless reply, and feeling at peace with the world for once.


"I didn't get your cooking, but I got something much more worth it." Asuma chuckled in his ear, kissing his cheek lovingly. Just then, Shinomiya remembered something.


"Damn it, you interrupted my studying." 




When they see each other at lunch next time, Shinomiya does Nanashima a favor and ignore the way he catches a glance at a deep bite mark whenever he looks up. He pretends not to notice the lipstick stain on Kae's collar that's visible whenever she turns to left. 


He wears a knowing smile, holding his head up high. He feels on top for once. He can see the embarrassment that as yet (and probably never will) fade from Nanashima's eyes. It helps that the blonde's gaze never seems to leave Igarashi's, making the puzzle oh so easy. He almost chuckles but manages to hold it in. 


Plus, he has his own situation to worry about. Asuma's arm is permanently tucked around his waist, his chair shoved against Shinomiya's, and his eyes peering over the younger's shoulders at the freshly-made bento. He smiles at the sight, knowing he looks just as lovestruck as the other idiots. They're all a bit hopeless but he has a feeling that it's going to work out just fine. 


"I made you an extra one." Shinomiya admits, smiling shyly at Asuma who's hazel eyes widen and sparkle, like he's breathless at the news. He feels a little more confident with that in mind. "You came over yesterday and we got, er, busy instead of getting you food. I'm sorry about that."


"I'm not," Asuma smiles sinfully, sending shivers down Shinomiya's spine. He knows just how to play him. "I'm glad we got 'busy', otherwise this would have never happened."


'I doubt that. You really ridiculously stubborn.' Shinomiya rolls his eyes and smiles nonetheless. He pulls the second bento box, the container matching his own, and opened it for Asuma to feast on. He watches with careful eyes as he unclasps it and pulls out his packaged chopsticks, ready to dig in. He has to prepare for what is to come, his ridiculous reactions to Shinomiya's cooking but he can't complain. He enjoys knowing he pleases him as well. 


Asuma circled his chopsticks in the boxed space, grabbing ahold of seasoned rice before slipping them inside his mouth. As expected, he moaned loudly. "This is so good!"


"You said that yesterday too." Shinomiya giggled.


"Because it's true! You're an amazing cook!" Amuse complimented, pecking his cheek.


"Oh my god! Are you - oh , you so are! You guys are such a cute couple!" Serinuma squealed with delight, like she was seeing her OTP coming together right before her eyes. A bit late for that. Shinomiya rolled his eyes nonetheless, she's always been a bit off her rockers.


"Since we're spilling important announcements," Igarashi urged, drawing their attention over to him. He looked down at Nanashima lovingly, making the blonde flush bright red and squirm in his cheer.


"No way! That's so cute!" 


"I need to get this to my editor right away!" Nishina scrambled down her notes for her next work, apparently either about or inspired by them. 


'Oh boy.' Shinomiya shook his head. Things are getting crazy again. He looked back over at Asuma, who was shoving every piece of go that Shinomiya had carefully cooked and packaged for him, letting him know vocally just how good it was. He was grateful that he enjoyed it, even if he expressed it in odd ways.


Perhaps that's one of the reasons he fell for him hard. 


Maybe it was a drastic change but it's a good one. 


No, a perfect one. 


Even if he's been waking up with a queasy stomach more often than not and noticing how much more hungry he's become, he doesn't regret being with Asuma.