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Katsuki in my Pocket

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The station hummed with chatter as people milled about waiting for their train. Eijirou didn't mind the noise as he sat with a dumb smile on his face.

Katsuki had been his boyfriend for a couple months now and yet they'd never gone out on an actual date before. Katsuki seemed to hate the idea of them for some reason, even calling them stupid. So the fact he'd finally agreed to go on one was why Eijirou was so happy.

Well, It took a lot of convincing but Katsuki had agreed nonetheless.

Eijirou sat on the bench, excitedly swinging his legs back and forth like a little kid. The train should be getting here pretty soon. Katsuki sat quietly beside him, usual scowl on his face.

Since Eijirou hadn’t managed to get a reason out of him as to why he didn't want to go on a date before, there was a tinge of self consciousness. Maybe Katsuki didn’t enjoy hanging out with him? Or maybe thought that it would be too troublesome.

If that was the case though why would the boy have even confessed to him in the first place? That thought gave Eijirou confidence. Katsuki was probably just being stubborn.

As they waited, a mother and daughter made their way over and claimed the other half of the bench they occupied. Katsuki edged closer to Eijirou when the girl hopped up onto the seat beside him. She was young, with bright blonde hair falling over her shoulders.

“Pom-pom!” The girl suddenly declared, tiny finger pointing up to Katsuki.

Eijirou stifled a laugh, his hair really did look like one now that she mentioned it. Katsuki elbowed Eijirou roughly in response.


The little girl continued to stare with glittering eyes while her mother was busy rummaging through her handbag, looking stressed. Katsuki gave the girl look, it wasn’t threatening but it caught her attention.

“You fluffy!” She said happily, pointing up to his hair again. Katsuki’s eye twitched but he still kept his expression neutral. It was nice to see Katsuki at least put an effort into controlling his temper when it came to children.

“Your hair’s fluffy too~” Eijirou smiled back at her from across the bench. She apparently hadn’t noticed him yet as her eyes went wide when she saw Eijirou’s red, gravity defying hair.

“Spiky!” She pointed to Eijirou now but not with the same awe, she almost looked angry. “Spiky is dangerous!”

It was Katsuki who stifled a laugh this time.

“See, even the kid agrees, shitty-hair.” He mumbled smugly.

“Hey! That was unnecessary.” Eijirou pouted, crossing his arms in mock offence. Katsuki just snickered. Both boys were momentarily distracted and didn’t notice the girl crawl closer.

“Fluffy fluffy~” She quietly chanted to herself.

Katsuki flinched when a small hand was placed on his forearm. He tensed up and looked down at the girl as if a spider had just fallen on him. She glanced up and gave him a bright smile, he went to shake her off but froze when the place she was touching started to glow.

Noticing this, Eijirou quickly pulled Katsuki’s arm away from her.

“U-um, miss?!” Eijirou tried to get the mothers attention, panic creeping into his voice as the glow began to spread. Katsuki’s brows were furrowed and he seemed unsure how to react, just glaring at his arm and then at the mother, waiting for her to reply.

The woman turned her attention to them and gasped when she saw Katsuki’s arm. She quickly grabbed her daughter and pulled her into her lap. The little girl glanced up at her, looking confused.

“Hina! I told you not to do that to other people, remember?” The mother scolded, the girl frowned.

“What the heck did she do exactly?” Katsuki suddenly snapped, still glaring at the woman. She was visibly taken aback by the outburst before awkwardly brushing her hair behind her ear.

“W-well, Hina has the ability to shrink things...” She explained, not meeting Katsuki’s intense gaze.

Not a moment later, the glow fully enveloped the blond boy. Eijirou watched in stunned silence as the form beside him slowly began to shrink. The mother glanced nervously to Eijirou, probably scared he’d snap at her as well. Eijirou tried to give her a reassuring smile.

“He’s not angry at you don’t worry.” He said waving a hand. Of course, Eijirou had no idea what Katsuki thought. Knowing Katuski he was most definitely gonna be pissed but he wanted to at least calm the woman down a bit. This was all an accident after all.

The shrinking eventually came to a stop and the glow disappeared, Katsuki’s now oversized clothes flopped onto the bench. A lump moved around inside the shirt before a tiny blond head popped out. Eijirou stared down with his mouth agape.

He was adorable.

Katsuki glanced around at the new size of his surroundings and then down at himself. He sat in the neck hole of the shirt, the fabric covering his bottom half like a blanket.

“How long is this freaking gonna last?” He growled but his voice was so far away now it was more of a squeak.

“It should only be about a day, maybe even less. I’m very sorry I hadn’t been paying attention.” She explained apologetically before turning to her daughter, “Hina, what do you say?”

“...Sorry.” The girl whimpered, looking ready to cry. Seems she’d realised what she’d done now.

“It’s ok, he’ll be back to normal soon enough.” Eijirou smiled and tried to reassure them again, the young girl in particular but forgot his companion was bound to have a different opinion.

“How the fuck is this ok?!” Katsuki squawked from below them, no longer trying or bothering to filter himself. The mother hastily covered her daughter’s ears. Eijirou made a ‘shh’ gesture to him before turning back to the woman.

“So, he’s just shrunk and small now right? The quirk doesn’t do anything else?”

“No, not that I’m aware of.” She replied before abruptly searching through her bag again. She pulled out a small teddy bear. Eijirou watched with confusion as she started undressing it. Only when she hesitantly offered the small pieces of clothing to Katsuki did it click. Oh, right, Katsuki’s own clothing hadn’t shrunk. Only his body did.

Katsuki snatched them from her angrily and disappeared back under the shirt.

Eijirou stared at the bear and the large bag curiously. In a way, it was like the woman was prepared for this sort of thing. Guess this wasn’t the first time the little girl had decided to show off her quirk to the public.

"In case something else does happen or you have any concerns please contact me." She said, handing Eijirou a business card. He accepted it with a nod.

"Thank you."

Katsuki emerged again just as a train pulled into the station, the mother glanced at it and hurriedly closed her bag. Must have been their train. She got to her feet and held her daughters hand tightly.

“I’m very sorry for the inconvenience Hina and I have caused you.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Eijirou said, waving them off. The girl waved back and the woman gave a clumsy bow before they made their way onto the train.

“Stop being so fucking nice asshole!” Katsuki chimed in from below. Thankfully when the others were no longer in earshot. Eijirou looked down to him, eyes going wide at what he saw.

Overalls Katsuki

Katsuki stood with a scowl on his face, now dressed in a plaid shirt and overalls. Even though the bear had been about the same size as him, the clothes were still baggy. The outfit looked surprisingly good on him, Eijirou couldn’t help but stare at his tiny boyfriend.

He was super cute.

Katsuki shot him a glare, tilting his head to side as if to ask what he was looking at. Eijirou went to respond but got distracted when a passerby bumped into his leg. They quickly apologised and went on their way but they had made Eijirou realise something.

That they were still at the train station, in public.

Eijirou scooped Katsuki up from the bench with no warning, the boy protested but couldn’t do much to avoid it. With Katsuki now standing on one of his palms, he used his free hand to gather up the discarded clothing before someone came along and sat on them.

“Oi, put me down.” Katsuki stomped on his palm. He wasn’t very heavy, it was like holding a smartphone. Katsuki was even about the size of one.

“I don’t want you getting crushed or something.”

“What the fuck? Like hell I’d let someone crush me.” Katsuki crossed his arms before continuing, “This is so stupid, I knew going out today was a bad idea.”

Eijirou's heart sank the moment he heard those words. So Katsuki hadn’t even wanted to come today? Then he really was just forcing himself to hang out together. Eijirou frowned, upset that he was the only one that’d been looking forward to the day.

“Wait, I didn’t mean it like that.” Katsuki quickly tried to recover once noticing Eijirou’s expression.

“You could’ve just you hate the idea...” Eijirou mumbled.

“I don’t hate it.”

Eijirou wasn’t convinced, frowning further. Katsuki sighed and bopped Eijirou’s nose with a tiny hand. He flinched at the unexpected action.

Katsuki looked frustrated, retracting his hand and crossing his arms again instead. He paced around a bit on Eijirou’s palm, getting progressively more ticked off with each step. Eijirou waited patiently for whatever it was he was preparing to say.

“Idiot. I was just nervous...” He eventually muttered as his cheeks dusted red.

It took a moment but Eijirou’s face slowly lit up as a wave of relief washed over him. Katsuki had actually admitted something! And his reason was actually cute! Without thinking, Eijirou hugged Katsuki to his chest and hummed happily. Only vaguely registering Katsuki’s angry struggling against him.

“Fucking let me go already!” He growled but it wasn’t until Katsuki decided to let off a little pop of an explosion that Eijirou pulled away.

He held the boy up at eye level again and grinned at him, still ecstatic that he’d gotten his disagreeable boyfriend to admit he was nervous about something. Katsuki just scowled, fixing his hair after being forcibly squished against Eijirou.

“Don’t suffocate me dumbass.” He muttered, “And stop looking at me like that!” Katsuki pointed angrily but his slight blush gave him away.

“Sorry~” Eijirou hummed before glancing around the platform. Their train still wasn’t here, it’d have to be very close to arriving by now. Realisation suddenly hit him as he looked at Katsuki again. Wait, they couldn’t still go out with him like this right?

“What now?” The blond snapped when he noticed Eijirou’s expression change again.

“Well, shouldn’t we go back since you’re like this now?”

“Huh?” Katsuki looked genuinely confused. “Why? I just shrunk I didn’t fucking die.”

Eijirou blinked at him before laughing, of course, this was Katsuki. He wouldn’t let anything stop him if he had a goal. Eijirou smiled, he really did want to go out with him then.

“You sure? I wouldn’t want you getting hurt or something.” He was mostly teasing but the concern was still there.

“Who the fuck do you think I am?”

Eijirou laughed again as the right train finally approached. He shoved Katsuki’s clothes into his backpack, slinging it over a shoulder when he stood up. Katsuki was still standing in one palm and Eijirou looked at him quizzically.

People around them began shuffling onto the train, a couple of them giving a weird look as they passed by. Eijirou thought it over a moment longer, watching the train steadily fill up. Seems it was a busy one after all.

Deciding it was probably the safest option, Eijirou shoved Katsuki into his shorts pocket before the blond could say otherwise.

He cringed, knowing he was surely going to get an earful from Katsuki later. He felt movement in the pocket but if Katsuki was saying anything he couldn’t hear him. The train doors closed and soon they were off.




Katsuki struggled to get his footing again, suddenly surrounded by fabric. He kicked roughly against Eijirou’s leg. Did this bitch just put me in his fucking pocket?!

The train started moving and Katsuki was thrown off balance again by the momentum, falling deeper in. Just how large were the pockets on these shorts? Eijirou could smuggle so much shit into places with these.

Once the train was moving steadily, Katsuki managed to climb up to the pocket opening. He peeked his head out like a dog would out a car window.

Eijirou wasn’t that short for his age but the train carriage appeared to be full of taller adults which obscured Katsuki’s view of well, anything. He could just see other peoples legs. He tried to look up at Eijirou and get his attention so that he could be moved from this shitty location.

However, leaning out of the pocket proved to be a bad idea as the carriage suddenly got bumpy. Katsuki yelped and gripped the fabric tightly, narrowly avoiding being thrown out onto the floor.

He cursed, multiple times, before sinking back into the safety of the pocket. He’d tell Eijirou off later.




The doors creaked open and a sea of people made their way off the train. Eijirou’s fire red hair stood out in the crowd as he made his way across the platform. The insistent kicking at his thigh letting him know that Katsuki was still fine.

He made his way out of the station and took a deep breath of the outside air, stretching his arms up to the sky. It was only about midday as the sun shone down on him from above. The kicking suddenly got move violent, one strike coming dangerously close to a sensitive area.

Ok, he should move him now.

Eijirou glanced down at his pocket and was surprised to see Katsuki’s tiny face sticking out.

“Finally! You fucking asshole.” He squeaked. Guess he had been trying to get his attention for a while.

Eijirou hesitantly reached for Katsuki, scared he’d attack his hand or something. It was like having an angry kitten in his pocket. Thankfully Katsuki didn’t bite and pulled himself up onto Eijirou’s palm instead.

Eijirou lifted him up to eye level and braced himself for the scolding.

“Don’t ever put me in your fucking pocket again.” Katsuki growled, dusting himself off. Eijirou felt a bit guilty, there had probably been a decent amount of lint in there.

“Sorry, I kinda put you in there without thinking.” Eijirou replied sheepishly, scratching the back of his neck. Katsuki shot him a glare before turning to see where they were.

“...Where are we going?”

“Ice cream!”

“Are you a fucking child?”

Eijirou laughed but now that he mentioned it he’d never actually seen Katsuki eat ice cream. Or anything sweet for that matter. He suddenly panicked. Shit, what if he doesn’t like sweets?

“U-uhh, unless you don’t like that?” He asked awkwardly, beginning to slowly walk down the street to distract himself.

“Did I say that?” Katsuki crossed his arms. Guess that was his way of saying he did like it. Eijirou grinned, thank god.

As they got further down the street, Eijirou started noticing peoples gazes more and more. He didn’t mind it that much but Katsuki’s expression was getting progressively more pissed off. Eijirou pursed his lips in thought before deciding on something.

He slowly moved Katsuki up to his shoulder, it was an awkward movement to pull off and he almost dropped Katsuki in the process.

“W-what the fuck.” Katsuki wobbled off his palm and fell onto Eijirou’s shoulder, he clung onto the fabric of his shirt and pulled himself up until he was sitting on it.

“Fucking warn me before you do that.” He muttered, voice clearer now since he was right next to Eijirou’s ear.

“What? You scared?” Eijirou smirked.

“No, fuck you.”




Some checking of maps on his phone and a short walk later, Ejirou had made it to their destination. The front of the store was brightly coloured and inviting. Eijirou had been here once before so he knew their stuff was good.

“Y’know for someone who goes on and on about being manly, you’re getting pretty starry eyed over ice cream.” Katsuki teased beside him.

“Hey! Not like ice cream’s just for kids.” Eijirou pouted. He hadn’t expected a jab like that from Katsuki. The blond on his shoulder just laughed.

Since it was a hot day, there were quite a few people inside, mostly children. They all pressed against the display fridge deciding what to get. Eijirou glanced at Katsuki, wondering what flavour he’d want. Looking at him also made him remember that Katsuki wasn’t his normal size right now. How would he even eat an ice cream?

“Uh, so want to share?” Eijirou mumbled to him, trying not to draw the attention of the other customers.

“Depends what flavour you get.” Katsuki smirked at him. Was that a challenge? Eijirou turned back to the display window with newfound determination.

Should he go with something safe like vanilla or chocolate? Katsuki might accuse him of being too boring though. Definitely not anything too sweet like bubblegum or strawberry...

Katsuki lounged on Eijirou’s shoulder, amused by how seriously he was thinking this over. The line slowly moved forward until Eijirou was right in front of the display, hand still to his chin in thought.

The cashier kept glancing between Katsuki and Eijirou, probably wondering if they were going to order separately. Or why Katsuki was so small. It wasn’t until Eijirou was starting to hold up the line that the man spoke up.

“Um, what would you like?”

Eijirou perked up immediately as if just realising where he was. Katsuki snickered at the reaction.

“Ah yes!”




“So, what’s the verdict?” Eijirou asked as soon as he stepped out of the store, he turned to Katsuki expectantly. He’d gone with chocolate and coffee. Katsuki looked down at the cup of ice cream, evaluating it.

“It’s acceptable.” He said simply. Eijirou almost jumped for joy, he’d picked right! He beamed and took a seat on a park bench not too far away from the store.

Once seated he tasted a spoonful, it was delicious. He hummed happily. The flavours complimented each other well and it was nice and cold. Katsuki nudged his neck. Oh, right.

Eijirou took a scoop and offered the small plastic spoon to Katsuki.

“Pretty good.” He mumbled with ice cream still in his mouth.

They relaxed on the bench for a while, enjoying the treat. Chatting about various things while Eijirou handed Katsuki a spoonful every now and then. It was nice.

“This sucks, I want my own serve of it.” The blond complained, passing the spoon back.

“We can always come back when you’re well... regular size.” Eijirou said absentmindedly, scraping up the last of the ice cream.

“... I’d like that.”

Eijirou’s head spun to stare at Katsuki with wide eyes. Did he just hear that right?! Except Katsuki wasn’t on his shoulder anymore. Eijirou’s brows furrowed for a second before he felt feet at the back of his neck.


“I wanna try something.” Katsuki replied quickly, obviously trying to redirect the conversation topic. The sensations of Katsuki moving around the back of his neck were uncomfortable but Eijirou eventually caught on to what he was doing when he felt his hair being pulled.

“Ow! Dude what the heck?"

He had the urge to swat Katsuki off like a fly but resisted it, soon enough the pulling stopped and he felt a weight on his head.

“It’s like a fucking forest up here.” Katsuki muttered, “And it reeks of hairspray!”

“What did you expect?” Eijirou laughed, pulling out his phone and using the front camera to see what Katsuki looked like. His little face peeked through the red strands which he'd parted like a curtain. Katsuki noticed the camera and glowered.

“If you take a picture I’m blowing up your phone.”


Eijirou stifled a laugh as he watched Katsuki’s expression morph from shock to realisation to anger on the screen. Except he hadn’t been expecting Katsuki to actually follow through with his threat straight away.

The blond lunged at the phone, landing stomach first onto it. Eijirou fumbled almost dropping both him and the phone at the added weight. Katsuki started tapping things on the screen so Eijirou quickly pried him away, holding him in his fist.

“Let me go, delete that shit!” Katsuki growled, trying to get free from Eijirou’s grip and failing miserably. He really couldn’t do much with his hands restrained.

“But it’s a cute picture~” Eijirou teased, only causing Katsuki to struggle more violently.

“Yeah until you show those fuckers in our class.” He pouted angrily.

“Ooh, you don’t want anyone seeing you all small and adorable, huh?”

Katsuki’s face immediately flushed red, seems Eijirou had hit the mark. Unable to help himself Eijirou hummed and smooshed Katsuki against his cheek in a hug of sorts. He was too cute.

“You don’t mind me seeing you though, right?” Eijirou beamed, ignoring how Katsuki clawed at his cheek like a cat.

“Dumbass, put me fucking down already.”

Feeling he’d pushed his luck enough, Eijirou listened to his request and placed him on his thigh. Katsuki huffed and turned away, observing the people moving about the park.

“Y’know I’m remembering all this.” The blond muttered, voice hardly audible because of the distance.

“Hm? Why?”

“Payback.” Katsuki threw a dangerous grin over his shoulder and it sent a shiver down Eijirou’s spine. Maybe he should hold off the teasing for now.

They stayed on the bench for a while making small talk, Katsuki eventually deciding to sit on Eijirou’s knee. The sun shone down on them through the trees, it really was a nice day. The park was pretty busy too, with others enjoying the peaceful afternoon as well.

“So what else do you do on these date things?” Katsuki asked, breaking the silence. He leaned his head back quite a lot so that he was looking up at Eijirou.

The redhead froze, suddenly realising he really hadn’t thought about anything past ice cream. Come to think of it, that was boring right? There was nothing really special about that was there?!

He felt his face pale as he scrambled for an answer, Katsuki just stared at him with a neutral expression. Before Eijirou had a chance to respond, something collided with his shin. He flinched and looked down to see a soccer ball. Oh.

Across from them a few kids had been kicking it around, one of them waved to Eijirou when their eyes met. Not thinking much of it, he stood to kick it back. Only when he'd sat down again did Eijirou notice something was missing.

His boyfriend.

“B-bakugou?!” He stammered, searching the bench to no avail. He tried not to panic but at the same time he was worried Katsuki might’ve hurt himself if he fell from the bench height.

There was a weird scratching at his ankle and Eijirou glanced down to find a significantly more enraged Katsuki. Phew.

“Are you ok?” Eijirou asked quickly, reaching down to pick the boy up only for his hand to be swatted away with a tiny explosion. Katsuki gave him a look before walking over to the foot of the bench.

Eijirou raised a confused eyebrow at him but continued to watch. At least he didn’t seem to be injured.

After a couple test explosions, Katsuki propelled himself off the ground. He flew upwards at an angle but he’d succeeded in giving it enough force to reach his destination. He caught the edge of the bench with both hands and hoisted himself up onto it.

Once standing again, he swirled around and placed his hands on his hips, shooting Eijirou a smug grin. The redhead just stared back, stunned.

“What?” Katsuki snapped.

“That was so cool!”

Eijirou’s delayed reaction caught Katsuki off guard, he physically recoiled from the enthusiasm. Eijirou moved over to kneel in front of the bench so that he was eye level with Katsuki. His sudden closeness caused the blond to take a few steps back.

“Idiot, aren’t you gonna apologise for dropping me?”

“Sorry~ Seems like you can handle yourself just fine though.”

“Of course I can.” Katsuki scoffed. He glanced up at Eijirou, or more specifically, his hair. A grin spread across his face and he disappeared again, diving into the forest of red.

Sighing, Eijirou stood up and dusted himself off. Feeling the weight of Katsuki on his head.

“Let’s go!” Katsuki shouted from above, apparently happy with his new vantage point.

Throwing his backpack over a shoulder, Eijirou obeyed and started walking down the gravel path. He chewed on his lip, still not having worked out what else to do on the date. The more he thought about it though, he realised they couldn’t really do much with Katsuki this size.

He couldn’t even kiss him...

Eijirou quickly shook the thought, it wasn’t like Katsuki was stuck this way forever or anything. They could still do those things... later. Feeling his face heat up, Eijirou was thankful Katsuki wasn’t able to see it. Why was he thinking about this stuff right now?

“Kirishima, oi.”

He was too busy thinking to hear Katsuki. Only the sharp pain of his hair being pulled is what brought him back to reality. He reflexively swatted at Katsuki. He had pulled hard.

“Don’t get mad at me dipshit, you nearly walked straight onto the road!” The blond shouted. Eijirou swiftly looked at his surroundings, they were on the street now and he really was only a couple steps from the busy road.

“Shit sorry.”

“Oi, you ok?” Katsuki questioned from above, pulling on one of the red horns to get the boys attention again.

“Ouch quit pulling my hair man.” Eijirou complained before falling silent once more. He fiddled with the straps of the backpack and tried to decide what direction to go next. He didn’t know the area very well, so he was at a loss.

“What stupid shit are you thinking about? Whenever you go silent like this its cause of something dumb.”

“It’s not dumb!” Eijirou snapped out of his trance and plucked Katsuki off his head so that he could talk to him properly. Katsuki looked a little surprised before slouching in Eijirou’s palm, waiting for whatever he had to say.

“I just... didn’t really plan anything else for today...” He trailed off, averting his gaze from Katsuki and hoping he’d catch his meaning.

“And? What are you getting all weird for?”

Eijirou glanced back to see Katsuki with his arms crossed, he was scowling but had an otherwise relaxed posture.

“Well, I mean, isn’t it boring?”

“No? Are you bored or something?” The boy in his hand looked genuinely confused.

Eijirou’s eyes widened.

“No, of course not!” He blurted before smiling widely. Katsuki must just enjoy being out somewhere together, his heart fluttered at the thought. He shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions and had more faith in Katsuki. Eijirou had just wanted to make sure their first date wasn’t a complete disaster.

Well, shrinking incident aside.

“Good then.” Katsuki huffed, turning away with pink dusting his tiny cheeks. Eijirou had a strong urge to squish him against his face again but resisted. Remembering Karsuki's ‘payback’ warning from before.

The sound of a nearby pedestrian crossing changing to walk caught Eijirou’s attention and he was reminded he was still standing a couple feet away from the road. Talking to his hand.

Suddenly feeling awkward, he backed up and walked towards the crossing instead.

By the time he got there the red man was flashing so he opted for waiting for the next cycle. While waiting he surveyed the area, looking at what stores were around noticing the shopping block was fairly populated. Had he stumbled across a popular spot by accident?

Too preoccupied with looking around, Eijirou barely registered someone talking.

“Woah how cute!”

Confused Eijirou turned to the young woman that was now beside him, she stared at what was in his hand with curiousity. Katsuki.

“Huh?” Katsuki reacted almost immediately, shooting the girl a threatening look.

She yelped and jumped back, apparently not expecting Katsuki to speak let alone move. She turned to Eijirou, clearly wanting an explanation. However Eijirou was just as confused, did she not think Katsuki was alive?

“U-um, I thought it was a doll... but he’s real?” She questioned, glancing at Katsuki again. He was still glaring at her.

“Oh, yeah he’s human, we got into a bit of an accident, he’s usually about my size.” Eijirou explained.

“The fuck’s your problem?” Katsuki suddenly snapped at her.

Seems Katsuki had reached his limit of being stared at. Luckily the crossing changed to green and Eijirou had an excuse to walk away. He smothered Katsuki with his other hand to avoid him saying anything further and gave the shocked girl an apologetic smile before picking up the pace, distancing themselves from the crossing.

Heat suddenly surged through his palms and he instinctively pulled them away like one would after touching a hot stove. This was apparently Katsuki’s plan as the boy avoided falling to the ground by grabbing onto Eijirou’s leather bracelet. He hung off it like it was playground equipment.

“Dude, that hurt.” Eijirou muttered, staring at his now slightly red hands.

Katsuki swung on the bracelet a bit until he was able to propel himself over to Eijirou’s opposite hand. His landing caused Eijriou to wince a bit and only then did Katsuki start to look guilty.

“I could hardly breathe!” Katsuki complained, crossing his arms and refusing to look at Eijirou. A few seconds passed before he gave up the front and quietly mumbled a sorry.

“Use your words next time.” Eijirou said quietly, using a finger to pat Katsuki’s head, which the blond looked less than impressed about. “And don’t be so rude to people.”




Once they’d started moving again, something seemed to catch Eijirou’s attention. Katsuki tried following his gaze, wondering what he’d seen that caused the boy to suddenly stop in his tracks.

“What’s over there?” Katsuki huffed.

“Looks like it’s an arcade, one sec.” Eijirou answered, practically running over to it a moment later. Katsuki just sat in the boys hand, confused.

“Woahh, look!” Eijirou used his free hand to point excitedly at a poster in the window. Katsuki squinted at it, there was an ad for some new items in one of the claw machines titled ‘Retro Heroes! Keychain Collection: Series 4’.

He was about to ask why that was such a big deal when Katsuki suddenly remembered Eijirou talked about a hero like that a lot. Something Riot? Looking back to the poster he recognised the one. This was the hero Eijirou looked up to right?

“You should try win it.” Katsuki mumbled, the redhead turned to him with shining eyes.

“Hell yeah! Crimson Riot merch is pretty rare these days this is so cool!”

With that, they were inside the arcade a moment later. A hint of a smile was on Katsuki’s face as he watched Eijirou. It was endearing seeing him this happy about something.

Placing Katsuki onto the ledge of the game, Eijirou fumbled to get some coins out of his backpack before inserting them into the claw machine. He placed his hands on the buttons and stared at the target item with determination.

Sadly, the first attempt was a bust... as were the rest that followed. Eijirou sighed, pulling out his remaining coins and looking somewhat dejected.

“How is Midoriya so good at these things...”

“Huh!?” The name caught his attention as Katsuki swirled around to look up at Eijirou.

“No need to freak out,” He laughed, “Midoriya wins stuff from these all the time, you’ve seen his All Might collection right?”

The silence told Eijirou he hadn’t as Katsuki crossed his arms angrily. Why was he bringing up Deku on their date. It pissed him off.

Suddenly fired up, Katsuki used his explosions to fly over to Eijirou’s hand. He swiped some coins before jumping back down to the game’s control panel.

He’d completed the movement so quick Eijirou was momentarily stunned.

“Wha— Hey what are you doing?!”

“Winning it.” Katsuki growled, shoving the coins in with more than a little difficulty.

The machine started up yet again. Katsuki didn’t have much experience with these kinds of games at all. The last time he played one was probably... back when Deku used to follow him around everywhere. Now that he thought about it that fucker was even winning stuff back then.

He grit his teeth, the memory only further fuelling his desire to win. If Deku can win them then he sure as fuck could too.

He jumped from button to button, lining up the claw as best he could. It was pretty hard to see from his vantage point though. He could hardly even tell what it was he was aiming for.

“Left left!” Eijirou suddenly piped up as he leaned forward behind Katsuki. Now with the help from someone taller, Katsuki manoeuvred the claw into position. The buttons started flashing, indicating their time was up as the claw dropped down a moment later.

Both boys were dead silent as it gripped whatever was below it. The plastic covering the keychains rustled as the claw emerged again.



“Only enough for one try left...” Eijirou mumbled.

“We got this shit!” Katsuki shouted to him, Eijirou looked a little surprised at the enthusiasm before breaking out in a grin and nodding.

They repeated the same setup process as before, Eijirou moving around the machine to get a better view. Katsuki wasn’t even thinking about wanting to beat Deku anymore. He just wanted to see what kind of face Eijirou would make if they won it.

“That should be good!”

Katsuki stepped off the buttons, not even realising he was holding his breath watching the claw descend. It came back up a moment later, keychain in its clutches.

Eijirou made a happy noise behind him as the claw started its journey back to the start position. Katsuki watched quietly right up until the keychain dropped out too early, landing only millimetres away from the drop zone.

It took a moment to sink in before he exploded.

“What the fuck!?” Katsuki moved over to get a better look. It was so fucking close to falling down. “That’s it. I’m going in.”

“You’re what?”

“Going in!”

Without further explanation, Katsuki jumped off the ledge using a couple explosions to break his fall. He was just about to hop into the collection zone of the machine when Eijirou’s hands caught him.

“You can’t do that! You’ll get caught on camera!” Eijirou exclaimed, glancing around the arcade nervously and pulling him back up onto the ledge. Katsuki crossed his arms in annoyance.

“So what! Look how close it is, we basically won!” He said pointing at the keychain that was just barely holding on for life.

“That’s just how it is sometimes.” Eijirou shrugged but Katsuki still wasn’t going to accept this. He glared at the keychain before a different idea came into his head. Grinning, he gestured for Eijirou to pick him up.

Eijirou did so. When he was within range, Katsuki hopped over onto the boy’s shoulder.

“How bout you shake the machine a bit?” He whispered to Eijirou.

“They have measures to stop people doing that, the machine closes up if it detects too much shaking.” He explained pointing to a sign nearby that outlined this. Katsuki wasn’t letting up though.

“Just a tiny push.”

Eijirou gave him an unsure glance, placing Katsuki back onto the game ledge before stepping forward. He walked by the machine, purposely bumping into it with his hip lightly. The both of them tensed up, wondering whether or not that was enough to trigger it. However instead of hearing warning sounds, there was the sound of something falling down.

Katsuki and Eijirou looked at one another with wide eyes.

Eijirou rushed over to the collection zone, shoving his hand in and retrieving the object. His face lit up when he saw it was the keychain they’d been aiming for.

“We did it!” He cheered, beaming at Katsuki.

His expression was so blinding it took Katsuki a moment to respond. Eijirou’s happiness was so genuine, his smile so captivating it made his heartbeat faster.

God he wanted to kiss him.

“Y-yeah we did.” Katsuki mumbled, looking away as he felt himself blushing.

“Hmm, I thought you’d be more excited, you were pretty pumped up before.” Eijirou questioned, attaching the newly won keychain to his phone case after he’d finished admiring it. He picked Katsuki up afterwards. “Did you want to try for a different one?”

“Huh? No? I’m happy for you.” Katsuki muttered, still looking away. Eijirou smiled again, as if understanding Katsuki was just getting embarrassed.

“Really? Well thanks for winning it for me~” He cooed, lifting Katsuki to his face and kissing the air in front of him. Katsuki blushed further, scrunching his face up as he crossed his arms in a huff. Why the fuck was that so cute? Why did he have to be so fucking tiny right now?

“Even if there was something else I’m all out of change, shall we go?” Eijirou glanced to Katsuki who just nodded. Eijirou let him jump onto his shoulder before making his way out of the arcade.




They spent the rest of the afternoon window shopping around the area. There turned out to be a bunch of cool stores along the shopping strip, Eijirou would have to come back here sometime with more cash. Maybe with Katsuki too...

He shoved a takoyaki he had bought with the remainder of his funds into his mouth, savouring its flavour. Katsuki muttered curses on his shoulder at only being able to eat tiny pieces at a time. His sulking was amusing but Eijirou still felt kind of bad. Hopefully being this size hadn’t affected Katsuki’s enjoyment of the day too much.

Arriving back at the train station, Eijirou went to put Katsuki in his pants pocket again when a sharp prick of pain made him stop.

“Ow! Did you just bite me??”

“Don’t you dare put me back in that fucking pocket!” Katsuki shouted, gripping tightly onto Eijirou’s wrist.

“But I don’t want you to get knocked off me somehow...”

“Then put me in that one!” Katsuki said pointing to Eijirou’s chest. The boy glanced down at himself, forgetting he even had a pocket there. It was decorative on the left side of his t-shirt but still opened like a normal pocket. Not seeing a reason to disagree, he let Katsuki drop into it.

The rest of the journey back to the dorms was ordinary. Katsuki seemed pretty content in his new spot, not complaining again after being put there. Eijirou yawned as he approached the school campus. He hadn’t realised just how tired he was from walking around all day. A hero-to-be should have more stamina than this after all. Maybe all the worrying about whether Katsuki would have fun or not had added to it.

Speaking of, he noticed Katsuki had been oddly quiet since getting off the train, he was just silently staring out to the horizon from Eijirou’s pocket.

“You ok?” Eijiou asked, stopping outside the entrance to the dormitories.

Katsuki just grunted in response which... wasn’t really a good sign. Figuring they could talk about it inside, Eijirou opened the door only to be greeted by Denki.

“Welcome back~ How was the lovey dovey date?” He wasted no time asking as he waved to them from the couch. He was slouching over the back of it, game console in one hand. “Wait, where’s Bakugou?”

Eijirou felt Katsuki drop down further into his pocket, hiding. Remembering Katsuki hadn’t wanted anyone else seeing him in his current state, he tried to think up an excuse.

“He came in already, did you miss him?” He lied awkwardly. It was risky but since Denki was apparently playing a game maybe it’d work. Denki furrowed his eyebrows and Eijirou braced for more questioning.

“I did just come back from the toilet, did he sneak in or something?”

“Y-yeah! He’s shy about the date and all.” Eijirou laughed only to feel Katsuki kick him through the shirt. He clenched his teeth to stop himself from making a noise.

“Ah that’s like him, he does know everyone already knows you two are together right?” Denki said in an amused tone. Eijirou would’ve bantered about Katsuki with him but he didn’t want to get kicked again.

“I think so. I should go catch up with him.” He said with a weak grin, Denki seemed to understand giving him a nod to go.

“Tell me the deets later~”




Almost running up the stairs, Eijirou thankfully avoided running into anymore classmates as he closed his rooms door behind him. He sighed, really feeling the exhaustion now. He was hungry too as the now setting sun painted his room in a soft orange.

“That hurt before.” Eijirou muttered to his pocket, Katsuki emerged from it shortly after.

“I’m not shy. And you better not tell him any ‘deets’ either.” Katsuki huffed, climbing out from the pocket and propelling himself over to Eijirou’s bed. He had landed onto the soft covers before Eijirou even had a chance to stop him.

“When’s this shit gonna wear off?” The blond scowled, sitting cross legged on the bed which looked enormous in comparison.

“That lady said a day right? Do you want me to call her?”

“No.” Katsuki’s face scrunched up more, looking pissed off. He tapped a finger against his arm as if waiting for it to end already.

“I can bring you some food if you want.” Eijirou suggested, taking a seat on the bed. “Since you don’t want anyone else seeing you.”



Silence fell over the room as Katsuki continued to stare ahead tapping his finger. Was he just going to sit there waiting it out? And make Eijirou wait too? He heard his stomach growl, placing a hand over it. He really wanted to go eat some dinner but Katsuki’s glare kept him glued to the spot.

Why was he so adamant about staying here?

Eijirou waited a bit longer, looking at the sunset outside. His hunger pains were starting to get hard to ignore though.

“Hey I’m really—“

Before he could finish the sentence, a familiar glow enveloped Katsuki. Eijirou watched on as his form began growing larger on the bed beside him. It was only then Eijirou realised something. His clothes weren’t going to grow with him.

He frantically lunged for a pair of tracksuit pants he’d left lying around. The moment Katsuki returned to normal he threw them at him.

Katsuki groaned, looking confused as the item of clothing collided with his face. Eijirou turned away, feeling like his face was on fire. He hadn’t been mentally prepared for a naked Katsuki on his bed.

“D-did you put them on??” He sputtered, peeking back around.

“Yeah.” Katsuki said flatly. Him being shirtless was still a sight though, Eijirou tried his best to ignore it. Sitting only centimetres away from him.

“Well w-we can go eat now.” Eijirou tried awkwardly, shifting to get off the bed. A hand was suddenly placed over his, holding him in place and causing him to face Katsuki. “Wha—“

Katsuki leaned forward to close the gap, placing a kiss on his lips.

Eijirou froze, blinking at him when Katsuki pulled away shortly after.

“I’ve wanted to do that all fucking day.” Katsuki muttered, a blush spreading across his cheeks. Eijirou could practically feel an arrow pierce his heart.

“I wanted to... as well.” Eijirou’s voice grew quieter as he admitted it, which got a grin from Katsuki.


Katsuki pulled him in again. Eijirou shifted so that he was now sitting in Katsuki’s lap. Katsuki’s kisses were surprisingly sweet as he let his arms rest around Eijirou’s waist. They eventually broke apart but still held each other close as Eijirou studied Katsuki’s face. It was rare for him to be affectionate like this. He was happy.

“Thanks for going out with me today.” Eijirou smiled. He was glad it had still been a successful date despite the quirk incident.

“Yeah... maybe dates aren’t so bad.” Katsuki admitted quietly with a pout.

“Heh I knew you’d come around to them.”

“Only cause they’re with you...”

Katsuki kissed him again before Eijirou could respond to that. Eijirou smiled against his lips. Katsuki was so cute when he admitted his feelings.

Losing track of time, it wasn’t until Katsuki’s stomach was the one to growl this time that they realised they still needed to eat. Katsuki paused at the sound, only making Eijirou laugh.

“C’mon we can continue this later.” He laughed, tugging on Katsuki’s hand to lift him from the bed. Katsuki grumbled but ultimately agreed, grabbing a t-shirt from Eijirou’s floor before heading to the dining area with him.

Seeing Katsuki dressed in his clothes was kind of weird but Eijirou found he liked it. He wondered if anyone else would notice. As they descended the last flight of stairs, Eijirou suddenly remembered something.

Katsuki had been pretty nice since they got back, maybe a little too nice. Furrowing his brows he turned to Katsuki once they reached the bottom of the stairs.

“Uh, so what was that ‘payback’ thing about?” He asked carefully. Katsuki took a moment before a grin spread across his face.

“Oh, you’ll see.” He said, patting Eijirou’s shoulder as he walked by. “Make sure you’re my sparring partner tomorrow.”

He and Katsuki were usually partners anyway but seems like he’d be getting serious tomorrow. Eijirou found himself grinning at the challenge. He wasn’t sure what to expect before but this was something he was actually fine with.

“Aight, bring it on!” Eijirou declared, throwing an arm around Katsuki’s shoulders.

“Heh good luck.” Katsuki snickered, but was unable to hide the smile on his face as they rounded the corner to the kitchen.