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Addicted to black

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Jimin hated being an omega.

Not only he was physically weaker, but omega had always been looked down upon by society, been sexualized so much so that it was almost a stereotype. Although in this day and age omega had many rights, almost equal with alpha and beta, but the 'prejudice' that omega has always suffered was a never ending problem. Of course in a more civilized world, omega may not have to suffer so many things, but Jimin didn’t live in that world.

Park Jimin served in his family's diner, which his father started before Jimin was born, in a suburban residential area. Nowadays, with the speed of urbanization, the city was growing more and more, and the deserted residential area became crowded. However, it had never been the central area, the customers in the shop were usually working people, and there were a lot of rude old men.

Jimin hated being an omega.

His whole family, from his great-great-grandfather, to his younger brother Jihyun, were all betas. The hard-working betas, didn’t emit pheromones to attract attention and were also not too excellent for others to pay attention. His beta father married a beta mother, they must have thought they would have some normal beta children, until they held the smaller, much smaller omega baby in their hands. A baby who cried more than usual, and needed more care than usual. Raising an omega was a problem for a lower-middle-class family. An omega needed more special care, needed to take medicines, needed more attention because damn it when research showed that the vast majority of omega were more fragile not only physically but also mentally. And damnly more when Jimin tried to pretend he wasn't, but a loud shout from his parents made him wary forever.

"Your hips are illegal!" A guy gulped while saying.

"Your cute butt is best fit on my lap!" Added another guy in the same table.

It all made Jimin disgusted. Touching an omega when they don’t consent meant breaking the law, but apart from actually touching, verbal harassment was hardly punishable, especially in a small family diner, where most people come to eat barbecue and drink beer, they can't even control their words. And Jimin also didn’t want his family situation to be more difficult. His father passed away three years ago when he was hit by a car while on the way to pick up Jihyun. Since then his mother had been constantly ill, and Jihyun had closed himself off. Jimin was seventeen years old, after school, he went home to take care of the shop. He worried about food, goods, expenses, extra tuition for Jihyun, medical expenses for his mother and himself, rent... It all came down onto Jimin. He didn't think an omega like him could handle it. If he wasn't an omega who always harbored a negative instinct for caring, Jimin would have given up a long time ago.

Jimin smiled, "If you like me so much, you really have to come back and drink." Jimin did it, despite the trade-off of taking all kinds of pills, not only suppresants but also anti-depressant, vitamins, auxiliary things so that he won't explode even at the end of the day when he sat down on the mattress all Jimin wanted was to be able to have some quiet hours for himself, but his mother's coughing made Jimin anxious and he took some more pills and he went to boil hot water to make coffee and he sat by his mother's bed until he fell asleep for a few hours and then he again got up and made breakfast for Jihyun so that the two brothers can go to school together.

If there’s any rich alpha right now to marry, I'm probably gonna throw myself at them, Jimin often thought. But social stratification had made wealthy alphas prefer to marry beta rather than marry an unequal omega. Though, it wasn’t like no one has ever noticed Jimin, he was still a young omega after all, his appearance was not unsightly. When his father was still alive and Jimin was still studying ballet, young alphas knelt at Jimin's feet just to be able to accompany him home after school. It was because of his omega inferiority complex that Jimin felt he could not face an alpha because the anger in his heart was too big. After his father died, Jimin became more and more frustrated, making him a quiet and reserved person.




One afternoon Jimin returned home, found his house devastated. "Mom, mom," he rushed to his mother's room, panicked, seeing her still lying on the bed, the room looked as if someone had rummaged through it. His mother's hair was messy and she turned to the side when she heard Jimin.

"What happened? Has anyone come here?" He lifted his mother to bring her back to the right position, pulling his hand to adjust the bedspread.

"The creditors..." she whispered.

"Didn't I always pay on time?" Jimin said worriedly. "Why did they come?"

"I don't know... But those... The people who came here weren't Taewoo's... They said they took over everything from Taewoo... And wanted us to pay again..."

"What is this nonsense?" Jimin was angry. "Did they do anything to you? Are you okay?"

"I'm fine ..." She said, then coughed up again. Jimin poured water for his mom to drink, thinking about whether he should close the diner for a day and go pick Jihyun up himself, his brother was only in 6th grade, he felt it was unsafe for Jihyun to go home by himself. But their family's diner only opens from 6pm to 12pm, with this situation Jimin cannot afford a day without income.

"Rest, I'll go pick up Jihyun. I'll take care of this, don't worry." Jimin took the jacket and rushed to the door, if he left now he would make it in time to prepare tables and chairs and snacks.


"I can go home by myself," his brother said irritably when he saw Jimin waiting at the school gate while the boy was chatting with his friends.

"Not today, hurry, you don't have time." Jimin took Jihyun's hand and pulled him away quickly. Jimin felt a sense of uneasiness in him that he could not explain why, just that Jimin had never felt so unsafe like this, even though he was pretty sure - as an omega - all his life there was a lot of of unsafeness.

The two of them returned home just in time when a strange group of men with iron rods smashed into their door. They came because they knew I'm back, Jimin thought, relieved that his mother was safe in the house, Jimin grabbed hold of Jihyun's shoulder with one hand and pulled his brother behind him.

"What are you doing?" Jimin raised his voice.

"Well, look what we have here?" One of them turned to look. They had four people, and all were betas. That way I can still talk, Jimin felt more secure, if an alpha was presented, everything will go down in an unpredictable way and I will not be able to control it.

"Stay away from my house." He continued, Jihyun was still pinned on his back.

"Your house? Is this little omega the head of this family?" The men look at each other. "Baby, what do you say about this month's missing money? Namjoon hyung doesn't like people who are late."

"I don't know who Namjoon hyung is, I've paid Taewoo enough for this month!"

"That Taewoo dared to run away with our money, after he was nearly beaten to death by Namjoon hyung, Big Brother really crushed his stupid head, dude thought it was easy to deceive my hyung with his piles of fake drugs. We will find him, though." One spoke up. "From now on, this area will be controlled by Big Brother Namjoon, and baby, you have to pay us. It's not our fault Taewoo took your money and ran away."

"But I have already paid, really! Another sum this month... I don't know where to get it! Please, I have a mother, she is seriously ill, and a younger brother... He's still in school." Jimin begged, trying his best to pretend to be a weak omega, so maybe they would step back, if omega had any advantage in this life it would be just that.

"Why don't you use that cute pretty mouth to make money?" They all bursted out laughing. Jimin's face heated up. He was so used to those words, but for Jihyun to hear other people talk to his brother like that, his hatred for the world became even bigger. A tear streamed down his face.

"Please, at the very least... I will pay double next month? Okay? I really don't have any money now..." Jimin did his best to prevent his body from trembling with every tear, but it was really hard, damn omega, crying like a slut even when no one has touched him. Jihyun's tiny fist clutching tightly at Jimin's shirt, the two brothers kept clinging to each other.

The guy holding the iron bar banged a CLANG on the door, then took a step near Jimin and Jihyun, causing the brothers to wince.

"Remember, we'll be back. Who would be so cold-blooded to let such a pretty little omega cry like this." The four of them laughed again and went past the two brothers.

A moment later, after they were gone, the neighbors came out to comfort. Poor you, Why don't they give this widow's family a break, Look how young the boys are, It must be really hard for an omega,... All their pitiful words ran through Jimin's ears, he stood still for a while until his soul regained consciousness, he then thanked everyone for worrying, pulled Jihyun into the house, turned on warm water for the boy to bathe, instructed him to take rice from the kitchen and bring the tray into mother's room so they could eat together, reminded him to wash the dishes and do his homework. Then Jimin went to his room to take his medicines, and after that quickly ran to the diner prepare for opening.




"Is there anyone who can explain to me why there's short on money today?" The alpha in the middle of the room spoke. He sat on the sofa, holding a cigar, between his thighs an omega woman moving her head up and down.

"We went to ask twice..." One of the men said. "But that house has nothing..."

"Did I teach you if a house doesn't have anything you can go back empty-handed? Should I at least have one finger or an ear?" The Alpha said sharply.

"But..." The man started mumbling. The alpha put his free hand on the omega's head and pressed down hard, then growled a satisfied sound.

"But?" The Alpha continued.

"But that house... The head of the household is a tiny omega... And we... That omega was crying and crying and we felt so bad we didn't know what to do..."

It seemed that this sparks the alpha interest. He straightened, "Omega?"

"We thought there were all betas, and if that area has omegas, it wouldn't be able to go around making money to pay off such debt. But that house, it was nearly crushed, the old woman can't even hold a proper breath, and the beta brother is as small as a fetus. Namjoon hyung you know, if omegas were crying we would feel so bad, moreover, the omega had a boy behind him and his omega tears were running down his face, his face were so, so red..."

"Is he a whore or something?"

"No, probably not. He's about 15, 16 years old. The people around there said he's still going to school and takes care of a diner in the area that you just took over. That dog Taewoo seemed to like him, intended to wait until he is old enough to woo, so no one has ever touched him."

Namjoon said nothing more, he put the cigar in his mouth and took another breath. After a while, he said, "Keep asking for his rent, take down his house if he doesn't pay, but do not touch him. Find out if he has any girlfriend or boyfriend, virgin or not, ask around for me."

"For... for what, hyung...? You like him...?"

Namjoon slipped his hand into the hair of the omega beneath him, gripped it and pulled her up.

"Big boss' birthday is coming, how can I give him something like this?"