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A Clown's Night In

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The doors slid open as Jessica and Sparkles made their way back into the warm building, the snow outside coming down harder as the predicted storm picked up. Waiting for them was yet another sexy clown lady leaning back against the front desk, seemingly checking the contents of the small purse in her gloved hands. Jessica was used to seeing Sparkles with her rather sexy clown girl next door look, but this new clown lady took it to a whole new level of hot. Even in her relaxed pose, she could tell this stranger was a few inches taller than Sparkles with a long, fluffy mane of neon green hair draped on the counter. To go along with her hair, her lipstick and nose were the same shade of bright green, the lipstick bringing out the full shape of her lips with ease.The makeup spread out over her pale skin was bright blue stars, outlined in bright pink. A few of the stars on her body were the same bright pink except minus the blue interior. Along her right arm and left leg she wore a matching pair of diamond shaped, colorful, fishnet sleeve and stocking. Her hips and butt were just a smidge larger than Sparkles, but where the difference really stood out was with her breasts. They were maybe a cup size or two larger with a more natural teardrop shape to them, seeming to hang only a slightly bit lower than Sparkles’.

As the mystery clown was digging in her purse, every little motion jostled her boobs more and more causing Jessica to have an unusual urge. She licked her lips a little at the thought of latching on to those fantastic boobs and suckling the night away, feeling almost a maternal comfort oozing out of them.

Sparkles mid-conversation with Jessica immediately turned her full attention to the mystery clown, excitedly blurting out “Oh hey there mom!”
Jessica, who was entranced by the fantastic breasts of the stranger, jolted up and looked closer at the face of her new best friend’s mother. “Hold on. That’s your mom?!”

Boobsy, hearing her daughter call out to her and the surprised unfamiliar voice, looked up at the pair and gave them both a smile making her way over to them. Looks like the warm sultry smile thing ran in the family.

“Oh Sparkles, so good to see you,” Her voice was melodiously sweet, with a slight huskiness to it. “ I was worried I would miss you before heading home.”

“I thought you had a few more clients later in the day?” Sparkles quizzically asked as she strode over to her mother and gave her a hug. Jessica, unsure of what to do, decided to step off to the side a bit and let the two talk.

With a sigh, Boobsy said “Well yes, I did have a few more appointments planned, but with the weather as it is, all of them called ahead and cancelled. Since it was supposed to get worse out there soon I was just planning to head home and help your father with dinner.” After leaving her daughter’s embrace Boobsy finally noticed Jessica standing off to the side. “Oh hello there, didn’t see you at first. Are you one of my daughter’s clients? Pleasure to meet you.” Before Jessica could even get a word out, Boobsy had already made her way over and pulled her into a tight hug. Jessica was nearly smothered by the massive knockers and the idea that she might suffocate between them was actually kinda pleasant.
Managing to push her head out of the breast vice-grip, Jessica was finally able to speak, “Uh Hi Ma’am… Nice to meet you, my name’s Jessica…” Upon hearing her name, Boobsy let Jessica out of the hug only to look her up and down.

“Really!? That Jessica?! Sparkles mentioned she had a sexy client by that name, but I didn’t expect you to be this lovely.” Jessica felt her face flush again, possibly from the lack of oxygen she had during the hug. She didn’t think she was all that beautiful. In clown form certainly, but as she was now... No, Boobsy was probably just being a doting mother. “Not even suited up and you’re this pretty… Wow.” Hand on her chin, Boobsy quickly circled the young lady looking over her like a sculptor examining her latest work. “ I wish I could see you fully done up, but I need to get going before the storm gets any worse.”

“Don’t worry mom, She’s in good hands!” Sparkles giving her a thumbs up and adorable wink, “Maybe if she lets me I’ll send you some pictures later?”

Boobsy turned towards her daughter and gave her a quick kiss on the lips that lasted longer than Jessica would have expected. After pulling back from the kiss, Boobsy continued “Oh I know you will honey, I can’t wait to see it! I’ll let your father know you’ll be late for dinner. Have fun you two!” Quicker than Jessica had wished, the little meeting had come to an end as Boobsy made her way out the door and into the cold. Jessica could not stop her eyes from following the bounce of her butt as she walked out, a small fire already starting to brew in her stomach after the short encounter.
“Uh wow your mom is… something else.” Jessica stammered for a second.

Sparkles pulled her jacket off as she walked back to the front desk, setting the jacket down. She then gave her nose a quick squeeze, and the familiar glow and light swirled around her, bringing back the familiar form Jessica was used to seeing.

“Yeah, she has that effect on people trust me,” Sparkles sighed “I’ve seen it plenty of times before. Back before she was a clown whenever she walked into a room she gave off a similar aura, except a lot more intimidating. Being a salary-woman does that to a person. Luckily now she’s able to cut loose and have fun.” Stepping back over to Jessica, she gently caressed Jessica’s cheek and closed her slack jaw. “Oh? Was someone having naughty thoughts?”

“Uh… I-I’m sorry,” Sparkles cool fingers against her flushed cheeks caused her to jump, not even realizing she had been staring mouth agape. “I didn’t think I was staring so hard.”

Sparkles snickered again “Don’t worry about it! She’s been used to the ogling stares for a few years now. I’m sure she appreciated the attention.” She set her hands on her hips and mustered up a sultry glare, “But I may get a bit upset if you don’t start having naughty thoughts about what I have planned for you.” Jessica put on the best smile she could without looking too lecherous. Sparkles gave a curt nod, “Eh good enough for now. I’ll meet you in the massage room in a minute, I just need to get a few special toys together.”

“The first door on the right, yeah?” Jessica questioned as she made her way down the familiar hallway.

Sparkles called out from the lobby, “Actually head to the door at the end.” The sound of drawers and bins being rummaged through making it a little hard to make her out. “For what I had in mind that room would be best!”

Curious, Jessica walked down the tiled hallway past the usual nondescript doors. Each one led to a sparsely decorated massage room with plenty of fun tools she was used to seeing during her appointments. She pondered what was so special about this room that Sparkles wanted to use it instead. There were six doors on her right before Jessica noticed the one Sparkles had directed her too. Each one was rather blandly decorated, with a simple pastel pink scheme and a small metal plaque noting each rooms' intended use. The first two doors were labeled ‘Massage Suite #1 and #2’, and she knew them pretty well from her constant visits. The labels on the next two doors wouldn’t be amiss at any normal business, with the third door being ‘Maintenance’ and ‘Supply Closet’ for the next one. Jessica was thrown for a loop at the next two, with the plaques making her imagination run wild. In the same basic typeset as the previous doors, the fifth door said ‘Big Top Center Stage’ and on the sixth door ‘Bounce House’. How in the hell did that work?! Jessica’s curiosity almost made her open the last two to take a peek, but decided against it. The door at the end of the hall looked just like the rest of the doors she passed by, nothing remarkable at first glance. The plaque was actually kinda disappointing with a simple ‘STAFF ONLY’ in bold lettering. She stopped in front of the door for a second wondering if this the right one Sparkles meant, before grabbing the handle. Opening up the door she found a small staircase with a sharp right turn about halfway up. Jessica followed the steps to another door labeled with bold, fun lettering ‘Backstage’ that she promptly opened. Inside was something she didn’t expect to see in a massage parlor run by clown bimbos. God her life was weird.

What she found on the other side of the door was a small studio like apartment. It seemed like the room took up a good chunk of the second floor of the building, with one wall of the room covered in windows. The room was pretty open with a small corner kitchenette next to some equipment that wouldn’t look out of place in any gym or workout room, including one of those old timey belt machines. In the center of the room was what she assumed was some kind of support pole, but looked a lot like a stripper pole more than anything else. Glancing around the rest of the room the thing that drew her attention the most was the large structure of a steam room, the warmth coming off it helping dispel the chill in Jessica’s bones a bit. To round out the room one wall was almost made up of mirrors, a lot like the normal massage rooms, and a large king size bed set up against the last wall, with a comfy bench at the foot of said bed.

She set her purse and jacket on the bench, and took a seat on the soft bed. Jessica found it to be rather homey, more so than the normal atmosphere of the Parlor. Testing it a bit she found it was a little on the firm side, but with plenty of bounce to it. Her reflection in the wall, caused her to get up and walk towards the mirror. Gently setting her fingers on where her face was in the reflection. She looked tired, the bags under her eyes more prominent. Slightly bloodshot from the tears early, Jessica didn’t realize how terrible she must look. She watched herself for another minute before deciding to get ready for Sparkles. The sweater went first, pulling it off and tossing it on the bed. Luckily the heat from the mini sauna and central heating of the building made it much more bearable to be in just her t-shirt. Sitting down on the bench, Jessica popped her boots off and shimmed out of her jeans, pulling her socks off at the same time. She was hoping Sparkles would appreciate the lingerie choice, her and Leo had spent an hour trying to find the right match. Choosing lingerie when trying to seduce someone is never easy, the fact that Jessica spent so long doing this with Leo's help made it that much more awkward.

She lightly slapped her cheeks, the slight sting being enough to clear her head and keep the thoughts of bailing out at bay. She could do this and Sparkles was more than willing. Jessica pulled off one of Leo’s old graphic tees she had borrowed as she stood up. Tossing it on the growing pile, Jessica once again stood in front of the mirror. Taking a deep breath she gave herself another once over. Her worries came flooding back as she noticed something she didn’t want to see. Setting her hands on her waist, she felt the extra belly fat she had been worried about ever since winter started. Flabby body with bloodshot teary eyes, yeah she certainly looked lovely all right. Jessica now had the troubling notion that Boobsy and Sparkles may have just been humoring her. Who was she kidding? It felt like she had just been lucky to find someone like Leo and have him stick with her for so long. Her darkest fear is he would eventually tire of and… and… and. Her hands curled into fists, knuckles went white as she squeezed hard, as she felt herself tear up again. Equal parts sad and angry as her frustrations almost put her past her boiling point. Why did this shit have to happen to her?! Jessica’s stormy thoughts were interrupted by the heavy footfalls of someone charging up the stairs. The door swung open with such force, she would have guessed it had been kicked open. Sparkles strolled through the doorway with her trademark smile and a large canvas duffel heaved over her shoulder.

“Well HELLLLO sexy,” the surprise and giddiness easy to hear in her voice, “Ready to get the show rolling?”

Jessica instinctively covered herself up with her hands, before realizing it was kinda pointless considering Sparkles has seen her in the buck plenty of times before. She had to stop being so tense about the whole situation. Wiping away the tears that had shown up before Sparkles took notice. This is supposed to be fun, time to kick back and enjoy.

Sliding her hands to her hips, Jessica tried her best to sound coy, “Well I was getting a bit impatient and decided to get ready. Need a hand with that? Looks awfully heavy.” Jessica stepped on over to Sparkles and took the bag from her shoulder, almost falling over from the weight of it. “Oh shit!” Jessica sputtered. Sparkles dove her hands out and caught the bag before it tumbled to the floor.

“I am so sorry about th-,” Jessica hastily apologized, the whole glamour of sex appeal she was going for falling apart.

Giggling Sparkles helped heave the bag over onto the bed, next to Jessica’s clothes pile, “It’s fine, I should have warned you.”
Jessica watched as Sparkles made her way over to a nearby closet and pulled out a small folding massage table. She started setting it up as Sparkles explained the process to Jessica.

“So what I had in mind for you is a special treatment, something similar to what my mom went through.’’

“You mean like the slow transformation thing?” Jessica wondered.

“Eyup! Thought it would be a special treat to help warm you up to the sexy plans I have later,” Sparkles said, but then murmured to Jessica “But I want to be real with you for a sec. I haven’t really done the slow drawn out treatment before so I want to ask you upfront, Are you okay with this? I could do just a normal massage and then we can get busy, or you could give this a shot.”

“Hell yeah I’m down to do this,” surprising herself at how quickly she agreed.

“Fantastic!,” Sqeeud Sparkles, “But just in case you get uncomfortable, how about we pick a safeword? Just in case it gets too much for you and you need to take a breather.”

“Uhhh.. sure,” Jessica thought for a moment, before it came to her, “ Oh oh Fireball!”

Still setting up the massage table, Sparkles gave her a slightly perplexed look “Fireball? Like the liquor?”

Jessica gave an embarrassed laugh, “ah no no… not the alcohol. Whenever Leo or one of his friends runs a DnD game, I usually play a spellcaster.” She scratched the back of her head as she tried to come up with an easy way to explain this. “It’s one of my favorite spells that I spam a looooot, so it’s kind of my trademark in the group.”

“Fair enough, I’ve heard plenty weirder,” Sparkles finished setting up the table, giving it a light pat encouraging Jessica to hop on up. “I still have to get some things ready before we get started.” She said before turning around heading towards the kitchenette.

Jessica heard some glasses clinking and liquids being poured as Sparkles messed with some teardrop shaped device on the counter, not being able to see very much past her shapely back and behind. A minute later Sparkles turned back around after hitting a button on the device, in her hand she carried a small bowl filled up with a honey colored liquid. Now that she got a good look at the object, Jessica realized it was an air diffuser of some kind. As soon as the thought crossed her mind, she saw it puff some sweet smelling mist in the air. A few seconds later a warm cinnamon smell filled the small space, reminding her of the french toast her parents made when she was a kid. A strange sensation washed over her leaving her whole body tingling, but Jessica didn’t really pay it any mind thinking it was just excitement. Jessica shifted excitedly on the table, recognized the liquid as the massage oil they use to transform normal nobodies like her into sexy bimbo clowns.

Confused Jessica asked “I thought you had something else planned? That looks like the same stuff you use for the normal appointment.” Sparkles set the bowl on a small pull out shelf the massage table had set up, turning to Jessica in the process.

“Well yeah, but I don’t plan to use it how you think,” She started explaining. “ I have to use some of this lotion on you so you’ll change as we go through the process.” Motioning around the room, “Most of this equipment here is perfectly normal, but with this homemade oil on you and my magic, it’ll transform you bit by sexy bit.” Emphasizing the last few words by walking her finger up Jessica's thigh slowly. “Now let’s get on with the show!”

Sparkles leaned in and reached around Jessica’s back, quickly finding the hook for her bra and undoing it. Jessica could feel Sparkles breathing right above her neckline. Deciding to finally take the plunge, She dipped her head down to meet Sparkles full lips. They tasted like the sweetest strawberries she had ever had, so warm and delicious she wished she could enjoy them forever. Sparkles held the kiss for a few minutes, seemingly enjoying it as much as Jessica did, before pulling out of the kiss and licking her lips. She pulled off Jessica’s bra in one smooth motion, letting the tips of her free hand trace the arches of Jessica's back. Tossing aside the bra, Sparkles went back in for a slow kiss wrapping her arms around her friend. She set about letting her fingers explore Jessica’s curves and ruffling through her hair, all the while her lips slid from the kiss to just below Jessica’s earlobe nibbling as she went. Jessica’s breath hitched as her skin tingled underneath the deft hands of Sparkles. Jessica slipped out a soft moan as the bolts of pleasure shot through her caused by the light nibbling sensations traveling down her neck.

Sparkles went for Jessica’s panties next, taking her time moving her hands down Jessica’s back and sides. The nails of her fingertips dragging slowly across Jessica’s skin, the pressure on them just enough to feel like thin trails of fire tickling down her back. By the time Sparkles’ finger reached the hem of the panties, Jessica was unintentionally gyrating her hips, the fire building in her gut starting to be too much to handle.
“Move your legs up honey,” Sparkles asked.

Jessica pulled her legs up as Sparkles sidestepped, letting them fully extended out and making it easy to slide her fancy panties off. Sparkles noticed the undergarments were more than a little soaked, flashing a smug knowing grin to Jessica. Wordlessly she set the panties down next to the bra and motioned for Jessica to lie down on the table, which she did excitedly, anxious to continue. Sparkles took the bowl of shiny golden liquid and worked some into her palms, and started going slowly over Jessica’s back. The cool, familiar sensation Jessica was used to came flooding back as Sparkle's fingers worked their way down her back. Sparkles took her sweet time with the oil, methodically covering her back and working on Jessica’s thighs and legs. A storm was forming in her, the burning need from her loins coupled with the precision movements of Sparkles' copious attention to her thighs were crossing with the relaxing properties of the oil, causing a dichotomy like the formation of a tornado. Jessica let out a mewling, frustrated groan, her brain starting to fry with the mixed signals the sensations were giving her without the promise of release.

Sparkles took notice that her friend was writhing more than relaxing and said, “ Don’t worry I’ll finish this up quickly so we can move on-”.

“NO!!,” Jessica exclaimed, surprising herself with outburst, “I mean don’t rush it, it feels fantastic… you're just being kinda a tease..” The last bit muttered with a hint of dejection.

Sparkles letting out a demure chuckle, “Oh I know, but I want this to be special for you. And teasing you is. Just. Too. Fun!” The words punctuated with a gentle, almost tickling like motion, brushing the soles of Jessica’s feet, causing her to curl her toes instinctively and suppress a giggle. After finishing up the coating on her feet, Sparkles moved to her upper back and across her arms. Like her normal appointments with the Parlor all the tension she felt was slowly fading away, but in its place she felt a need. A burning need. She remembered this feeling from when Leo and her first went on a date and then again when Leo agreed to getting down with her clown self. The memories made her smile in closed eye bliss, before she was surprised by being flipped on her back by Sparkles. Looking up in surprise and shock, Jessica soon grinned in excitement as she saw what Sparkles wanted to do next. Sparkles was standing at the foot of the massage table, bowl in one hand, playfully spinning her thong on the other, and a smug grin on her face. How the hell did she slip out of those so fast without making a sound? She then slowly poured the contents of said bowl all over her chest, letting it drip and trickle down her breasts, stomach and her now exposed slit.

Sparkles slowly started to mount the table and crawl her way over Jessica, the massage oil dripping from body to body causing Jessica to tingle from the slick, golden oil and excitement. Once sparkles got face to face with Jessica, her fiery red mane of hair eclipsing their faces in privacy, Sparkles stopped. And there she stayed for about a minute, not touching or moving at all. Jessica could feel one of Sparkles’ knees close to her slit, the heat coming off of it made her want to grind against it to convince Sparkles to continue. As she made a move to do just that Sparkles pulled her leg away, holding just out of reach.

“Nuh uh uh,” Sparkles teased, she pulled Jessica hands above her head and held them there with just a little force. “If you want this to continue… I want to hear you beg.”

Jessica was a bit shocked. She had never really felt into being dominated as part of sex, her and Leo often kept themselves on even footing in that realm. Sparkles herself wasn’t all used to it either, but she realized this might be a good way to drag Jessica out of her comfort zone. Jessica spent a minute or two mulling it over before she couldn’t handle it anymore. This heat. She NEEDED a release!

“Please Sparkles,” Jessica whimpered, her nose unbeknownst to her starting to swell slowly ever so slightly, “Please fuck my brains out. Please make me a fucking clown slut!” The desire in her clear, Sparkles went in for the kill. She let go of Jessica’s hands and they embraced each other. Lowering herself onto Jessica, she slide forcefully down with her body, their rock hard nipples occasionally grinding against each other. The motion of their flesh flared tingles of pleasure as the oiled bodies glided across one another. Sparkles continued inching her leg ever closer with each forward thrust dragging her breasts and toned form over Jessica, who was already grinding her hips waiting for the imminent contact. As soon as her sopping mound made contact with the smooth skin, shivers of pleasure electrified Jessica down to her core.

The viscous nature of the oil was finally serving a good purpose as Jessica found it easy to move against the smooth muscular thigh she had wanted to reach. Jessica started slow at first, overwhelmed slightly by the pressure she was applying to her clit and lips. She slid an arm around Sparkles back, holding on to her shoulder as she started speeding up. The feelings built inside her, getting closer to an edge that seemed to have no end. Jessica’s other hand slid between their bodies, gentling cupping and massaging her breast. Taking her rock hard nipple between her fingers she started rolling them, pushing her ever closer to climax.

Personally Jessica adored having her nipples played with, sometimes being able to launch herself into orgasm just by that alone. Although somewhere deep in her head she was still nervous about fucking another woman, Jessica felt so comfortable with the idea because of Sparkles. She was more than just a hot ass clown lady who wanted to sleep with her, Sparkles was a hot ass clown lady friend who wanted to sleep with her. Jessica decided then and there that she needed to do more to pay her back for her tenderness.

They kissed heavily during the full body rubdown, Jessica stopping after a few minutes to catch her breath only to dive hungrily back for Sparkle's swaying tits. Grabbing onto the hard little bud on her right, Jessica began to roll and pinch the nub around, toying with it between her the tips of her fingers. Setting herself comfortably back on the table, Jessica pulled her other arm from Sparkles' back and set about teasing her other breast. Didn’t want that one to feel left out. Sparkles cooed in satisfaction, with every flick and twirl of Jessica’s dancing fingers causing her focus to slip further from the massage at hand.

“Oooooooh shit Jess,” Sparkles sputtered out. “You’re good at that!”

Jessica blushed, “I-I wouldn’t say good,” punctuating her words with a quick squeeze, “I love how it feels and thought.. you uh.. would like it too?”

“Definitely! I love having my tits played with too. In fact….” Sparkles coyly smiled “Let me show you my secret ‘finishing’ move”

Sparkles' hands flew up to Jessica boobs and started playing with them with abandon. Rapid and reckless, Sparkles fingers danced and squeezed all around Jessica’s soft mounds while avoiding the diamond hard nips. Through shaking moans, a few smaller orgasms racked Jessica’s body. The real finishing move Jessica never saw coming. Sparkles pressed both of Jessica’s breasts together and delicately teased her sensitive nubs with her tongue. Jessica gasped and wriggled on the table from the almost ticklish ministrations of Sparkle’s soft tongue, but was blown away when Sparkles took both of the nubs into her mouth. In a flash Sparkles twirled and nibbled on the nips with zeal, occasionally breaking the experience with a long drawn out suction. Jessica was breathless and loved every sweet second of this, and between Sparkles' expert mouth and her pussy grinding, the climax was soon to come.

Eventually Jessica was edged to her tipping point, her ass lifted completely off the table to allow for a fever pitch of motions. She was so close now, the pressure rising in her lower abdomen ached to find escape. Her muscles clenched tight and she came with a blinding fervor. She felt her body lock in place with pure bliss. Through half lidded eyes she could see white spots, her vision foggy and unclear from the over-stimulation. She barely felt herself slide down off Sparkles' leg as her body finally relaxed, the occasional twitch or spasm shooting down her legs as aftershocks of the orgasm. Unbeknownst to Jessica, as her pulse slowed down to a normal pace with the rise and fall of her chest, her nose became ever so slightly rounded and yellow tinted.

Sparkles held her position letting her friend recover in the afterglow. When the time was right, she slowly climbed off the table and began to stretch. The absence of her friend and the change in the weight on the table, snapped Jessica from her revelry. She slowly moved around on the table, still a bit weak from her first mind numbing lesbian experience. Reaching up she gave Sparkles' curvy pale rear a little pinch startling her.
“Oh boy someone is feeling feisty today,” Sparkles smugly said over her shoulder.

“Sorry not sorry,” Jessica languidly purred, honestly shocking herself a bit. She would have never guessed she would have so much fun with another girl. The reservations she had before all but drying up as they continued. She decided it’s time to make the most of it. “With that gorgeous ass all up in my face, I couldn’t help myself.”

Sparkles playfully shook her rear teasing Jessica a bit before moving back over to her duffel on the bed and digging around for something inside.

“Okay next up is makeup,” Jessica noticed her pulling out two objects. She was familiar with both objects, one evoked relaxation the other personal intimacy. In one hand she held a deep cleaning facial brush, the kind used to exfoliate skin with its gentle vibrations. The other used vibrations in a more vigorous fashion, it being a fancy hand held massage wand used for more ‘pleasurable’ interactions. “Whoops thought you were something else,” Sparkles said as she tossed the massage wand back onto the bed. “I’ll save you for later.” Sparkles coyly muttered as she made her way back over to Jessica.

“So what I need to do next is to bring out the makeup on your body. Normally I’d use an over-sized makeup pad or something like that, buuut I wanted to test this out and see how effective this little gizmo would be.” Sparkles chatted away. “Ready?”

The heat in her belly, albeit calmed down a bit from the excitement a few minutes ago, caused Jessica to hatch a plan to make this rather fun for the both of them. Step one; she needed to distract Sparkles and get to the bed. Thinking as quickly as she could, her eyes darted around the room until she saw her solution in the corner of the room, “Oh could we do it the steam room?” pointing over to the imposing structure.

Thinking for a second, Sparkles shrugged “Sure this thing should work in there no probelmo. With how cold it is outside I can’t blame ya for wanting to warm up. Although from the noises you were making a minute ago, I think you’re plenty ‘warmed up’.” Chuckling at her joke, Sparkles made her way over to the steam room door. Crouching down to open up a small bin near the door she continued with her back turned, “Let me grab some towels though, don’t want to mess up your hair before I get a chance to work with it.”

With Sparkles distracted, Jessica hopped off the table as stealthy as she could and swiped the discarded wand from the bed. Step two done. Jessica smirked as she made her way over behind Sparkles, grabbing the towel she had set aside for her. Quickly wrapping up the wand in the towel with her hair before Sparkles noticed, Jessica caught a lucky break when Sparkles got distracted messing with her hair. Turns out having a massive mane of hair trailing down to her butt is rather difficult to wrap up in a towel.

While that was happening, Jessica looked over the imposing structure. It looked like a small well made wooden shack, a wooden door with a large pane of glass in the middle of it. A small digital display was set into the wall next to the door, gentling blinking as it was waiting for startup. Sparkles finally got her hair to cooperate with her, and set about turning on the heating element. Jessica fidgeted about, the awkwardly hidden wand placed in the towel hat starting to pull her hair making her wince in pain a bit. Once she got the temperature where she wanted it, Sparkles grabbed a few more towels and mirroring what Jessica did earlier at the coffee shop held the door open for Jessica. Somehow, Jessica was able to hide the wand, whether the steam escaping the room helped her or just dumb luck, Sparkles didn’t notice a thing.

The room was rather cozy, considering how small it was Jessica shouldn’t have been too surprised. Only a few things decorated the inside, the heating element billowing out steam in the corner and a wooden bench built into the back wall. Jessica shot an errant glance down the chute of the heating element, seeing a few glowing red rocks hissing out steady streams of steam. Sparkles set the spare towels down on the bench and encouraged Jessica to sit next to her.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh… this is the best. Sometimes after the more exciting massage sessions me and my mom would come up here and relax for a bit,” Sparkles gushed as she leaned back on the bench, spreading herself out and setting the make-up massager down. “When Bubbles said she had made sure this place had all the amenities we could ever want or need she wasn’t kidding.”

Jessica tried to make herself comfortable in the sweltering steam room, she was pretty certain this was her first time being in the buck when one was involved. Luckily the towel insulated her delicate bits pretty well from the heat of the bench, finally settling in to enjoy the warmth provided. After a few minutes of idle chatter Jessica snuck a glance over at Sparkles, now was the time to make her move.

“So you just use that brush on my face and body and that’ll make those body makeup show up?” Jessica questioned.

“Totally. Or it should at least. Normally with other cosmetic items we can bring those back out.” Sparkles explained, “After we use our magic on people, the makeup sticks around for a while hidden until it wears off or is affected by our magic again.” Eyes still closed in steamy bliss, Sparkles didn’t take notice of Jessica slipping the wand out of the hair towel. She set it down quietly on part of the towel she was sitting on, out of sight for now. She almost jumped out of her skin when Sparkles leaned over and put a hand on her shoulder, “Ready? No need to be so skittish, this is gonna be fun!” Jessica nodded quickly, nonchalantly moving the wand to keep it out of sight.

“Yeah yeah, so what do you need me to do?” Jessica asked.

Sparkles patted her knees and motioned towards the floor in front of her. “Just kneel down right here so I can start with your face. Since it’s a tad cramped in here we have to do this piece meal.”

Jessica took a second to get up, slipping the massage wand behind her back just hoping the steam would cover up her sleight of hand. She kneeled down in front of Sparkles, her back to the glass of the door. The floor was made of the same wood as the outside of the sauna, with a length of squishy rubber mat on the floor. Jessica was confused to why they made the floor so soft instead of normal wood or tile, until she realized where she was gave her a perfect view of Sparkles' pussy from underneath her towel. All made sense now. She could see the glistening snatch up close, its bright pink folds standing out quite a bit from the bright white skin around it. Just above the lips Jessica saw Sparkles' clit, her love nub clearly poking out of its hood, and above that she could see the telltale bumps of a freshly shaven bush. Jessica audibly gulped at the sight.

“You’re gonna feel a warm tingle as this works on your skin,” Sparkles explained, “With how steamy it is in here you might not even feel the difference.” She switched the scrubber on, filling the small room with a slight hum just barely audible over the hissing of the steam.

The soft brush head tickled as it touched her skin, Sparkles started with Jessica’s shoulder at a slow deliberate pace. She was right. Even though the brush wasn’t going that fast, the warm tingle Sparkles mentioned blossomed along her arm rapidly. It reminded her of the first trip she had taken to the parlor so many months ago, and Jessica sighed with pleasure as she just let the feeling take her along for a ride. She almost forgot about the whole plan before she got pulled back to reality (whoop there goes gravity) when Sparkles moved to her other shoulder. Hoping the steam blocked her view a bit, Jessica moved her free arm around from behind her back, slowly inching the wand in her hand forward toward her prize. Sparkles not really paying attention, going through the motions of any other normal session, didn’t notice anything amiss until she felt a smooth round head of the wand touch her nethers. Before she could get a word out, Jessica hit the switch and suddenly the room was filled with a mild buzzing and a low, building moans of Sparkles.

“ohoHohoHoOhH you naughty little sneak!” exclaimed Sparkles between moans. The hand holding the face scrubber wavering slightly as the wand was run just under her clit. Jessica, face full of mirth, adjusted the wand’s vibrating head a little lower into Sparkles' folds. Between Sparkles' breathy whines and the warm tingle of the brush’s magic, Jessica felt so hot and bothered that she slid her other hand between her legs. The buzzing of the wand was so loud that it drowned out the noise of Jessica’s fingers schulking in and out of her slick, burning lips.

“Consider this it payback for making me beg for it earlier,” Jessica hummed, her own explorations making her wish she had another wand for herself right about now. “Not that I hear you complaining about it!” Punctuating the last word with a swift flick of the wand across Sparkle’s joybuzzer.

Whatever comeback Sparkles was about to hit her with died on her lips as a sharp squeak forced its way out. Even though Sparkles was on the receiving end of being toyed with, her professionalism shined through. She finished Jessica’s other shoulder and moved down to her torso, taking care of the belly button with ease before moving up to Jessica’s soft mounds. Jessica’s eyes fluttered as she felt the bristles tickle and toy with her nips, her fingering going faster and faster to match the speed of the brush head. Jessica herself mesmerized by the sight slid a second finger into herself, the filling digits moving so fast she almost pushed herself to orgasm then and there. Jessica felt that familiar wave of a climax about to crest and wash right over her, and as her mind wandered in bliss one of her fingers slipped. The errant finger in question had been the one holding the wand near the speed knob. The slip had set it to its highest setting in about half a second.

Jessica was brought out of her daydream by a near painful sounding wail from Sparkles, who had unknowingly had the wand’s head directly on her clit at the moment the tempo had changed. Jessica quickly pulled the wand away from Sparkles snatch, turning it off in the process as Sparkles came hard from the over-stimulation. With her back near ramrod straight and legs spasming Sparkles rode out the orgasm hard, even squirting a little bit nearly hitting Jessica. As she mused the little bisexual awakening she was having within herself, she quickly stood up to check on her panting friend before almost tumbling over. Guess she enjoyed herself a little too much, her legs not wanting to move right after that brush with climax.

“I’m so so so sorry Sparkles!,” exclaimed Jessica, finally making her way back onto the bench next to her panting friend. “I think my finger slipped while I was-” a slim finger was raised to her lips, as Sparkles had stopped her mid sentence.

“Isokay… Just a little too much too fast hehe,” between exasperated breaths “That little stunt you pulled was slick. I didn’t even see you swipe that earlier.” Sparkles leaned her weary head against Jessica’s shoulder, “Just give me a minute or two and we can get back on track.”

“A breather sounds nice, don’t worry about it,” Jessica huffed a little, the burning in her loins died down a bit, but still urging her to continue her ‘distractions’. It was at this time she noticed her upper arm looked a lot different than before. Maybe it was the heat messing with her, but looking up and down her body she noticed thin streaks of white rolling down her body at various angles. It almost looked like she was sweating… paint?
“I take it this is part of the magic?” Jessica said as she was holding her hand up examining all the lines forming along her arms.

Lackadaisically Sparkles hummed an affirmation, eyes closed enjoying the afterglow.

“So how does it work exactly? Is it something where you can shape the person into how their clown form looks? Is it determined by the person’s personality that plays into how they change? Or is it something-”

“Shh shhh shhhh,” Sparkles finger again on her lips “Theoretical magic talk later, I need to get off my butt and finish your makeup silly,” Sparkles said with a warm smile.

“Okay what next?” Jessica quizzically asked.

“Lay on your back and I’ll finish up your legs and then lastly will be the makeup over your eye.” Sparkles said, finally seeming back to normal from her big one.

Jessica followed her instructions and moved some towels along the bench to make it more comfortable. As soon as her back hit the bench Sparkles was on top of her, but not in the way she was expecting. Jessica was now at eye level AGAIN with Sparkles' folds. Now that she was that close, she could see the slick sheen of her wetness nearly dripping right on her face.

“It’ll be just a minute with your legs Jess,” Sparkles called out from between her thighs as Jessica felt the familiar tingle travel up her legs. Finally taking a minute to relax Jessica closed her eyes and enjoyed the warmth, trying her best to resist the urge to lick the beautiful pussy hovering just a few inches from her face. The warm tickle from the brush moved along slowly from her left ankle all the way up to her thigh, causing Jessica to sigh in pleasure again. As Sparkles' warm breath passed over her nethers on the way down her legs, she could feel the tingle returning slowly. Her right leg took a bit longer as the brush did its job, seeming to pause by her ankles for longer than she expected. That’s when she felt it. A warm, wet pressure suddenly appeared at the entrance to her love tunnel. As her eyes snapped open and looked down, Jessica felt Sparkles' tongue slowly drag down along her lips. Just barely pushing itself in as she savored every little nook and cranny of her cunny. Jessica’s toes curled as she hissed out a moan. It felt fantastic! Every little lick and nibble sent shock-waves through her body, as in between each pass of Sparkles' tongue she made sure to give her poor lonely clit a flick and warm kiss. She felt herself becoming putty in Sparkles' hands, just waiting to see how she would toy with her next. Around that time she felt the tongue travel just a bit lower to her rosebud, prodding and probing as it tried to wriggle it’s way in.

“DOn’t StOP Sparkles Please!” Jessica almost screamed as she felt her breath start to hitch and quicken.

“Don’t worry my precious client… I have a real treat for you now! THE THREE RING SPECIAL!” Sparkles exclaimed. Jessica was confused for a second before the sensations pushed any rational thoughts from her mind. She felt a curious tongue tickle and circle her butthole, teasing and slowly sliding itself inside. Leo loved her butt so much and often asked her if he could toy with it, but she turned him down unsure on how it would feel. She might have to take him up on the offer later now. It felt like she was slowly being stretched and filled even though it was just a tongue. It moved and wriggled in such a way it felt strange, but it’s warm wetness felt irresistible. While Sparkles focused mainly on her rear, she made sure to leave a few fingers to keep her pussy busy. Gently she started to finger Jessica with her middle and ring finger, quickly picking up the pace and rubbing her insides at all kinds of angles. That’s when the other shoe dropped. Jessica would normally have noticed the fact that Sparkles had stopped using the brush on her legs, but at the moment her mind was way too foggy dealing with all the exquisite stimuli. Her poor little clit found a friend in a smooth plastic bulb being carefully set on top of it. It suddenly buzzed to life and Jessica’s whole world went white.

Her vision was truly white, Jessica’s eyes were open, but she could see nothing. It was as if she was standing in-front of a spotlight. Her mind was reeling and she swore there was music… was it a calliope? It sounded like a carnival, in fact she could smell POPCORN! Warm and buttery so close to her, she instinctively craned her head forward sniffing the air for it. Jessica quickly located the source when her nose actually ran directly into it. She reached out her tongue and started licking up the warm, sweet buttery liquid. As she moved around, her tongue hit a small hard spot, “It must be an unpopped kernel,” Jessica mumbeled. She flicked at it with her tongue trying to draw it to her, when close enough she would nibble at it with her front teeth, but it would never stay put. So Jessica tried again and again, flick; towards, nibble; retreat. Finally frustrated she opened her mouth wide and determined to just suck the whole thing into her mouth at once.

“OH JESSICA!” Sparkles exclaimed surprised by her forceful suction. In doing so, the illusion was broken. When Sparkles moved her tongue from Jessica’s back door to speak, the music faded slowly to inaudible and her vision returned. Jessica realized what she had in her mouth now, but it still tasted like the most delicious popcorn ever. The sensations of the scrubber and Sparkles' fingers deep in her abyss only served to heighten her desire. She quickly drove her tongue as far as she could into the warm aperture in front of her and started swishing and swirling it around to touch and taste everything. Sparkles moved back to her previous activities, but this time Jessica stayed with her in the moment. However, that did not make the motions any less intense.

Jessica and Sparkles stayed like that for what felt like hours, although it was only a few minutes in reality. The buzzing of both the brush and wand filled the air of the confined space, as their moans were muffled by the current activities. Their bodies writhing together on that short, steamy bench. With a wet pop, Jessica slid her tongue out and took a quick breather before continuing. It was hard for her though, the Three Ring Special really taking its toll on her causing moans and whines to cut her breaths short. After the next mini orgasm spasm, Jessica finally got her breath back. The strange white makeup that was running off Jessica’s skin had at this point completely dyed her skin the same snowy tint as Sparkles, although she could care less at the moment. She was on a mission. Taking two generous handfuls of Sparkles’ ass, gently spreading them apart where her winking rosebud greeted her, Jessica got a better angle to latch her whole mouth over the needy pussy. As soon as her mouth covered the juicy muff, She forced her tongue to go as far as it could inside Sparkles. Twisting and turning against the quivering walls sent a jolt down Sparkles’ spine, Jessica felt her friend's twitching and shaking through the fingers gripping her pearly white ass.

That’s when Jessica felt it. The big one. With Sparkles drilling her ass with her tongue, turning her poor little pussy into jelly with the wand, and playing with her clit like a joystick; Jessica had been having one delicious orgasm after another. But what she felt now was magnitudes greater. She felt it in her core at first, spilling out in a massive wave throughout her body. It was almost like a surge of bubbles tickling along her limbs, sending out bolts of electrifying pleasure over every inch of skin it passed through. Jessica’s toes curled and her fingers tightened their grip on the only sturdy thing close by, Sparkles’ plump rear, as she felt even her very soul tighten and constrict waiting for the impending release. Sparkles was nearly caught in the pillowy grasp of Jessica’s legs, her habit of clamping down on whichever poor soul was playing with her pussy at the time and riding their face through the orgasm. Luckily she had sensed the change in Jessica’s demeanor and pulled her tongue out the winking abyss just in the nick of time, still letting her fingers and wand shepard Jessica along her journey.

“That’s it sweetie,” Sparkles swooned, as Jessica doubled up on the suction on her nethers “EEk! Just ride it out… ouuuuugh yeah right there right there right there!”

Sparkles herself got one heck of orgasm in return for helping her friend, her whole body vibrating in pleasure as she felt the fingers she left in Jessica getting trapped in a vice grip. Jessica felt like a glass about to overflow, every second seemed to drag on as her eyes seemed to go hazy. She felt so very warm. Her eyes started to flutter and her breathing got shallow. It was at that moment she couldn’t take it anymore, with her knees buckling ,back arching, and with a slick pop she pulled herself out of Sparkles snatch.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah FIREBALL FIREBALL FIREBALL! OhOHaghohhj!” were the only words she was able to screech out before everything faded to black, her last conscious thought of pure bliss and content.