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Midnight Visitors

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Your eyes shot open to the familiar jolt of your body trying to wake you up, almost like those moments just before sleep, when it feels like you’re falling and your body instantly reacts, to wake you up and reassure you you’re not dead.

But you hadn’t been falling.

You were lying on your back, staring up at the textured ceiling of your room that always reminded you of popcorn. You went to roll over, or at least commanded your body to, and got no response from your physical being. Turn your head, look at the clock,you thought, but you couldn’t. You were frozen. Perfect.

Your eyes scanned your dark bedroom, the only light came in the form of passing taxis and cars in the streets outside your window, in fleeting bursts that illuminated your room for a fragment of a second, allowing you to observe the furniture and décor before they were swallowed up by the darkness again.

That’s when you saw them.

You thought you were dreaming at first, and immediately assumed they were just coats hanging off the back of your door, a blanket thrown over your reading chair that simply looked like a person. You’re dreaming idiot, there’s nothing there.

Then they moved.

Slowly, at first. Enough to make you double take and question if you really were still dreaming. Your body was still heavy and limp, your mind still foggy as you tried to pull yourself out of the void it was trapped in. If only you could reach over and turn on your bedside lamp, you’d see that there’s nothing there, the creepy shadows would disappear.

But they took another step forward, growing larger as they came closer.

It’s just distorted shadows from the moving headlights outside, you told yourself. You immediately closed your eyes and tried to let sleep take you back, but your heart was already hammering in your chest, every fiber of your being telling you no, this wasn’t just a figment of your imagination.

A few minutes passed, and you worked up the courage to open your eyes again, peering towards the corner of your room where the shadowy figures stood. Now? They were even closer, just a few feet from your bed. Your heart raced, pulse pounding in your ear and why the fuck can’t I get up oh my god there’s definitely someone in my room.

Another burst of light from headlights outside briefly illuminated your room, along with two pairs of red eyes.

Oh fuck.

Were these demons? The ones that haunted victims of sleep paralysis late in the night? No, it can’t be, you wracked your brain. You’d gotten a glimpse of their full forms thanks to the lights outside, they were definitely human, or at least appeared to be. To your surprise, there was an air of familiarity about them, like you’d seen them before. Your mind immediately began flipping through everywhere you went this week like a book, skimming over all the possible times you could have come across such a… unique… pair of individuals.

Each wore a similar grey-toned outfit, and each donned a matching, long grey cloak. The intricate details on their collars and vests didn’t scream 21st century fashion, they almost looked ready for a renaissance festival, aside from the obvious lack of color to their wardrobe. The only differences between the two were obvious, one figure stood more on the lean side, shorter, with lighter brown hair styled up with gel. He was dwarfed tremendously by the figure next to him. This one was much larger. His hair was darker and he was incredibly masculine, he had to be at least seven feet tall, you gauged, with broad shoulders; he looked like he could easily reach up and punch a hole through your ceiling. There had to be a reason you recognized them, no way would you have forgotten those outfits that looked like they belonged to another century.

Your observations were interrupted by a small noise, was that a whisper? You could have sworn one of them whispered, but it was too quiet for you to hear. The larger shadow moved, shoulders rising and falling as if it were laughing at something, and your suspicions were confirmed when you heard the low laughter that came from his direction.

What the fuck is going on, you wracked your brain for answers. Surely this was a dream, your body was still heavy and immobile, and the fog in your mind hadn’t seemed to clear either, only become a more muddled mess of thoughts as you tried to put together the situation you were in.

Another car passed. Headlights illuminated a toothy grin in the darkness, and it hit you.

You did know them.

At least, you had seen them before. You could never forget that dazzling smile that belonged to the larger figure. It was only a few days ago, you had hurried to the platform to catch your train home, and hadn’t managed to get a firm grip on the rail overhead before the car lurched forward on the tracks. You toppled forward, into the lap of a very large and handsome stranger. Your face was undoubtedly as red as a fire hydrant, and you apologized profusely as you struggled to regain your balance. A large, firm hand on your back helped steady you, and he reassured you that it was fine, followed by a smile and a wink that had you blushing again, and you looked away to hide your already-obvious embarrassment. You’d fought your urges to sneak a few glances back at him, only because you knew if you did, you’d find him looking right back at you, for you could feel his eyes burning a hole in your back the entire ride home.

You had to turn and face him again when your stop had arrived, and you got one last look at him. He wasn’t alone, next to him sat another man who was much smaller in comparison, but just as breathtakingly gorgeous. Your eyes briefly met the larger man’s – they had been a deep brown this day, contacts? – and you smiled, nodding (why the hell did you nod, idiot?) before scooting around another passenger to get to the doors. You’d never seen the two men again after that.

At least, not until now.

Now, they loomed over the foot of your bed, looking far more ominous than they did under the fluorescent lighting of the subway car. This must be a dream, I’m just dreaming of two hot guys I saw earlier this week. It happens all the time…you tried to reason. People dream about faces they’ve never seen, people they’ve never met, how irrational is it that you’d be dreaming about two people you HAVE seen? Not very, you concluded. Besides, even if these two attractive men were really standing in your bedroom…

No, you immediately pushed the thought away before you could even begin to entertain it. You were a sane person, who would be horrified to see that two men had broken into your apartment in the middle of the night. There was nothing attractive about this situation whatsoever. These are only figments of my imagination, maybe they ARE a weird sex dream I made up but nothing more, because if they were real then by now one of them would have spo –

“You were right Felix, she does smell good.”

The clear voice cut through the silence like a sword and yanked you away from your thoughts. All remaining hope and reason you had to explain their presences away as dreams were shot dead on the spot. At this point you couldn’t tell if it was the sleep paralysis that still held you in place or the fear that now coursed through your veins. Another low chuckle came from the darkness, from the one you assumed to be Felix, before his deep voice sounded.

“I told you so.”

You SMELL GOOD? What the fuck were they talking about? You opened your mouth to speak – what you’d even say at this point you had no clue – but the words wouldn’t come to you. All you could do was lie still and watch them, waiting as the seconds ticked by to see what they would do next. It wasn’t long before the other figure, the smaller one, spoke again.

“Why don’t you go first, you called dibs on her after all.”

You could hear the playful tune in his voiced and your stomach turned.


The larger figure – Felix – began to move around the edge of the bed, closer to where your head laid, his cloak billowing behind him as he closed the distance in a few strides. You watched helplessly as his gigantic figure stood over you, unable to make out his features in the dark. One of his hands began to slowly remove a leather glove from the other, and finally, finally, a sound escaped your throat as a large hand reached for your face. It was nothing more than a small whimper, but it was all you could muster, and it clearly amused him because another chuckled rumbled through his chest as his hand made contact with your face.

It was cold, ice cold, like he’d left his hand in a freezer for an hour. It was enough to send a shiver through your body, but not enough to make you move like you so desperately wished you could. You were nothing more than a statue, lying at the mercy of the two strangers that stood over you. He gently stroked your cheek with his knuckles before cupping your face in his hand. You could feel his fingers in your hair, his hand was so large it nearly encompassed your whole head. He could easily squeeze you too hard and your brain would probably come out of your nose like soft serve ice cream. He leaned down, bringing his face closer, his lips hovering above yours as you he inhaled deeply before whispering quietly, in a low voice that dripped from his lips like honey:

“La tua cantante”

…What is this a fucking language lesson? Even more questions piled up in your mind that you couldn’t vocalize, leaving you just as confused as you were terrified. You stared up at him, into his crimson red eyes, and you began to make out his features. His shaggy, dark locks that hung down and brushed against your forehead, his strong jawline, his lips that curled up into a smirk – or was that a snarl?

His hand slid down and clutched your jaw, tilting your head to the side and exposing your neck to him. You managed a small grunt of discomfort, and looked up to see his… friend? Partner? Now standing at the side of your bed opposite Felix, his eyes watching you with something that resembled lust, but much darker. Your heart rate increased even more and you thought it was going to burst out of your chest as Felix’s lips moved just centimeters from your neck. You closed your eyes, shielding yourself from the intense stare on his friend’s face, and braced yourself for whatever Felix was about to do.

Something touched your skin, something wet – his tongue? – and slowly moved up the length of your neck.  A loud moan echoed throughout the darkness of your room. You heard the two men chuckle and your eyes shot open as you realized the sound hadn’t come from either of them.

It came from you.

“I think she liked that, Felix.”

As if in response to his friend’s remark, Felix brought his mouth back to the bottom of your neck, slowly dragging his tongue back up to your ear. This time you felt the vibrations in your throat as another particularly loud moan escaped your lips. You felt Felix’s lips curl up into a smile against your ear, and a growl erupted from his throat. Moving his hand down and resting it on your collar, his lips returned to your neck, sucking gently at the soft flesh. Your chest heaved as you gasped for air, squeezing your eyes shut and concentrating on something, anything, besides the man that was attacking your neck… and how good it was starting to feel. Focusing on your hands, you tried to wiggle your fingers, silently begging your body to wake up. Slowly, you began to sense feeling in your fingers again as they started to move. YES! Moving to your toes next, you began curling and flexing them, trying to bring yourself out of the paralysis. All the while you were shamelessly moaning into Felix’s ear as his lips ravaged your neck, whether it was because you were truly enjoying it or trying to keep up the rouse so he wouldn’t notice you coming to, you weren’t sure anymore. That line had become blurred.

Finally, your wrist twitched and it was like lightning struck your body, bringing you out of your frozen state like Mary Shelley’s monster coming to life. Curling your palm upwards, you remembered the self-defense class you took with a friend a few years ago. Palm to the chin, then run, you told yourself, and thrusted your hand up towards his face.

Your hand made contact with something hard, his jaw you thought, only harder like a rock. You yelped as pain surged through your hand as you struck him. Not a square-on hit, but he still jumped back in shock at your sudden movement. Good enough, you thought, and pushed yourself off the mattress, leaping forward and throwing your blanket to the side as you jumped from the bed.

Your freedom was short-lived, painfully so, as something snatched you out of the air before your feet could hit the floor. Your back slammed against something hard and a hand clamped down over your mouth before you could even think to scream. You squirmed against what you now registered as an arm around you, and you remembered there had been two men in your room. Fucking idiot, you cursed to yourself. Still, you weren’t going down without a fight, and even if these men could overpower and kill you with ease, you’d make sure to give them hell while they tried. Your vocal chords finally working, you screamed against the icy hand over your mouth as you continued to fight against the arm that held you. Surely this one man couldn’t be this strong, right?With just one arm around you, he should be having a harder time holding you this still…

He pulled you effortlessly back onto the bed, propping you upright on your knees and brought you face-to-face with Felix, who looked surprisingly… not mad? He lightly rubbed the spot on his jaw where your palm had struck him and grinned, a mischievous look in his eyes. He yanked his other glove off before removing his cloak, letting it fall to the floor where he stood before kneeling on the bed and closing in on you. Still trapped by his friend, you had nowhere to go. Struggling again against the other man’s hold, you begged against the hand covering your mouth for mercy.

“No, no, no, please…” was all you could choke out, before a gentle voice from behind was in your ear.

“Shhh,” the man holding you cooed, his thumb rubbing circles over the skin of your arm. You felt his cold lips – Why were they both so cold? – against your cheek as he began to leave tender kisses on your skin, down your neck, and over your exposed shoulder, as if he was trying to comfort you in the middle of this now very real nightmare.

You didn’t want to cry, that was the last thing you wanted to do as you faced the man in front of you, who you were sure would kill you now. But your vision blurred as the tears brimmed in your waterline and you had to blink them away, letting them roll down your cheeks. Now Felix was comforting you, his friend moving his hand off your mouth as Felix took your face in his. Brushing your tears away with his thumbs, he pressed his lips to your forehead, quietly shushing you as you continued to sob.

“Please,” you mumbled as he gently stroked your cheeks with his thumbs. “Please…”

You couldn’t think of anything else to say. What would you say? Please don’t kill me? Something inside you told you the plans they had for you would be worse than death, and you’d probably be wishing they’d kill you.

“Look at me, little one.” Felix spoke, addressing you for the first time. You opened your eyes, not realizing you had squeezed them shut when he edged closer to you, and you looked up at him. He eyed you with a rueful grin, and now you really thought you were going crazy. He broke into your apartment and attacked you, and now he was feeling guilty?

“Who the hell are you… what do you want?” you blubbered. If you were going to die, they were at least going to give you answers first. You twitched as you felt his friend’s lips graze the base of your neck, he was still peppering kisses on your skin. He wasn’t holding you in restraint anymore, instead his arms were gently wrapped around your waist, squeezing and massaging your hips with his hands.

“I think you know what we are,” Felix answered, and you noted the change in pronouns in his response. It’s true, you had assumed they weren’t regular humans from the get-go, they couldn’t be with those red eyes (although you did originally wonder if they were just heavily into the goth scene), and ice cold skin, the comments on how you “smelled good”. You’d been trying to piece it together while you were frozen still and then you realized… they had already been inside your apartment before you woke up. Surely if they were any kind of nosey they would have noticed the copious amounts of vampire books and media on your shelves…

You didn’t answer Felix, just stared into his crimson eyes as the realization finally washed over you and he smirked, as if he knew that you knew.

“You’re gonna kill me,” you mumbled, almost entirely resigning to your fate. There weren’t exactly many other options that explained why a pair of vampires broke into your apartment in the dead of night.

“On the contrary,” Felix began, dismissing your comment with a wave of his hand. “It would be a shame to destroy such a mouthwatering little human in one go like feral animals. We do have more manners than that.”

You furrowed your brows and he leaned down so his face was level with yours. Stroking your cheek with the back of his hand again, he repeated the same phrase from earlier.

“La tua cantante.”

“Are you gonna tell me what that means or are you just going to keep repeating yourself?” you huffed, irritation beginning to overpower your other emotions. Felix’s stern expression cracked, and he chortled at your frustration.

“My little blood singer,” he mused, taking your chin in his hand. “I’ve heard and even seen so many others find their blood singers, and so many carelessly destroyed them in a frenzy when the taste should have been savored,” he paused, letting you take in what he was saying before he continued. “Your blood sings to me little one, it is too delicious to resist, and yet, too unique to let it go to waste. Even Demetri could smell it on the train.”

As if on cue, Demetri – you now had a name to the other man’s face – lightly nipped at your neck, causing you to jump in his arms. Both laughed at your reaction, but it didn’t ease the pit in your stomach.

“If you’re not gonna kill me… then what are you doing here…” you trailed off, slowly putting together what Felix had said about “blood singers” and “needing to be savored.”

As if it were trying to escape the hungry vampires, the blood drained from your face.

“Wait –“ you started, but were cut off as Felix’s hand moved to grasp your throat. Your eyes bulged, and you felt Demetri’s arms instinctively tighten around you again.

“Shhh,” Felix silenced you, his lips ghosting over yours. “I said we wouldn’t kill you, and I meant it little one. I promise to make this just as enjoyable for you, as it will be for us.”

You whimpered in his grip again as he tilted your head to the side, moving your hair out of the way as he placed on more tender kiss on your neck, your pulse throbbing beneath his lips, and he growled hungrily.

“Keep her distracted Demetri.” He commanded, as he began kissing your neck.

“Pff, like you aren’t doing that already – OH!” your sass was interrupted as Demetri slid a cold hand up your bare thigh and underneath your nightgown. Felix grinned against your neck, either from your comment or your response to Demetri’s sudden touch, you couldn’t tell. Truthfully, you didn’t know where the balls to make such a comment came from, maybe it was your “already accepted fate” mindset that decided if you were going to (most likely) die tonight, what’s stopping you from speaking your mind? And, if you were being truthful, would you even mind if this is how you died? Other people died from far more… boring… causes. Car crash, heart attack, fire… but how many died at the hands of two breathtakingly attractive vampires? Maybe you spent a little too much of your spare time reading books and watching movies about vampires, that the very fantasy of it overrode the very rational fear that you should still be feeling. But Felix did promise not to kill you, didn’t he? You weren’t sure why you suddenly decided he could be trusted, when not five minutes ago you had just woken up to find him at the foot of your bed and assumed him to be a serial killer, or worse.

Was this worse? You couldn’t say, or maybe you didn’t want to. Perhaps it was the very truth of what he was – a vampire – that had you handing over your life to him. The very idea that this mythical figure was in your room, and had chosen you, for whatever reason, had stirred something within you. Like a sick, macabre dream that had come true, you silently admitted that this is how you would prefer to go, at the hands of a devastatingly beautiful vampire who was making this experience as erotic as possible.

As you mulled over the current situation, you almost missed Demetri’s hand sliding up your inner thigh, dangerously close to a part of you that was now a live wire, awake and as hungry as the vampires that had you trapped (although you could hardly use that word anymore).

You inhaled sharply, but Demetri’s hand didn’t falter, continuing up your thigh until it cupped the spot between your legs in his hand. Pressing two fingers against you, he gently rubbed your now-aching sex through your underwear, and you leaned back into his arms, suddenly eager for more. He groaned at your response to his touch, and quickened his pace ever so slightly, as he began peppering kisses along your shoulder once more, lightly nipping and sucking on your skin every now and then. It was intoxicating, you wondered if this was why Felix brought him along, if he brought him everywhere he went when he needed to feed, because you had almost forgotten that Felix had also been sucking on your neck, until you felt him open his mouth over your skin.

Immediately, Demetri plunged his hand under the waistband of your underwear, his two fingers sliding down over your clit and coaxing a throaty moan from you, just before Felix’s teeth pierced your skin.