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Knock and the door will be opened to you

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The black eyes with red sparks are focused on the face of a stranger, a slight smile on his lips makes the expression even more evil. In his glass is whiskey on the rocks, ice cubes are circling and bumping one another.

“Well, what you’ve got here, Maze? What a lovely hunt…” - Lucifer takes a sip not losing his smile even for a second, eyes still on the “new friend of Mazikeen”.

Something echoes in his mind, like an aftertaste of a fine wine. Something so good, yet so hard to catch. He goes in circles around the two of them – Maze grabs the man in a stylish, but a bit outdated, beige coat by the collar and holds him a foot off the ground.

He looks scared, which the demon finds extremely hot at some point.

“Isn’t he?” Maze smiles. “Caught him stumbling around in the dark...”

“I was not stumbling!” the man interrupts trying to pull away. “Let me go. Please!”

“Put him down.” Lucifer sits down on the couch. “This gentleman can do no harm, can he?”

Mazikeen lets him go and walks behind the bar. While she pours two drinks, the stranger fixes his clothes and mumbles: “Not very nice of you, my dear. You should do the talking first, brute force should never go right off the bat…”

Lucifer is enjoying every bit of this scene, even though he hardly understands a thing of it. He is curious and that is what matters. What is this man’s deal, who is he, why does he not seem to be frightened by the knives on Maze’s belt – so many questions.

And not a single answer. And that annoys Lucifer, but not enough to spoil his fun.

“Who are you?”

“Well, hi.” a man gives them the softest smile ever seen on Earth. “Nice to meet you. Lovely weather, isn’t it? I’m Aziraphale.” voice gets higher from irritation, “Now that sounds like a proper start of a conversation!”

“Chill out, man” Maze hands him a glass.

“Thank you, miss, but I am not a big fan of whiskey myself…”

“Well, bad for you. Drink it.”

Awkwardly smiling at her, Aziraphale takes a sip and winces: “Not that bad after all…”

Lucifer gets himself comfortable on the couch, unbuttons his jacket and taps on the cushion next to himself.

“Join me, Azirafell.”

“Aziraphale, please.”

He sits down next to Lucifer. He’s not comfortable, that’s for sure, and tries to look anywhere but at Lucifer. Maze smiles, because they look like the opposite forces – darkness and light.

And it’s not just about clothes.

“You are too brave for a person who admires tartan, dare I say.”

One more silly smile from him.

“Who are you?”

“As I said…”

“Why are you here? Why were you stalking me, Aziraphale?”

Excuse me, I am not stalking anybody. I was told, there was something I would love to have in this club. And I just…” Aziraphale shrug and turns to Lucifer, “…was looking for it.”

“And what is that mysterious “something”, my friend?” Lucifer finally catches the eye of the unexpected visitor and gives him the “known all over the world (on the highest and the lowest levels of it) smile”. The smile of the devil. “So, tell me, what is it you truly desire?”

They are looking each other in the eye for a quite a long time. Maze decides she’s done with this shit and heads to get some more to drink. And when she starts to walk towards the bar, it hits her.

There is no answer. The room is silent.

“Excuse me, sir, you never actually got to the point of mentioning your name.”

Lucifer finally copes with his confusion and laughs.

“Things just got much more interesting, didn’t they?”


After another drink and a quick chat, Lucifer invites his guest to join him in the living room. He feels the stranger will be interested in some first editions he’s got there, and he does not even have to get a no as an answer, because Aziraphale is relieved to quit drinking for a moment.

The bookshelf surprises Aziraphale.

“Not to brag, but I am the proud owner of the richest bookshop in Soho myself.” Aziraphale gets some leather covered book and opens it on the first page. “But I have to say, I am impressed by your collection”.

“Soho, you say?” Lucifer sips from the glass. It’s like he never stops drinking. “Manhattan?”

“Oh? Nooo, no dear, the London one. Right in the heart of the West End.”

“Long road it’s been to rob me”.

Aziraphale looks insulted. He puts a book back on the shelf and gives Lucifer a furious glare. The fear disappears, like it’s never been there, and the spot is taken by grudge.

Maybe the only thing those two have in common is the ability to stare each other in the eye.

“I am not a thief. I don’t rob people”.

“So, what are you doing in my house then, Aziraphale?”

“You tell me, sir, as I was just minding my business outside, when your maid grabbed me and dragged inside. You two owe me an apology, not the other way around.”

Lucifer narrows his eyes, the red sparks already lit up inside.


The penthouse seems to be quiet and empty. Which almost never happens, and Maze finds it creepy. She is more used to Hell, which is not a peaceful and quiet place with all the screaming, for sure.

She sits at the bar and stares at the two silhouettes in the living room. She can barely hear them talking, but the conversation does not sound like one with a thief. She is pissed.

Playing with a knife, she looks around the room.

Suddenly something catches her attention – just a quiet squeak in the bedroom.

Mazikeen slides off the barstool. After the last sip of her Jake and Coke, she heads toward the sound.

Something dark in the corner moves a little and gets a knife in the same second. Just a chair.

“Come on out.” hisses Maze, getting another knife – longer and sharper than the previous one – from her belt. “Nowhere to hide.”

“Oh, I’m not hiding, ma’am.”  whispers a voice behind her back. “Jussst lurking in the dark...”

Two golden serpent eyes appear from the blackness and man snaps his fingers.


“The view is stunning, if I may say so.” - Aziraphale stands at a floor-to-ceiling window eyeing the night city. He still looks a little nervous, but his usual charm was revived.

The crowd next to the entrance goes on with a party, even though the one in Lux is over. Aziraphale can feel Lucifer’s look on his back, but he won’t turn around. Something about this gentleman bothers him, but can’t figure out what is it exactly.

Lucifer lights up and takes a drag.

Aziraphale is not a smoker, but he could use a smoke right now.

“You never get such view in the basement” Lucifer exhales.


The sky brightens where the sun is about to raise. It’s been a long night already, but both of them have even less answers then at beginning of it. No names, no understanding of what is going on.

Aziraphale twirls his ring nervously: “Will I be allowed to leave?” he sighs.  “Would hate to bother you on such a lovely night. I am positive you have a lot of plans today…”

“Well I might have had.” Lucifer smiles and comes closer. “But I don’t anymore.”

“What happened?”

“My Dad sent one more creature of his own to test me”.

“Oh, how nice of him. What creature?” known for his love to every living thing, Aziraphale sighs in relief.

“I am just about to find out” Lucifer gets extremely close and grabs him by his collar.

Lucifer’s eyes turn bloody red and non-human expression appears on the face.

Aziraphale gasps not even able to scream for help.


The tension in the room is so strong, you could literally cut it with a knife. Aziraphale breathes heavily.

“Not sure if messing up with my friend is a worthy idea.” a calm, deep voice sounds from the back. Lucifer smirks, as everything goes as he planned it to.

“Oh look, you do have a friend here”, Lucifer turns around, still keeping Aziraphale off the ground, - “Wonder how Mazikeen made it happen, but not to worry at the moment.”

Lucifer eyes the darkness of the doorway. He sees a shadow, sliding it his direction, but could not see any particular detail. All the movements are slow, graceful and smooth. The fluid motion of the shadow makes Lucifer think about quicksilver, water drops sliding off skin, snakes.

Not the most logical associative series.

“Crowley!” sighing in relief, Aziraphale finally pulls himself together and is able to get a noise out of himself again: “Dear boy, what are you doing here?”

“Saving your ass, angel” Crowley finally steps out of the darkness: “Now shut up.”

He has a slim double-breasted suit on and a pair of glasses. Dark, classy. He is looking above them, so his golden iris shows. For a short moment, Lucifer could not take his eyes off of him.

“Angel?” Lucifer laughs. “That’s what you are? An angel stumbling around in my backyard?”

“I was not stumbling!”

Lucifer puts him on the ground and reaches for his glass on the table. Moist traces it left on the wood, start to evaporate the same second he gets the glass in his hand.

“I am dying to hear the story that brought you two here” he gets past Crowley, almost hitting him with the shoulder, looking directly in the eye. “An angel and a demon who came to steal something from me. Splendid, isn’t it?”

Aziraphale glances thankfully at Crowley. They both come after Lucifer.


When both the angel and the demon get to the bar, Lucifer sits at the piano, lovingly touching the keys. He has loosened his shirt and taken off his jacket completely. Full lights are on, so they could have a good look on the gracious host of Lux. Deep dark eyes, perfect hairline and a well-kept stubble.

An almost empty glass is placed at the top of the piano.

Fingers flying, he starts to play. Aziraphale is not able to recognize the tune, so assumes it to be an improv.

“You can unfreeze Maze, Crawley.”, Lucifer says displeased, eyes on demon.

“It’s Crowley”, he sighs and snaps his fingers again.

Furious Mazikeen enters the room in a second with that huge knife in her hand. She is ready to fight the first one to get it the way.

“My sincere apology”, angel nods at her and smiles. – “If it was not for the knife, miss, let me assure, my friend would never do it to you”.

“Stop apologizing, Aziraphale”.

“Yes, stop apologizing, Aziraphale.”, Lucifer busts with annoyance. – “And start talking!”

Aziraphale looks hurt, but he’s sure it’s not the time for chats about his feelings. So, he starts:

“So, yhm, it all started back in the garden of Eden…”

Crowley rolls his eyes.