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Dustin 10 Classical Adventure

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This is a story heavily inspired by CMC Disney Adventures by SaurusRock625. After busting a tempted robbery by Spellweaver, Dustin and company find a book filled with both Disney and non Disney stories. But they find this book is no ordinary book when they get sucked into it. Follow Dustin and his friends as they traverse the worlds of (in my opinion) some THE GREATEST Disney and Non Disney movies of all time!

Stories Include:


The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, The Emperor's New Groove, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Peter Pan, Pinocchio, Mulan, The Jungle Book, The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea, The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride, Tarzan, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Toy Story, Fantasia, Robin Hood, Sleeping Beauty, Dinosaur, Cinderella, Lilo & Stitch.

Non Disney

Ferngully the Last Rainforest, Balto, Anastasia, Bartok the Magnificent, Rock-a-doodle, Coraline, The Secret of NIMH, Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas, The Road to El Dorado, Cool World, Kung Fu Panda and Quest for Camelot.

I might add more stories later on, but this is it for now. I assure you that each story is going to be multiple chapters long, so I hope you enjoy this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Ben 10, or anything Disney and non Disney related! I only own my OCs.

"Normal Speech"




The Great Big Book of Everything

Bellwood Library

It was a nice day in the city of Bellwood. In the Bellwood Library, there are many people, humans an aliens alike, enjoying heir time reading in the library or renting a book to read at home for later.

It's been a few months and humans and aliens have been living together in peace. There are some people in town who have some strong feelings against aliens, but thankfully most humans in town like aliens. Some aliens and humans have even married and had children.

Anyway, many humans and aliens were enjoying their day in the library. Until an explosion was heard, the front doors blown away, revealing a person.

It was a girl about nineteen years off age. She has white, shoulder-length hair with a black spiked headband. She wears a black choker around her neck, her bag is white, still wears a white necklace, a black top with a purple sweater over it, a magenta skirt, grey leggings, and black boots. This was Charmcaster's younger sister, Spellweaver.

(AN/ This is the Charmcaster from the Reboot, just so you know, but I gave her a different name)

Behind her were four stone creatures. But these creatures heavily differ from Charmcaster's stone creatures. They were massive creature with their entire bodies wrapped in purple Crystalline thorns, their wrists and ankles have manacles on them. They have broken chains on their arms, but the chains connecting their feet are intact. They each . They have large, red, toothy maws and beady, glowing purple eyes. Thy have muscular frames and has large hands and feet, though their limbs are rather thin. Each of their limbs sport three digits with long, purple crystalline claws. The Dark Thorn also has two enormous antlers and a massive mane mad of the same purple, crystalline material.

Spellweaver: "Alright. Hopefully this place has what I'm looking for." Spellweaver said as she went of to search for whatever it is she's looking for. However one of the security guards came in front of her.

Guard: "Hold it right there little missy!" The security guard said, aiming his gun. Of course, Spellweaver wasn't deterred. The one of her stone creatures grabbed the guard and literally threw him half way across the room. The creature roared as Spellweaver smirked.

Spellweaver: Somee people never learn." Spellweaver said as she continued to walk and browed through many shelves. Eventually she found what she was looking for.

Spellweaver: "There you are." Spellweaver said as she used her magic to grab the book in question. Held in her magical grasp was a strange looking book. The book was light blue with five symbols on it on the front and back. One was strange looking mouse head, the second was a crescent moon with a fisherman on it, the third was a globe, the fourth was the number twenty, and fifth was a lamp. But the book had no title.

Spellweaver: "Finally. After so many months of searching I've found it. With this book, I'll have many worlds to dominate." Spellweaver said with a sinister smile.

Voice: "Not of I have a say it!" Said a female voice. Spellweaver was surprised ad looked to see the owner of the voice.

It was a twnety-one year old woman with a purple dress with a pink ribbon around her waist and a black crown on her head. In addition to that, she wears black fingerless gloves. At the top of her dress, she has a cerise pink gem with a golden border, and she's also wearing long dark purple tights. She's wearing her long silver hair laid out that extended to her thighs, she has orchid eyes, and very dark purple lipstick. She looks slightly thin and tall, and her ears are pointed. This was Charmcaster.

Spellweaver: "Well, if it isn't my overachieving sister, Charmcaster. What brings you hear?" Spellweaver said with a snarky smirk.

Charmcaster: "You know what I'm her sister. Whatever you're planning, you won't succeed." Charmcaster said, making chuckle.

Spellweaver: "Really? Look around you, nimrod! There's five of us, and only one of you. What could you do all be your lone self?" Spellweaver said with a smirk.

Charmcaster: "Who said anything about being alone?" Charmcaster said with a smirk of her own as seven individuals.

The first was a twenty-four year old man with brown hair and hazel blue eyes. He was dressed in a blue T-shirt with black sleeves and a pocket protector on his left chest, blue jean shorts and black and grey shoes. He also Ben wore the Ultimatrix on his left wrist. This was Dustin Hogan.

The second was an exact clone of Dustin, but with silver hair and dressed in white and purple battle armor. He also had a long, purple tail. This was Dustin's clone, Nega Dustin.

Thirdly was a fifteen year old boy dressed a black shirt, blue jeans and a green jacket with white stripes and the number 10 on it, and black and white Converse-style shoes. He wore the Omnitrix on his left wrist. This was Ben Tennyson.


The fourth was a 15 year girl dressed in a white shirt under a red sweater, black stockings under a black mini skirt, and black high heels. Her hair was worn in a high ponytail.

The fifth was a tall and muscular 16 year old young man. He wore a tight black T-shirt over a grey long sleeve shirt, blue pants, and black combat shoes. His hair, although long, was styled into a choppy mullet.

The sixth was a female anthropomorphic Spitz-Mix dog with green eyes and orange hair in a curly ponytail. She was dressed in a blue Sorceress gown and held a staff in her hands.

And the seventh was a 15 year old girl had black hair, brown eyes, and wore a black T-shirt, mostly hidden under a pink hooded jacket and a white mini skirt. She has short black hair and sported white tennis shoes. This was Julie Yamamoto.

Beside her was a small Galvanic Mechamorph, with a dog-like body. He has no visible mouth but has a tongue. This was Ship.

Charmcaster also had brought some her stone creatures, which are portrayed as large burly humanoid golem-like creatures with pink and white or magenta runes in their stone skin, similar to the carvings on the Charms of Bezel.

Dustin: "Looks like you're the one whose outnumbered Spellweaver!" Dustin said as he transformed into Four Arms while Ben transformed into Chromatone.

Spellweaver: "Fools. Seize them!" Spellweaver said as her stone creatures roared and charged as Charmcaster's stone creatures charged towards them.

Chromatone fired as beam of light at Spellweaver, who summoned a pink energy shield to deflect the attack, only to be tackled by For Arms.

Four Arms: "Gotha!" For Arms said with a smirk.

Spellweaver: "Not for long!" Spellweaver said as she fired pink energy beams from her eyes, knocking Four Arms back. The book in Spellweaers hands was then encased in a pink energy sphere and flew to Gwen's hands.

Gwen: "I'll take this!" Gwen said with a smirk.

Spellweaver: "Give that back!" Spellweaver said as she was then encased in blue light and levitated.

Nega Dustin: "I think not." Nega Dustin said as Kibbles conjured rope and tied Spellweaver. Ship them transformed into a big Cannon as Mega Dustin placed her inside, causing her to be launcher to a far distance. Charmcaster's stone creatures pommeled Spellweaver's and crushed them to pieces.

Kevin: "And good riddance." Kevin said as Four Arms transformed into Alien X and fixed the Library, making it good as new before reverting back to Dustin. Chromatone also reverted back to Ben.

Ben: ",Alright. Now the question is, why steal this?" Ben asked as Dustin took the book from Gwen and looked into it. Strangely enough, it was full of Disney and non Disney stories.

Kevin: "Spellweaver was stealing a book of Disney and non Disney stories? Seriously?" Kevin asked as Charmcaster placed a hand on the book and closed her eyes in concentration.

Charmcaster: "This book is no ordinary book. I can sense some strange magic in it." Char!caster said, puzzling the group.

Voice: "Thank you for saving the library." A voice said, Makin he group see a thirty yet old woman with brown curly hair, brown eyes behind a pair of round glasses, dressed in a black sweater, a white skirt, grey leggings and high heels.

Gwen: No problem." Gwen smiled.

Charmcaster: "You're the owner of this place, correct?" Charmcaster asked, to which the woman nodded.

Eliza: "Yes. I am Eliza by the way." Eliza said with a smile.

Nega Dustin: "Can you explain about this book in particular?" Mega Dustin asked as he held the book.

Eliza: "It's an old book. In fact, it was hear when the library was built many years ago. I'm aurprised it hasn't aged a bit." Eliza said as this information caught their interest.

Eliza: "I've was going to grow it out since nobody seems interested in it." Eliza said as Dustin went wide eyed.

Dustin: "Throw this away? I think not. I'll take it off your hands." During said as Eliza was surprised by his remark.

Gwen: "He's a huge bookworm." Gwen said.

Kevin: "You say bookworm, I say egghead." Kevin chuckled but was elbowed by Charmcaster.

Eliza: "Well, If you like it that much, then it's yours. Consider it a token of my gratitude." Eliza said with a smile.

Dustin: "Thanks." Dustin said with a smile.

Charmcaster: "Plus this gives us the opportunity to study this book's magic." Charmcaster said.

Dustin's House

The gang were at Dustin's house. Charmcaster was using her magic to get some answers about the book while the others were sitting around Charmcaster, hoping she got some answers.

Charmcaster eventually ceased the pink glow in her hands and opened her eyes.

Charmcaster: "Okay. I managed to get the answers we need." Charmcaster said, catching the others' interest.

Kevin: "Lay it on us." Kevin said as Charmcaster cleared her throat.

Charmcaster: "Okay. As stated, is is no ordinary book. This is a very powerful book filled with stories that lead to many worlds of magic and wonder." Charmcaster said.

Gwen: "But why would Spellweaver want this book in particular." Gwen asked.

Charmcaster: "Because it as a sort of gatewayto those worlds. You see, the magic in the book will tap into the Mana of people, allowing them to go into the book! This will also let them explore the worlds in the book, as well as interacting with the inhabitants of those worlds!" Charmcaster said as the others were shocked by this intel.

Dustin: "Huh. No wonder Spellweaver wanted to jack this." Dustin said as he opens the book.

Charmcaster: "Now how the book's magic works, I have know clue." Char!caster said asDustin had a sense of nostalgia, and Charmcaser could tell.

Charmcater: "I see you're enjoying it." Charmcaster said with a smile, admiring Dustin's amusement.

Dustin: "You bet I do. Man, so many classics. The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Balso, Ferngully the Last Rainforest. Aw man, all of these take me back." Dustin said as Julie went to see the contents in this story.

Julie: "Yeah. I remember enjoying moa of these when I was just a kid. The remakes pale in comparison to he originals." Julie said with a smile.

Dustin: "That ain't no shit sister." During said as the book suddenly emit pink mist, engulfing Dustin, Ben, Nega Dutin, Julie, and Kibbles.

Dutisn: "Whoa! What the hell?" Dustin asked panickingly.

Gwen: "Guys!" Gwen said worriedly.

Ben: "Aw Man!" Ben said as the six were then sucked into the book.

Kevin: "Uh, what the hell just happened?" Kevin asked.

Charmcaster: "It must have been the book's magic." Charmcaster said in shock.

Ship: "Ship, ship!" Ship said, worried for Julie.

Gwen: "Regardless, well need to contact Sparky, Fenika, and maybe Bella." Gwen said as she went to pull out a Plumber's Badge.

Sparky: "No need." Sparky said as in a blue flash, Sparky, Fenika, Bella and Ben Professor Paradox were present.

Kevin: "That was fast." Kevin said in slight sarcasm.

Charmcaster: "Perhaps you four can help us?" Charmcaster asked the four.

Fenika: "You may want to get comfortable, because we have tons to discuss." Fenika said as Gwen, Kevin and Charmcaster were prepared to listen to what the four have to say.

To be continued…

Well, that's prologue. And just so you know, charmcaser is a redeemable character in the Dustin 10 series.

And yes, I named the prologue after the book from the classic Disney show, Stanley. It was a really good show that I would watch when I was younger.