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Captain Rivia

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Steve of Rivia stood there, in front of the closed door. Inside, Natasha Merigold and Peggy of Vengerberg were waiting for him. Natasha had told him to bring wine, lots of wine. He glanced at the two bottles he was holding in his hand. Erveluce, no less, a true delight from the sun-kissed lands of Toussaint. He had tried getting his hands on a bottle of Est Est, but no merchants seemed to have it in stock. He shrugged. It wasn’t that important, after all.

Steve took a deep breath. He still couldn’t believe it. He was about to have a threesome with Natasha and Peggy! That was one of his deepest desires, something he deemed would only be possible in his wildest dreams. And yet, there he was. He had even made an effort and dressed in a doublet, breeches and slippers. He would’ve preferred his old trustworthy armor, but… for this time, he would’ve made an exception. Steve knocked at the door and walked in the room.

Natasha and Peggy, naked hadn’t it been for the lingerie, appeared at his sides and clung to him, resting their heads on Steve’s shoulders. He took a moment to look at them. As always, Peggy was dressed in a bright shade of red, while Natasha’s lingerie was black and cyan with golden motifs. The smirk on his face widened, his white teeth shining in the candlelight. It would’ve been one hell of a night.

“Finally,” Peggy purred, “we thought you wouldn’t have come.”

“I’d have never missed this, not even for all the crowns in Novigrad.”

Natasha took the bottles of Erveluce from his hands and put it on a table by the window, near even more wine, three goblets and silver platters filled with grapes, dried fruit and candies. Steve couldn’t help but lick his lips. This looked rather promising. She glanced at him and smiled before heading toward the queen-sized bed.

“Dressed to impress, have we?” Peggy took his hand and moaned: “Come with me, big boy.”

Steve let Peggy led him near the bed. She tore off his silken doublet, not wanting to waste time on unbuttoning all those annoying buttons. In a matter of seconds, his pants vanished as well. Peggy bit her lower lip and gave him a seductive look. She nimbly run her fingers over the scars that covered his chest before pushing him onto the bed.

Natasha was already lying down on the mattress, head propped up on her right hand, and was soon joined by Peggy. They gently touched his battle-scarred skin, making him chuckle. The two girls glanced at each other and kissed, slowly, without haste, whilst Steve was looking at them, eagerly awaiting what would’ve come next.

Peggy kissed the back of Steve’s hand and slowly moved it toward the headboard of the bed. Natasha, smiling, gently nibbled his fingers before shackling to the iron handcuffs that were partially hidden under the colorful cushions. The handcuffs were tight around his wrists. Steve closed his eyes and smiled. They were playing that game, then? Finally, the fun was about to begin. It was about time. He couldn’t have waited any longer, it was driving him crazy.

Instead, Natasha and Peggy got up. Steve opened his eyes. Playing hard to get, huh? The two girls were standing near the table, Natasha holding two crystal goblets, one in each hand, while Peggy popped open one of the bottles of Erveluce and filled them one-third full. Natasha and Peggy gave the win a good swirl and then took a small sip, savoring it to the fullest.

“Do I get one of you beautiful girls to make me drink since…” he made the chains jingle, and raised his eyebrows, smiling at them.

Natasha and Peggy glanced at him, but said nothing. Natasha nodded and Peggy filled both goblets to the brim. Steve wasn’t understanding what was going on. Then, suddenly, the girls emptied their goblets on the floor, staining the red and gold handwoven carpet that covered the underlying wooden planks.

The witcher looked at them, befuddled. “What are you doing?” he uttered.

“This,” Peggy showed him the empty goblet, “is us,” she said, pointing at Natasha and herself.

“And that,” Natasha indicated the spilled wine that was staining the carpet, “is our love for you.”

“We are tired of this, Steve,” Peggy carried on, her arms crossed on her chest, “and since it seems you can’t choose who you want to be with, we chose for you.”

“Neither of us,” Natasha hissed at him.

“Is this some kind of joke? Because this isn’t funny anymore!” Steve said, shocked.

“You got what you deserved, Steve,” Peggy purred before heading for the door, her clothes in her hands, Natasha a few steps behind her.

“Hey, untie me!” he said, but the girls paid no attention to him whatsoever. Natasha and Peggy waved as they left the room leaving the witcher chained to the bed, alone.

“Natasha! Peggy! Come back!” he cried, but they didn’t come back. The planks under the mattress creaked as Steve shook the chains hoping to break them, but they turned out to be too strong, even for a witcher. He sighed and rested his head on one of the cushions. Hours of pointless shaking later, he fell asleep.


The following morning Steve was woken up by steps on the creaky, old wooden stairs that led to the last floor of the inn, where the room he was in was located. The door opened and before him, smartly dressed as always, was Tony ‘Dandelion’.

Tony shook his head. “Well, well, well, would you look at that. The witcher, tied to the bed by the girls. I’m pretty sure it used to be the other way around,” he chuckled.

“Save it, or as soon as I get free it’s your head I’m coming after,” Steve barked.

Tony took a step back. “Whoa, don’t get all worked up now, my dear friend.”

“Did you know about this, Tony?” Steve asked, trying not to look angry at the bard.

“No, not until this morning, otherwise I would’ve very much liked to be here and witness the fall and caging of the almighty ‘Golden Wolf’,” Tony said, tilting his head slightly to the left, a wide smile on his face.

“Tony!” Steve said, exasperated, “Shut up and untie me already!” he roared at him.

“All right, sorry but I really couldn’t resist. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, my friend,” Tony chuckled and took a key out of one of his pockets. He quickly unchained the witcher and helped him out of the bed. “There you go.”

“Thanks,” Steve said, taking the doublet and pants that Tony was handing out to him.

“So, how do you feel? Your heart must be broken into pieces.”

“It is, but they were right. I got what I deserved.” He finished dressing and looked into the mirror. The only thing left to do now was getting rid of those uncomfortable tight clothes. He wanted to be back in his armor as soon as possible.

“You know too little about women, my friend. I’d be glad to give you some advice on that matter should you want any,” Tony said before picking a candy from a platter and throwing it into his mouth.

“Ugh, can you go five second without talking about women?” the witcher sighed.

“Can you go five seconds without jumping from one sorceress to another?” Tony replied, apparently offended by Steve’s words.

“Said the man notorious for all the women left behind in his wake,” Steve murmured, arms crossed on his chest.

Tony chuckled. “All right, I plead guilty to all charges. Now, does our beloved witcher want some advice on how to court the beautiful lasses of Novigrad?”

“Thanks, but no thanks,” the witcher replied, approaching the door, “So long, Tony.”

His friend nodded. “See you around, Steve.”