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“Good morning Mr. Pants,” Namjoon hums, smiling at the tiny meows and purrs. “You’re looking extra handsome today, huh? Have you been good? No? Well, that’s okay. I’ll still give you your breakfast.”

He reaches into his bag, and Mr. Pants, who already knows what to expect from countless previous meetings, meows louder and rubs against his leg. 

“Here we go, salmon flavor today! Hope you like it, it was on sale so I bought ten cans.” 

Mr. Pants does like it, tail swishing lazily as she eats the wet cat food off the sidewalk. Sitting back against the wall of the tea house, Namjoon scoops the last bit out and watches her eat for a minute, scratching the top of her head before standing up and heading on to work. 




“Morning, Socks! Aww, look at you so happy in the sun. Yeah, yeah, you’re not pulling me into the rub-my-tummy trap again, I still have scratches on my arm, you know.”

Socks shows no signs of remorse, but gives Jimin a little chirrup before strolling over and rubbing against his legs. Jimin smiles and sits on the curb beside the playground, tugging her into his lap and hugging her gently. 

“I brought you chicken,” he murmurs after a moment, giggling when Socks headbutts his chin. “I made stew last night but I saved you a few scraps, you hungry?” 

He reaches into his backpack and Socks hops off his lap with a long meow, excitement wild in her eyes at the scent of chicken. She takes each piece of chicken from his hand and wolfs it down, gnawing on his fingers a little when the last scrap of meat disappears.

“That’s it, I’m sorry!” he laughs. “Ow, hey! The claws, Socks, the claws! We talked about this.” 

Socks’ tail swishes furiously behind her, sniffing all around the sidewalk for chicken to miraculously appear, and when it doesn’t, she gives him a pitiful meow. 

“I’m sorry,” Jimin laughs, “I’ll be back tomorrow, okay? Bye, cutie!” 




“Mr. Pants, I feel like you’re not excited to see me anymore. Was ten cans of salmon flavor too much? Well, today we have…! Turkey and giblets. What the hell are giblets…” Namjoon asks himself as Mr. Pants only has attention for the can of cat food coming out of Namjoon’s backpack. 

“I don’t know what they are but you seem to be a fan,” he chuckles, petting down her silky fur as the can of food disappears. 

He sighs and stares at the lines of light cast from the newly risen sun. “I don’t wanna go to work today, man. It's the same shit every day, answer the phone, smile at the miserable people, take their money, blah blah. I don't even know what I meant to do with my life but it wasn't this."

Another long sigh, Namjoon scratches behind her ears and stares at the pigeons bobbing across the street. "It’d be so nice to trade lives with you for a day. Just... lay around in the sun, get massages and food from people…” 

Mr. Pants has nothing to say, but purrs loudly and flops against his thigh. 

“This helps though,” he says softly, scratching her chin. “Makes the days better. One day, I’m gonna get a better apartment that allows cats and bring you home with me.” 




“Socks,” Jimin gasps and holds up a metal can lid that was glinting by the shrub the little cat was napping under. “Have you been cheating on me? Is this from dinner last night or am I about to give you second breakfast?” 

Ignoring the question, Socks brrrrmps and bumps her head to his chin, tail curling around his wrist as he reaches out to pet her fur, muted stripes of brown and tan. 

“All I have today is the dry stuff anyway, sorry cutie pie.” 

Socks eats with gusto anyway, chomping the bits of kibble as her tail swishes over Jimin’s arm. He tips his head thoughtfully as he runs his hand gently down her back, careful not to disturb her meal. “What if I brought you home with me, hm? My roommate is moving out this month, so I could have pets soon…you gotta promise not to get sick though, okay? You know I’m a broke bitch. Definitely gotta get you your shots though...” 

Not a care in the world, Socks kneads her way into his lap, purring loudly and nudging at his hand until he laughs and scratches her chin again.

"Three more weeks, okay? I'll see if I can pick up some extra hours at work, get you a scratching post... flea meds... a bag of catnip so we can party together..."




It's a chilly morning, almost cold enough for Namjoon to see his breath fog as he squats down to call for his cat friend.

“Mr. Pants? Bud?” 

No sign of the slinky little cat. Strange, she’s always running out to meet me. But it rained overnight, maybe she’s hiding out somewhere, Namjoon figures, brows crinkling together.

He pokes around the usual shrubs, but no telltale rustling. Not behind the bus stop wall, not in the bushes beside it, not slumped beside the trash can. He trots to the other end of the block, but the steps of the little tea house are empty. Worry crinkles his brow. 

“Maybe she moved on to a new park,” he tells himself, a sorrowful thought, if he’s being honest. But then, “What if she’s sick?” 

The thought propels him forward, peeking under every bench and bush in the little square block park. “Mr. Pants! Meow if you can hear me buddy!”

He pulls out the can of cat food and taps loudly on it, but there’s no response. With a worried whine, he jogs back to their regular spot to call again, and over to the empty playground on the opposite corner. 

“Mr. Pants! Where- oh.” 

There’s Mr. Pants, in the arms of the prettiest man he’s ever seen. 

“Hey! Uhh, hey-” 

“Hey,” the man laughs, a light sound that presses his eyes into sparkly half moons. 

“That’s uh, my cat. I mean, not my cat, but…”

“It’s your cat but it’s not your cat?” 

The pretty smile unnerves him, as does the sight of Mr. Pants cuddled up with someone else. The instinct to snatch her away is quelled by the determination to not make a fool of himself.

“Yeah I-, that’s Mr. Pants, I- every day-”

“Mr. Pants? But she’s a girl.”

“Yeah, no I know, I mean I know now, but at first I wasn’t really… you know, uh, checking. So I didn’t know and I’d already been calling her Mr. Pants…”

He can’t tell if the smile on the guy’s face is amused or judgemental, but either way it’s making it hard to speak. 

“You’ve been visiting her every day?” 

Namjoon nods and swallows hard, squatting down beside him to pet Mr. Pants, who basks in all the attention. “I bring her breakfast.” 

The man bursts into loud laughter, head tossed back to the morning sun. “I do too! Socks, you scammer.”


“Yeah, that’s her name.”

“What the hell kind of socks are those,” Namjoon scoffs without thinking, looking at the white fur that comes all the way up her legs to her tail. 

“Thigh-highs,” he retorts with a sharpness that makes Namjoon’s stomach go weak. “Better than ‘Mr. Pants’, what the hell kind of name is that.”

“A good one!” Namjoon argues, a little too loud like he tends to get. “She’s got pants on, clearly!” 

“They’re thigh-highs!” he yells back, giggles over taking him when they glare at each other. 

Namjoon shakes his head and grins. “Ridiculous, that we’re yelling about her pants-”

“Her thigh-highs-”

“-her pants while she gets all the attention and double breakfast every day.” 

He gives Namjoon a tilt of his head and kisses the cat between her ears. “Maybe you should give me your number so we can coordinate feeding times.”

A flutter and twist in Namjoon's stomach, disbelief at the gentle boldness. He's never been able to be so forward; not well, anyway. “I- oh. Yeah that’s, that’s a good idea.” 

He smiles at Namjoon like he knows exactly how flustered he’s made him, with his pink lips and pink hair and little nose and muscular body. 

“You live around here, I guess?” 

Namjoon watches him type his number on his phone, followed by a buzz and message, Hi! It’s Jimin :)

“Jimin,” he says softly. 

“That’s me.” 

A coy smile, sparkly eyes that only barely balance the knowing little lip bite. 

“I’m Namjoon,” he answers, reaching for Mr. Pants to distract him. “And yeah I live like, two blocks that way.” 

“I live two blocks that way,” Jimin grins, pointing in the opposite direction. 

It gets quiet for an awkward moment, both of them petting their mutual cat friend and trying not to bump fingers. Namjoon begins to panic, fuzzy brain refusing to supply any conversation topics. 

“On your way to work, I’m assuming?” 

Namjoon glances down at his dress shirt and tie. “Yeah! Yeah, I work at a clinic around the corner.” 

“Oh, a doctor,” Jimin hums, impressed. 

He shakes his head. “Nah. Just the receptionist.” 

Pretty laughter bubbles from Jimin’s lips. “Still doing better than me, I work at the Seven Eleven down that way,” he sighs, motioning across the park. “Shitty job.”

“Aren’t they all?” Namjoon sighs with him, both of them back to watching their hands smooth over soft fur, Mr. Pants or Socks’ tail beginning to twitch in irritation at all the touch. 

Annoyed finally, she wiggles around to bite at Jimin’s fingers and runs off, disappearing into the thick bushes. Nothing to distract them now, Namjoon peeks up at Jimin and gives him a tight-lipped smile. 

He tips his head and smiles back, rubbing at his bitten finger. “Have you tried that noodle shop?” he asks, nodding at the building across from them. 

“Nah, not yet. I hear they’re good though,” he lies. He hasn’t heard a single thing about them. 

“Do you want to try it? With me? Tonight, maybe?” Jimin giggles and Namjoon is amazed, wondering what he did to deserve this gorgeous human asking him out to dinner. 

He blinks, a little stunned. He’s never been hit on so blatantly before, never been hit on by someone he actually wants to be hit on by, now that he's thinking about it. He’s not quite sure what to do with himself.

“Yeah, yeah I do,” he says in dreamy tones that make Jimin smile bigger. “Um. I’m done with work at five, so…” 

“So 6:30?” 

“Okay! Yeah. 6:30.” 

Jimin smiles up at him when he stands and brushes the cat hair off his black pants. “Have a good day at work, Namjoon.” 




“Babe? Where’s the coffee?” 

There’s a note of panic in Namjoon’s groggy voice that makes Jimin giggle. He strolls into the kitchen and yawns, carrying a brown and tan striped cat tummy up like a baby, white fuzzy legs sticking up in the air. “There’s a new bag in the top shelf.” 

“Oh, thank god,” he mumbles, grabbing two mugs and placing them on the counter beside the coffee pot. He gives the cats paw a squish. "Happy birthday, Boots! We brought you home a year ago today, how do you feel? Any special words?" He holds an invisible microphone up to her face and smiles when it makes Jimin laugh.

Boots, named after weeks of debate, ignores him and wiggles out of Jimin's hold in anticipation of her reason for living: breakfast. Jimin sets Boots on the floor and scoops a cup of dry food into her bowl before wrapping himself around Namjoon, eyes shut as he buries his face in his chest. For a minute they just stand there in a sleepy embrace, listening to the coffee percolate and the crunch of cat food below.

With a big sigh, Namjoon kisses the top of his head, pulls back just a bit and thinks better of it, pulling Jimin back into his arms. It makes Jimin giggle in delight with a happy nuzzle against his warm skin. Their eyes fall closed again, Jimin’s fingers caressing over the sensitive spot at the base of Namjoon’s spine. 

After a minute, Jimin bursts into laughter. “Are you seriously getting hard right now?” 

He grunts when Jimin presses their hips harder together. “You know that spot gets me all- all- fuck,” he sighs when Jimin bites his lip and massages at his dick through his boxers. 

Jimin leans up to kiss him, hand working its way into his underwear to stroke him properly. 

The slip of silky fur between their ankles pulls them apart, laughing when Boots meows up at them. 

“Why does she never want us to fuck!” Jimin giggles. 

“Seriously! When she’s the one who brought us together in the first place,” Namjoon grumbles, leaning down to pick Boots up and rub his cheek against her fur. “Finish your breakfast, asshole,” Namjoon mutters with a kiss to her head before placing her back in front of her food bowl. 

He turns to Jimin and tugs him closer, groping at his ass. “And you...” he hums, unable to finish the thought, lips too busy on Jimin’s as they stumble back to the bedroom. 

They fall back to the bed, a mess of limbs and sighs and wet kisses as their bodies strain against each other and muss up the sheets. Namjoon tugs Jimin’s underwear down his thighs and tosses them away, throwing one of Jimin’s legs over his hip so he can scoot closer and wrap both of their cocks in his hand. 

The pretty sounds Jimin makes thrill down his spine as always, driving the need to give him more and more as they kiss and sigh against each other’s lips. 

“Oh my fucking god.” Namjoon goes completely still. 

Bewildered and disoriented, Jimin looks up at where Namjoon’s eyes are fixed. Boots is sitting on the corner of the nightstand, peering down at them with curious disdain, tail flicking.

The giggles overtake him until he shakes silently, flopping over Namjoon. “Why is she like this!”

“I don‘t care if she is just a cat, it cannot be good for her mental well-being to see her parents like this.” Namjoon crawls over Jimin who is lost in laughter again. 

“Go get it!” Namjoon chucks her catnip toy into the living room and sets her down in that direction, closing the door behind her with a huff. The music of Jimin's laughter behind him makes it hard to be annoyed.

Turning back to the bed, he hums in appreciation of the sight. Jimin, hair messy, legs spread with his chubby cock pointed up toward his stomach. He smiles at him, knowing well how much Namjoon loves the sight of him. 

“Bring that big dick back over here,” Jimin says, wiggling a little when Namjoon crawls over him, thick thighs bracing around his. 

Namjoon curves forward for more kisses, cupping his hands around the back of Jimin’s neck and pressing his pink lips wider. "Mmm. Do you know how much I love you?"

A giggle, a nip at his bottom lip and Jimin pretends to think hard. "A lot, maybe?" Holding them together, Jimin grinds his cock up against Namjoon’s, a bit slick with precum. 

“Ooh, fuck baby-“

A scratch at the door. Another. And another, followed by a frenzy of scratches and loud, pitiful mewls muffled in the hallway. 

“Just ignore her,” Jimin laughs, cupping his palm over the head of Namjoon’s cock and massaging in circles until he shakes and collapses to his chest. 

The meows are incessant, the soft scrape of claws on wood, the occasional wiggle of a furry paw under the door. 

However, Jimin is very good at making Namjoon forget about anything that exists beside Jimin. Dragging knuckles over Namjoon’s sensitive nipples, Jimin wraps Namjoon’s hand over his to jerk them off together. Namjoon sighs low and collapses to one elbow, caging Jimin’s plump bottom lip between his teeth as he comes all over Jimin’s stomach. 

He bats Jimin’s hand away and strokes him fast, pausing abruptly before resuming pace in the way he’s learned makes Jimin lose control. He sucks wet kisses to Jimin's neck. "Feel good, baby?"

Deep groans and pretty mewls, he's too overcome to answer, breath stuttering in his chest before he comes in Namjoon's hand. 

His body twinges in arousal. So familiar. He knows when he looks up Jimin will have one nipple pinched between his fingers, riding out the pleasure as long as he can. It makes him smile, knowing Jimin in his habits and endless tiny surprises. 

Jimin doesn’t ask why Namjoon is grinning down at him, just shuts his eyes and reaches to pull him back down. They catch their breath with soft, lazy kisses and fond smiles, Jimin laughing at how sweaty Namjoon always gets but cuddling into him anyway. 

Boots has resorted to pitiful, tiny meows, one paw shoved under the door to feel around and then the other. Namjoon scoops Jimin up close from behind and kisses the back of his shoulder, both of them watching the feline spectacle with exasperated chuckles. 

“Why is she like this? Do we need to get her those puzzle toys? Is she lacking ‘mental stimulation’ or whatever?”

Jimin giggles and kisses the back of Namjoon’s hand. “You know… maybe we need to get her a friend. Another cat could keep her company.” 

He can tell by the way Jimin is trying so very hard to keep his tone casual that it’s a subject Jimin has wanted to bring up for a while now. As usual, he can’t miss the opportunity to tease him. 

“Hmm. You want two cats? In this little apartment?” 

“Two cats is hardly any more trouble than one cat! And it’s not like their food is sooo expensive or anything!” Jimin shifts around in his arms, eyes suddenly wide and pleading.

"Two cats is double the potential vet bills, you know. Double the poop to scoop up, not to mention..."

Jimin shoves him down by the shoulders and forces him to look him in his big sad eyes. “I'll do extra cat litter duty! Come on, you know you'd love another cat. Think about how cute they’d be cuddling together! Think about all the uninterrupted sex we could have with Boots distracted by her new cat friend.”

Namjoon tries to keep his expression serious and hmms again. “Well… you know, if we adopted one today, we’d only have to remember one cat birthday…” 

His eyes pop wide. With a wiggle of joy, Jimin leaps out of bed. “Let’s go to the animal shelter! Get your ass in the shower!” 




“This one,” Jimin says, big pleading eyes up at Namjoon. 

The sight makes him smile. Jimin knows Namjoon would agree to anything to make him happy but that doesn’t stop him from resorting to desperate measures of charm and cuteness every time. 

“This one, huh?” Namjoon squats down to pet the massive calico cat that flopped itself into Jimin’s lap. 

He looks up at the introduction cards on the wall. “Looks like she’s eight years old… someone found her wandering behind the supermarket. Poor thing.”

“She was definitely someone’s pet before,” Jimin says, smiling at her affectionate begging for more head scratches. 

“Yeah,” Namjoon snorts, sitting on the floor beside him. “No stray is that uh, well-fed.” 

“Hush,” Jimin laughs, giving him a scolding frown. “She’s so calm, I think she’d be great with Boots."

"Yeah, a good role model for Boots' weird ass." The big calico gives his hand a polite sniff and turns back to Jimin.

"Can we get her? Do you love her? I love her.” 

“Put that lip back,” Namjoon chuckles, poking Jimin’s pouty bottom lip back into his mouth. “Yeah baby, we can get her. You two clearly have a bond going on.” 

“Aw, are you jealous?”

He’s joking, but honestly, Namjoon is a little jealous. It's a dumb thing to worry about, but he’s always been a little self conscious that Boots gravitates to Jimin more, that cats never seem to love him as much as he loves them. It's always been like that, cats ignore his outstretched hand in favor of Jimin's, even as a kid their family cat never slept with him, always seeking out his sister.

With a tight smile, he watches her curl up tighter in Jimin's lap. “Nah, nah, I’m used to it. If she loves you then I love her, right?” 

A look of concern passes over Jimin’s face. Namjoon regrets as always the fact that he's so bad at hiding his feelings, looking away when Jimin opens his mouth to say something, but suddenly, tiny paws interrupt. 

“Oh,” Namjoon jolts a little in surprise. A scrawny black kitten beelines for him, tumbling over his foot to bat gently at his shoelaces before wiggling its butt back to pounce. It launches itself at Namjoon’s necklace and tumbles down to his lap, making Jimin laugh at the loud yelp from Namjoon. Distracted with chewing on the edge of his shirt, the kitten stays in his lap and stares up at him. 

So tiny he nearly fits in Namjoon’s hand, he’s quickly lulled into to purring, curled up the crook of Namjoon’s arm and kneading clumsy at his stomach. 

Jimin’s already got a knowing smirk on his face when Namjoon looks up.

Holding the kitten tighter, Namjoon puts on his best look of nonchalance; “You know, three cats really isn’t much more than two…”