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"I can't do this anymore," Yoonji took a shaky breath, her hands balling up into fists inside the pockets of her -no, Seokjin's - sweater. "I don't... I don't want to hurt you."

"Why would you hurt me?" came the soft response, and it made Yoonji look up from her shoes, into the hazel orbs full of confusion and pain.

"I don't... I want to be honest with you." Seokjin watched her patiently with an encouraging smile on his face. Yoonji hated having to do this, but she wanted to give Seokjin something better, something that had nothing to do with her. Still, he kept looking at her like she was what kept him breathing. Yoonji didn't like that. She didn't want that for him.

"You deserve someone better."


"Listen to me!" He kept silent, the hand that was reaching out for her froze mid-air.

"I don't want to hurt you, because I care about you. But that's it. I simply care about you. I'm sorry Seokjin." Yoonji looked back at her shoes, a pout on her lips and tears at the corner of her eyes. She wasn't very good at expressing herself, and it frustrated her to no end.

"I don't love you anymore." She whispered.

Yoonji remembered the silence that seemed to stretch on forever. She remembered Seokjin's broken expression, but he still smiled. He was too kind and always optimistic.

"We can still be friends, right?" He asked with a smile, sweet and hopeful. His hazel eyes searched her eyes and waited patiently for her response -even though he knew that she would agree because Yoonji was weak with other people's emotions.

"Of course."

Yoonji sighed and stared at the book in front of her, clicking her pen with her right hand as her left elbow rested on the table, supporting her left cheek.

"You look like shit."

"And you smell like shit," Yoonji responded without looking away from her book.

"Rude." Yoonji glanced up to see Hosook taking a seat across from her. Hosook placed her books on the table and plastered on a wide smile.

Hosook never really took Yoonji's insults to heart (at least not anymore), knowing that if you insult Yoonji (whether to hurt her or joke with her) the blond would just reply back with an insult. It was a reflex of sorts. And it's made people cry often. (including Hosook but she doesn't like talking about it).

Yoonji sometimes wondered why Hosook has stayed her friend for so long.

"You okay?" Hosook tilted her head, her brown bangs following her movement and long strands of hair falling slightly past her shoulder, framing her curious face.

"I'm wonderful Hosook. Why are you asking?" Yoonji looked back down to the book in front of her, staring at the equations she had to memorize and take notes of. 'Stupid physics and math and numbers.'

"Well for starters; you look constipated." Yoonji looked up to glare at the brunet, Hosook raising her hands up in defense as she continued speaking, because only she could insult Yoonji and get away with it.

"And you've been staring at the same damn page for the past twenty minutes."

Yoonji sighed and leaned back on her chair, trying to refrain from yelling in frustration because they were at the library (which was surprising considering Hosook was banned from going inside for a while).

"I hate you Hosook."

"You tell me that all the time and yet you buy me chocolate whenever I ask." Hosook opened her notebook to review notes, glancing over at Yoonji with a sweet smile. "And I actually want chocolate today because I didn't get any last week."

Yoonji sighed again and sunk further in her chair, glaring at the cheerful brunette in front of her reviewing notes and tapping her pencil against the table.

She didn't hate Hosook. She was just always mildly annoyed by the younger girl. Hosook was like the complete opposite of her, cheerful, bright, all smiles and sunshine and everything good. She was innocent. Too innocent (Yoonji always noticed Hosook blush whenever someone even said the word 'kiss' or 'hold hands'). But Hosook was also similar to Yoonji. They understood each other and talked about everything and nothing at the same time.

Hosook had always been a nice person to be around with. And she was probably the only female friend Yoonji had.

"Someone came up to me today," Hosook spoke, copying something down on her notebook from a textbook. "A freshman wants to join the team. I told them to go to tryouts today. She was tiny."

Yoonji groaned and threw her head back, her blond bangs covering her eyes. "I forgot tryouts were today."

Hosook sat up and squinted at Yoonji. The older girl wasn’t sure if Hosook suddenly went blind or if she was being studied down to every detail.

"Please tell me you at least thought about the sequence you were going to have them do."

"I hate this."

"You know what?" Hosook slammed her pencil down on the table, looking directly at Yoonji with a glare she'd never used before, it made Yoonji sink lower on her chair from how fucking scary Hosook was as she peered down at the blond like she was prey. "What the fucks wrong with you today? You've been spacing out and forgetting things and being so not Yoonji-like for the past week."

Yoonji winced at the concern that covered Hosooks features. Yoonji didn't need this, she was already dealing with a break-up and now she had to deal with Hosook’s feelings overflowing and hitting her like a tsunami. Yoonji is bad at feelings, especially other people's feelings because Yoonji gets emotional when she sees someone else emotional and Yoonji never knows why.

Tears collected at the corners of Yoonji's eyes, threatening to spill over. She could feel her cheeks getting red from embarrassment because she did not want to cry, she didn't like to cry, and she didn't want Hosook to see her cry.

Hosook softened her expression when she noticed that Yoonji was on the verge of crying. Hosook didn't really like making people cry 'cause she always felt guilty, but she figured that Yoonji didn't want to cry either so it kinda made Hosook feel better. Even so, Hosook was worried because Yoonji would definitely not be brought to tears if something wasn't wrong.

"I broke up with Seokjin." was the first thing that Yoonji blurt out because she never liked beating around the bush.

"And I'm assuming your sensitive self couldn't handle his reaction so well?"

"He was sad. He looked like he wanted to cry, but the first thing he asked was if we could still be friends and it sounded so hopeful and so sweet. I felt bad, but I knew I could never be enough for him." Yoonji heard Hosook’s chair move and suddenly she was pulled into a hug with her head resting on Hosook’s breasts, tanned hands playing with her hair to soothe her. "I didn't want to hurt him by lying to both of us that I still loved him."

"But you told him that, didn't you?" Yoonji nodded against Hosooks chest, noticing the tears she was crying.

"Then I'm sure he understands. He might be sad, but at least he knows he didn't do anything wrong, you just simply couldn't feel the same about him and let him go to find someone better. Someone that does love him."

"You're pretty smart sometimes y' know," Yoonji mumbled, a blush on her cheeks as she realized that her vision was literally just Hosook’s breasts. She suddenly felt so self-conscious (and jealous, but she ignored that).

"You owe me some chocolate." Was all Hosook said while still holding Yoonji in place.

"You always say that." Yoonji pointed out, closing her eyes as she let Hosook hold her. The brunette gives nice hugs. Maybe Yoonji can fall asleep here, she can probably get away with it as 'I cried too much so I should sleep.'

"We can get chocolate after tryouts."


There was a moment of silence before Hosook looked down, catching sight of Yoongi’s rosy lips moving before she went limp against her chest.

"Thanks,"   The blonde had mumbled.

Hosook sat there stunned as she processed that word. Yoonji never really thanked her, and if she did, it was always an incoherent noise with no emotion whatsoever. However, this time she said it with such gratitude it almost made Hosook squeal with delight.


'Is she drooling on me?!'

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Jimin was nervous and couldn't stop fidgeting as she waited. She honestly didn't know what she was doing here, or why she was so nervous that she felt like she would combust any moment now.

Jimin wasn't even the one doing the tryouts but she felt intimidated by the blond captain who was frowning at the pretty brunet and the pretty brunet was smiling and laughing like she wasn't two seconds away from being strangled to death.

"I think I'm gonna die."

Jimin could only nod.

"Like seriously, I think I accidentally ate a peanut earlier."

Jimin turned to look at her friend with a raised brow. "Are you even allergic to peanuts?"

"No, but it sure as hell feels like it," Namsoon said, her hands fidgeting with the hem of her skirt. Jimin wondered on multiple occasions why the school let them wear such short skirts as school uniforms. Jimin was sure her ass could be seen even if no wind was blowing, the skirts are tiny enough as it is and although she occasionally flaunted her voluptuous body proudly, there was a limit as to how much she wanted others to see. She felt bad for what Namsoon would have to wear as her cheerleader uniform (if she even got in the team).

"Alright maggots!" The blonde girl said, gaining everyone's attention and causing Jimin to sit up straight in her spot.

"Yoonji be nice!" the brunette said.

"We'll start warm-ups and a set of drills you'll probably wanna get used to if you wanna be in this team!"

"Sorry about her." The pretty brunet said, standing between the blonde captain and a handsome blonde man. "I'm Jung Hosook, the co-captain of the team. This is Min Yoonji, the main boss of this show, and this is Kim Seokjin, our only male cheerleader at the moment." Hosook paused to think for a moment before snapping her fingers and glancing at everyone sitting in the bleachers. "I'll guide you to the locker rooms, We need you all to change before we start."

Everyone stood up and Jimin sent a reassuring smile at Namsoon who could only nervously smile as she walked away with all the other participants.

"Hey, squirt!" Yoonji yelled out, and Jimin turned to see who she was yelling at only to freeze up when sharp and narrow eyes stared into her own. Jimin didn't even know what to say or do or even think because she felt like she was being stared into her very soul and that was fucking creepy.

"What are you waiting for? Go change!"

Who knows what to do when the very devil herself was staring at you, almost judging your very existence, but somehow Jimin managed to stutter out a response. "I- I'm not trying out, I'm only here to support my friend!"

The blonde captain didn't say anything, but narrowed her eyes before looking away with a huff and started talking to Seokjin.

Holy shit I saved myself from the pits of hell!






Despite her lazy self and lack of motivation to do anything at all, Yoonji enjoyed cheerleading. She mostly enjoyed warm-ups and drills, because she was the captain, and captains get to boss everyone around.

"Safety drills are next!" Hosook yelled, hands on her hips and a sweet smiled on her pretty face.

"Safety drills?"

"Yeah! You run like hell from one end of the gym to the other for 10 minutes without slowing down and no breaks."

Yoonji also liked that she could torture her soon-to-be little minions. Hosook never really complained when she caught up in the torture because really, the brunet was a sadist when it came to try-outs.

"Then you take a one-minute breather and water break, after that you run again for fifteen minutes."

Yoonji smiled when she heard groans coming from some of the girls and took a peek to see that Hosook was smiling so widely her eyes were closed.

The blonde captain heard a deep groan from one of her minions next to her. "This is why we barely get any new members." Seokjin ran a hand through his hair and sighed, looking over at Yoonji and smiling softly.

"If they can't handle how cool we are, they can't be here and be cool with us." Yoonji crossed her arms over her small chest and made one of her contemplative pouts as she watched the girls run for their life, Hosook stood to the side and yelled at the ones who were slowing down.

"Are you even sixteen?! My great-great-grandmother can run faster than that, and she's dead!"

"This is also why men don't come to try-outs." Yoonji raised her eyebrow in question at the blond male. "You two always scare them off."

"We're not that bad." Seokjin snorted and gave her an are-you-serious look.

"You told me to suck my balls when I so much as looked in your general direction. Then Hosook threatened to tie me up so I can always suck my balls and that she would pluck my eyeballs out and feed them to me so I can make sure that I don't look at any other girl."

"You were being creepy," Yoonji said as if that gave them the reason to threaten someone.

"I wasn't even looking at you specifically! I was watching my friend trying to talk to a girl behind you!" Seokjin yelled in exasperation. Yoonji simply rolled her eyes and turned her attention to Hosook who had walked to the middle of the gym and blew her whistle when most of the girls were near her. Despite Hosook's nice personality, she could be sadistic in her own way. While Yoonji hurt her minions with words, Hosook worked them to the ground more than Yoonji could ever think of doing herself.

"Time for you all to do 100 squats with no breaks."

Yoonji was glad she was captain for that very reason.

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"If you're gonna slobber all over my legs, leave."

Hosook groaned and rolled around to face Yoonji's stomach. It was lunchtime and the two captains decided to spend the hour outside on the courtyard. Yoonji had sat on the grass against a tree while Hosook wrapped herself up in a blanket and rested her head on Yoonji's legs.

"I don't wanna leave."

"Then stop drooling all over me." Yoonji glanced down from her book to see Hosook pouting, her brown hair sticking to her right cheek from the drool. "And clean your face."

Hosook cracked an eye open to see Yoonji reading, and brought a hand up to wipe her cheek, grimacing at the amount of drool she had. The two captains waited in silence. When Hosook was just about to go back to sleep she mumbled, "To be fair, you drooled on my breasts last week."

Yoonji turned an interesting shade of red before placing her book down on her lap, forgetting that Hosook was there. Hosook screeched and slapped Yoonji's thigh.

"Ow, you didn't have to hit me what the fuck?"

"Not my fault you're laying there."

Hosook huffed and grabbed Yoonji's left wrist to wrap it around her shoulder, scooting closer to bury her face in the blonde captain's stomach.

"Be a great friend and let me sleep while lunch is still on."

Yoonji rolled her eyes but lifted her book to continue reading. A sleepy Hosook was a whiny and annoying Hosook and Yoonji didn't want to deal with that.



"Why do you have a blanket?"

Hosook made a garbled noise and continued staring at the book in front of her. She blinked tiredly and ignored whatever their teacher was saying.


Another random noise.

"Where's your homework?"

Hosook shrugged and wilted in her seat, slamming her head on the table and leaving it there. Laughter reached Hosook's ears but she didn't care, she only wanted to sleep. Hosook heard the sound of footsteps leave to the front of the class, the teacher continued speaking but Hosook paid no mind as she drifted off to sleep.

Seokjin shook his head with a smile on his lips, looking down at his worksheet and solving the problems written on it.

A few minutes later he heard a whimper and glance towards Hosook. He gently pushed her hair up and saw a pile of tears on the desk.

"Are you crying?"

"I'm so fucking sad," Hosook mumbled.

"Why?" Seokjin asked with concern laced in his voice. He set his pencil down and tugged on the blanket wrapped around Hosook, trying to cover Hosook head so others didn't see her.

"I don't know, maybe it's a girl thing." Hosook turned her head so her right cheek was pressed against the table, she looked at Seokjin with teary eyes and made a pout.

"Hosook are you okay?"

"I just wanna curl into a ball and eat ice cream."

Seokjin bit his lip and glanced at the clock. "You know I could go buy some."

"I have amazing friends. Go do that for me please."

Seokjin rolled his eyes but promised to bring ice cream for their next class.



"Hosook, please tell me why you're eating ice cream in my classroom."

Hosook took another spoonful of ice cream that Seokjin left the school and came late to class to bring, and fixed the blanket wrapped around her. Seokjin smiled as his friend stared back at their history teacher.

"I'm tired and depressed and Seokjin is the best fucking friend in the world for getting me ice cream."

The teacher sighed and ran a hand down her face. "There's always something up with you Hosook, will you at least pay attention?"

"Maybe," Hosook replied with a shrug, fixing the small bucket of ice cream on her lap.

The teacher sighed again and turned to the board to continue her lecture.



Yoonji walked out of her class to see Hosook leaning against a wall with a blanket wrapped around her, dozing off on the spot.

"There's chocolate on your cheek, idiot."

Hosook made a noise and opened her eyes to glance at Yoonji.

"That's why Seokjin tried touching my face." She said to herself. Yoonji raised an eyebrow and placed a hand on her hip, waiting for the brunet to stand up so they could walk home.

"Yoonji, carry me."

"Fuck you."

"You're so mean, I'm tired."

"Me too." Hosook stepped towards the blond and draped herself over her, resting her chin on a thin shoulder.


"Get off of me!"

"No." Hosook made a pout and wrapped her arms tightly around Yoonji's neck.

"I'll carry you Hosook." Came Seokjin's voice from behind the brunet. Hosook cheered and let go of Yoonji to pounce on Seokjin's back. He stumbled until he was used to her weight and turned to Yoonji with a smile.

"Your place?"

Yoonji couldn't fight the blush on her cheeks and smiled back. "Sure."

"Don't mind if I drool on you Seokjin," Hosook mumbled and closed her eyes.

"Wouldn't be the first time Hosook."

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"So you guys made it through tryouts, some barely passed but we'll work on your condition and stuff." Hosook looked over every student in front of her, all fidgeting under the captain's gaze. She thought they would be used to an always grumpy captain in the week that they were training.

"We'll start with a light jog around the gym, so get up and start jogging, I'll put a timer for ten minutes."

Hosook sent a smile to everyone and then turned to look at Yoonji behind her. "Stop scaring them and get jogging Yoonji!"

Yoonji glared at Hosook but after Hosook raised an eyebrow, the blonde captain groaned and walked over to start jogging. It was more of speed walking, but as long as Yoonji was moving Hosook was content.

The brunette jogged up next to Yoonji and sent a smile at her, trying to motivate the blonde to keep moving.

"Stop smiling it's creepy."

Hosook smiled wider, more genuine and in amusement. "What do you mean?"

Yoonji glared at the brunette but Hosook could only do the impossible and smile wider. Yoonji sighed and looked forward, watching a girl stumble a bit when she turned at the corner of the gym. There were a few moments of silence as everyone jogged, few girls talked and others were panting, not used to running for so long. Yoonji could only think they were all weak.


"It's been ten minutes."

Hosook sent Yoonji a funny look and looked down at her watch. "Yoonji, it's been like three minutes since we started running."

"Three minutes too many, I think we need a break," Yoonji said, a bead of sweat fell down the side of her face and trickled down to her collar bones. "I need a break."

"Break is for the weak," Hosook replied. She wasn't sweating so much like everyone else because she exercised so often. Unlike Yoonji who only did simple warm-ups and light workouts.

"Yeah? Well, jogging is for the lacking."

"I- Wh-ugh, I hate you."

"A one minute break it is!" Yoonji gave Hosook a gummy smile and with a commanding tone, she yelled. "Take a one minute break!"



"French is fucking difficult, why am I taking it?"

Hosook draped herself on the table, her outstretched hand hitting Yoonji's breast but she didn't apologize in her overdramatic display.

"Why didn't you learn English?" Yoonji poked her friends head with the end of a spoon, causing the brunette to whine.

"That's what I ask myself all the time."

Seokjin took a spoonful of rice and glanced at his friend next to him. "What's so hard about French?"

"Je m'appoop Hosook." the brunette muttered. "my teacher says I keep saying that wrong, but I don't know why it's wrong!"

"I thought it was je m'appelle?" Seokjin said, moving Hosook a long hair out of her face to check if she was crying during her crisis like she usually does to make a point that something was terrible. She wasn't, thankfully.

"I swear to god I heard m'appoop."

"I swear to god your a dumbass." Yoonji poked her friend again, this time with a chopstick.

"That's mean." Hosook made a pout and stuck her tongue out at the blonde captain. Yoonji stuck hers out too before eating a spoonful of rice.



"Go away."

Hosook huffed and took a seat next to Yoonji, folding her arms on the table and resting her head to look at Yoonji. The blond captain opened her eyes to see Hosook staring at her and she glared back before closing her eyes again. As long as she was quiet, Yoonji wouldn't mind having company.

"I never noticed that you had pretty lips, no wonder Seokjin always liked kissing you," Hosook spoke softly. "Heck, I would kiss you all day if I was him."

"That's pretty gay of you."

"Who said I wasn't," Hosook said with a snort.


Yoonji opened an eye to see Hosook's eyes widened in horror as she stared at Yoonji.


"WoAh! lunch is ending soon, I have to get my stuff from the bathroom. See ya!" Yoonji sat up and watched as Hosook stumbled out of her seat and out of the classroom, almost running over Seokjin who was coming in.

He sent a questioning look at Yoonji as he took a seat on the chair Hosook had previously sat in.

"What's up with her now?"

"Did you know she liked girls?"

"I- no? but that would explain a lot if she does."

Yoonji raised an eyebrow and Seokjin ignored her unsaid question.

"Why do you ask?"

"She was talking about how pretty my lips are and said that if she were you she'd kiss me all day. I said that was pretty gay of her, then she said, and I quote, 'who said I wasn't'"

"That's why she stampeded down the hall?" Seokjin asked, glancing at the door Hosook ran out of. Yoonji nodded and a pout made it's way to her lips. "I honestly wouldn't be surprised if she had a crush on you, especially after saying she'd kiss you all day."

"She would've said something earlier if she had a crush on me. We're friends." Yoonji rested her head on her folded arms and looked over at the door, expecting Hosook to come back and apologize for running out because she was simply flustered. "We're best friends, best friends tell each other everything."

Seokjin snorted and rested his chin on his palm. "You really think she'd say if she had a crush on you? Even though she doesn't know you're pansexual?"

"Hosook is dumb if she doesn't say anything."

"Talk to her," Seokjin said with a yawn and decided to imitate Yoonji's posture while she groaned in response.

"Fine." Yoonji closed her eyes and moved her head so her blond hair covered her face. "Later."

Chapter Text

Yoonji sighed as she walked down the halls. Her last three classes were boring without Hosook around to talk to or tease and Hosook was literally nowhere in sight.

"Here." Seokjin tapped her shoulder and gave her a lollipop. Yoonji was headed to the school's bathroom because she knew Hosook was a sissy and wouldn't actually ditch and she was overemotional so she would be crying.

Yoonji really didn't want to do this.

Staring at the lollipop, Yoonji frowned and took it, unwrapping it and placing it in her mouth. Seokjin spluttered right next to her and she raised an eyebrow in question.

"I gave that to you so you could give it to Hosook! She loves lollipops!"

"Well too bad, give me another one." She placed her hand out, so her friend could give her a lollipop, but Seokjin crossed his arms over his chest.

"That was my last one!"

Yoonji huffed and walked away, leaving Seokjin to gape at her like a fish.



Yoonji squinted at the stalls in front of her, all closed and all the people inside were wearing the same sneakers with different socks.

As far as Yoonji knew, Hosook never wore fishnets or frilled socks so three of five people were out. Yoonji stared intently at the last two stalls and waited for one of them to get out.

Five minutes later the second to last stall opened to reveal a girl with brown hair and orange highlights. Her skirt was much too short and she was curvy. Despite not being Hosook, Yoonji squinted her eyes more as she studied the spooked girl who looked at her with fright and horror.

"You're the squirt from tryouts right?"

The girl nodded quickly and with a soft voice she spoke, avoiding eye contact and inching closer to the door. "M-my name's Jimin. Namsoon, my friend, is a cheerleader."

Yoonji took out the lollipop from her mouth, "Great, why didn't you join too?"

"I-I-I'm on the-e dance team."

Yoonji hummed in thought, and then she shrugged and waved at the slightly shorter girl, sending her a small smile that left Jimin gaping at her.

"See ya."

Jimin nodded and practically ran out of the bathroom, leaving Yoonji to stare at the last stall where she knew Hosook was hiding.

"Hey crybaby," she knocked on the stall's door and placed the lollipop back in her mouth. All the other girls had left and it was just Yoonji and Hosook.

"Go away," came a sniffle.

"Listen, brat." Yoonji clicked her tongue and leaned against the door. "I don't care if you're gay or whatever. Seokjin says you might have a crush on me, but I don't believe it. Either way, I don't care if you have a crush on me."

Yoonji heard another sniffle, and she was so glad there was something dividing them because she does not want to comfort Hosook. She has the sympathy equivalent to a rock, at least that's what Seokjin says.

"If it makes you feel any better, I'm pansexual, so now you can tell me whatever it is you are."

There was silence for a few moments before the locks to the stall started clicking and Yoonji leaned away, taking the lollipop out while she turned to see Hosook running a hand through her hair.

"I like girls." She whispered.

"Great," Yoonji grabbed Hosook's cheeks and made the brunet open her mouth before placing the lollipop against her lips. "Eat this, Seokjin told me you like lollipops."

When Yoonji let go of her cheeks, Hosook took out the lollipop and frowned at Yoonji. "And you were eating it?"

"Seokjin gave it to me before explaining." The blond defended.

Hosook rolled her eyes but accepted the candy and smiled as Yoonji turned around with a huff.



"That's why you ran away?" Seokjin picked up his bag while peering at Hosook who was leaning against her locker across from his.

"I was flustered, I barely came to terms with it myself last week and suddenly I had to admit it to Yoonji." Hosook looked down at her sneakers and placed the lollipop in her mouth.

Seokjin stared at Hosook for a while, contemplating whether to ask her something or not. Yoonji was waiting for them outside the gates, so she wouldn't hear this.

"Hosook," the brunette looked up in confusion. "Do you like Yoonji?"

"I- yeah! She's a great friend if you get rid of all her moody behavior, and she's pretty, can be fun to annoy an-"

"No. Hosook, do you like her?"

Hosook stood there without saying a word. She looked at Seokjin with a blank face, and seokjin should've known that Hosook wouldn't think of this when she realized she liked girls. Seokjin looked at her with a frown until she spoke very softly.

"I don't know." Her features looked on the verge of horrified and she started babbling nonsense so quickly that Seokjin could barely keep up with her words.

"Oh my god, what if I do? What will I do? That might actually be the reason why I concluded that I liked girls, it's because I started liking her and I didn't realize that or maybe I was denying it? Holy shit what do I do?"

Seokjin sighed and stepped closer to Hosook to place a hand on each of her shoulders. "Calm down and just... think about it when you get home."

"Okay," she mumbled, making a pout as she was lead to the gates where Yoonji was leaning against them, waiting for the two to finish talking.

"About fucking time, I'm starving." Yoonji sent a small smile at Hosook, hoping it cheers her up from whatever dramatically depressing slump she got herself into now. Hosook brightened up a bit at the smile and cheered about food while Seokjin shook his head at her enthusiasm.

Chapter Text

"I think I just died."

Namsoon looked up at her small friend and raised an eyebrow at her, eyeing the unbuttoned blouse which revealed a little bit of cleavage, and the harsh panting that Jimin was reduced to, making it seem like she ran from a bull stampede. Namsoon tilted her head in confusion.

"Didn't you go to the bathroom?"

"Yeah, and your crazy captain was there glaring at me into the next dimension." Jimin plopped herself on the desk chair next to her friend and sighed as if she was done with everything and everyone (which she probably was). "She smiled at me."

Namsoon gasped at the information. Her captain never smiled unless it was at the pretty brunette Hosook, and even then it wasn't such a noticeable smile, but more of a centimeter lift of the corners of her mouth. It was rare too see it happening as well, so hearing from Jimin that the blonde captain smiled was concerning and unbelievable.

"You're kidding," Namsoon leaned on her desk and looked at her friend with wide eyes.

"I wish. She asked why I didn't join the team."

Namsoon's mouth made an 'o' shape as she listened to Jimin, a frown on her lips as she thought of her captain's possible reaction. "Did she get mad when you explained?"

Jimin thought for a while as she recalled the strange encounter before shaking her head no. "I don't think so 'cause that's when she smiled."

Namsoon hummed and leaned her cheek on her palm, tapping her pencil against the table with her other hand. "Maybe she's not so bad after all?"

Jimin shrugged and wilted in her seat, effectively slamming her forehead on the desk in front of her and earning her a few winces from the other students nearby. Knowing her friend's sudden depressive mood swings, Namsoon decided to cheer her up, and the only thing that would was a certain someone.

"Well, I have good news."

"What?" Jimin groaned from the desk, her hands moving to her chest to fix her uniform.

"Taehyung said he'd transfer in soon, something about new reputations."

"Fuck, I'm not ready for his fine ass to come in here."

Namsoon rolled her eyes but sat there doing her homework as Jimin gushed over Taehyung.

Taehyung was the popular kid at their old school, he had the looks and social personality except for the asshole front he put up with people he didn't really like or want to be close to. Namsoon and Jimin had been his best and only friends for years since before his popularity, and ever since Taehyung started hitting puberty, Jimin had been gushing over him and wasn't subtle about her attraction in any way. Namsoon had seen her fail multiple times in flirting, but Jimin wouldn't back down until Taehyung said something. Of course, Jimin didn't know that Taehyung was already taken, and Namsoon didn't want to be the one to break her tiny heart. It was up to Taehyung to be straight forward, but he was too kind to his childhood friend and didn't want her to be sad.

"Wait, do you think he'll join the cheer team here too?"

"Don't know, don't care."




"Oi Namsoon!" Yoonji called, wrapping her arm over Namsoon's shoulders and scaring the poor girl who was drinking her water. "You have a friend right?"

"Yeah?" She responded, somewhat offended. Yoonji made it sound like she didn't have any friends. Which was somewhat true but, well...

"Why isn't she in this team too if she's in the dance team?"

"Because she can't be in both?" Namsoon made a confused face, not really sure if that was a reason. "And she really loves dancing."

"Hosook loves dancing too, but she came here to choreograph whatever she wanted since she had the skills."

"Choreograph?" Namsoon questioned. She knew Jimin has always loved creating choreographies, but her dance teachers wouldn't teach her creations to others because they already had their own ideas and themes, but if she mentioned Hosook making her own choreographies...

Yoonji nodded, a smile on her lips as she watched Namsoon think deeply. This was working a lot better than she thought it would. Not only was Namsoon kind of clumsy, but she was kind of gullible too.

"Yes yes, choreograph, I'm sure Jimin has always wanted to choreograph some of her own dances and teach them. If she can do contemporary or ballet it's even better, because Hosook is better at hip hop kinda dances than ballet. Jimin would be very useful." Yoonji nodded at herself and watched Namsoon closely.

"I'll talk to her about it." The younger girl gave a dimpled smile.

"I'll be waiting for her answer." Yoonji let go of the taller girl and walked away to talk to Hosook, leaving Namsoon to ponder about the conversation.



"Are you trying to sell me to the devil or something?!"

Namsoon smacked her own forehead and then gripped Jimin's shoulders, shaking her. "Jimin hear me out!"

"You don't love me anymore!" The brunette accused with a horrified expression.

"Jimin I barely even said 'so Yoonji talked to me about you' and you started screaming at me. Let me finish!" Namsoon kept shaking her friend in an effort to make her calm down and shake some sense into her.

"Fine." Jimin pouted.

"So Hosook, the pretty brunette that makes Yoonji laugh, she used to be in the dance team but wanted to choreograph so she went to the cheer team. Now she makes the choreographies and we'll be learning them next week."

Jimin's eyes took on a look of admiration and wonder at the information. "She can choreograph?"

"She does hip hop and Yoonji wants someone who can do contemporary and ballet." Namsoon watched Jimin take on a thinking face, her eyes looking everywhere before settling on her friend's eyes.

"Is your captain stalking me?"

Exasperated, Namsoon shook her friend again and yelled quite loudly, catching the attention of other people in the busy streets of the city. "That's not the important part of this! Do you wanna choreograph or not?!"

Jimin nodded with wide eyes, not used to Namsoon screaming at her-or at all. "I-I'd like that. Besides, Taehyung might join the team when he transfers."

Namsoon rolled her eyes at that as she let go of Jimin, and continued to walk towards the ice cream parlor they were going to go before Jimin stopped walking and accused her friend of abandonment.

"Wait Namsoon! Look at this cute little kitten, it's so small!" Jimin tugged on Namsoon's sleeve and pointed at the kitten a few feet away. "Namsoon look!"

"I see it Jimin." Namsoon said dully as Jimin made her way over, stopping when the cat froze and stared at Jimin. The tiny brunette stretched out a hand and tried to coax the kitten to come closer while making whining noises.

"Leave it alone Jimin, it might belong to someone."

"B-but who would leave a tiny kitten to roam around by itself?" Jimin made a pout at her friend, then looked back at the kitten that started sniffing her hand.

"And what are you gonna do with a cat?" Namsoon crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow at her friend.

"Love it, duh." Jimin cooed at the tiny kitten and reached around it to lift it up and onto her arms. She stood up and looked at Namsoon expectantly with a handful of kitten.

"You're not seriously gonna take it?" Namsoon groaned a the smile that Jimin gave. "Fine, take it, but if you get in trouble I am not helping you out."


"Yooonjiii!" the blonde turned around in time to catch Hosook who clung to her like a baby koala.

"What do you want now?" She scowled as the brunette let go of her and flailed her arms around as she wailed.

"She's gone!"

Ignoring the looks of other students entering the school building, Yoonji gave a confused look at her friend. "Who?"

"Mittens my cat! She disappeared!"

"You don't have a fucking cat."

Hosook calmed down a bit as she thought about Yoonji's words. She recalled her dog fighting with the cat whenever they caught sight of each other, and her mother yelling about no more pets in the house. "Kinda true, but! I've been taking care of her for weeks now!"

"Well maybe Mittens found a home." Yoonji breathed out a laugh and turned around. "Away from your pterodactyl screeches."

Hosook huffed and crossed her arms, making a pout to express her sadness at not having Mittens anymore. She loved the walking to the convenience store every day at six in the afternoon to get her favorite snack and seeing Mittens laying on a patch of grass and soaking in the sun.

"Also, who the fuck names a cat Mittens?"

Hosook brought a hand to her chest and gave Yoonji an offended expression. "I do!"