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Danganronpa x Reader Oneshots! (REQUESTS OPEN)

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Hey there!

I love to write, and it just so happens I love Danganronpa too, so I decided to make a book of requests for any Danganronpa character x Reader! I will do any character from the three main games and UDG (I just finished it)! Try to keep requests as spoiler free as possible, since I don’t want to ruin someone’s experience just because they wanted to read a fan fiction. 

Be sure to include a prompt as well! Something like a scenario, maybe just a sentence like “(Y/N) has a nightmare and needs to be comforted” or something. I’d you don’t I’ll just make something up.

Stuff I will do:
-NSFW (either implied or full on smut, I’m open to either)
-Trans Character or Trans Reader
-Non Binary character or Non Binary Reader
-Trauma/Sensitive Subjects

Stuff I will not do:
-Incest (sorry Korekiyo)

Comment below what your request is and I’ll try to get to it as soon as possible! Thanks!

- Len