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“Sarah I’m sorry”Monte tried to right what he did wrong

“You hurt me Monte”Sarah gathered all the courage she could muster up to tell him how she felt in that exact moment

“I can’t take back what I said but I can try to do better by you”Monte reaches for her hand

Sarah gazed at him unsure of how to respond


“I’m under so much fucking stress wedding planning the hospital patients breathing down my neck”Sarah said to him tearfully

“This is a stressful time and we don’t have to move the wedding you want that venue we’ll get married at that venue”Monte said to her

“I just want everything to go right”Sarah looked into his eyes

“In the meantime we can figure the rest out as we go on not focus on it all at once only put more stress on ourselves”Monte kisses her on her hand sweetly

“Sound like a plan to me”Sarah says finally feeling at peace