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A Candle in the Wind

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A Candle in the Wind


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Main Theme- Within You by David Bowie


            The rain, sharp and cold, sluices onto anyone unlucky enough to be caught in its wake. The young man, barely eighteen, stands at the viewport with a candle in his rough, tan hands. He holds the white stalk of wax like a prayer. The orange-red flame ticks and tocks without sound. The rusted door of Hangar Bay 797 screeches against its opening and subsequent closing.

He hears nothing but rain pounding duracrete.

Black arms wind around his middle and a white head rests on his naked shoulder.

“What are you looking for?”     



The rain, soft and hot, swirls against the glass. Red wax dribbles onto the poppy cloth, but the man pays it no heed. The roof needs thatching. The rain takes advantage and slips through, but the drop doesn’t hit his red head.

He looks up at the oblong tear.

Teeth, sharpened to carnivorous points, grin in the reflection.

The candle goes out.