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All That Glitters Is Gold

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There is nothing like the forest outside of Kirishima's house. It's so deep, and cool no matter how hot the day is! There's bright flowers under all that thick green and Kirishima swears he once saw a unicorn!

(He knows he did, the other kids are just mean.)

And no, he's really not supposed to play here. His grandma would be so mad, if she knew he walked past that wooden trough she made and filled with white sand.

It's not a very good wall though. It does go all away around the house, but it's not very tall! It might stop a bunny or a turtle. It definitely doesn't stop Kirishima.

So here he is, deep in the forest, far from the house, (its okay he can still see the smoke from the chimney) jumping over a small creek.

"Bam! The hero saves the day!" Kirishima giggles, twirling with his arms extended. "Everyone is okay!"

Kirishima likes playing heroes. He's always the hero! (Not just because the other kids won't play with him.)

Kirishima plops down on a large moss covered rock. There's a lady bug crawling up the side and he puts his little hand beside it to coax her onto his skin.

Bugs are cool.

"You're not supposed to be here."

Kirishima turns around, almost expecting his grandma. Except it's not her. It was silly to think it would be. His grandma would never come into the forest.

Plus. It was a boy's voice.

"Who's there?"

Was it one of the kids from the neighborhood? He doubted any of them were manly enough to enter.


Kirishima's head whips to the voice. It is a boy's. A pretty boy.

Kirishima's hair is long, like red sticks. This boy's hair is like the sun and spiky. Like a dandelion!

"What are you wearing?" Kirishima asks with a tilt of his head. His clothes look funny. He's wearing a black… cape? Robe? And it's tied by a piece of leaves around the waist.

The boy narrows bright red eyes. "What are you wearing?" He crosses his legs like a lady. Suddenly there's a flower in his hands, and his fingers start pulling off the petals. "Oi. Like I said. You're not supposed to be here."

Kirishima frowns and slams his arms across his chest. "Why not? This is my land!"

The boy laughs, tossing his head back. He has sharp teeth too. Not like Kirishima's. Not all of his teeth are sharp. Just his canines. Like a vampire!

...Is he a vampire?

His grandma said dangerous things lived in the woods! He thought she meant like tigers and lions. Not vampires!

"Your land?" He's still laughing. It's not funny! "This isn't your land. This is our land! Man, you're stupid."

Kirishima kicks at the dirt by his feet. "'m not stupid."

"Yeah?" The kid drops the flower to the ground. Without it's petals.

He crawls across the giant rock structure he's laying on, on all fours, his eyes never leaving Kirishima's face. He doesn't even blink.

Kirishima has always pretended that the rocks were a door. They look like it! So the boy looks kinda cool up there. "What's your name?"

Kirishima straightens his shoulders when the boy gets closer but he doesn't scoot back. He moves weird. Like a cat or something. "Kirishima."

Blonde eyebrows shoot up. "Wow. You are stupid. Didn't anyone teach ya that names have power? You're not suppose to give them out!"

Kirishima sticks out his bottom lip. "That's just a bedtime story my grandma tells me. 's not real."

The blonde stands on the edge of the rock and before Kiri can scream for him not to jump-- he's on the ground, unhurt. "It's not just a story, you stupid shitty hair." He tucks a flyaway piece of blonde hair behind his ear.

The tops of his ears are sharp! Pointy like a Christmas elf!

Kiri doesn't think the boy would be happy to know that. "Plus," Kirishima says with a pout. "That's not actually my name. That's my family name. I got my own name."

The boy laughs. "And what's it?"

 Normally Kirishima likes meeting new people. He never hesitates to give someone his name. But this kid is… /weird/. "I don't think I'm going to tell you," Kirishima decides. "Plus, you didn't give me your name."

 "I didn't."

 Kirishima's pout gets bigger. It kind of hurts his face. "That's not very fair."

 The blonde must think about it for a second because suddenly he says, "Fine." With a grumble he says, "It's Bakugou."

 Suddenly a hundred black birds burst from the trees. The flapping is so loud that Kirishima has to cover his ears. He can't see much, not with all the black.

 When his vision clears, and he's no longer deaf.

 But worst of all Kirishima hears his grandma yelling for him. He turns to tell Bakugou he has to go… but the blonde is already gone.





"What the fuck did you do to your hair?" Bakugou says as soon as he appears. Like actually appears. The guy is crazy good at sneaking up on Kirishima.

Kirishima rolls his eyes, and pulls his algebra book out of his bag. "Whatever I want."

There's a slap on the back of Kirishima's head that makes him cry out. "Ow dude! That hurt!"

 Bakugou crosses his arms and puts his back up against the rock Kirishima's on. He's sitting on the ground next to him, his shoulder brushing Kirishima's pant leg. He always sits so close.

 "Then don't take that attitude with me. I didn't say it was bad, did I? It's just different."

 A smile starts to form on Kirishima's face. Bakugou like his hair? His grandma hadn't. "Yeah?--"

 "I do like the red better," Bakugou mutters, bending down to pluck a flower from the earth to rip up. His movement makes the slit in his dress ride higher up his thigh. Kirishima is probably supposed to be looking at his long fingers pull the gold petals but he keeps looking at all that pale white skin revealed. "But whatever you do to it won't change the fact it's shitty."

 Kirishima almost rolls his eyes, but that would require him to look away from his bro's legs. "Alright, dude. I only have an hour before my grandma gets home." Shaking himself, he pulls out his pencil, and slides down the rock to sit next to Bakugou. He presses their shoulders together and Bakugou's bare legs brush Kirishima's thighs. It's really bold and new, but Bakugou doesn't push him away, just huffs and looks at the flower in his hand. "You gonna help me, Bakubro?"

 Bakugou always puts up a fight about helping Kirishima with his homework, but he's the best tutor Kirishima has ever had. Plus, the fight only lasts a second, before Bakugou is sighing and ripping his practice problems out of his hand to check them.  

 Once they're done, Kirishima actually has a few more minutes before he has to be inside the salt barrier. (He's made sure not to be caught in the forest since he was little.) He stuffs all his books back in his bag and leans against Bakugou.

 "How are you so good at everything?" Kirishima whines, tossing his backpack to the ground.

 "Human crap is easy. You should see my homework."  

 Kirishima nods, not really listening. He's focusing on shifting again, just a little closer.

 Bakugou doesn't push him off.


 "So. Hey." Kirishima says, making sure to clear his throat. He's done this a thousand times in his head. He can do it now. "Do you wanna come in? For dinner? At my house?" His cheeks are hot when he continues. "You could stay over. If you wanted."

 Bakugou is quiet for a while. Maybe he didn't hear? Or maybe Kirishima is an idiot who should never have asked in the first place.

 "No." Bakugou finally says, shattering Kirishima's heart.

 Right. Yeah. Of course. Yepp.

 Okay. He's not going to cry.

 That wouldn't be manly and Kirishima is a man--

 Frick. Kirishima swipes under his eyes. At least he makes it look subtle. Like his hair is in face. "Okay."

 Bakugou looks like he's gonna be sick. His fingers are on Kirishima's chin, turning his face toward him, and staining his skin yellow from the flower.

 He has really pretty eyes, Kirishima notices for the thousandth time. They look even better since Bakugou demanded Kiri show him how to do eyeliner. (Now he does it way better than Kirishima.)

 "I can't."

 Kirishima tries to look away, but Bakugou shakes his chin.

 "I can't, Kiri. Not I don't want to."

 Oh. Oh.


 Bakugou grins. "Yeah. 'Oh.'" And is he leaning in? HOLY SHIT HE MIGHT BE LEANING IN--

 Kirishima's watch goes off.

 He has to go.





"Tell me your name." Bakugou says into Kirishima's skin. He's hovering over the redhead (thank fuck he decided to ditch the black dye a couple of years ago) his teeth right above his jugular.

 Kirishima stays silent.

 He choses wrong.

 He busts out laughing when Bakugou's fingers dig into his ribcage. His legs go wild, and he can't breathe. "No fair! Alright dude, okay okay! Get off!"

 Bakugou does, reluctantly, to collapse next to Kirishima on the grass.

They sigh together, recollecting their breaths.

It's peaceful.

 The quiet is serene. Rare. Really nice--

 Before Kirishima ruins it by squeaking out, "My friends are having sex."

 Bakugou about breaks his neck to look at Kirishima.

 Kirishima's face turns bright red. Oops. He was supposed to be going at this with more tact. With a hint of subtlety.

 He wasn't supposed to just blurt it out.

 "Oh-okay." Bakugou chokes.

 The silence isn't so peaceful now.

 Kirishima's face is still on fire, and he twists his fingers together nervously. He already said it, didn't he? He might as well keep going.

 "My friend Denki is having sex."

 Bakugou is still looking at him with wide eyes, like he's grown three heads. His mouth is open and he's making a sort of gagging sound in the back of his throat.

 Well, he isn't telling him to shut up at least! "He's having sex with Tetsutetsu."

 No response.

 "His boyfriend. As in, they're both boys. In a relationship. Having sex. They're gay."

 "Gods, I got it." Bakugou pinches the bridge of his nose and sighs almost angrily. "I'm going to regret asking. But what the fuck does that have to do with us?"

 "I uh…" Kirishima swallows the lump in his throat. "I thought we could try it." He doesn't look anywhere near his best friend. "Maybe," he squeaks out into the quiet.

 And suddenly Kirishima is fifteen again, asking Bakugou to stay the night. His heart skips a beat in his chest, and he has to fight the urge to slam his skull back onto the rock and brain himself just to get away from the fact Bakugou still hasn't answered.

 When Bakugou sighs, he knows he shouldn't have asked.

 So he tries to cover up the fact that his blood feels like ice in his veins and that his eyes are seriously stinging. He laughs, but it's not even close to a real laugh. "Just… joking, man." Kirishima rolls away, and pushes himself to shaking arms. "I've got a boyfriend." He pretends to look down at his watch. "And now I gotta go. Talk to you later, man!"




So, Kirishima gets a boyfriend.

 Sort of.

 He goes on one date.

 If it can even be called that.

He barely talks through dinner. But he smiles and isn't an asshole.

The only time he's genuinely paying attention to his surroundings is when he thinks he sees a glimpse of pale blonde hair in the restaurant.

 Which is stupid.

 Kirishima has never seen Bakugou outside of the forest. And even if he had, Bakugou has no idea where he is right now and he wouldn't even care if he did know.

 He laughs at his date's jokes during dessert. He grins and pretends to care about what's happening.

 He's unable to keep his hands to himself for safety reasons, but he practically bolts off the back of the guy's motorcycle when it pulls up, slinging gravel in his driveway.

 He's not afraid of motorcycles. In fact, the opposite. He loves motorcycles. His favorite fantasy is probably the one he has of Bakugou, showing up decked out in leather, his sharp canines, and some foriegn bike that Kirishima can't pronounce.

 But his skin burns in a bad way where he had his arms wrapped around his date's waist. He just really wants this date to be over.

 He plans on just darting inside after he's walked up the short few stairs to his door, but Inasa is tight on his heels, talking about how much fun he's had.

 He doesn't even let the poor guy kiss him goodnight.

 What's the point?

 He knows what he wants. And what he wants doesn't want him back.

 His date doesn't seem to be upset by that. He does lean in for a hug, his giant biceps crushing Kiri to his well defined chest.

 And while he's suffocating in muscles that any gay guy would drool over, Kirishima can't help but think about how he'd rather be embraced by someone thin, tall and incredibly grumpy.

 When the door is shut and Kirishima is finally alone, Kirishima's eyes fill with tears.

 And he cries.





It's really late when Kiri stumbles out in the garden. He maybe had a few sips of his grandmother's scotch. Just to ease the pain in his chest.

 He's not drunk, but he's also not sad anymore, as long as he doesn't think about it, so that's a plus.

 He almost trips over a rake as he goes to sit on a tree stump, eyes red from crying, long after his grandma is asleep.

 The moon is full tonight. It makes it look lighter than it's supposed to be this late at night. Which is a good thing because his grandma has so many trinkets and gnomes and she's been yarn bombing trees way before it was cool.

 He'd be walking into a gypsy woman's death trap if the moon wasn't lighting his way.

 Kirishima rests his elbows on his knees. He's tired. Not sleepy. But exhausted. He can feel it in his bones, can feel it like lead weighing him down.

 He's been tired for a long time, hasn't he? His own company is only making shit worse. Of course Bakugou hadn't wanted to be more than friends with him.

 And the worst thing is, deep down, Kirishima knew it. He knew he didn't stand a chance with someone so beautiful, with perfect shimmering skin, and crimson eyes. Bakugou was amazing and perfect and Kirishima is nowhere near the same league as him.

 Bakugou probably wasn't even into dudes.

 He probably had a harem of girlfriends.

 There's a pop of air and suddenly Bakugou is walking up to the salt barrier. He's dressed weird, weird for him anyway, in loose fitting pants and a long sleeved top.

 He looks like he's heading to a renaissance fair, with flowers in his hair and cherry stain on his lips.

 By way of greeting he accuses, "You didn't come."

 Kirishima has never missed an evening meeting. Not since he first saw bakugou when he was a kid. "Nope."

 "Your grandma come home early or some shit?"


 Bakugou frowns. "Then what's your fucking excuse?"

 "Had a date."

 Bakugou goes eerily quiet, and Kirishima swears he sees a flash of gold scales on Bakugou's face before it's gone.

 Must be the moonlight. Or the half bottle of liquor.

 "I made time for you tonight," Bakugou growls. "And I had actual shit to attend to."

 Kirishima just shrugs. If he's being honest, even if he hadn't went out with Inasa he might not have met with Bakugou. He's still feeling sensitive. And defensive.

 Bakugou sighs, and his shoulders deflate. "Come here."

 Kirishima pretends to be interested in a firefly. "No thanks."

 Bakugou snaps his teeth. "KIRISHIMA. Get the fuck over the salt barrier, now."

 Something hot pools in Kirishima's stomach at Bakugou's commanding tone. But still he manages to say, "Nah."

 Bakugou's sharp ears flatten against his head and he hisses, like some feral animal. "NOW, KIRISHIMA!"

 Kirishima has no control over his limbs. He doesn't tell them to move, they just are, until he's standing at the barrier looking at Bakugou's slitted eyes.

 "Step over it." Bakugou commands.

 Kirishima shakes his head. Why is he pushing Bakugou right now? "Not tonight."

 Bakugou's fist shoots out and slams into the nearest tree. Bark splinters and breaks off at the contact. "I've had a shit night, Kirishima. Now quit acting like a bitch and step over the fucking boundary."

 Kirishima's eyes narrow. He's had a shit night?! HE has?!

 Kirishima has had a shit night! He's been desperately trying to throw himself into any relationship he can just to survive the realization that the one person he's ever loved is not into him!

 "How about you fucking step over?! It's literally a six inch fence!"

 But he knows Bakugou won't. Bakugou won't make any effort in this relationship because he doesn't give a fuck about it.

 He just wants Kirishima to make the effort. Kirishima is always the one that comes to the forest. HE'S the one who takes risks and gets personal. Always him and he's always wrong.

 Bakugou unclenches his fists, making a physical effort to calm down. He takes a deep breath and it looks like a struggle. "Look, I'm sorry, alright? This week has been stressful for me. I'm sorry if I said something to upset you."

 "When?" Kirishima bites out. Is he sorry for rejecting Kirishima or just for tonight?  

 "Ha?" Bakugou's brow scrunches up in confusion. "When what?"

 "What are you sorry for?" Kirishima says instead. Maybe he'll admit to being sorry about his silence yesterday. Maybe he DID want more with Kirishima.

 "For all of tonight. Can we just… start over?"

 Yeah. Of course not. Why would Bakugou be sorry for denying him?  

 "Sorry," Kirishima says with a stuttered breath. "I just… don't feel so good, I guess. Not really in the mood to conversate. I should probably head to bed." Maybe he won't wake up. He could go for a light coma right now.

 "Hey," Bakugou says, eyes heavy with… something. "Promise me you'll come out tomorrow." His eyes follow his foot as he kicks a tiny rock. "...It's important to me."

 Kirishima almost says no. But in the end, he'll always do anything Bakugou asks of him.




Bakugou looks like he hasn't slept when they meet the next night. There's dark circles under his eyes and Kirishima's certain he's wearing the same clothes he was the night before.

 When Kirishima gets close he sees that Bakugou is pacing, and probably has been for a while now, since the earth under his bare feet, (he's always barefoot) is super trodden.

 "Kirishima!" He says like he's surprised, even though he asked Kirishima here. "You came."

 Kirishima shrugs. Yeah. He had. He probably should have tried to look better. He didn't spike his hair or put on jeans. Just a pair of joggers and an oversized tank top that gapes half way down his chest. "You asked me to."

 "Yeah. I did." Bakugou stops moving and that's almost worse. He looks like a frightened animal. Almost as if he's about to jump out of his skin. He looks toward the stone structure beside them, the one shaped like a door, with a scowl.

 Kirishima looks too, but he doesn't see anything to be angry about. He does think he glimpses water that isn't there for a second, but that's probably because he too, got little to no sleep.

 Kirishima sighs. Best to get this over with so he can go back to raiding his grandmother's liquor cabinet. "Why'd you ask me here, man? What is so important?"

 Bakugou immediately goes back to pacing and pulling on his hair, his eyes wild. "Look, I…. /fuck./ I can't find a way to fucking sugar coat this. I've thought about it for hours. Hours, Kiri. I-- So I'm just gonna fucking say it." Bakugou's hand massages the back of his neck.

 He's clearly doesn't want to be here, talking about this, but he's manly at least. He doesn't look away, he meets Kirishima's gaze head on and announces, "I think I'm getting married."

 Kirishima blanches. Ouch. It feels like he's been shot.

 The pain is too much.

 It doesn't feel like a bullet, afterall. It feels like poison, hot and consuming. It starts in his chest, wraps around his lungs so he can't breathe, claws its way up his throat, choking off his words.


 He's getting married.

 "You think or you know?" Kirishima rasps.

 Bakugou grips his hair hard. Like a madman. He walks back and forth, back and forth. "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. I ...know. I fucking know."

 The burning in his chest… stops. And that's almost worse, leaving his chest ice cold. A wave of numbness washes over Kirishima. Married. Bakugou is getting married. To… not him. "When?" He croaks. Like it matters.

 Bakugou stops right in front of Kirishima. The panic is clearer on his face this close up. He smells like fire and wine and Kirishima's heart is breaking in half. "Midsummer's Eve."


 Kirishima knows all the pagan dates. The solstice, the equinox, yule… his grandma has a special ritual for each one, bakes something different for each holiday to "appease the fairies".

 So he knows by the honey and poppy seed bread in the kitchen that Midsummer's Eve is tomorrow.

 Bakugou is getting married tomorrow.

 Which sucks. Because clearly Bakugou has been engaged for some time. And he's never mentioned it. Not once when they were bullshitting or daydreaming. Not once did it come up when Kirishima was practically sitting in his lap or when Bakugou was actually sitting in his.

 And that fucking sucks.

 Kirishima has fallen in love with an engaged man.

 "Congratulations." Kirishima says hollowly. It's okay. I'll be okay.

 He won't.

 "Sorry I didn't get you a present. Short notice and all." And fuck yeah, he's bitter. He's so fucking angry that he can barely stop himself from punching Bakugou in his pretty face.

 He tells himself it's probably not Bakugou's fault. He probably didn't know the exact extent of Kirishima's feelings. He probably has no idea he should have definitely fucking mentioned he was about to be married.

It's not his fault. Shouldn't hit him.

"Kirishima," Bakugou pleads, his voice cracking. "I… I--" But nothing comes out.

Yeah. Kirishima can't think of anything to say either. "Guess you won't be coming around here much anymore. Eighteen's a little young to be married, but no judgement. You probably have plans to move away, huh? Just you and your…"

 "Wife." Bakugou answers lamely.


 His wife.

 Of course.

 Kirishima can't stop the laugh that busts out his throat. He's powerless to it as he bends over and giggles so hard, tears spring to his eyes. And then in an instant, he's on the ground, fucking sobbing, all the laughter gone, just giant tears rolling down his chin.

 Wife. Yeah. Of course.

 He's a fucking idiot.

Bakugou is suddenly next to him, at their usual closeness. Their arms brush and the blonde is already looking down at him when he looks up.

"Don't cry, Kiri." He says, his thumb rubbing over the wetness on his face. And the way he says his name, so silky, always makes his mouth dry.

Kirishima tries very hard not to lean into the touch.

He fails.

"I don't feel like doing anything else but crying." He admits quietly.

Bakugou gives an empty laugh. "Yeah. Me either."

It's fucked up that Bakugou is the one making him feel like this, but it's also only Bakugou that Kirishima wants comforting him. So yes, he leans into Bakugou, lets him wrap his arm around his shoulders and pull him deeper into his side.

"What's her name?" Kirishima asks when he's cried out every ounce of liquid in his body out into Bakugou's shirt.

"Don't do this," Bakugou begs, his hand rubbing soothing circles over Kirishima's arms. "Just sit with me."

But it's hard to just sit. Impossible, when Kirishima's brain is running a thousand miles a minute and his fucking subconscious keeps screaming, "He doesn't want you, he doesn't want you, hedoesn'tfuckingwantyou."

"Hurts." Kirishima comments casually, like he isn't dying inside. "Kind of a lot."

Bakugou closes his eyes, a single tear escaping and takes a deep breath through his nose. "Do we have to do this?"

"I think we do." It's the only way he's going to be able to survive it. Well, no. Not survive. This is going to kill him. But an explanation might make the blow less painful.

Bakugou nods, and shifts so that their backs are against a tree. He makes sure that they're still locked together, not a breath between them. "Go for it then."

"D-did you have fun at least?" Fuck. He's crying again.  

Bakugou's fingers tighten on his arm. It's clear he didn't expect that. Which is fair, because Kirishima hadn't expected it either. "Every day."

Kirishima closes his eyes. He's pathetic. He's a sad excuse for a man and he shouldn't ask… "...Did you ever love me? Like that?"

Kirishima hears Bakugou's head thunk against the tree trunk. He waits a beat before he exhales. "Every day." He repeats firmly.


Wait. What?

Kirishima turns in his arms. His eyes are wide and his hands are shaking again, but for a totally different reason. He wipes them across his face trying to see Bakugou through the tears. "No, I mean, love in a gay way, Bakugou. Did you love me in a gay way?"

Bakugou actually laughs at that, his finger curling under Kirishima's chin and lifting his face, just a little. He glances down at his lips, full and pouty, before he looks back up. His eyes are shimmering with tears threatening to spill over. "Every. Single. Day."

He likes me?

He likes me!



It's not manly to kiss someone's fiance. It's a horrible, horrible thing and Kirishima would never do it.

With anyone other than Bakugou.

But the way he figures it, Bakugou was his first, long before this mystery woman showed up. Kirishima was head over heels in love with Bakugou the day he met him, otherworldly and adorable in his tiny little cloak.

So he tells himself he has nothing to be guilty about when he grabs two hands full of Bakugou's hair and yanks him forward to crash their lips together.

He tastes even better than he ever imagined.

And he's definitely imagined it. Over and over, every single night, since he was a pre-teen.

He tastes addictive. Like what he imagines crack cocaine would taste like. Each lick of his tongue has all that fiery flavour filling Kirishima's senses, and he's diving in for more and more and his head is swimming. He can't breathe.

He turns fully in Bakugou's arms and lunges at him. He spreads his knees over the blonde's hips and grinds down. He gasps, but he does it into Bakugou's mouth with a shudder, not about to pull away from his lips.

More, more, more.

Bakugou's giving back as good as he's getting, his tongue rubbing over Kirishima's sharp teeth, wrestling with his tongue. And then he's growling into the kiss, his hands on the back of Kirishima's neck, shoving them tighter together as his sharp fangs nick Kirishima's mouth and draw blood.

It's good, good, good.

Without warning, Kirishima falls face first into the dirt, and Bakugou is standing next to the stones. He's panting, his hand over his open mouth. His fingernails kind of look like claws, and he looks dangerous with bright red blood on his lower lip. That weird shimmer of gold is decorating his cheekbone again.

"How… how did you get over there?" Kirishima says with a laugh. Fire burns Kirishima out from the inside and he knows what it is. Pure arousal blazing through his arms and legs and holy shit he feels so good. He feels like he could fly.

"Dangerous." Bakugou says weakly. "Shouldn't have kissed you."

"I kissed you, man!" Kirishima bursts out, almost falling back into the dirt. He had! He'd kissed him so hard and it had been so good and man, he wants to kiss him again, all over until their screaming and coming and--

"I have to go." His words are soft, but Kirishima can hear him way too good. "...They're waiting."

Wait. What?! "Wait! Don't go. Stay with me!" Kirishima scrambles to stand. His fucking legs aren't working. That kiss was too good. No. No he has to wait! "Are you going to still marry her?" Kiri blurts in a rush, his hands shaking.

For a second, Bakugou just stands there and takes it all in. What a sight Kirishima must make clutching the dirt and gasping his breaths. "What's your name, Kirishima?" Bakugou says instead, one foot stepping back into the threshold the stone makes.

Where is he going? Is his house that way? And why is Kirishima so scared to let him go near those stones right now? He feels like if he does, he's guaranteed to lose him forever.

Kirishima almost says his own name.Almost screams it. lTo finally let him know. Almost. It's just Bakugou after all. But he can't shake the feeling that he shouldn't. His grandma would be /so mad/, if he did. And yeah, it's probably all superstitious nonsense. But… it's been all he knows since he was born.

Why is Bakugou so stuck on it anyway?

"What's your name?" Kirishima parrots. They've had this conversation before. They have this conversation all the freaking time and nothing ever changes. They never change. They're the same and the kiss didn't fix anything.


This time Bakugou shakes his head, tears in his eyes, and steps through the stone without looking back.

Kirishima doesn't even have time to register the fact that Bakugou just disappeared into thin air before he's screaming for him to come back.



Chapter Text



Kirishima doesn't come home at curfew. He knows he should. This close to Midsummer's Eve, his grandma is always a little… off.

He knows he's only stressing her out, making her worry for nothing, but he can't gather up the strength to leave the forest.

He just keeps waving his hand through the stone doorway, in and out.

Bakugou disappeared when he went passed it. Why was Kirishima still here? Was it a trick? Had he played Kirishima for an idiot?

No. Bakugou wouldn't do that.

And even if he would, that doesn't explain the tingling feeling Kirishima gets when he drops his arm in. It doesn't happen every time he passes the threshold. Only sometimes.

It's pressure. Like he's dipping his arm into water. But there's nothing physically there that he can see.

How long has he been doing this? He started as soon as the indescribable high from kissing Bakugou slowly eeked out of his system. And he hasn't stopped.


His grandmother.

He needs to go home.

He turns away from the stones, frowning when he sees the light from a lantern. His grandma would never enter the forest. Especially not this close to one of her holidays.

Something must be wrong.

Kirishima trips over his own feet to catch up to her, chasing the glow of the lamp to find her under the dark trees. When he does he almost runs into her open palm aimed at his head. "Eiji Shima," she hisses, her soft voice angry. "What in the seven hells are you doing out here in this forest?! This close to Midsummer's Eve?! I outta skin you alive, boy!"

"Sorry, grandma!" Kirishima shouts, bowing at the waist.

"Child, you know better than to be in here. Woo, look at that face of yours! Something the matter?" She huffs, hand shooting down to her waist. And that's when Kirishima sees it. She's holding up two bright pink hula hoops around her waist in one hand. She pulls one of the hoops off and drops it over his bent head. It rattles when he catches it in his hands.

Ah. Salt. Always with the salt.

"Here, child, take this. Let's get you home. Can't believe you're out here wandering around. Don'tchu know there's things in these woods, Eiji? My Gods I don't know what to do with you. You think you outta learned by now." She smacks a withered hand to his shoulder and launches into her prepared rant. "You're lucky the fair folk didn't snatch you up and take you back to their land--"


They have a tradition in the Kirishima household.

Okay, they have several.

Like, never ever call someone by their full name. Omit letters, shorten it, or just assign them a nickname, but don't ever say their whole name out loud.

Salt the windows and the doors every single night before the moon comes up. Check the salt trough around the house too, make sure the barrier is never broken.

Bake bread, gather fresh fruit, and make cheese for every pagan holiday. The kind of bread varies depending on the holiday, but always make bread.

Don't play music at night, on the week of a full moon, or on any previously mentioned holiday.

Fae folk, also called the Fair folk or Fairies can bespell a person if they've got your whole name. Apparently they can sneak in and steal children and virgins too, if the property boundaries aren't salted. 

Food offerings left to the Fae on holidays can distract them from taking the unwed as brides. And music? Someone somewhere heard that Fae are attracted to the soft sounds of string instruments and now Kirishima is almost never allowed to play it.

It sounds like a lot. But it isn't. Especially not when you've been doing it since birth. So, it's totally normal when Kirishima and his grandmother settle into the kitchen at one a.m. to bake a loaf of bread.

It feels normal. Even with his heart ripped out of his chest.

"Tell me the truth, Eiji." His grandmother says as she folds dry ingredients into a clay pot. "You've been bespelled by one of them, haven't ya?"

Would it be better to say yes or no here? Even if they don't exist, his grandma is likely to give better advice if she thinks Bakugou is Fae.

Of course if he says yes, he's going to be in so much trouble.

Kirishima might be an adult now, but he's still scared of his grandma.

When he says nothing, she nods her head and pushes her long faded red braid over her shoulder. "Cut up some peaches, Eiji. Very small chunks. I want them to go in the wheat."

Kirishima nods and grabs a knife, cutting board, and one of the larger jars in their pantry. They dry a lot of fruit together and this year they've managed a large haul of peaches.

It feels normal. He's fine.

He's only managed to cut up one slice when his grandma pours in the buttermilk and very nonchalantly comments, "Did I ever tell you the story of how you came to live with me?"

Kirishima tries not to roll his eyes. He's heard the story often. "Yes, grandma."

His grandma turns from the counter, hands on her wide hips with a frown. She shakes her wooden spoon at him. "Well, obviously you weren't listening to me, damn it! I've been warning you for years about the Fair folk, Eiji! You're supposed to be smarter than your momma."

"I am, Grandma." Kirishima says dutifully, sprinkling a handful of cut peach into a small glass bowl. "He wasn't fair folk. He was just… beautiful."

The elderly woman hums as she works, mixing the batter together quickly to eliminate any lumps. Other than instructing him to grease a loaf pan, she says nothing.

The quiet is too much.

"I loved him so much, Grandma." Shit. He can't see to cut the peaches because of the tears in his eyes. How is he not cried out by now?

A dish towel lands in front of him, a cloud of flour taking to the air as she reaches for the peaches. Once they're mixed in and the pan is in the oven, she drops into the chair across from him with a thud.

His grandma is a strong woman. She's broad and round, with a long mane of peppered red hair. Her bones are thin but it doesn't stop her from mulching her own yard or cleaning out her own gutters.

She's got more pride than anyone Kirishima's ever met, and if she knew half the things he did for her, she'd probably box his ears.

She's the most amazing woman alive.

"Well. Let's get down to it. Did he show you his true face, Eiji?"

True face? "Uh, yeah, I knew him pretty well--"

But she's already shaking his head. "No. An actual face. Underneath his other one. Bright eyes. Shimmering skin."

What… How… how did she...

"Get us some tea, Eiji." She offers a tiny smile. "We're going to need it."

"Do you know why I live alone?" She asks as soon as the tea kettle is screaming at them. He tries to pour the water for her, but she slaps his hands and takes the pot to pour for herself. "Child, don't look at me like that. You think I can't hear your thoughts right now? It is not because I'm a stubborn old woman. That just helps," she says happily as she passes the pot back.

"You don't live alone, Grandma." Kirishima points out as he pours his own cup. He waits until the milk and sugar are passed before doctoring his own cup. "I live here!"

"You don't count." She tells him plainly. "Let me rephrase it for you. Do you know why I haven't held the sexual company of a man for twenty long years?"

"GRANDMA!" Kirishima shouts, covering his ears. He's never heard this story, and he's totally fine with never hearing it. "No! Nonono, I don't need to hear this."

Her pink slipper jabs at his shin thanks to her well placed kick. "Hush, you do so. Listen up. When I was younger, not much younger mind you, I met a man. He was beautiful , too, Eiji. They all are. I spent every night with him under the stars. He was so good to me, too," she sighs. "No mortal man has ever compared. I swear he made me believe in the Fairyfolk just by the way he moved his hips--"

"Please," Kirishima shouts, the tips of his ears hot. "Please have mercy."

She laughs, her index finger curling around the handle of the tea cup. "Well, I'm sure I don't have to tell you that part. You're a lot younger than I was. And nowadays, people can go and ask for all sorts of things they weren't allowed to do before."

Could this conversation get any worse? He doesn't know what hurts worse. His chest or the mental image of his grandma getting freaky.

"I didn't… we never…"

"Why the hell not?! Boy, you must have lost your mind! Why were you out there, breaking my damn rules, if you weren't out there to fuc--"

"Grandma!" Kirishima whines again. This is worse than when he turned eighteen and she not so subtly implied that he needed to get laid soon so the Fairies didn't take him as a virgin sacrifice. Kirishima can barely hear himself think over the loud sound of his heartbeat in his ears. "I… I did kiss him." He admits softly.

"Oh, child. That's worse . You kiss a Faefolk and I promise you'll never ever want to quit."

Well. She definitely isn't wrong about that. Kirishima can still feel Bakugou’s lips on his.

He'd give anything to feel it again.

A loud sigh comes from the other end of the table, and his Grandma's orange eyes lock on to his. "I'm a stubborn old woman." She says honestly, looking down into her teacup like it holds a secret. "Always have been." She offers a wry grin. "I think I was a stubborn old lady when I was twenty."

"You didn't give him your name," she continues. It's not a question, but he can't help but answer it. "You got too much of me in your blood."

"No. I didn't. Is that silly? I feel like it's sort of odd." Kirishima tries to laugh it away, but he can't quite manage. "Wow. I'm a fucking idiot. What if he wants to look me up in a few years?"

"Watch your mouth, child." She pats his hand. "But yeah, you're a fucking idiot." She grins when he glares at her. " IF he's a human. If he's Fairie, you just barely survived."

Kirishima swallows his spit. For all her ghost stories about the Fae, he's never really been clear on why the Fairfolk are so bad. "Survived what?" His tongue darts out to wet his lower lip. "Why are they so bad?"

Kirishima isn't sure if the creaking he hears when she stands up is his grandma's bones or the table. "Oh, Eiji." Kirishima listens as she places their cups into the sink. "The Faefolk steal good people away from their homes and make them so happy, and love them so hard, that they leave everything behind. Nobody likes to be left behind."

She shuffles over to stand by his side. "But I've seen that look before, Eiji. I've seen it in my own eyes in the mirror, and I've seen it in your momma's. You're a smart boy. Use that brain of yours. You know what to do. I know you do."



Kirishima has long since went to his room. He's supposed to be sleeping. He can hear the soft snores of his Grandma echo throughout the empty house. Tonight though, it doesn't work as a lullaby.

He's wide awake.

He doesn't want to leave anyone behind. His Grandma sacrificed everything to raise him when his mom disappeared. He would never repay her for all her hard work by leaving her forever without a word.

But. If. And it's a really really big IF, Bakugou is a Fairfolk, and yep that's totally insane to even think , then it doesn't have to be a one way disappearing act.

Bakugou visits him every single night. So clearly, it's possible to come back and forth.

This is insane.

… But if it's not.

Midsummer's Eve is the best possible time. His while life has been made up of stories of how thin the veil between the two worlds is today.

It's ridiculous.

How would he even get through? He spent all day waving his arm between the threshold and all he felt was a little squeeze.

And what if he ended up somewhere far from Bakugou? There was probably countries and shit in the Faerie world. What if he ended up in Japan but Bakugou was in Fairy-America?

Shit. But it was worth a shot wasn't it?

He couldn't let Bakugou marry someone else.

Was he really going to wander out into the forest, hoping by some struck of dumb luck that he was going to enter a hidden portal into another, way more magical land through a stone?

For fuck's sake.

Yes. Yes he was.



Kirishima barely waits for sunlight. He does wait to scribble a quick note to his grandma. He's not sure if she'll be disappointed in him, but he knows that if he has Bakugou on his arm, she'll be more likely to forgive him.

Alright. No stalling now. He's doing this.

Kirishima stumbles out into the woods to stand before the stones. Seemingly overnight, moss and vines have grown around the tall structure, making it more green than gray.

Kirishima knows they are the key. He knows it.

His head has finally caught up with his heart. Bakugou is Fey. He went through the stones. And Kirishima is chasing after him as soon as possible.

With no doubts in his mind, this is what he wants, he walks through the two stones.

Only to still be standing in the forest.


But he's not giving up! Not yet! This is real.

Okay, okay. Maybe he needs to stand in the threshold, not walk through it.


Fuck! Fuckfuckfuck!

Kirishima drops to his knees in the dirt. He just wants to get to Bakugou. He… he doesn't want to lose him. And yeah, he'll be the first to admit it doesn't sound logical. But he feels Bakugou in these rocks.

"P-please," Kirishima whispers to the stones, his palm rubbing against the cool surface. "Please take me to him."

The stones don't say anything. And they don't take him through.

With tears in his eyes, Kirishima thumps his head against the threshold. He messed up big time, didn't he?

And now he's never going to see Bakugou again. He's going to be married in some far off mythological land, and Kirishima is going to be here on stupid Earth without the only person he's ever been in love with.


Kirishima closes his eyes, his mind spinning back to the last time he saw Bakugou. Yeah, it was only last night, but already the memory tugs at him, threatening to leave him.

"Wait! Don't go. Stay with me!"

"What's your name, Kirishima?" Bakugou had said, one foot stepping back into the threshold.

Bakugou was so pretty.

He had Kirishima's heart completely.

Kirishima's eyes snap open. Holy crap. Holy crap!

With shaking legs Kirishima stands before the doorway, his breath stuttering. Oh! Oh oh oh!

He's figured it out. HE FIGURED IT OUT. Thank you thank you thank you!

"Take me to Bakugou," Kirishima says again, pressing his fingers flat. "Me."


"Kirishima Eijirou." He whispers, his heart thumping in his chest, nails clutching stone.

His full name gets him through and the forest rushes into a blur around him.


Chapter Text



At first Kirishima isn't aware of it working. The only change he is immediately aware of is his ears popping.

He looks to be in the same forest at first glance. The same color bark and leaves surround him. However with a deeper look he realizes the chimney to his house is not visible in between the trees. He can also see several colorful webbings of yarn tied in between the trunks, almost like giant dream catchers adorned with spoons and shells. The trees are a lot larger here too, stretching higher than any trees he's ever seen back home.

And then he hears the music.

It sounds like music played at a folk bar or at a renaissance festival. It's sound is too twangy to be a guitar and it's not sophisticated enough to be a violin. Truthfully, Kirishima has very limited instrument knowledge, but he just really wants the sound he hears to be a lute.

Because of course Fairies would have lutes.

Kirishima drifts closer to the sound. He isn't sure what to expect. Canvas tents placed around a fire pit, maybe. A wilderness hand tying ceremony, definitely.

He does not expect to see hundreds of fae folk dressed up in pretty dresses and scarves walking barefoot down cobblestone streets to a castle.

A banner hangs overhead in the center of town announcing the wedding of PRINCE Bakugou and Princess Ochako.


Kirishima is so far out of his element. And of course, he's made things worse, because everyone looks so nice and Kirishima is dressed in sweatpants and a shirt that shows his stomach.

At least it's not a crop top, his inner voice pipes up.

He can't do this. He can't see a PRINCE in his pajamas!

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

And yet…

It's Bakugou.

Kirishima joins the masses.

Everyone seems to be headed in a certain direction. Kirishima sticks to the back of the crowd while they walk to a huge building. It must be the church, or whatever, because flower petals are tossed outside the doors and hanging in every window.

Not wanting to look like a fool, Kirishima darts into the closest alleyway to peer into the open doors.

What he sees takes his breath away.

Bakugou is dressed in royal blue with a heavy golden crown on his head. His long elven ears are sharper in this place, his long claws dark and out. Around his eyes, which are almost glowing red and framed by black eyeliner, is the faint glow of golden scales so subtle it looks like he went crazy with some golden highlighter.  

His true face.

He's gorgeous , even scowling--no, he's smiling, kinda-- with fangs as he waits for everyone to be seated.

Yeah. Kirishima can't do this. He can't stop a wedding. Despite the kiss, it's clear Bakugou isn't being forced to marry this girl.

There's no chains. There's no gun to his head. He's doing it of his own free will.

Kirishima royally messed up here. He needs to go home.

And he might have. He might have turned and tucked tail, ran back through the threshold and cried himself to sleep, if he hadn't heard the sound of a door opening.

He can't look away.

The princess comes in from a side door, not down the walkway like a bride normally would. She's also dressed in blue, in a giant ball gown that sticks out a good four feet from her obviously toned body.

She's gorgeous, ethereal, Kirishima admits, and that tattoo stretching across her temple and down her face is hella cool and manly.

The collar of Bakugou's jacket gapes a little when he bows and Kirishima sees the curling tendrils of a similar dark tattoo. It must only show in this realm because Kirishima knows he's never seen it before.

Another glance around confirms that it's not just Bakugou and the princess, everyone in the church has one. The same dark ink and odd script, in varying locations.

Bakugou's seems to be the biggest, connecting ink wrapping around his hands and what Kirishima can see of his feet.

Kirishima is only one who doesn't have a tattoo.

It must be a faerie thing.

The two of them, Kirishima begrudgingly admits, do look pretty together. Like a real royal couple.

Suddenly it's clear.

Kirishima is just… a human that Bakugou sometimes spends time with. It doesn't mean anything to a Prince promised a gorgeous Princess .

He needs to go home.

But apparently, he's just discovering he's a masochist.

Kirishima can't hear what's being said from outside. So he figures screw it, why not rip out his heart AND stomp on it as he dashes through the closing wooden doors. They slam shut with an echoing thud and Kirishima hastily squeezes into a pew in the very back as quietly as possible.

It's not fair, Kirishima pouts. Up close he can see that every single person in here is prettier than any human model. They all have those strange eyes and that half moon of shiny skin around their eyes, but otherwise they're all different shapes, sizes, and skin tones (one of them has pink skin!)

They're all gorgeous though. Dammit.

The officiant, a clearly older man, with white scales around his eyes, clears his throat.

...And proceeds to conduct the ceremony in a language Kirishima has never heard before.


He came here to eavesdrop and can't understand a damn word. Which is probably better, because his heart is actually shattering in his chest, and if he has to hear Bakugou whisper words of love to his new bride he's never going to recover.

He needs to leave. This was stupid.

Whispering apologies to the people on the outside of the bench, he shuffles past them as fast as he can. He doesn't want to obscure their view of the happy couple.

They clearly don't appreciate him scuttling past because every single one of them turn to look at him like he's stark naked, their mouths hung open.

It's not even a crop top! Just an inch or three of skin! "Sorry, I really just need to squeeze past you." He mumbles.

The officiant stops his spiel. It's clearly not planned, but he has no choice with the rumble of words from the audience increasing in volume. Kirishima turns back to the front to see what the commotion is, but yeah. Yep. They're all looking at him.

Bakugou looks up, no doubt an insult on his lips, until he sees the person standing up and causing a scene at his wedding. When he sees it's Kirishima,  his eyes go comically wide and he blurts, "You stupid idiot." In Kirishima's native tongue.

And of course, the entire place quiets only seconds before Bakugou says anything, so the statement is definitely heard by everyone.

Including the princess. Her eyes flit back and forth between Bakugou and him like she's expecting to read what's happening here by their body language. "Who's this?" She asks Bakugou in Japanese.

Immediately whispers start up again, and this time they're also in Japanese which makes Kirishima blush:

" That's a human!"


"How does the Prince know him?"


"Look at his red hair! Haven't seen hair like that in centuries!"


Kirishima fights the urge to pat his hair. Fuck. He should have spiked it. "Sorry!" He says quickly, lifting a hand in apology. "I'll be going now! Got kind of lost," he rambles, backing up toward the doors.

"You're not leaving." Bakugou announces, ignoring his future wife to step down and start toward Kirishima.

No, he's not. Because at Bakugou's words, two guards block his only exit.





When Bakugou snaps something to his guards in the fae language, the guards escort (force) Kirishima out a side door and up a winding staircase. They ignore his questions of, "Where are we going?" And "Are you going to kill me?"

He doesn't think he's about to be murdered but he's not really sure with the way Bakugou had been glaring at him as he stormed off to talk to his bride.

Kirishima is deposited into a gigantic room. He turns around to ask another question when the door is slammed shut in his face.


The good news is, he wasn't dropped in a dungeon. In fact, the room he's in is very nice. There's a giant four poster bed in the middle of the wall, decorated with fresh flowers, vines, and blue scarves.

There's pink and red petals on the comforter, and an ornate bottle of liquid on the end table next to it with two crystal glasses and a silver dome.

No no no.

Kirishima is in the marital suite.

Bakugou was supposed to consummate the wedding in this room. In that bed.

Kirishima kind of wants to destroy it. To feel the blanket shred in his hands.

He didn't really expect it, but a sudden rush of anger overwhelms him. He'd come here, assuming Bakugou needed to get out of a forced wedding. Assumed like a freaking idiot, that Bakugou loved him back.

But no. No. Kirishima was just a plaything. And Bakugou had one percent intended to get his dick wet tonight.

Screw him.

He needs to show restraint. Only a crazy person destroys someone's room in anger. And Kirishima is not crazy.

Where the hell is Bakugou, though?!

Is he kissing his little princess?? Whispering words of love in her ear? Trying to reassure her that Kirishima is nobody, just a lost human--

One of the crystal glasses falls off the end table and shatters. Oops.

With every second that Kirishima is forced to wait, the itch to wreck everything only grows. Bakugou doesn't deserve a nice evening! He deserves to come back to a broken mess because that's how he makes Kirishima feel.

So yeah. Maybe Kirishima is a crazy person. Because only a crazy person would throw the remaining glass at the far wall and rip all the sheets off the perfectly made bed. Only someone insane would lift up the silver serving dome and see a dozen chocolate strawberries and unlatch the window to toss the whole fucking plate outside.

Kirishima knows the guards are still waiting outside the door and he takes immense pleasure in knowing they're listening to him destroy their precious prince's room.

Screw Bakugou.

Halfway through ripping some pages out of a book (which based on the pictures is some elven kama sutra) Kirishima chokes on a sob.

He's so stupid.

Stupid stupid stupid.




Chapter Text



Bakugou finds him like that, large tears rolling down his face as he sits in the middle of his destruction.

He takes a look around his room, gaze pausing over the shattered glass, ruined bed, and the torn pages lifting off the ground from the open window before they settle on Kirishima and stay.

Kirishima lifts up a book above his head, something foreign, and immediately tosses it.

The blonde doesn't even blink as he side steps it. "I can't believe you crashed my wedding," Bakugou says softly. He doesn't comment on the mess.  

Kirishima picks up a candle to throw. "I didn't crash it--" Kirishima starts, but yeah. He did. He raises to a stand, shoulders hunching. He wants to go home now.

But no, first it looks like they're going to fight.

Bakugou is stomping toward him, his eyes blazing. Kirishima expects a punch--

--but Bakugou's hands are framing his face, and Kirishima is dropping the candle to their feet, Bakugou and desperately pulling their lips together.

"I am so happy right now, holy fuck." Bakugou whispers as feeds Kirishima kiss after kiss. Just little pecks.


Kirishima's eyes are lidded, as he scrambles to keep up, unable to stop himself from swiping his tongue over his lip to savour the lingering taste of Bakugou. "You're not mad?" Kirishima asks, confused, so very confused, eyes almost sliding shut as bakugou tilts his head hopefully to add tongue.

"Course not. Was about to ruin the ceremony anyway," Bakugou says, his lips sucking the skin of Kirishima's throat. "Had this whole dramatic thing planned where I told them I was going to go live with the humans instead of their shiny asses. Was a good speech. You should ask to hear it one day," he says, his hand sneaking under Kirishima shirt.

Fuck… Kirishima's having a hard time keeping up. But it feels so good… "Oh s-shit. Bakugou-- fuck, that feels nice." Bakugou's hand is on his pec and his claw is scraping his nipple.

Wait. Wait.

Think about this!

Kirishima grabs Bakugou's face before he pulls his shirt off his body. He's barely breathing. "Hey. Wait. I need a second." His chest is moving up and down like he's in the middle of a marathon.

Bakugou's lips are trailing down his neck, his shoulder, mmmmmm. "Go ahead. Take a second." But he doesn't stop. His long fingers are poking at his waistband, searching. Digging.

Okay. Okay. Yeah.

Kirishima squeezes his eyes shut as he tries not to focus on the sudden chill in the room- he doesn't need to look to see that Bakugou took his shirt off him-. He also tries not to focus on Bakugou's hot mouth as it latches onto his pec.

Alright. Yes. Okay.

He needs to think about what all this means.

Seconds ago he was destroying property and screaming. Now he's being kissed senseless.

Bakugou isn't getting married. He wasn't ever going to get married. That's good--

Kirishima cries out when Bakugou swirls his tongue over his stiffened nipple.


So if Bakugou isn't getting married then there's absolutely no reason not to surrender here, right?

Oh fuck. Kirishima opens his eyes. Bakugou is already looking up at him, face flushed red as his tongue flicks over his chest. "Is it fuckin' okay or whatever?" He asks.

He looks so fucking sexy. Kiri can't stop his fingers from brushing over the scales on the side of his face. Bakugou's so mythical looking here, so fucking pretty.

Affection almost strangles Kirishima and some emotion, something thick and heavy, something he's felt since the moment he met Bakugou makes him say at a whisper, "I know it's probably obvious. But... I love you."

Bakugou's mouth falls open, and he flounders before he's shooting up and smacking their lips together. "Fuck. I love you too, Shitty hair. So much."

Yeah, he's definitely not waiting anymore.

With a cry, he tangles his hands in Bakugou's hair and jumps, his thighs wrapping around the blonde's trim waist. Their teeth scrape together, but it's good, it's so perfect.

Bakugou's hands are hot on his ass, his heat noticeable through the material of his pants. He squeezes the generous flesh in his hands and backs them toward the fancy bed.

The bed that was never meant for him and some girl.

He's Kirishima's. Not some princess's.

Bakugou's right hand leaves his ass to dip into his pants, his hand searching and finding Kirishima's erection through his boxers. He gives a cry into his mouth, and shifts his hips, trying to give the male a better angle to work with.

He wants his whole entire cock in Bakugou's hand, he wants more, more, more--

Kirishima barely registers the crunch of glass and Bakugou's pained gasp, before they're tumbling backwards on the mattress.

He tries to look down at the floor, but Bakugou is gripping his chin and holding him still for the onslaught of his tongue-- and oh

Wait. No.

Kirishima rips his mouth away and sits up so that he's straddling Bakugou's waist. The new position makes their cocks rub together, and although there's not much but annoying friction because of their clothes in the way, Kirishima groans.

Oh god, he can feel the hard length of Bakugou's long cock under him. His own dick is streaming precum, and he shifts a little, back and forth, just to brush Bakugou's erection between his ass cheeks and tease his own hole.

Bakugou has his hands on his hips, guiding his soft thrusts, his teeth bared in a pained yet pleasurable scowl as he rocks Kirishima on top of him.

With a shiver, Kirishima arches his back, his hair tickling his waist.

"More, Bakugou, please."

He's waited his whole life for this.

Bakugou nods under him, before his grip tightens and the pace is sped up. He grinds his hips up as Kirishima grinds down, and it's good, it's so good, but it isn't good enough. Kirishima wants Bakugou inside him.

Kirishima leans down and yanks Bakugou's hair, jerking his lips up. "I want more, Bakugou. Come on." He pants with a rough kiss before pulling back.

Bakugou smiles under him, and pulls his leg up to anchor Kirishima's back and draw them closer together. When his foot drags the mattress he grits his teeth and Kirishima can't help but notice.

"Nnnh, yes, fuck m- BAKUGOU. YOU'RE HURT!"

There's blood on the mattress under Bakugou's foot. Not a lot, but enough. Kirishima peeks over the side to see blood on some of the broken glass from the wine goblets he broke.

Bakugou stepped on the glass!

Kirishima cheeks heat in shame. What kind of psycho destroys things for his lover to step on? "Sorry." He says softly.

Bakugou's claws draw his chin up. "It's fine. It's just stuff, Kirishima. It's not important."

"You're hurt," Kirishima spits pathetically, mad at himself for being so freaking crazy.

"Yeah." Bakugou says, a smile peeking at his lips. "I hurt so bad, little human. The pain is excruciating."

Kirishima's eyes go wide. "Oh God, I'm so sorry! What can I do?"

Bakugou lets Kirishima scramble off him, but he doesn't let him leave the bed. Instead, as Kirishima kneels beside him wide eyed, waiting for him to tell him where the first aid kit is, Bakugou unlaces his pants and shoves them off his body.

He's not wearing underwear.

And…. Fuhck

Kirishima's mouth goes dry.

Bakugou's cock is easily the prettiest thing Kirishima's ever seen. And no, he hasn't seen a lot in real life, just his own, which is nice by the way, but he has watched a lot of porn.

And Bakugou's dick easily beats out all of those.

His cock is long, like he first guessed. The tip is red and swollen and it jumps against his lower stomach, smearing precum across his navel. What he didn't expect was how thick it was, or the four gold barbell piercings in a line up the middle, looking more like eight.

Fuck no he also didn't expect the shiny scales on the base either but he's so fucking here for it. His cock looks like it's been dipped in gold glitter and holy fuck, Kirishima wants to worship it like the art it is.

"It hurts a lot, Kiri," Bakugou says with a smirk, his hand reaching down to stand the monster up. "You wanna make it all better still?"

"Yes. yes. Holyfuckyes--" Kirishima babbles as he leans over Katsuki to hover his mouth over the tip.

Bakugou stops Kirishima with a hard yank to his hair, pulling his lips away just before he can reach. But he wants to reach, he wants to reach so fucking bad, that he whines, loud and long and stretches his tongue out to barely /barely/ lick across the head.

It tingles. Kirishima didn't expect that. Didn't expect his tongue and lips to feel like they're a muscle that's fallen asleep. He works his tongue in his mouth and he wants more more more-

"Hold up," Bakugou says, his hand once again yanking and drawing another whine out of his mouth. "Wait just a second, I need to think--"

Kirishima doesn't listen, just dives down, yanking his hair tight, mouth swooping in and capturing the head of Bakugou's dick.

Bakugou cries out, his back arching when Kirishima's hot mouth swallows him down. His tongue is insane against his shaft, like it's got a mind of its own, trying to lick against every inch of his fat dick.

Oh. Kirishima realizes with a hum. He likes this. He likes this a lot. He likes the sounds that are ripping their way out of Bakugou's throat.

Kirishima's never done this before but clearly he doesn't suck at it. Not with the way Bakugou is brushing his red hair out of his face and looking at him with a gasping mouth and lust filled eyes.

Kirishima's cheeks hollow as he sucks. He shifts so he's sitting a little better. So he can take the entire length of Bakugou down further, god he'd kill to get it his throat to fill him cum deep inside his stomach--

"Off," Bakugou suddenly snarls, using his hair to pull him off his dick with a pop. His teeth are about as sharp as Kirishima's, his mouth full of fangs.

At first, Kirishima mistakes it for intense arousal, but no, Bakugou's angry at him.

"What's wro--"

In seconds, Bakugou has Kirishima spun around. Kirishima is trying to protest, trying to ask what's wrong, trying to get that cock back in his mouth, but Bakugou's claws are digging into his hips and his mouth is full of silk pillows and he's spitting them out, trying to breathe--

"Stop wiggling." Bakugou snarls, his forearm pressing into the back of Kirishima's neck. Cool air kisses Kirishima's thighs and ass as his pants are ripped away from him.

Heat spreads across Kirishima's skin. He definitely wants this, he wants this so bad, but it's not exactly what he expected. He hadn't expected to be shoved down face first into the mattress as Bakugou's spit slicked finger prods at his hole with no warning.

"Fucking asshole," Bakugou mutters, as he slids a finger inside Kirishima's tight heat. "I have never wanted *anyone* but you, but you fucking--"

"Bak- ah-Bakugou!" Kirishima tries to turn his head to look, to watch the rough thrust of his hand, but all he manages with the blonde holding him down is a quick glance. Bakugou looks so feral, so fucking hot, and Kiri's dick jumps against his stomach. He could probably cum,  just from the rough assault of Bakugou's one finger. "Why're you- ah !"

With a rough thrust of Bakugou's hand, the blonde snaps his teeth at Kirishima. "You blow his mind too? Put your filthy mouth on him?" Another finger presses into his hole and Kiri whines.

Oh god, oh fuck-- Bakugou’s stiff fingers are making him see stars. Actual fucking light. But his words aren't making sense. "W-who?"

"Your date ," Bakugou growls.

Oh god. He's jealous. He thinks Kiri messed around with that guy. Fuck… He's jealous and that's so fucking hot--

Bakugou's teeth scrap his shoulder. Kirishima convulses under him, seconds away from coming.

He's mine, mine, mine…

His body tenses up, all his muscles locking down, the pressure centering into his groin. Oh hell. "Bakugou! I'm cummi-" He gasps.

Bakugou rips away from him, his fingers leaving Kirishima completely and making a sob choke out of his throat.

"The fuck you are," he growls harshly, climbing over Kirishima. He holds him down with a hand on the back of his neck as he uses his other one to spread Kirishima open.

The pillows in Kirishima's mouth are soaked with drool as he lifts his hips back for easier access. His mouth is still numb from Bakugou's delicious cock, and his own is jumping against his stomach, pinned against the mattress, dripping wetness.

When Bakugou presses the tip against Ei's tight hole, he SCREAMS.

Oh fuck. Oh fuck, nothing has ever felt so fucking good in his life. It's so fucking hot, splitting him open--

"Oh God--"

With a growl, Katsuki pulls what little bit he's squeezed inside out, and then he's flipping Eijirou until they're looking at each other. His expression immediately softens, and his thumb rubs over Kirishima's mouth.

He lets out a sigh, hand curling under Ei's thick thigh and bringing it up to rest on his hip. "I love you." He mutters, softer than before, as he leans down and brushes their lips together.

That familiar head rush that accompanies kissing Bakugou fills Eijirou's head, and he gasps.

And this time when Bakugou presses inside, tears gather at the corners of Eijirou's eyes. Not because it hurts, all though it does a little, but because it feels so fucking right .

He was meant to do this. He was supposed to always end up here. With Bakugou. Under him.

"Fuck," Bakugou breathes, rocking his hips so that he slides in deeper. He's about half way in, and the tight heat squeezing around his cock is about to make him blow.

Kirishima is shuddering, his hips trying to rock up and meet Bakugou's, but the fairie is holding him down, preventing him from fucking himself on his cock. As much as he wants it, he doesn't wanna come halfway inside Kiri.

"Fuck, you're pretty," Bakugou spits out, his hands smoothing down Kirishima's sides. He jerks his hips forward, slamming his cock deeper, fuck so deep, that he bottoms out with a groan.

He's not going to last.

Not with Kirishima moaning under him, mouth open as his tongue swipes over his lips, eyes rolled back in his head with a pink flush on his cheeks.

Humans are so fucking soft…

"F-fingers," Kirishima whines, trying to nudge against Bakugou's chest with his face, "W-want 'em."

Fuck. Yeah okay.

With a shaking hand, Bakugou presses his fingers to Kirishima's tongue. The redhead whimpers and sucks the digits into his mouth, his tongue laving the space between them and sucking hard.

So fucking hot.  

"B-Bakugou," Kirishima gasps, when a particularly rough thrust strikes his prostate. His fingers slip out of his slack mouth, saliva smearing on his chin and cheeks. He's whining, cock bright red, as his spine arches. "Wanna cum. Please."

Cumming means stopping, and Bakugou doesn't want to stop. He wants to be buried deep in Kirishima's tight ass for as long as possible, to feel the fluttering of his hole on his shaft as it sucks him deeper.

But fuck, he can't deny the tightening of his balls.

"Just a little longer," Bakugou murmurs, picking up the speed of his thrusts to hammer into Kirishima's sweet spot. He likes the way the human falls apart under him. He wants to see him completely lose it.

"I love you," Katsuki whispers, diving down to the soft flesh of Kirishima's neck. He drags his teeth over the thin skin, gives it a gentle kiss.

His fangs aren't just for show.

With a groan, Bakugou sinks them deep into Kirishima's neck. Warm blood hits his tongue.

Kirishima yells out at the sharp bite of pain, and Katsuki feels a rush of white hot spray across his chest, once, twice, fuck a third time, as Kirishima cums and cums into the space between their chests.

Bakugou pulls off, red dripping from his mouth, but he doesn't stop thrusting. Kirishima is gasping from oversensitivity and the slipperiness between them makes the glide over their nipples so much--

"Say my name!" Bakugou wraps his fist into Kirishima's sweat soaked locks and pulls his face into the curve of his neck. "Say Katsuki!"

Eijirou lets out a pathetic moan, his body almost completely fucking limp as he whispers, "Mine's Eijirou."

He doesn't seem to need direction from Katsuki. He knows instinctively what the fae wants. After nuzzling into his neck, opens his mouth and bites down hard. His teeth are also sharp enough to break skin, and FUCK, IT TASTES SO GOOD.

"Fuck! Eijirou!" With a cry, Katsuki removes Eijirou from his neck to brush their bites together. He can feel the old magic swirling over them, and he fucks into it, into Kirishima breathless little pants sawing out of his open mouth as his dick seizes inside his almost husband.

Katsuki rocks his hips, so close, but unable to jump over the cliff. He needs more. The mating bond is almost fully formed, he can feel it sizzle across his skin, it feels so good, fuck he's so fucking hard, Eijirou feels fucking amazing, he's--


The bond snaps into place.

Immediately Katsuki's cock explodes and he pushes in hard, hard enough to force a gasp out of Eiji, his piercings catching on Kirishima's orgasm-tight hole.

Kirishima can feel every spurt of cum. Like it's a fucking thrust of that beautiful cock. He's cumming again too, which is weird because he hadn't even known he was close, except holy fuck he can't stop cumming. His ass is soaked, semen getting fucked out of his hole and down his thighs, there's so much, there's so--

"FUCK!" Ei shouts when Katsuki's hand rubs over his cum soaked tip. Holy fuck, he can feel his soul leaving his body.

His eyes roll back and everything goes dark.



Kirishima wakes to a hand between his legs. He's drowsy as hell, his head feels stuffed with cotton. As he blinks his eyes into focus, he realizes he doesn't immediately know where he is.

A groan breaks free of his chest, and he looks down to see a smirking Bakugou nestled between his legs, sharp tooth poking out as he curls two fingers deep inside of Kirishima.

His dick is already hard and leaking. This must be why he woke up.

Bakugou's fingers slide out, and he wipes them on the mattress. "Good morning."

"You say casually," Kirishima teases, throwing an arm over his face to block it from the obnoxious sun coming in from the gigantic bay window. "Like you were just fingering my ass."

Bakugou laughs, and leans down to bite playfully into Kirishima's inner thigh. His leg twitches at the sharp feeling and he almost demands Katsuki does it again.

"I was trying to help you."

"Oh yeah?" Kirishima whispers, incredulous. "Because I just needed that." He swipes a hand down, to readjust his cock, moving it so it lays more on his thigh and less on his pubes.

He smiles down at Bakugou. He could get used to this. Waking up next to the blonde.

Katsuki swats his thigh. "You did, asshole. Had to clean you up. Unless you wanted to get cum drunk?"

Kirishima sits up. Cum drunk? "Is... is that exactly what it sounds like?"

"Yep." With a stretch, Katsuki sits up, a blue blanket falling to his waist. The sun catches on the scales on his face, and how gorgeous he is takes Kirishima's breath away. "The effects won't be too bad now that we're married, but you still probably shouldn't keep it in you."

"It would have been worse if you were still human," he continues. "It's like... last night when you were sucking my cock. Or when we kissed the first time. My fairy mojo is too much for a human brain. It makes you loose and tingly. But it should be fine now."

Katsuki turns to look at Kirishima. He's being awfully quiet.


Kirishima's eyes are wide. "M-married? I'm not... human?!" He asks, his tone escalating until it's almost a shriek.

Oh yep. Fuck. Coulda delivered those two bombshells with way more tact.

Chastising himself, Katsuki leans forward to brush a thumb against the red scales on Kirishima's face. They look different than the other faes, harsher. Like it's diamond under the color. It's fuckin pretty.

"Yeah." He agrees.


Katsuki grins. Fuckin' love him. "Come on. We need to get up. My advisors have been knocking on the door all night. And Uraraka stopped by once already. She won't be persuaded to leave the next time and I want you dressed before she barges in."

Kirishima struggles to keep up. He's never been a morning person and this is a lot to take in so early in the morning.

He watches as his husband , gets up from the bed, shaking off the blankets. He pads over what must be a closet, avoiding glass and debris.

Kiri is man enough to admit his eyes immediately go to Katsuki's ass. And he feels immense pleasure when he sees all the darkened bruises and fingernail scratches on his mate's otherwise perfect skin.

Trailing his eyes up, Kiri takes in the dimples on Kat's lower back, the--


Katsuki turns around from grabbing a shirt, eyes scanning the room for whatever Eijirou is screaming about. "What are what?!"

"YOU HAVE FUCKING WINGS!" Kirishima shouts.

Katsuki looks over his shoulder. Translucent shimmery membrane protrudes from his back. His wings have a top second and a bottom section, slightly longer than it. They sparkle and twitch in the sun.

"Uh, yeah? Oi, dumbass I've always had wings? The fuck you on about?"

"YOU'VE NEVER HAD WINGS!" Tone boarding on maniac, Kirishima launches off the bed to desperately grab Katsuki's arms and shake. "DO YOU REALIZE HOW EASY WINGS WOULD HAVE MADE THINGS BETWEEN US?!"

"Gods, Eijirou, stop fucking shaking me!" Katsuki pushes his mate back. "Fuck, calm down. I don't understand how my wings would have changed anything--"

Eijirou scrubs a hand down his face. "I didn't even fully believe you were fae until last night. Wings, would of helped." He says, dryly.



"Fucking.... sorry? I must have misheard. Did your dumbass just say you didn't know I was a fairy?! EIJIROU. You've seen me go through the portal! I can't cross salt! I'm shiny!"

Eijirou feels his cheeks heat. "Yeah, but... fairies aren't real."

Katsuki's expression blanks. He throws out his arms and gestures to himself.

"Okay, so I feel kind of stupid. But like.... I..." he struggles for an excuse. But, he doesn't really have one. To draw attention away from his embarrassment he tries, "hey, let's go back to bed!"

Katsuki rolls his eyes, dropping his shirt to the ground with a smirk. He strides over to Kirishima with intent, his gorgeous cock rapidly filling to show off his piercings. "Sure." He quickly agrees. "If that'll make you feel better."