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The Big Mac

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Jungkook felt his stomach growl before he heard it. It was loud, angry, aggressive, and fuck, he wanted to eat.

The day had been long; studying all night for exams, doing exams all morning, and then a trip to the mall to pick up a parcel that the post office didn’t even have-- Jungkook was basically dying.

Checking his wallet made him sad. There was only enough inside for the bus ride home, and even from where he sat on the bench outside the mall, facing an office complex, he could smell McDonalds, and it was making him ravenous.

Pulling out his phone, Jungkook sighed, and texted his best friend, needing something to do to distract him from his growing hunger.

Fuck, Tae, Im so hungry.

Get some food then idiot, Tae texted back, eye roll emoji taunting him after the message. Pretty sure there’s a McDonalds there, surely you can afford a Big Mac or some shit

Cant, Jungkook texted in return, crying emoji. Gotta catch the bus. Left my cash at home. They didnt even have my stupid parcel smh

oh my god, Tae's message buzzed through. dude, you are really something else

IM HUNGRY, FUCK, Jungkook's stomach screamed as he aggressively tapped at his screen. Im bout to eat dirt, not even joking. gonna get on my knees and lick the cracks in the fucking concrete

yuck, u animal, Tae send about a thousand laugh emojis to mock his younger friend. just find the nearest rich looking dude, and ask him to buy you food, problem solved


Jungkook pondered that a little too seriously.

i feel like it wont be that easy, Jungkook texted. people dont usually like buying food for complete strangers.

then offer to suck his dick in exchange idk, Tae messaged back instantly. i know u looooove doing that sksksksk

Tae wasn't wrong.

Jungkook DID love to suck dick, when he wasn't burying his face in his studies.

Maybe it was an oral fixation or something like that, but it honestly did relax him, made him feel good, made him feel sated and happy and satisfied.

And random hook ups weren't that new to him either, though he never went all the way with strangers.

Was sucking dick for a Big Mac worth it?

His growling stomach said absolutey it was.

As if on queue, the wide doors to the smart looking building across from where Jungkook sat was opening, a business man leaving in haste, briefcase in hand, dressed in a stylish, tailored suit.

He was fucking hot too, combed back bleached hair, glasses pushed up his cute nose--

And he looked rich, richer than rich, like he owned a shiny black car and a television bigger than Jungkook's entire dorm room.

Before the man could stride too far, Jungkook was on his feet, shoving his phone into his pocket, dashing over with a shout of "HEY, EXCUSE ME!"

The handsome man startled, stopping in his tracks, pretty eyes wide beneath his thin frames. He looked at Jungkook like the younger was about to mug him, and then Jungkook realised he probably looked a fright.

There had been no time to brush his wild, too-long hair, no time to pick nice clothes for his exams, throwing on ripped jeans and giant hoodie, only having time to brush his teeth and leave in haste.

No time for breakfast either, his stomach growled in reminder.

"Can I help you?" The man asked, voice soft and warm, a brow raising, eyeing Jungkook with suspicion.

Maybe this was a bad idea, Jungkook wondered.

Maybe this rich dude was gonna beat his ass instead of giving the okay to sponsor his Big Mac via head payment.

But Jungkook noticed the way those pretty eyes lingered on him, on his lips, on his knees and thighs showing through his slashed jeans, saw the slight blush sit warm and pink beneath smart glasses.

Maybe this would work after all.

"Uhh," Jungkook couldnt help but feel a bit shy, a bit dumb, feeling kinda dirty in the face of this obviously wealthy business man, despite how hard he was being checked out.

Just do it.

His stomach growled again.

Shit, I'm gonna ask--

"Can... c-can you--"

"Can I?" The man looked so confused, frowning, forehead wrinking as his brows furrowed.

Jungkook tucked his shame away, and went for it.

"Can you please buy me a Big Mac? I'm so hungry, and I've only got enough money for the bus home. Please?"

The handsome man blinked in shock.


"Not like a handout!" Jungkook added, waving his hands nervously, reaching up to touch his ears as he swallowed. "Like, I'll do something in return for it. Like a favour!"

"A favour?"

Jungkook nodded, long hair falling across his face, brushing it away hastily.

"I dont-- what?"

Jungkook's stomach growled again, and this time it fucking ached.

"I'll suck you off, please, I'm fucking dying, I need something in my mouth right now--"


He didn't mean it like that--

But the man before him was blushing bright red, throat bobbing, blinking in disbelief.

And then Jungkook glanced down, gasping.

Rich business man was hard.

Tenting his fucking tailored slacks, pulling that briefcase close to hide it.

"Please," Jungkook made sure his gaze dragged up the rich man, slowly and teasingly, blinking with his wide eyes that he knew no one could resist. "Please, I'm so hungry. I really need something inside me--"


Next thing Jungkook knew, he was being dragged away from the building, a strong hand gripped around his wrist, leading him towards an underground car park, and Jungkook was grinning.

A Big Mac and getting to suck a hot strangers dick inside a fancy car? Best day ever.

"Whats your name?" Jungkook asked, watching as the hot rich man fumbled through his pockets for his car keys, seeing a sleek black car in the distance flicker. Fucking nice. Jungkook didn't know shit about cars, but he knew this one cost more than his entire lifes possessions.

"K-Kim Namjoon."

"You have a nice car, Kim Namjoon."

"Yeah," Namjoon looked flustered, as if his car embarrassed him. "I know. What's yours?"


"Jungkook... is this really happening?"

Jungkook blinked.

"What do you mean?"

Namjoon laughed nervously.

"Are you really gonna... s-suck me off? For McDonalds?"

"I mean, yeah," Jungkook licked his lips. "Unless you don't wanna?"

"No, I want to!" Namjoon's glasses slide down his nose. "Just... feels wrong--"


"Like... I'm taking advantage of you," Namjoon paused, rubbing his arm nervously. "Look, I don't think I can... Let's just go back, I'll buy you whatever you wanna eat, you don't have to do this--"

Jungkook was surprise how fast he moved, slamming Joon to the car door.

He wanted to do it. Shit.

Namjoon was hot, and kinda weirdly shy, and it was doing things to Jungkook, making his heart race, making his skin feel too tight as heat burned beneath it.

He really, REALLY wanted to suck Namjoon's dick. Shit.


Namjoon blinked, terrified, pinned to his car by the younger, and Jungkook blinked back, lips parted, words not coming.

So he did the only thing his brain would allow for.

And grabbed at Namjoon's clothed cock, squeezing gently.

Namjoon gasped.

Namjoon was huge.

Jungkook's stomach rumbled, and his own dick twitched beneath his ratty jeans.

"We made a deal though," Jungkook's words spiled out, quiet and almost shy. "A legally binding contract."

"Umm," Namjoon bit his lower lip. "T-technically we didn't--"

"I will sue you, Kim Namjoon."

Namjoon looked like he was trying so hard not to fuck himself against Jungkook's palm. So fucking hot.

"Don't sue me."

"Then... you're gonna have to let me suck your dick. F-for the Big Mac. Then I won't sue you."

"Okay, yeah, s-sounds good--"

The backseat of Namjoon's fancy fucking car smelled like new leather and cologne, and then the door was closing behind them, trapping them close to one another almost awkwardly.

"The windows are tinted right?" Jungkook asked stupidly, knowing that of course fucking were.

"Umm, yes," Namjoon fumbled with his briefcase, tossing it into the passenger seat, suddenly not sure what to do with his hands.



Jungkook stared at Namjoon, taking in soft lips, warm eyes, the way his styled hair was falling out of place.

Then he spoke.

"Namjoon, can I kiss you?"

It seemed to shock both of them, but Jungkook was overwhelmed with his desire to taste that fat lower lip, to maybe bite at it, see if Namjoon would bite back.

"You... wanna kiss me?"

Oh right, this was an exhange of goods. Kinda.

"Yeah. Like... for something e-else... like a cola, or a McFlurry."

Namjoon was bright red again, jaw tensed, and Jungkook spotted dimples deep in that smooth tanned skin, something that made his stomach burn hot with need.

Fucking dimples.

Jesus fuck.

"B-both?" Namjoon suggested.

"B-both sounds good."

Namjoon's lips were softer than they looked, so soft and pliant against Jungkook's own, so gentle that they didn't even feel like they were there, and he tasted like vanilla coffee and something sweet, like sugared cereal.

So it surprised Jungkook, the way Namjoon grabbed at his waist, pulling the younger boy into his lap for comfort, for better access to his mouth, harsh and greedy, squeezing firm beneath Jungkook's ribs.

Jungkook whined from it, into Namjoon's soft mouth, swallowed down fast.

Namjoon was a fucking great kisser.

Soft one second, aggressive the next, easing Jungkook's mouth wider with a gentle lap of his tongue, and Jungkook was melting in those strong arms, his own tongue chasing Namjoon's, suddenly so desperate for the elder man.

It didn't make sense, Namjoon seemed so reserved, so--


That voice made Jungkook writhe, the sound so deep in his ear, gentle and warm. And then Namjoon was kissing down his throat, scraping teeth there, sucking what would soon be a dark mark into his skin.

Jungkook whined at the sensation. Felt so good, Namjoon's hands snaking beneath his hoodie, brushing up towards his chest, thumbing at his pert nipples just once, enough for Jungkook to jolt.

"You are beautiful, did you know that?"

Jungkook swallowed loudly.

"Yeah, I k-know."

Jungkook did know, of course he did, but he knew it was a turn off to admit that, to let those compliments fall flat. So it surprised him when Namjoon smiled, dimples full force, looking at him with glittery eyes.

"Good," Namjoon kissed him. "You should know."

"You're pretty too," Jungkook had to repay the compliment, had to tell Namjoon. "Like, super hot."

"I am?"

"Uh huh," Jungkook rolled his hips slightly, arching into Namjoon's hands. "Almost forgot about how hungry I was just from looking at you."

"That's a big compliment," Namjoon was blushing. "I can hear your tummy growling still. Hungry, hungry Jungkookie."

Jungkook pouted.

"I'm hungry."

Namjoon kissed him again.

"Not too late to b-back out of the contract. I'll still buy you food, I promise--"

"Not a fucking chance."

Another dirty swivel of his hips, and Jungkook could feel Namjoon hard beneath him, straining those poor, poor trousers.

"Fuck," Jungkook whined. "Huge, Namjoonie, want you to fill me first. B-before my Big Mac."

"I'll lose my boner if you keep saying Big Mac."

"No you wont," Jungkook huffed against his lips, leaving a wet kiss there. "I'm pretty, remember?"

Namjoon groaned, thumbing at Jungkook's nipples again, before pinching them softly.

"You are pretty--"

"I can't suck your cock if you lose your boner."

"Kay," Namjoon sounded like all the air was punched out of him, dick jerking beneath Jungkook with excitement. "W-wont lose it--

And then Namjoon looked nervous, eyes darting between Jungkook's eyes and his chest, swallowing.

"How..." Namjoon grimaced, as if he didn't wanna say the words he was going to say. "How much... I mean-- what can... w-what can I buy you, to g-get you out of this hoodie?"

Jungkook laughed.

"Fries. Like, a big one. Big cup of fries."


Namjoon tore Jungkook's hoodie off in one fast motion, Jungkook shivering from the sudden temperature change, and then he was gasping loudly, fingers deep in Namjoon's hair, mewling as the elder sucked desperately at his right nipple.

Oh god, feels so good--

"Joon, y-you don't have to do tha--"

"Let me," Namjoon breathed against him, nipple slick with drool, Namjoon almost whining. "Please, c-can I please?"

How could Jungkook ever say no to that?

Namjoon tongued at the perky bud until Jungkook was borderline sobbing.

"Stop," Jungkook had to shove Namjoon back, overwhelmed, ready to come in his stupid jeans. "Stop--"

"I'm sorry," Namjoon looked like a kicked puppy, pulling away like he's touched something hot, head bowed in shame. "Shit, I'm sorry--"

"No, shut up, it's not that--"

"Was gonna cum," Jungkook shuddered, body burning all over. "Ahh.. 'm really sensitive--"


A weird look passed through Namjoon's features, something slightly feral, a little dark, Something that made Jungkook's hair stand on end, made his dick twitch.

"That's... good to know," Namjoon swallowed, licking at his swollen red lips. It made Jungkook tremble. Yikes.

Namjoon was so fucking hot.

"Gonna suck you off now," Jungkook needed to make it happen, wanted to get his mouth around that big dick. "Kay?"

"Jesus, yes," Namjoon looked so eager, so nervous. "Umm--"

"Lay back," Jungkook guided Namjoon against the closed door, unbuckled his belt, pulled the rich leather from those tight pants hastily. "I'm good at this, just relax and enjoy it,"

"Good at this?" Namjoon raised a brow slightly. "You... do this a lot?"


Not really. Kinda. Jungkook had done it before, sure, had even practiced on Tae a few times, to sate his oral fiaxtion. But he mostly practiced on toys, to hone his skills, become the best he could.

"I... guess? I dunno, I like having things in my mouth--"

Namjoon groaned, hips kicking off from the soft leather seat.

"That's hot--"

"Yeah?" Jungkook grinned, unzipping Namjoon, licking his lips at the bulge beneath Calvin Klein briefs. "You like that?"

"Yeah," Namjoon murmured, looking lost of breath, flushed pink in his tanned cheeks. "You, with your mouth stuffed full? Yeah, I like it."


"Such pretty lips, Jungkookie," Namjoon gaze was hazy, as his pants slipped down his thighs. "Wanna see t-them stretched wide."

"Oh," Jungkook wanted that too. He ripped Namjoon's pants down over shiny black shoes, and without warning, nosed at Namjoon's clothed cock, sucking at it from over the fabric, making the cloth damp and wet as Namjoon groaned.

Namjoon's hands felt so good in his hair, fuck.

"Kook," Namjoon gasped, fingers lacing into the long curled locks, tugging gently. "Jungkook, god--"

"Pull harder," Jungkook half giggled, half moaned. "My hair, I like it, h-harder--"

Namjoon yanked him away from his cock, and Jungkook whined.

"Like that?"



Namjoon yanked again, and Jungkook saw stars in the best possible way, eyes rolling back into his skull.

"Is this why your hair is so long?" Namjoon asked, kinda innocently, a hint of something darker behind his eyes. "Like it being pulled, Jungkookie?"

"Mm," Jungkook had to swallow the drool building beneath his tongue before it spilled. "Like it-- l-like it rough--"

"That's kinda dirty,"

"Yeah," Jungkook huffed out a breathy laugh. "Like it dirty too--"

Namjoon inhaled sharply, and Jungkook licked his lips.

"Can I have your cock now?" Namjoon was holding him back from it, hands so tight in his hair, and he wanted it so fucking bad--

"Ask hyung nicely."


Jungkook nearly died on the spot, and Namjoon noticed.

"Come on baby," Namjoon repeated. "Ask hyung nicely."

"Hyung," Jungkook felt the drool spill past his lips, down his chin, dripping to the damp mess he had made on Namjoon's briefs. "Please, p-please, can I suck your cock now, please--"

Namjoon looked like he wanted to die too.

Like it was too much, too good.

Namjoon couldnt even get his words out-- Just yanked Jungkook downwards, grip still tight in those long curls, and Jungkook let out a pleased noise, nosing at the bulge once more.

Then he was pulling those soft briefs down, eyeing Namjoon's aching cock with a weird hunger.

"Hyung, yes," Jungkook growled, a low sound, rough and desperate up his throat. "Yes."

Namjoon's words vanished as Jungkook took him into the heat of that hungry mouth, swallowing down as much length as he could greedily, slurping with harsh, wet sounds.

Namjoon whimpered.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," Namjoon muttered beneath his breath, fingers tense in Jungkook's hair, trying not to buck his hips. "F-fuck--"

"Hyung you can," Jungkook had pulled away to speak, lips so wet already, spit strung between them and Namjoons cock. "Fuck my mouth hyung, you can."

Namjoon groaned, both hands in Jungkook's hair now, not able to resist the pretty boy as he begged for his mouth to be fucked with those big, starry eyes.

The thrusts started slow and gentle, light rocks of his hips up into Jungkook's mouth, not wanting to hurt him.

Jungkook whined impatiently, tongued hard at the sensitive underside of the throbbing length, and when Namjoon met those eyes again, Jungkook rolled them in mockery.


"Not enough?" Namjoon breathed, cocking his head slightly, looking down. "Want it harder?"

His empty stomach growled again, but it felt so distant while his mouth was stuffed full, while he swallowed down this big cock and let it fill his throat.

Jungkook loved it, and Namjoon could tell, could see the way Jungkook's own cock strained his jeans, mewling happily.

The flush in Jungkook's cheeks was flooding down to his chest, his sensitive nipples pink and shiny in the dim car, and Namjoon wanted to pinch them again, see the pretty boy come just from that.


Namjoon almost yelled, when Jungkook took him to the base greedily.

Soft hair tickled at Jungkook's nose, but he remained, attempting to lap at Namjoon's balls with his mouth stuff, loving the way soft, tanned thighs trembled beneath his chin.

"Kook," Namjoon was breathless, whiny. "I-I'm... r-really close, wait--"

Jungkook didn't budge an inch, and Namjoon pried the pretty boy back by his curly hair, watching as strings of spit strung between flushed red lips, and the wet length of his cock.

Jungkook giggled with a raspy voice.

"Too good?"

"Yes," Namjoon hissed. "Fuck."

"You could have cum," Jungkook looked so perfect, all fucked out, hair a mess between Namjoon's fingers. "I am hungry after all."


"Actually," and Jungkook started to crawl up Namjoon's bare thighs, lifting the hem of his shirt, straddling him with a smirk. "Hyung, I kinda wanna eat a Happy Meal too. What do I have to do for that?"


"Umm," Namjoon knew what he wanted, with Jungkook on his lap. But... no way he could say it, no fucking way.

"I know they are expensive," Jungkook blinked cutely. "But, I'm so hungry, hyung."

"How hungry?" was all that fell from Namjoon's mouth, swallowing loudly, heart beating rapidly beneath his collared shirt and jacket.

"Hungry enough to ride you."

"Oh," Namjoon couldn't control the way his hips kicked up, desperate, wanting that so bad. "R-ride me then."

Jungkook flushed red, but grinned, pulling Namjoon's hands to his waist, begging the elder to help free him from scrappy jeans. Namjoon ran his finger tips over the slashed demin first though, smoothing over Jungkook's knees, his thighs, quivering with need.

"You are so hot," Namjoon groaned, fingers meeting Jungkook's at the zipper, both fumbling to get him out of the tight demin, hands grabbing and tugging, until Jungkook was bare.

No briefs.

"Oh my god."

"Ahh," Jungkook looked ashamed. "I-- was in a rush this morning--"


Namjoon grabbed at that impossibly tiny waist, squeezed until Jungkook squeaked, and kissed the soft skin of his chest, his tummy, tonguing the supple flesh with a groan until he made his way back to those cute nipples, and Jungkook keened loudly.

"What did I tell y-you," the pretty boy gasped. "S-stop, sensitive, wait until you're i-inside or I won't last--"

"Sorry," Namjoon wasn't really sorry. "I just... wanna bite them so much."

"Bite them soon," Jungkook giggled, breathy and sweet. "Soon, soon--"

"Please tell me you have stuff," Namjoon couldnt take his hands from Jungkook's body, that waist too perfect, paired with the most delicious thighs he'd ever seen. Jungkook's cock was stiff and cute too, a base of dark, coarse hair curling up towards his navel.

Jungkook nodded.

"Backpack," he breathed, pointing to it on the floor, urging Namjoon. "Front pocket. Lube and stuff."

Namjoon was not gonna question why Jungkook carried this stuff around, but he did send a silent thank you to God, or whatever had blessed him with this day.

When Namjoon lubed up his fingers, Jungkook rose on his knees slightly, leaning into the older man as wet fingers slipped down between the crease of his ass. It was cold and kinda gross, but Jungkook distracted himself, leaning to tongue at Namjoon's jaw, lick at his earlobes.

Namjoon teased his rim almost shyly, before prodding gently with a slicked up fingers, both gasping as it slipped past tight muscle with ease, Jungkook taking Namjoon's finger to the base quickly.

"Oh god," Jungkook breathed, thighs shaking, chest heaving. "Hyung, yes--"

Namjoon said nothing, only guiding another finger in gently, loving how Jungkook squirmed in his hold, panting desperately against his neck. He could feel the pretty boy become more pliant, could feel Jungkook's cock leaking mess onto his clothing.




"I said, wait," Namjoon almost growled, sending a gentle slap to Jungkook's perfect ass, and the noise Jungkook made, a weird, strangled moan, had Namjoon aching to sink deep inside him.

"Kay," Jungkook whimpered, curling into Namjoon's large chest, "S-sorry hyung--"

"Need to stretch you good," Namjoon kissed his forehead, his cheeks, the slopey cute ridge of his nose. "Can't hurt you."


Jungkook's stomach growled, and the younger boy shuddered, Namjoon feeling terrible. He must be starving, poor thing.

Another finger, some gentle stretching, and Jungkook was prepped, ready, dick leaking precome everywhere. The prettiest sight Namjoon had ever seen.

"Hurry," Jungkook was ripping at the condom wrapped, tearing it with bunny teeth. "Fuck, need you, need to be full--"

Jungkook reached between shaking thighs to roll the rubber down Namjoon's desperate length, and when he was ready, they both shifted for comfort, so Jungkook could straddle the elder.

But Jungkook was wobbly, weak, his hunger taking its toll-- Namjoon couldn't allow this.

Jungkook gasped as he was pushed down into the plush leather of the backseat, shaking his head.

"No," he laughed softly, weakly pretending to shove Namjoon away. "I said I'd ride you--"

"Too bad," Namjoon kissed him again, loving the way Jungkook pulled at his tie.


"Let me," Namjoon pushed that long hair from Jungkook's face, watching Jungkook laced his fingers around his tie. "Let me fuck you."

Jungkook couldn't possibly say no to that.

"Fine," Jungkook pretended to be annoyed. "But I want something else in exchange--"


Namjoon aligned himself with a shaky hand, watched as Jungkook's eyes grew wide and shiny, and sank himself deep, in one, slow shift of his hips.

"Ohh--" Jungkook wriggled, stomach tensing, pulling too hard at Namjoon's tie. "Shit, hyung--"

"What do you want?" Namjoon breathed against parted, perfect lips, Jungkook's eyelashes fluttering, sweat beading beneath his pretty, long hair.

"A-anything?" Jungkook murmured, letting his tongue flick out, wanting to taste the elder.

"Anything. Anything you want."

"Uni fees," Jungkook laughed, the laugh morphing into a long, drawn out whine as Namjoon rocked inside him gently. "A-and n-next years text books--"

"Okay," Namjoon didn't look phased, looked as if he'd taken Jungkook seriously, pulling back, slamming his hips a little harsher.

"W-wait," Jungkook writhed, heat building in the base of his tummy, Namjoon feeling so good inside. "Was just k-kidding--"

"I said anything," Namjoon kissed the tip of his nose, kissed at his cupids bow, sweet on his upper lip. "What else do you want?"

Jungkook whined.

"Want you to f-fuck me really hard--"


The noise Jungkook made was unfamiliar to his own ears, a startled squeal as Namjoon gripped his thighs, spread him wider, fucked into him in deep, steady thrusts.

Jungkook wanted to cry.

"Hyung--" Jungkook hiccupped, Namjoon's hands travelling from his thighs to his waist, holding the pretty down to use. "H-hyung!"


"Fuck, y-yes," Jungkook was almost sobbing, his own cock leaking mess across his tummy, embarrassingly close. "God--"

And then Namjoon was back on his chest, hot mouth against Jungkook's nipples once more, and Jungkook thrashed beneath him, legs shaking, hands running through Namjoon's styled hair.

"Hyung, hyuuuuung, Joon h-hyung--"

It was too much, too good, Namjoon's hot tongue against him.

"Come," Namjoon murmured against his wet chest, meeting Jungkook's gaze with lidded eyes, pupils swollen with want. "Come, Jungkook."


Namjoon sucked hard, and then bit down around the puffy nipple, and Jungkook jerked and shuddered, orgasm punching through him.

"Ahh, f-fuck, fuck--" Jungkook shivered and jolted with each wave of his orgasm, Namjoon unrelenting, sucking at his chest, rocking into him still. "What the f-fuck--"

"Kook?" there was concern in Namjoon's voice, but Jungkook growled pathetically, breathlessly.

"Good," Jungkook could barely find words. "Good, 's good, ngh--"

It was even better when Namjoon leaned back to kneel, pulling Jungkook up by his waist, spearing into him as hard as possibly, and Jungkook felt tears gather and spill, so overwhelmed, so fucking good--

"Pretty boy," Namjoon looked so fucking hot above him, tie loose around his neck, shirt and suit jacket dishevelled, glasses slipping down his nose. "I want to spoil you forever."

Oh god.

"Can I?" Namjoon sounded desperate. " Can I spoil you, Jungkookie?"

Whatever Namjoon meant, Jungkook wanted it.

Wanted Namjoon.

"Yes," he knew he was drooling down his chin, making such a mess. "S-spoil me hyung--"

Namjoon grinned, dimpled and handsome, sweat gleaming on his neck, his jaw, brows creased from concerntration.

Jungkook's stomach growled again, and even though Namjoon wanted to keep fucking him, wanted to see Jungkook cum again, see how much he'd whine if he bit down on those cute nipples more-- Jungkook needed food.

Namjoon kissed, licked into his mouth, and then came with a groan.

Jungkook was kissing him back, lazily and kinda sloppy, all tongue and gasps and loose fingers tangled in Namjoon's hair, and it was sweet, the way Jungkook locked his legs around Namjoon's waist, not letting him leave, wanting to keep him close, keep him inside.

"You need food," Namjoon groaned, cock growing soft, Jungkook so warm beneath him. "Big Mac, remember?"

"But I wanna stay here with you," Jungkook whined, so pouty, his perfect body flushed pink all over.

"Food," Namjoon put on a firm voice. "Kook, its food time."

Another petulant whine, and Namjoon spanked him gently, watching Jungkook's cock start to come back to life, skin breaking out in goosebumps. Later, later--

They dressed hastily, Jungkook's stomach growling, and by the time McDonalds was in sight, Jungkook almost cried for real.

The order was placed.

For Jungkook:
-1x large fries
-1x McFlurry
-2x Big Mac
-1x large cola
-1x Happy Meal (large)

For Namjoon:
-1x large water

"Thank you hyung," Jungkook said shyly, watching Namjoon pass his black credit card to the cashier.

Namjoon smiled.

"It's okay. Why don't you go grab a table, and I'll bring it when it's ready."

Namjoon had never seen a single person eat so much food in one sitting, and he wasn't sure how it made him feel. It was honestly a little amazing, and he watched Jungkook eat happily.

"Good?" He asked, when Jungkook had taken a moment from inhaling his food to pause for air. The younger nodded, eyes filled with stars.

"So fucking good, Jesus Christ," Jungkook almost looked fucked out-- it was kinda hot. Namjoon shoved that away fast.

"So," Namjoon swallowed back his water, watching Jungkook spoon at the melting icecream, mixing in the little chocolate bits. "How... uhh, how is this gonna work then?"

"Hmm?" Jungkook somehow had icecream on the tip of his nose. Sigh, cute.

Namjoon cleared his throat.

"This arrangement," Namjoon felt nervous. "Y-know... the whole 'sugar daddy' thing--"

Jungkook choked, and Namjoon patted him on the back.

Oh no. Maybe Jungkook misunderstood what Namjoon meant, when he said he wanted to spoil him--

"Oh, you were being for real?"

"Yes," Namjoon knew he was blushing, scratching at the back of his neck nervously. "I mean, I thought that... when I said--"

"I thought you were just dirty talking me!"

"That's... dirty talk to you?"

"I don't know!"

Jungkook looked embarrassed now.

"I mean... I'm-- those things you said you'd give me, they'd be so nice but-- that's kinda..."

Namjoon swallowed. Jungkook didn't want him. Ahh.

Then Jungkook spoke, softly, icecream still on his nose.

"I... I'd rather date you, y-know?"

Namjoon blinked stupidly.

"You wanna date me?"

Jungkook shrugged.

"Yes? You seem nice. And that was the best sex of my life."

"Oh baby," Namjoon laughed. "You poor thing, that was nothing."

Jungkook raised a brow.


Namjoon smiled, wiping away the icecream Jungkook didn't seem to feel.

"If we date, I'll show you."

"You.. you will?"

Jungkook looked hungry again, something feral hiding in the corners of his lips.

"Sure," Namjoon played it cool, shrugging. "But I have a condition."

"Anything," Jungkook grinned. "Tell me your condition, hyung."

"I want to spoil you."

"Are you sure?" Jungkook blinked, eyes wide, full of stars. "I'm an expensive boy."

"That's fine," Namjoon laughed. "I like my boys expensive."

"I'll want McDonalds at LEAST twice a week," Jungkook teased, licking icecream off the spoon. "Can you handle that?"

"Anything you want," Namjoon leaned in, kissing his forehead gently. "Anything at all."

"Fine," Jungkook giggled. "I'm sure I can live with that."

Namjoon paid for Jungkook's uni fees, his books, helped him with his renting problem, and showered Jungkook with more gifts than Jungkook could even fathom.

And never, in his entire life, had Namjoon ever spent this much on McDonalds.


Damn, cute Jungkook...