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Cry of the Blood Moon

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Hey y'all! It's Spirit here. I know that I do need to work on updates and all, but I'll get around to them eventually. This is one of my ideas that wants to see the light of day. Besides, I figure it might be fun to do something more in my wheelhouse from time to time.

Abraxus, Sekito, Izailius, and Seishi are my OC's that will be used in this story. They are the main four voices in my head. So, the four I listed are owned by me including any others I decide to involve. I don't allow others to use my OC's unless they are close to me and trustworthy of portraying them well.

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Warnings: There will be mature themes in this. That will include blood, death, eventual smut, same sex relationships, and so on. I usually don't use these, but I'm starting to just in case my stories aren't someone's cup of tea.

Pairing: SasuNaru. Any others will be implied and/or added like usual.

Cry of the Blood Moon

Chapter 1: Crescent

Legends are spoken in the temples, but they are also written down in scriptures. This is merely one tale where there's no telling what will happen next. Some moments might be unpredictable while others may not. It's up to whoever decides to venture onto this path to make the hard choices. Besides, the world is not just black and white. Difficult decisions must be chosen to see the bigger picture. Only time will tell how these individuals of royal blood will carry the torch.


For centuries there have been a wide variety of creatures in this world. There's no limit to the range of the diversity here. Thee is chakra, but it's something more arcane than it; especially in individuals that have been around for an interminable amount of time. There are packs, flocks, covens, etc. that are in a scatter with their positioning throughout the Five Nations. Instead of growing up inside of Konoha has the Uchiha clan dwelling far below the surface level. The vampiric kin need to dwell in dark places. The sunlight is their mortal enemy unfortunately. All in this coven and others use a stone attached to a necklace around the throat to keep themselves from dying in the light. Without this specific stone any of them might turn to ashes within an hour or so in direct path of the blistering light. The Uchiha's are a proud clan, seeming to be impenetrable no matter how hard anyone tries to break through their armor. During today, has the princes waking up. The two sons of King Fugaku and Queen Mikoto have retainers that serve to protect, guide, and teach the two throughout their lives. Itachi, the older of the two at twenty-seven years physically, has a blue haired and skinned man as his retainer. It's spoken that this one by the name of Kisame used to be one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. His great sword that remains in bandages can be seen usually on its sheath on his back. Sasuke, the younger of the two at twenty years of age, has a man by the name of Abraxus as his retainer. It's about time for the retainers to wake up the slumbering leeches due to how it's a quarter past dusk.

Walking down the halls, Abraxus thinks to himself, knowing that things are about to get quite interesting. He has skeletal pale skin, shoulder length black hair, and amber eyes. What he wears is a pair of pristine black robes with gold and ruby trim. On his feet are a pair of leather boots, not particularly liking the commonplace zori that the clan along with others outside of it tend to use. Physically he's about the age of twenty-five while in actuality he's far older than it. Being of a demonic race, he does have certain traits that he keeps underneath his glamor. The description above is what majority see unless they have the third eye and/or true sight. Around his neck, Abraxus has a velvet scarf that he fancies. Approaching the right room, he goes into the door, taking a step or two to stand beside Sasuke's bed. Reaching over, he nudges him with the heel of one of his boots.

Groaning in annoyance, Sasuke rolls onto his side, making Abraxus sigh, "You need to rise and shine, little princeling. It's quarter past dusk. Your father will not be pleased if you are late."

"For what?" This seems to perk his interest, having Sasuke pull himself up into a sitting position, eyeing his retainer curiously.

Holding a small smirk at this, he continues on, "Your father wishes to see you and itachi. Apparently he has something important to assign you both."

"I see," frowns Sasuke, hoping this doesn't mean they're in some sort of trouble.

"One of the servants have drawn a bath for you. I advise you wash up and change into some fresh clothes before I take you to see his majesty," says Abraxus in his velvet smooth voice, readjusting his scarf, using it for more than just a simple accessory.

"Very well then," getting up out of bed, Sasuke glides over to the bathroom, closing the door after going past, seeing to washing himself up before drying off about fifteen minutes later.

When he's done, he comes back into the bedroom. Abraxus has gone out to wait outside the door for when he's ready. Paying no mind to it, Sasuke goes about his business. Letting the towel drop to his feet, he goes to his wardrobe to pick out an outfit for the day. Deciding on a pair of cargo leggings, a short-sleeved tunic, and a pair of zori. On his belt that he has on is where he usually keeps his pouch attached. On one hip is where his sheath containing his katana remains. The pouch contains items such as his wallet, scrolls, and the list goes on. Combing his hair with a few of his fingers, he feels presentable enough. Giving a slight nod, he heads out into the hallway. Casting a sideways look at Abraxus, he gives a motion to lead the way. Without fault, he does so, leading him the quickest way rather than the usual way others might go. It takes about five minutes to reach there, opening the door for Sasuke to go inside. What? Abraxus is a gentleman at heart even though he can be an asshole sometimes. He does have a good amount of class about him though. Walking in after his charge, Abraxus goes to lean against one of the walls, keeping his gaze on the prince, knowing they are more than safe in the coven's walls here. It seems that Itachi is already here in tow with Kisame. Oddly enough, their father nor mother seems to be here yet. It's a peculiar moment indeed. Caught in the web of uncertainty, the quartette seem to be on edge. Well, at least three of them that is. Abraxus seems to be at ease.

"What's keeping him?" Muses Itachi aloud, breaking the tense silence amongst them.

"I don't know," shrugs Sasuke.

A few more moments come to pass. It takes a little longer after that before Fugaku shows up. Itachi and Sasuke sit up a little straighter while their retainers stand on adjacent walls near to their charges. Kisame and Abraxus also give bows to the king, making sure to show the utmost respect. Fugaku gives a slight nod, going to his seat before settling himself down. When he finishes, he turns his attention to his two children.

"I'm sure you both are confused why I want to summon you here so early," says their father.

"Yes," Itachi and Sasuke agree.

"Well, there's an assignment I wish to give you two. It's one that will prove to me who deserves to still be a part of this clan," says Fugaku, letting it sink in before he goes any further with the explanation. "If you fail then you can never return here. You will immediately be disowned."

"If we succeed?" Prompts Sasuke for an answer.

"Then you truly belong here amongst us," replies Fugaku with a cold smile.

"What's the assignment?" Asks Itachi calmly.

"Both of you must ascertain yourselves your true mate. Aside from that….you must conquer and claim one of the hidden villages."


Meanwhile, in Konoha, is where a wide variety of creatures live. Majority of the clans have a compound to use for their homes. The jinchurriki that lives in this village is Naruto, container of the crown kitsune princess herself. Waking up one morning, he gets out of bed before stretching, getting the stiffness out. Usually Kurama can be seen in her humanoid form outside of her cell, but when she wants to she returns back to it or more precisely her dimension. The seal that keeps the two from setting one free and the other perishing is a complex one. It takes unleashing all nine tails to allow Kurama any sort of real freedom. Sure, she can go wherever, but it has a limit to it with her teether being Naruto. It's not all that bad though. At least she's been able to give him special training to further along his progress of becoming a stronger kitsune himself. In the Namikaze compound here, he lives with his mother and father. Kushina is a kitsune too while Minato is a neko.

Going over to his dresser, Naruto pulls out a set of clothes for the day before going to wash up. Today, he'll be starting on a new mission with Team Seven. The team itself comprises of him, Sakura, Sai, Kakashi, and Yamato. Of course Kurama is with him at all times. She's sort of like his retainer though it might be thought the other way around. Kurama does have one herself though Sekito likes to watch from behind the scenes rather than being in the picture even though he does remain close by in case anything might happen. Of course she does feel that it's her duty to protect Naruto from any demonic forces that might prove him harm. When it concerns other enemies puts it up to the test of Naruto's godfather, Jiraiya, to deal with. After finishing up in the bathroom, Naruto goes to change into the clothes he picked out. It consists of a dark purple formal kimono. Underneath he has a pair of black boxers. On his feet are a pair of zori. Around his waist he has a belt where his pouch containing his wallet and other items can be found. Also, he has a sheath in its holster on one side. Kurama has been trying to teach him in the art of swordplay. At the moment, he just has a tanto. There's still quite a bit of progress to go through until he can graduate to a katana. When he finishes up dressing himself, he looks at the mirror to give a nod, thinking he's presentable enough. Snorting lightly, Kurama finds it amusing what meanderings other people tend to do.

"Are you finally ready?" Asks the red haired woman of about twenty-four years old physically though is far older than she seems on the surface.

"Yep," chips the nineteen-year-old blonde, feeling at ease with everything, deciding to be hopeful about the outcome of the mission.

"Well?" Scowls Kurama at seeing him hesitate. "Don't keep your teammates waiting."

"They probably are still waiting on Kakashi-sensei and Yamato-sensei to arrive," shrugs Naruto though does admit she has a point.

"Get a move on then," sighs Kurama, thinking her host sometimes doesn't take in all of the possible outcomes to things.

"Ok, ok, I'm going," holding up his hands in surrender, Naruto exits out of the window, knowing his parents already are informed about the mission he has to go on, not thinking that he needs any breakfast right away even though his stomach growls at him in protest.

"You'll feed your gullet later. We have more important matters to see to," rolling her eyes at him, Kurama follows after him to exit out onto the streets after making their way down the side of the building.

It takes a while until the duo arrive at the meeting spot. Glancing around, Kurama and Naruto notice that it seems just Sai is present here. Confusion is is the initial feeing the blonde haired man has before putting two and two together. Most likely Sakura is having a quick meeting with her girlfriend. As to where Kakashi and Yamato are is a mystery. There's no telling what path of life has taken them down this time.

"Any idea where the others are?" Naruto asks the raven haired male.

"Nope," shrugs Sai. "At least you two show up on time."

"Heh, thanks," grinning, Naruto feels pleased to receive some sort of praise from Sai of all people.

"Um, ok then," Sai doesn't know what to make of this.

"Don't worry about him…. Let's just wait for the others to get here."


Before heading to the meeting spot, Sakura wants to meet up with Hinata. The two have been dating for several years by now. The two are between the ages of nineteen and early twenties. They are of different races though. While Hinata is an elven heiress has Sakura being of merfolk descent. Her parents died a few months after her birth although Tsunade was kind enough to adopt her. The slug princess has been able to raise Sakura to become the strong, intelligent, and resourceful woman she is today. Some even say that Sakura is the successor of the greatest medic which is her own mother in the entire Five Nations. Wearing a red top with a medic skirt and leggings, Sakura has her messenger bag on hand that contains all of her medical supplies and other items. There's a light blazer on her too of a cerulean color. Making her way to the Hyuga compound, she hopes that Hinata is faring better with her home troubles. It hasn't been easy for Hinata's parents to accept her sexuality and relationship.

It doesn't take long until Sakura reaches the compound, finding one of the side entryways so as not to be seen. Finding the right door once inside, she wraps her arms around Hinata from behind. Squeaking in surprise, Hinata tenses initially before relaxing at recognizing it's just Sakura. Pouting at the surprise, she does let her guard drop a bit. Being an heiress does mean she has a retainer. Seishi looks after her charge carefully, not wanting Hinata to be in harm's way. This feminine individual has dark reddish brown hair that falls down to a little below her shoulders, keeping it in a low ponytail while her fringe hides her right eye. The right one has sustained damage from an old injury, having a glass eye in place of a real one. The topaz hues dart around, double-checking that there aren't any dangers in here. It's a precaution to take even though she and Hinata know that Sakura is trustworthy. Seishi wears a formal kimono with the sash having her pouch and weaponry attached to it. What she prefers is a scythe for the most part. The weapon usually remains in its strappings on her back. On her hip is a short sword, but she also carries a wide variety of knives on hand too. One can never be too careful in this world; especially when protecting one of the royal bloodlines. A select amount of people in this world have retainers to begin with after all. To have one is for a specific reason pertaining to the individual's status.

"E-Everything's fine," says Hinata softly, sensing her retainer's unease.

"It feels like there's something in the air though," frowns the older woman, having her current appearance as a glamor instead of showing her true nature, keeping her demonic features a secret unless she deems it necessary to put them to use.

"Like what?" Sakura asks curiously.

"I'm not sure," admits Seishi.

"I-I'm sure it's n-not anything c-coming right now," the elven woman tries to put her retainer at ease, turning her attention back to her lover after she finishes that part. "So, um, w-what's this for?"

"I'm going out on a mission today. I don't know when I'll be back," admits the rose haired woman, wanting to see if maybe this is a good time to breach the subject.

"O-Oh," sighs Hinata, guessing this is normal by now.

"But there's something I want to ask before I go," says Sakura before letting Hinata go out of her arms, dropping down onto one knee to hold one of Hinata's hands in her own.

"I-I see," heat rushes to her cheeks, having a good idea what this might be about.

"We've been together for so long. We've been supporting each other through the ups and downs of our lives. I think this is the right moment to ask…..Hinata Hyuga…..will you marry me?" Inquires Sakura, still holding her hand in one of hers.

Tears prick at the corners of her eyes, swallowing a lump that forms in her throat before answering, "Y-Yes, of course."

Kissing her hand, Sakura stands back up, giving her a hug and deep kiss on the lips before parting, letting them regain both of their breaths, "You've made me the happiest woman today."

"S-So have you for me," smiles Hinata, feeling Sakura putting an engagement band on her left hand's ring finger.

"Good, I'm glad," smiling softly, Sakura kisses her one more time. "I'll be back from my mission as soon as I can."

"I-I'll be waiting for you," Hinata says softly, watching her fiancé depart from the compound, feeling a fond expression overcome her face, excitement bubbling up that they'll be a married couple soon enough.

Sakura walks out through another side entryway. Knowing that Hinata's parents still don't exactly approve of their relationship, she figures it's best to keep out of their way. Then again, Hinata's parents aren't approving of Neji's relationship with Gaara, the Kazekage of Suna. Shaking her head, she hopes that the older people here will stop keeping their heads buried in the sand to at least try understanding. Maybe that's asking for too much, but she can hope for change. Making her way through the streets of Konoha, she has a little more pep to her step. It doesn't take long until she reaches the meeting spot. While Hinata has one engagement band, Sakura has another one for herself to mark the mutual agreement between them. Giving a wave to her two teammates, Sakura notices that Kakashi and Yamato aren't there yet. How can she exactly walk on land while being one of the merfolk? Well, she can shift between having legs or a tail. Whenever she's in the water then she'll shift into the mermaid form. In both forms she has the fins, gills, etc. similar to how other shifters have certain features of their full form even in their humanoid one.

"Hey, sorry I'm late," says Sakura, hoping she might not have missed anything.

"Nah, you're fine," smiles Naruto, noticing she seems a lot happier than normal. "How was your visit?"

"Good," heat rushes to her cheeks, not sure if she's ready to announce her news to them. "Hinata's doing well."

"Oh?" Lifting a brow, Kurama smirks at noticing something. "So, you're tying the knot it seems."

"I guess you've found me out," Sakura admits, her cheeks turning a darker shade of crimson as if almost matching her hair at this point.

"Awww, congratulations," beams Naruto.

"I never knew you had it in you, hag," Sai gives a smile.

Scowling, Sakura clenches her fists at her sides, "Watch it, ok? I thought by now you might stop calling me that…."

"Old habits die hard I guess," shrugs Sai.

It takes about an hour until Yamato and Kakashi arrive on the scene. It seems they had some things to sort out in Hokage Tower before making their way there. For once it's not a lame excuse the trio are given. The two sensei's tell their students about the mission they're going on. It seems that there has been an outbreak in Suna. The sands require Sakura to come help aid the other medics while the rest of the team will be necessary to put a stop to whoever or whatever is causing the epidemic in the first place. When all is put out into the open about the details, the team set out of Konoha to begin their travels. It takes about three days to get to Suna from Konoha. They make a stop at least a day and a half in when they need to take a rest, setting up a camp site for all to get out their bedrolls, lying down when it's time to get some sleep. Heading over to her host, Kurama needs to speak to him about something, needing to inform him of whenever she might need to go until dawn for whatever foreseeable reason.

"I'll be gone for a little while, kit," says Kurama quietly, making sure no one can eavesdrop on them.

"Why?" Frowns Naruto in concern.

"Because my retainer needs to speak to me about something important," replies Kurama firmly. "I'll be back at dawn before you wake up."

"Ok…. Just be careful, Fluffy," whispers Naruto.

"I will," promises Kurama before she disappears to return to her dimension after making sure Naruto has fallen asleep.

Arriving in her home, she notices that Sekito is there waiting for her. The man has black skin, strawberry blonde hair, and sapphire eyes. What he wears is a linen kimono with a pair of zori, having a pari of crisscrossing simitars that he usually uses for combat. Noticing that his charge has come, he turns his attention to her. From surveying of what's going on in the rest of the world outside of here, he notices something seems off.

"What is it?" Kurama demands to know, telling from his facial expression alone it's nothing good.

"I know you can tell something is wrong in that world," begins Sekito, receiving a nod from Kurama before he goes on further. "I believe that the Uchiha clan is up to something."

"What?" Kurama's hackles raise up a bit at the mention of that clan's name, knowing it's the elder of that clan she hates the most while the others she remains indifferent amount.

"I'm afraid this is merely the calm before the storm. Keep an eye out for anything unusual when you and your host return to the Leaf."

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